Thursday, January 31, 2013

If the track is a rockin'...

.... you should come a knockin'!

Tonight the track was loaded with Team R.E.D. members!  It's so good to really test that upper limit of foot turnover... and with such a great crowd on the track, the energy builds!


We have a new member!   And a previously joined member, who finally got his t-shirt!  (I know some of you can relate to that.).  All of the pics are post workout.. so some shiny heads/faces exist.

First meet Shaun.... he actually joined Team R.E.D. in the fall of 2012 (which means he's nearly ready for renewal!)   Shaun has been taking part in the track workouts for a couple weeks now, and I think he likes it... well of course he does.. it's awesome! 

Next up.. meet Casey... Casey is new to the area from the Twin Cities if I recall correctly.  He found out about us thanks to Aaron, and he showed up one night on the track and said "you must be the running club."    We are really looking forward to having Casey on the team!

Speaking of waiting to get what you want.... Sarah finally got her Snowshoe Crew Jacket!  -  Also note, a couple of our snowshoe crew leaders are working on a road-trip to get us to the snow!  Details of where and when they plan to shoe, will be coming when Wendy and Elaine tell me it's fit to print..   Meanwhile.. check out Sarah receiving her jacket!  Welcome to the Snow Shoe Crew!

Additionally, it should not go un-noticed.. a Team R.E.D. member has been recognized as A Rising Star!  Congrats to Chris!   

Another critical note on this pic:  I see a halo sort of shine around Chris, which of course reflects the man rising as a star!   It's true!  Way to go Chris!

(for the record, while the photo appears to be blurry like ones I take, I can not take credit for the picture.... I lifted it from facebook courtesy of Mike P. )


  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  We're heading to Wild Bills and will give ourselves a mostly slip free run (we hope!).  
    • Wild Bills is the former TGIF.  The address is along a frontage road of Hwy 52.   Address: 300 U.S. 52, Rochester -- just north of Miracle Mile mall.  If you don't make the run or walk.. come on out for the social!   

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