Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Running Coverage from P.B.

A few links below.. local running is hot stuff!

http://postbulletin.com/news/stories/display.php?id=1456281  <<-- Mason's Chester Woods Race... Longest local race!

http://postbulletin.com/news/stories/display.php?id=1456195  <<-----  Jim Parry's 7 marathons, as well as a great video coverage of the race itself (many familiar faces in this one).

Hemenway was in an article.. and I can't find it online. if anyone has the link, please forward!  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week of R.E.D.

Congrats to all on a very successful Med City Marathon... additionally, Woo was at Stillwater while Mille was at Mad City... what a great weekend of running!   Bunches of Thanks to all of you volunteers!   

Hats off to Peg and Wally for cranking up the Med City Marathon into an all out event!   The additions of an expo, jumbo tron, hot finish line food and live music post race, inflatables for the kids to jump on.. all these things helped make race day, a great event!

Below is a slideshow of pics taken by me, and others lifted off friends face book pages...

Here's a link to the KAAL story that aired post race.. http://kaaltv.com/article/stories/S2133384.shtml?cat=10151

Here's a look at the week ahead...

  • Tuesday 5:30pm... meet at the Soldiers Field picnic Shelter (sutherland park, between the YMCA and the Golf Course).   You can go for a run... and follow it up with some grillin'.... bring your own beverage and something for the grill!  Can't make it at 5:30pm?  Come when you can.. and join the social.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm...   gather at the Byron Track (located at the Middle School) for some fun footwork on the track! 
  • Thursday 6pm... Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den in Byron.  Routes will go up on Wednesday... the usual, 3, 4 and 6ish.
  • Saturday 8am... Chester Woods 5K, 10 Miler or 50K!  This race is directed by Team R.E.D.'s Jim Mason.   R.E.D. is staffing a water station (if you're interested in joining the volunteer crew, drop me a note.  You can learn more about this event by visiting the following blog..  http://chesterwoodstrailrun.blogspot.com/
  • Sunday 6pm... the Snow Shoe crew is invitng all of Team R.E.D. to the Mesenburgs, 1098 8th Avenue NW, in Byron. .... this is typically a shorter run or walk.. followed by more social time!  The following is a note from Amy regarding the festivities, which will follow Luara's graduation party.  For your ease, I have underlined  what I believe is the most important piece of information:  All of Team R.E.D. is welcome if they would like to gather for what I'm sure will be a LOT of food and fellowship! We have planned for 300 people for pulled pork and chicken from Bear's Den. I highly doubt the graduation crowd will be that big so the more the merrier! In addition, I'm sure Dan's wine and CRAP will come out later in the evening. The official grad party is from 3-6pm and then the after party to follow. We will have a root beer keg and all the beer you can drink:)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marathon, Water Stop and Post Parties!

Good luck to all of you running in the Med City Marathon Sunday!  There are bunches of you taking part is various aspects of the race!  Marathon, Half, Relay... 7am is when it all begins!  ( one member is off to Stillwater.. good luck Tom W!)

Water Stop -  Summer of Love circa 1967!  

Thanks to the many R.E.D. member for showing your support to Rochester's Med City Marathon, by volunteering!   By my last count, we have 19 volunteers at our water stop.. and it's going to be fun! 
Water Station Details: 
  • We're located at 2nd Ave NW & 13 1/2 St NW - just after the runners cross a footbridge.  We're just west of Broadway near silver lake.  
  • My Cell:  507-358-9188   You can call for any reason, but especially if you're lost.
  • Adam, Wendy and myself will handle set up starting at 7am
  • Others can arrive approx 7:35am - if runners are going 5 minute miles, like I often do, they would start to arrive about 8am.  
  • If you're double duty, i.e. bag drop in Byron, just come to the water stop when you can.
  • Costumes are encouraged.. but not required.... but did I mention encouraged?
Post Race Parties:

 There are a couple that I'm aware of... what a great way to warp up the event!
  • 3pm in Rochester, at the Mayo Civic Center Turn around, Peg and Wally are having a party..Following is their note on the event!  -------Yep, we're doing it again! Please join us for a post race party on Sunday May 29! We want to celebrate our reinvestment into the Med City events! Bring a dish to pass, your choice of beverage and your lawn chairs and meet us in the circle turn around of the Mayo Civic Center under the big tent for a pot luck! Bring your friends and family, feel free to share this invitation with your running friends! We look forward to seeing you on the 29th.  Wally and Peg------
  • 2pm in Byron, at the Chmielewski home.. Following is a note from Paul and Annette.   ----Party starts at 2:00, at 507 9th St. NW in Byron.  Bring a side dish or dessert (Chm's will supply hot dogs and hamburgers), lawn chairs, outdoor games, sswimsuit for the hot tub, girly fu-fu drinks, if you want (Chm's will supply the beer) ----- 



Friday, May 27, 2011

Big weekend ahead!

Hey everyone!  We're about to head into yet another great weekend!   I know it's not lost on any of you, this weekend is about togetherness, fun, grilling, running, and most of all... remembering. 

Along with remembering and thanking our Veterans, we have one more to remember.


On to the weekend with the Med City Marathon where Team R.E.D. plans to be out in force.. we have a pile of you volunteering!  Many others running!    The water stop should be a blast! Wendy and I have our outfits set for Summer of Love, and I've heard others have come up with their plan as well!    Crank up the music!  

Jim Parry has now completed 5 marathons in 5 consectutive days... today was a 4:44!   He says he's feeling better now, then he was days ago... sweet!  He'll marathon distance again Saturday, then bring on the real deal, at Med City Marathon (where he'll pace the 5:00 group).  -- I ran with him for 6ish miles today, and it was fun.  We ran past the intermediate school, and bunches of kids were outside chanting his name.   Then he ran a few laps around the school grounds with them!  One of his goals is to inspire, and it was clear to me, he's doing just that!  

I ran with Jim, Lee & Becky.. then as I was about to leave, two other women jumped in.   As far as I know, Thursday night, Mason, Hurricane, Hemenway, Dalene and Joy all ran with Jim!  Nice support all of you!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

.... continued: Thursday R.E.D. & Jim Parry

Ok .. here are some details... to cover the next couple days....   Please Note: New Start time for the Saturday Morning Off Season Striders!  7:30am 

Thursday Team R.E.D.   6pm at Adam & Jill Walters home.  1286 Brookfield Ct N.E. in Byron.   Routes will be the typical range of 3, 4 or 6 miles... The Walters are providing hot dogs, brats and pasta salad.  BYOB... and a dish to pass. 

Thursday Jim Parry:   4pm  from the Stewartville Middle School Gym parking lot.   26.2!  Run Jim Run!  Feel free to join Jim for any amount of miles.    You can check out info on this challenge by visiting  http://mrparrysendurancechallenge.blogspot.com/p/2011-marathon-challenge.html

Friday Jim Parry:   8am from the Stewartville Middle School Gym parking lot.  26.2!  Run Jim Run!  If you were thinking long miles anyway, this may be a great opportunity to share the mileage!

Saturday Morning Panera South Run:   A few people are planning to gather at Panera South for a short run at 7:30am Saturday morning.  

Sunday:  Med City Marathon!   Fun!

Thursday R.E.D. and Jim Parry

Some details will be posted tonight.. but in short..

Team R.E.D. is in Byron Thursday, hosted by Adam & Jill Walters... routes, address and 'what to bring' will be posted later this evening.

Jim Parry currently running marathon distance #3 of the week... with #4 coming Thursday evening at 4pm.. and #5 Friday morning starting at 8am.. details as to where/how you can hook up with him will also be coming this evening. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Update.. Finally!

A lot to catch up on!  Be sure to read through this entire post, as it's loaded with news and opportunities!  

  • The first comes from Liz, and requires quick action on your part to participate. 
In order to honor Paul Melby, many of us are going to be getting t-shirts/singlets to run in. The shirts will have a picture of Paul on the front and some saying (yet to be determined) on the back. Many of us will be wearing these when we run Grandma's Marathon in a few weeks, and likely in some future races as well. Because the picture is going to be in color, the shirts/singlets will be white. They are all a technical fabric. Shirts are unisex, but singlets are available in men's and women's fits. The approximate price is $15 (t-shirts are less than men's singlets which are less than women's singlets). I will send a follow-up email with the exact price.     VERY IMPORTANT-- We MUST order by the middle of the week, so I need to know BY TUESDAY if you are interested and whether you want a t-shirt or singlet and what size.
This is NOT limited to Team RED members, so if you know someone else that may want one, please pass along the information. You can respond to this email address: lizjaben@gmail.com with what you'd like to order. Remember, I need to know by TUESDAY!
  • Team R.E.D. is hosting a water stop at mile 11.8 of the Med City Marathon.   The theme is "Summer of Love"...  I can feel the love already!  -- If you'd like to volunteer, and haven't emailed me in the past couple days saying so, please drop me an email at byron.teamred@gmail.com   Team R.E.D. will also be assisting in Byron, as the race gets underway, and some of those volunteers will then relocate to the water stop.
  •  Jim Parry has started his latest endurance challenge of 7 marathons in 7 days!   That's 183ish miles in a week!   Today, he ran his first 26.2 at  4 hrs 57 minutes.   Way to go Jim!   (below is a pic taken by Renee, it's Jim and Jack finishing a loop of the 26.2 mile course he'll run the next few late afternoons/evenings).

Jim would love company on his many miles.. if you're interested in tracking his challenge, or joining in, you can do so by visiting  http://mrparrysendurancechallenge.blogspot.com/

Week Ahead - (those of you on the team red dist list have seen much of this), but I've added some updates on the Post Marathon Parties  
  • Tuesday: 5:30pm at Soldiers Field (Join for a run, then gather for a cookout! This has been taking place each Tuesday over the past few weeks, and is a lot of fun! Even if you don't join the run, stop on by shortly after 6pm for the social.
  • Tuesday: Don't want to run, but want to bike?... Join Joe Ryan at 5pm and ride until approx 6:30, returning for the cookout.
  • Wednesday: 5:30pm at the Byron Track (located at the middle school). Join for some speed....we'll discuss workout options, then take off!
  • Thursday: 6pm Team R.E.D. ... if anyone is interested in Home Hosting please let me know. (I know we have some people interested in home hosting in June, and I'll be in touch with you regarding these opportunities.). -- Whether we land a home host, or not, details as to this week's RED will be updated on Wednesday.
  • Friday: Stay tuned, I know some people are planning a long run.
  • Sunday: Med City Marathon! Many R.E.D. members are participating either via the race itself, or volunteer opportunities!
  • Sunday Post Marathon Party: Peg & Wally are hosting a post marathon party, and you are all invited!
Med City Marathon Post Race Party!!!!
Peg and Wally Arnold
Sunday, May 29 at 3:00 PM
Mayo Civic Center ~ Circle turn around Rochester, MN
  • Sunday Post Marathon Party in Byron:  The Chmielewskis, Mesenburgs and Walters are working up some details.  So far, it includes food and beer!  I'm liking it already.  I'll provide more details as plans are finalized. 
  • Any other post marathon parties that want to be shared.. drop me an email at byron.teamred@gmail.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Memorial Fund - and some more details

A memorial fund has been set up for the Melby children at Wells Fargo Bank.   If you wish to contribute, you can do so with cash, or checks payable to Paul Melby Children Memorial Fund.  The fund is established at Wells Fargo Bank. (we're checking to see if there is an online method of contributing).


Thursday from 5-8pm is the visitation (prayer service starts at 7pm).    The Bears Den is offering appetizer type food at no charge, for those who would like to gather after visitation.  The food will be available after approx 6:30.    Some R.E.D. members are planning to run in Byron, after the prayer service and then go to the Den. 

Friday 11am Funeral Mass (10am visitation).   Team R.E.D. has a reserved section in the front right hand side of the church as you enter.  Please sit together, and wear your Team R.E.D shirts.   This team means a lot to Paul, and in turn to his family.

Monday 6pm Burial... Oklee Minnesota.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks for supporting the Melby family...

Arrangements are in place for Paul Melby's visitation and funeral service...
  • Thursday 5-8 pm Visitation at Christ the King Catholic Church in Byron -- Prayer service begins at 7pm --   Following this visitation, please come to the Bears Den, as this is a natural gathering place for Team R.E.D. This space will provide us an opportunity to continue sharing great stories, laughter and most likely a few tears and hugs with each other.
  • Friday 11:00 am Funeral Mass at Christ the King Catholic Church in Byron -- Shelly, and family understand how much the members of Team R.E.D. mean to him.  You were a significant part of his life, his love and his overall passion for running.  With that said, the family would like to see us, as a team, sitting together, and sporting the Team R.E.D. shirts.  Please consider supporting this request. 
  • Monday 6pm Prayer Service and Burial at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Oklee  -- Paul will be buried next to his brother Ryan,  in Oklee, MN 
Paul's Obituary follows.
Paul E. Melby, 35, of Byron, MN, died Saturday, May 14, 2011 at St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Paul Emmitt Melby was born August 2, 1975 in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota to Robert and Phyllis (Morinville) Melby. He was raised in Oklee, Minnesota and graduated as Valedictorian in 1994 at Oklee High School. Paul attended North Dakota State University and graduated with honors in electrical engineering in 1999. He married Shelly Huot on June 12, 1999 in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. He started his career at IBM in 1999 as an electrical engineer. He was a member of Christ the King Catholic Church in Byron. Paul enjoyed volleyball, football, basketball, golf, and he was a member of Team R.E.D. running group in Byron. He enjoyed the outdoors, hunting and camping. He had a love for life, and especially loved spending time with his family.

He is survived by his wife, Shelly of Byron; his three children, Anna, Madison, and Carson; his parents, Robert and Phyllis Melby of Oklee, MN; a sister, Rachel (David) Fox of Owatonna, MN; ten nieces; and eight nephews. He was preceded in death by his grandparents; and a brother, Ryan.

A Funeral Mass will be held Friday, May 20, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at Christ the King Catholic Church, 202 - 4th St NW, Byron, MN with Father Paul Surprenant officiating. A visitation will be held Thursday, May 19, 2011 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the church with a prayer service at 7:00 p.m. Visitation will continue Friday from 10:00 a.m. till the time of the service at the church. A prayer service will be held Monday, May 23, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Oklee, MN followed by the burial in Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery.

Online condolences can me made at www.ranfranzandvinefh.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Friend

As most of you are aware, our dear friend Paul Melby,  has passed away.   He did so after completing the Lake Wobegon Marathon near St Cloud on Saturday.  It was a PR and Boston Qualifier for Paul, yet the sorrow remains.

Many of you have asked about arrangements, and how you can help.   Thanks so much for sharing your desire to help, as well as your concern and compassion for his family. 

Details regarding the arrangements are currently pending, and we'll be sure to share them as soon as available.  Additionally, Team R.E.D. will find a meaningful way to show our respect and appreciation for Paul and his entire family.  

Please continue to keep the Melby's in your thoughts and prayers. 
The Melby's... We Love You!

Madison, Carson & Anna... proud 1 mile finishers!  Paul directed that race.

Paul & Shelly at the Fetzer 20K (giant PR for Paul)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday's Grill Out

Thanks Liz for providing some pics from Tuesday's post run Grill Out!   As we roll into summer, more opportunities like this will present themselves!  

We are accepting Home Hosts for the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month as we roll through summer and fall.  Please drop me a note at byron.teamred@gmail.com  if you're interested in hosting.  

Inspirational Quote!

For those of you running the Lake Wobegone marathon this weekend.  Have a great race.. and keep this advice in mind from one of Team R.E.D.'s most revered runners.

Quote of the Day:
"Thinking during a marathon is not advised"

Tom Woo, Master Marathoner

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

R.E.D. at Brothers

This Thursday's Team R.E.D. will gather at 6pm at Brothers Bar & Grill on South Broadway in Rochester.  Park in the back of the restaurant for the route talk, led by Paul "Wobegone" Melby.   There will be a couple route options.   I hope to get them on the blog Thursday morning (otherwise you'll want to listen to Paul!).

If you're an early riser, tune into the 6am KAAL News, where yours truly will be speaking about the Roll & Stroll for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  The event is Sunday at 1pm (registration begins at noon).. this is a non - competitive, non timed event.  But you can run, walk ride the course.. 3 miles ish. Then settle in for an afternoon in the park, with a DJ, and great fun.  Lots of games, prizes and a silent auction!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

R.E.D. member does good!

Along with the items listed for the week ahead, in the previous post.   There's another great thing taking place tonight.  Lori is going to be available at a Woman's Wellness Expo in Hayfield from 6pm-9pm.  

She's available tonight, along with her personal trainer, Sherry Sonnenberg, to discuss fitness and weight loss.

Check out the collage below.... Lori has lost 55 lbs, 37 inches and 10% body fat!  She's achieved that through plain, old fashioned decication and hard work!  Nice job Lori!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The week leading to Wobegone!

Hey all.. here we are! Many R.E.D. members are participating in the Lake Wobegone Marathon this weekend. Good luck to all!  We'll be sure to share a link to the results! 
  • Tuesday Night Grilling! Come to Southerland Park at Soldiers Field (the shelter near the golf course, just south of the Y). Join the group for an easy 3 miler at 5:30pm... and bring your own Beverage and something for the grill. It'll be a great evening social at the park!   Can't make it at 5:30?  Come a bit later, and enjoy the social. 
  • Wednesday Night Track: 5:30pm at the Byron Track (located at the middle school). Come on out and work some speed!
  • Thursday Night R.E.D.: 6pm Thursday with routes in the ranges of 3, 4 and 6 miles. Location TBD
  • Thursday Night TC 1 Mile: Several R.E.D. members are participating in the 1 mile race in the Twin Cities. It'll be fun to see those results as well!   
  • Saturday RAC Run:  Starts from the RAC in Rochester at 7:15.  The route info will hit the following blog later this week.   http://runningrochester.blogspot.com/
  • Saturday Wobegone!:   Go Team R.E.D.!
  • Sunday Roll & Stroll!:   This is a fun, family oriented event...  it's a 3 mile walk, run or bike, roller blade or whatever (of course you can add or subtract as you see fit!).   It starts at 1pm (registration at noon)..  Location is Soldiers Field picnic shelter in Rochester.    There is no entry fee... come on out and participate.. contributions to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are being accepted.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Classic Success!

The Rochester Track Clubs Spring Classic went down as a fantastic success, in part because of you!   Team R.E.D. was present in so many places...  Thanks to all the volunteers!   Here are some numbers for you..

75 finishers in the Kids Mile
93 finishers in the 5K
114 finishers in the 15K

Road Races can not take place without a lot of hands chipping in.  R.E.D. members on the volunteer corp include (as always, if I missed someone, please tip me off!):
  • Jean - Co-Director
  • Millie - Co- Director
  • Paul M - Kids Mile Director
  • Jim M
  • Renee S
  • Wendy O'
  • Tom O'
  • Randy
  • Jim L,
  • Lana
  • Meredith
  • Liz
  • Wally
  • Peg
  • Paul
  • Sonjia
  • Emily
  • Dave
  • Maureen L
  • Elaine
Additionally, many of you ran in the event... with great results!

R.E.D. Runners spotted (again tell me if I miss someone! 

  • Emily
  • Nanci
  • Shelly
  • Elaine
  • Adam A
  • Tracy
  • Amy
  • Chris
  • Tom W
  • Dave E
  • Dan M
  • Lana
  • Roger
  • Keith
  • Kris
  • Lorelei
  • Judy
  • Julie
  • Rich
  • Sue
  • Amber

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Routes are up!

Check out tonights routes on the right hand side of the blog.  It's a Bears Den night this Cinco De Mayo... so come on out for a run or a walk, then sit back and relax during the social.   Route talke will roll at 6pm.. then out the door we go!''


Nice turn out at the track Wednesday night... the good weather brought out some familiar faces!   Spotted there were, Tom W, Alan, Zulbiye,  Adam, Amy, Dave, Gail, Kim, Elaine, Wendy, Ann and myself.. following the track workout, it was off to Mesenburgs where some of the Women of R.E.D. are making wine... last night marked stage 2 of the process, racking the wine from the original fermantation bucket, to the glass carboy.  

Ann, Amy, Elaine, Wendy (and Tom supervising)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Week

Hey all.. here's a look at what I know is up this week (some of it I don't know!)
  • Tuesday Night - Typically hills or track at starting at Soldiers Field Memorial, however I have not heard confirmation from anyone, so I'm not sure if this workout will take place or not.   5-5:30pm is the usual start time.
  • Wednesday Night - Speed work at the Byron Track at 5:30pm.  
  • Thursday Morning - Abbreviated Even Steven workout, starting at 5:30am from 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.
  • Thursday Night - Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron at 6pm.  Routes will go up on this blog on Wednesday.