Friday, February 1, 2013

All it is .. is Wow!

13 Team R.E.D. members ran outside in this windchill tonight!  Very nice work.   Several others found warmer places to log some miles... and that's ok.... but really, you're in Minnesota, let's get out and go!   (actually, I don't blame anyone, but since I was one of the outsiders, I feel good picking on the rest!)

In truth, it's amazing how much this group continues to run no matter what!  ...Now while there were 13 outdoor runners at R.E.D. there were approx 40 at E.D.!   That's awesome.... This is part of what keeps us all rolling... the connections, friendships, inspirations, motivations and all that stuff...

We have new members to announce!

Jess and Dan joined us tonight!   Jess had joined a run from Broadway Pizza about a year ago, and after that she must have entered therapy, as we didn't see her for a long time.  It seems now, she has gone against Doctors orders and officially joined Team R.E.D. anyway!  

Dan has run into R.E.D. on the indoor track at RCTC.  He reports if you want to run track with less interruptions, the morning is a great time to get that workout in, and not have to battle the crowds coming and going.    Welcome to the Team.... Jess & Dan! 

Jess & Dan join Team R.E.D.!  Two Free Agents join the Team!   

Steve joined Team R.E.D. tonight as well.. Steve has run with us on several nights, and it seems he had commitment issues.   No no... that's not true.. but what is true is he can moonwalk and kick up his heels very nicely!   

Steve is a big dog with Camp Victory.... and they have an awesome breakfast coming up this weekend.  Steve did not ask me to plug this, but I am anyway.

1) Online: (link to our donation/ticket page)
2) 507-843-2329

  Welcome to the Team.... Steve!  

Steve Joins Team R.E.D.!  New Free Agent!

Happy Birthday!  
Our own Rising Star celebrated a birthday today!  Happy Birthday Chris!   Here he is getting a birthday pic with Monica... who apparently is taking all precautions while getting near Chris.  

Chris & Monica

Go Team R.E.D.!!!!!!! 

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