Sunday, January 20, 2013

Members Rockin'

Congratulations to Team R.E.D. members Jim & Angie!   They each completed the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon (and a half!).     Jim's wife Brenda, also completed her first half marathon!  -- what a great way for a family to enjoy Disney!

Ang Representing R.E.D.!  Congrats!

I can only guess what Jim is looking at in this pic

Duaghter / Father.. proud moment!

The family that ices together...

The family... Congrats to Brenda on her first half!


Off Season Striders on Sunday was a test!  The weather created a bit of an edge, but thank goodness the wind was down from last night.. what a howler that was!   Check out the shot of Kelle below... with those lashes she earned the nickname of Lady Gaga on today's run! 

14+ well earned miles!


  • Monday Maniacs at back at WildWood at 6pm on Monday!  - be sure to dress wisely and enjoy the miles with great friends!
  • Tuesday Trail run is moving inside for a Movie Night... it's a trail running movie.. and appears to be a good one!  --  the host for Movie Night is Dan Lovik at 1504 7th St NE in Rochester.  If you'd like to participate drop Jim an email at  
  • Wednesday Track is set for 5:30pm from the indoor track at RCTC. Come join the speed session! 
  • Thursdays Team RED is dialed into Rochester this week... still pondering a couple locations. Check back for updates.

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