Sunday, August 30, 2015

Now Hiring

If you're seeking part-time employment, and interested in connecting it with the running community, see Tiffany at TerraLoco!

Applicants should be outgoing, flexible, highly motivated, and be
active in the local running community. In addition to sales experience,
the ideal candidate will have experience or skills in any or all of the following:

Marketing/Social Media
Event Planning
Graphic Design
Bookkeeping/Inventory Management

We offer great discounts, a fun work environment, flexible scheduling,
and competitive pay.
Interested in being part of the TerraLoco team?

Applicants should send letter of interest and resume to:
Tiffany Piotrowicz


Lin sent a very nice Thank You email to the Team R.E.D. address.  I'm sharing it below, as it demonstrates how much it takes put pull off an event like that.  See below... 

A sincere thank you for making the Healthy Human Race Weekend an overwhelming success. Your gift of time, effort, and talent contributed so much in supporting the 31st annual event with Scheels and the Rochester Track Club. We have had hundreds of very positive comments from those who participated in the 5K and half marathon events.
 Too many times to count, the runners acknowledged the volunteers mentioning how great they were and in several cases indicating they were the best ever. I am so proud of all of you. You truly are the best and poured your hearts and souls into this day making it the very best it can be for all participants. You are the core of the Scheels Healthy Human race and the real reason for its success!!!
236 volunteers for:
  • Packet pickup
  • Course marshals
  • Water stations
  • Set up and clean up at the start and finish lines
  • Securing food for the finish line
  • Post race food distribution
  • Medical
  • Sag wagon to ensure safety of the walkers along the route
  • Half marathon relay monitors
  • Finish line
  • Pacers
  • Announcer
  • setting the course and tearing the course down
  • Gold Cross Ambulance
  • Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine.
  • Lead Cyclists

Sure there are times when things are frustrating and sometime disappointing, when you ask yourself why, when the days are endless and sleep seems non-existent….but then race day arrives and you see the excitement in the crowd at the start line,  the first time runners, those running for a cause, minutes (5K) or hours (half marathon) later you finally see those same runners cross the finish line sweaty, with smiles, tears of joy, running across the finish line with family and friends, kids cheering on their parents and grandparents, the constant stream of thank yous from the participants, high fives, hugs, and handshakes everywhere. Then you know “you done good”. YOU made it happen!!!!
 You did make the difference and were an invaluable contributor in making this event happen. As a volunteer, you were absolutely essential in the execution of this event and there is no way this could have occurred without each and every one of you. Your compassion to all participants, walkers, and runners, and the behind the scenes activity serves as an inspiration for all of us. Your dedication and the skill and enthusiasm with which you carried out your responsibilities was comparable to none. Everyone was treated with respect and kindness no matter what your task involved.
 All those months of planning come together in those few hours on a Saturday morning in August. Hundreds of volunteers have made possible an experience that most participants will remember for a very long time. And then simply, shortly after the final runner crosses the finish line, volunteers tear down the finish line, pick up the garbage, put Solders Field Park back to its peaceful nature, and life goes on. Next year we will do it all again because we have an outstanding community with tremendous and very giving volunteers who truly know what it means to give to others unselfishly.
 Simply stated, without the dedication and hard work of all of you, it would have been absolutely impossible to implement the Healthy Human Race and all the effort it encompassed. Thank you so very much. Words could never comprehend your importance. Your time, your commitment, and your services will long be remembered. We hope you will plan on joining us once again on August 20, 2016, for the 32nd annual Healthy Human Race.
 Thank you, thank you. We did it!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Thanks for the Home Host!

Many thanks to Brian and Cindy for hosting Team R.E.D. on Thursday!  The taco's were wonderful, the beer was delish, and the Jello-Shots made it feel like college circa 1985! - I believe Claire gets the credit for the jello-shots.

Sarah reports turning 40 is not all that bad when you have so many great friends ready to support you on a 40 Mile trail run!   Congrats for getting that done!

Chris, Jen, Jess, Cathy Megan, Lana, Chrisina, Jim, Vicki, Jake, Sarah, Lorelei, Elaine, Gwen and Megan!  Others made appearances throughout the journey!  

Speaking of birthdays...   Aaron David Aslakson was born on Aug 26th!   Adam and Amber are excited to get things rolling as a family of three!  We're so happy for them!

The happy family!  

More opportunities!

  • Saturday 7am:  The Marathon Training long run is a 17 miler this week with 4 aid stations.  A great way to start the weekend, and get your miles in!   Meet at the RAC and bring a $1 contribution to the cause.  
  • Saturday 9am: St Charles Gladiolus Days 3 Mile Walk/Run.   There is no entry fee to walk, get out and get active!
  • Sunday 7am or 8am:  Off Season Striders are offering two start times from Dunn Bros North on Elton Hills Drive. If you want a longer run, start at 7am.. if you'd like to stick to the 4-6 mile range, join us at 8am!  
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are gathering at WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester.  This is a great location to get on the trails.. and there's a nice patio too, weather permitting!  Join us for a run or walk, and come back for the social!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco keeps on rockin' the 5K charity series!  Join this event and donate 5 bucks to a local charity!  What a great way for this store (and one of our sponsors) to stay connected with the community! 
  • Tuesday 6:20pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew is going to Millville!  This is always a fun place to visit!  Meet at the ballpark along County Rd 2 - the route is an out and back - full length is 6 miles, but you can make it shorter if you prefer!   Post run social is always fun in Millville!  
  • Wednesday 6pm: Team R.E.D. hits the Track in Byron!  Join us for a speed session, we'll crank some music and enjoy some foot turnover!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to the Bears Den in Byron.  We'll have some great routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles.  Be sure to stay for the social, and you'll hear how the first Cross Country meet went for the Byron Bears!  

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Here we go.. I want to make sure you're all aware of some fun stuff for Wednesday & Thursday -- Of course, don't overlook Monday & Tuesday as they are also very fun!

  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS Brewing Company located at 2001 32nd Ave NW, Rochester.  What a fun place to get your workout in!   Of course, come back and enjoy! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco Charity Series continues.. bring $5 and make a big difference to a local charity!  This store is a great asset to our community, enjoy the evening!  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Eastwood Park in Rochester!  Always fun to run the zigging and zagging trails out there!   Bring your own beverage for a parking lot party! 
Wednesday - All Day!  Sarah's Birthday - They say it's her Birthday!  - The big Four-Oh-Dang!   40!~ Join her at Oxbow park, as she's celebrating by logging 40 Miles that day (starting about 8/8:30am and finishing sometime around 6-7pm.  Come find her on the trails and log some miles with her!  

If you can't make it for the run, some after work, and join the post celebration with some beer, and a fire! 

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. has another wonderful home hosting inviting us to their place for a run or walk, and then some time to share some laughs afterwards.  Join us at the home of Cindy and Brian Morgan at 5018 51st NW Rochester.  Our hosts are providing Taco Bar, Beer, Water and Soda.  Please consider bringing a dish to pass, and a lawn chair if you have one!  - The Theme is College Night!  Celebrate those good old days, and for some of you that was a loooonnnnnnnggggg time ago! 

Below are a few pics from our water stop... I'll get some more out there, after our cross country training trip!  Go Bears!  

Sean sporting the Team R.E.D. shades! 

Troy climbing the hill! 

Jean leads the pack! 

Ann with her 2:20 Pace group! 

Volunteer and Customer!  Scott is double fisted, Mike is on break! 

Annette & friend Dancing! 
Paul is almost done... time for a cold one! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

The weekend has arrived!

You all are non-stop!  

Jeremy and Jess Run for the Melon!  
Jeremy and Jess represented well at Run for the Melon!  Jeremy hammered out 2nd in his age group for the 10K, and Jess ran the 5K finishing... wait for it.... wait for it... she was the top woman!  Way to go you two!
  • Saturday 7am:  The Healthy Human Race Half Marathon, Relay and 5K get underway!  Best wishes to all of you who are competing, pacing or out for a stroll!   You can find more details about the event at
    • If you're not planning to run in the Healthy Human Race, consider joining the Team R.E.D. aid station!  You'll meet some people, enjoy many laughs, and get to watch the race unfold.  Our aid station is supporting both the 5K and the Half Marathon. 
      • Our Theme is Beer!  ServiceMaster of Rochester is providing their sound system, and Dan has the Beer Mile playlist to fit out theme.   Team R.E.D. is providing beer for the volunteers, and you can share some with any runners who choose to partake.   
      • What mile marks are we supporting?  Mile 1.8 of the 5K and Mile 12 of the half marathon. 
      • Where is our location?   We are at the end of 7th St SW where it meets the trail near the Highway 14 Beltline (across from Apache Mall)     
      • When to arrive? Arrive 6:45am as we are supporting the 5K first.. then we'll have a pause for drinking and strategizing how to best support the half marathon!   
      • How long will we be volunteering?  Anticipated time commitment is 6:45am-9:45am.   
      • What if? Some have already told me they need to leave early, that's ok.. the 5K will be a flurry of activity.. the half marathon will be manageable with less people, and by the time the half marathoners arrive, I suspect we'll pick up some help from Team R.E.D.ers who competed in the 5K.     
      • What to wear? Wear either your Team R.E.D. shirt, or a beer related costume, outfit. I think I'll be in a Team R.E.D. shirt.   
      • What if I know someone else who wants to help?  Bring them along!   
  • Sunday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders is meeting at Panera South to log some miles, and some great social time post run or walk. Join the group, it's fun! 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS Brewing Company located at 2001 32nd Ave NW, Rochester.  What a fun place to get your workout in!   Of course, come back and enjoy! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco Charity Series continues.. bring $5 and make a big difference to a local charity!  This store is a great asset to our community, enjoy the evening!  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Eastwood Park in Rochester!  Always fun to run the zigging and zagging trails out there!   Bring your own beverage for a parking lot party! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wednesday / Thursday !

Wednesday 6pm:   Speedwork on the Track in Byron.  The track is located behind the Middle school at 601 4th St NW.   We'll crank up some tunes and crank the wheels!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles... I'm thinking flat miles.. that sounds good to me!

Team R.E.D. Waterstop for Saturday's Healthy Human Race is still accepting volunteers.  I'm sending details out to our crew this evening, but if you still want to join us, please do!  email me at if you're interested.. it's a great way to meet your teammates, enjoy the race, and possibly a beer or two!

More details regarding the entire weekend and into next week will follow soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fun times! Fun times!

Best wishes for all those enjoying Ragnar this weekend!  Have run and enjoy your teammates!


Here are a few pics from Thursday's Team R.E.D... it was a great turnout, and lots of smiles! 

Getting Ready to Roll!

Gwen, Wendy, Diane & William!

We found the Bear.. then Tom cut its head off the photo! 
Mike, Bob & Kaitlin love Death Mountain! 

  • Sunday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders are heading to the People's Food Coop located at 519 1st Ave SW Rochester. Join this group for 6-10 miles, or any distance you choose, and enjoy the post workout social! 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs will enjoy a downtown run from Legends Bar & Grill, located at 11 4th St SE, Rochester.  This is a great location for the workout, and for the social!  Come and enjoy! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The TerraLoco Charitable 5Ks continue! Bring $5 to the store at 1190 16th St SW Rochester and enjoy a fun run or walk!  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail crew has big plans for Whitewater State Park!  Mike is leaving Minnesota for a great opportunity in Coeurd'alene, Idaho... Idaho? No... youdaho!   - Meet at the Nature Store and enjoy a great trail run! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's the weekend looking like? 70 and Sunny!

Tuesday's trail run was a big hit at Oxbow... there were quite a few new faces  and the group really motored through the trails!  We took the 5 mile look of lower trail to the meadow and then back on the upper trail, including Maple - I hear it was the opposite direction from the usual route.  We all made it back and there were only a couple of tumbles! 

Front left to right:  Peter, David, Mariah, Kim, Cathy, Sarah, Meagan, Christina, Ann, Aaron, Adam (with Finn on his back) and Steve   Back left to right: Mike, Derrick, David, Chris, Larry - not pictured, but present Josh & Tom 


Volunteers Needed!  

We are still seeking volunteers for our Team R.E.D. water stop for the Healthy Human Races on Aug 22nd. Our job is to make it fun for the runners and provide water / Gatorade!   Did I mention Team R.E.D. is providing Free Beer for volunteers and any runners who choose to partake?  

Given we are a quality group of waterstoppers, we've been granted the task of supporting both the 5K and the Half marathon.  Please let me know if you can help as it's always a blast! You can bring your kids, they often love to have this volunteer role!  

As a team our commitment is from 6:45am to 10am... however, we can likely do shifts.  So if you are available for any portion of that time, please let me know!  The busiest time will be during he 5K  from 6:45am to about 7:30am..  During the half marathon, runners will be quite spread out as they reach 12 miles, and we can staff with less volunteers.  Although, don't forget there is free beer, some come hang out and help and cheer at the 12 mile mark of the half marathon!  

Also remember, volunteering is one of the easiest ways to meet other members!  Come join us!  


Here we go!  

  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the Track at Soldiers Field tonight!  Please Note the change this week to Soldiers Field in Rochester.  Woo has a plan to make you fast! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  It's a home host night!  You are invited to the O'Leary's at 805 1st Ave NW, Byron.  I have 3 routes planned, about 2.5 miles, 3.5 miles and 6 miles...  the two longer routes include an opportunity to run one loop of the Byron High School Cross Country couse!   We'll come back for a backyard social!  
    • O'Leary's are providing Beer in two varieties Gluten Full and Gluten Free!, Alcoholic-Slush and Non-Alcoholic Water. 
    • Additionally, we'll have Grilled Chicken Sandwiches... if you'd like to bring a dish to share, that's awesome.  We have a lot of chairs, but you might consider a lawn chair just in case.  
  • Saturday 7am:  The Marathon Training long runs from the RAC are reaching full strength!  This week's run is a 20 Miler.  Bring $1 to help support the bananas and Gatorade provided along the route, there are 5 aid stations this week!  Here is a link to the the route courtesy of Jim...
  • Saturday 8am:  There's a unique distance in Spring Valley this weekend.  You can race a 6K as part of the Ag Days celebration!   Check out the details at the following link.

  • Sunday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders are out and about. They will gather at the People's Food Coop located at 519 1st Ave SW Rochester. Join this group for 6-10 miles, or any distance you choose, and enjoy the post workout social! 
Home Host Dates updated:  We picked up a home host for Aug 27th... so the dates below are the next ones available.  Let Don know if you're interested in having this fun group at your place!  

Sept 10th
Oct 8th
Oct 22nd
Oct 29th

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Members! *edited to include what's up through Thursday

This post has been edited to include what's up on Wednesday & Thursday of this coming week.


Team R.E.D. is fortunate to welcome three new members to the Team!   Below, Mike, Brian, Cindy  are announced to the rest of the crew!  Welcome all!

Team R.E.D. keeps on rolling with new members! 
Remember, if you're an existing member, we are taking renewals now!  Please see Wendy for your renewal, and you'll score some nice Team R.E.D. sunglasses like those sported by Dani and Tom below.   You can also renew or join online at

Renewal Shades! 

Let's look ahead for the next few days...

  • Saturday 7am:  The marathon training long run gets rolling from the RAC with a route planned for approx 19 miles!  Join this group if you want to log long miles, with support along the way - 4 aid stations provided!  The route can be found at
  • Saturday 8am: The Harvest Classic is taking place at Silver Lake Park in Rochester.  They have a Kids Mile at 8am, followed by a 5K / 10K at 8:30am.  More details can be found at
  • Saturday 8am;  Chatfields Western Days Stampede Trail race take place offering a 10K, 2 mile and 1 mile kids run!  Note the 10K starts at 8am, while the 2 mile will roll approx 9:30am and the kids run will follow.  More info can be found at
  • Sunday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders are running from Charlies Eatery and Pub on 2nd St in Rochester (accross the street from St Mary's - to the west).  Charlie and his crew also do a nice job with our post workout breakfast and social.  
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are gathering at Glynners Pub in Rochester.  Get out for a run or walk, and come back for a social on the patio!  A Great way to start the week!
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco continues their 5K charitable series!  Bring $5 to register and have some fun on the 5K course, and follow that up with meeting some new people!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The trail crew is heading to Oxbow Park, just north of Byron along Cty Rd 5.  These trails are fantastic fun!  Bring a beverage of choice for a parking lot social post workout! Weather permitting of course
  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the Track at Soldiers Field!  Please Note the change this week to Soldiers Field in Rochester.  Get out and get your speed on! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is being home hosted by the O'Leary's in Byron!  Join us at 805 1st Ave NW, Byron.  We'll get out for routes in the ranges of 3, 4, or 6 miles... and come back for a backyard social! Remember, it's always 70 and Sunny in Byron!   
    • O'Leary's are providing Beer in two varieties Gluten Full and Gluten Free!, Alcoholic-Slush and Non-Alcoholic Water. 
    • Additionally, we'll have Grilled Chicken Sandwiches... if you'd like to bring a dish to share, that's awesome. 
If you're interested in Home Hosting.. the following dates are available, please contact Don at -- remember, you get to make the rules if you home host.  You decide what you want people to bring and if you want a theme or not.   Easy Peasy! 

Aug 27th
Sept 10th
Oct 8th
Oct 22nd
Oct 29th