Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonus Night A Hit

Thanks to the Chmielewski's for being such great hosts for the Bonus Night! It was quite fun! Our appearance at the Baseball for Bucks was much appreciated... what a great event that was! According to my Garmin.. we did two laps around the bases + 1.4 miles + walking from the house to the diamonds. Rounded up... nearly 10 miles!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The top 5 fittest cities in America... Byron didn't make the list, but with dedicated Team RED Training like the Chmielewski's are implementing in this picture. We might make the list next year!

Washington, D.C.
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
San Francisco

If you're interested in the full story.. here's the link...

If you're looking for a race of any distance, go to the website and click on Calendar. I've also put a few countdowns in the right hand column for some races I thought might interest many of you.
Note: The Chester Woods Trail Run is directed by Team RED member, Jim Mason! The shots in this post are from his course. It's a very well run event with many personal touches!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonus Night! - Please RSVP

Hey all... Thursday, 5/28 is a Bonus Team R.E.D. night! It's a night we can not only get some good fitness, but also support 16 year old Axel Johnson and his battle against cancer.

We've been invited to take part in Action for Axel Baseball for Bucks. There will be a couple ball games and a Home Run Derby taking place that evening.

We can gather at Paul & Annette Chmielewski's, 507 9th St NW in Byron, at 5:50pm. Then we'll scoot over to the baseball fields (just a block or so away).... run the bases in between innings, then put in a bit of an actual run/walk, before we head back to the diamonds for another loop around the bases. Then it's off to the concession stands! All proceeds from concessions & t-shirt sales benefit the Johnson Family.

Now, you're likely thinking what I'm thinking. "That covers Run/Walk & Eat.. what about Drink?" The Chmielewski's have kindly agreed to provide beverages when we return!

Please come if you can, it would be great to have a strong showing. Be sure to wear your Team RED shirt... and please RSVP to so we know who we're expecting for this fun night of community and team! Thanks Everyone!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Fun! Great T-Shirt!

You don't have to be a track star to be part of this team... all you need is a desire to combine fitness with fun!

Your membership to Team R.E.D. scores this great moisture wicking technical tee!

Please email us at to request a membership form. We'd love to have you join us!

Med City Weekend Complete!

Several Team RED members were active on Sunday! Congrats to the following for going for it! I hope you all had a chance to soak in the well deserved Glory!

5K - Mary & Perry Dykes

Relay - Annette & Paul Chmielewski

Half Marathon - Al Joregensen, Jeff Jensen, Paul Melby, Wally Arnold

Marathon - Jim Mason, Matt Schrader

Stillwater 12K - Jenni Sletten

Way to go Team RED!