Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Day, Another Opportunity!

More pics and fun will come later.. but in the meantime, here's the deets we all love to know! When/Where...

Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are checking out a new location.  This time we'll run and/or walk from Legends Bar & Grill located at 11 4th St SE in downtown Rochester.  They have a great patio along the river - let's hope for good weather so we can enjoy the outdoors post workout!
Tuesday 6pm:  This weeks TerraLoco 5K not only supports the United Ways's Imagination Library, but it also gives you a chance to try some of Saucony's latest models, the Ride 8 and Omni 14! Cost of this event is 5-bucks!  Get involved with the fun!
Tuesday 6pm:  The All-Comers Track Meet takes place at Century High School.  Bring your kids, and watch them smile!  - Also, volunteers are always welcome as they have had over 1000 kids participate in the first 3 meets, it keeps everyone hopping!  Contact Gwen or Ann to volunteer!,
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to a place that has become an annual favorite!  The Bartell Farm Trails.   - After the workout, we're all invited to Yvonne's place to enjoy a pool party!   There is a creek crossing, so bring shoes you don't mind getting wet.. .there is a pool party, so make sure you don't mind getting wet!

The meeting location is the Red X in the following pic...  you can click on it to enlarge it.

Wednesday 6pm:  Speed work on the track in Byron. We will crank up the tunes, and crank up some speed!   Come give a track workout a try... all it does is make you faster!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  It's bound to be a wonderful evening of running, walking and possibly some talking!   Join us!  Routes are ranging from 3, 4 to 6 miles.. lots of options!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Opportunity to meet someone doing something pretty amazing!

Hey all.. this is a last minute gig, just learned of it this afternoon.  - A woman by the name of Helene Nelville is running the perimeter of the USA with a mission of spreading the idea of re-thinking the impossible.  She's going to be at the Bears Den in Byron appox 9am Sunday morning (yes, tomorrow!)

If interested in hearing her message, or simply meeting her, there are some options.  Join us at the Den at 9am for a brief chat with Helene.  Or join us at 8:20am, and we'll run toward Rochester, and meet her on her way to the Den.... she'll be running along Hwy 14.   This would be about a 5 mile run for us... and she will be about 1 mile or so into her fresh day!  - She is running to Dodge Center and will take another break, as she has some speaking engagements on Sunday.

So.. in short...

8:20am - Bears Den for a 5 mile out and back
9:00am - Bears Den to hear some words from Helene
9:15am'ish - Bears Den we can escort her out of town with a run to the county line road
10am - Bears Den - Breakfast and Bloody's

Here is a link to her page...

Friday, June 26, 2015

RochesterFest Mile & More!

  • RochesterFest 1-Mile  -- Tonight, Friday at 6:05pm on the parade route!  What a great way to race a mile!   Registration is from 5-5:45pm.  Team R.E.D. members race for just $10!  - This event supports the YMCAs Camp Olson! 
  • Get your Rear In Gear - Saturday July 27th - This 5K raises funds for Colon Cancer Awareness.  Team R.E.D. has multiple members impacted by Colon Cancer.  Get out and race for a great cause, and support each other!  More info at
  • Zumbro River Community Festival - Saturday July 27th - There's still time to help support Camp Victory at the Zumbro River Community Festival!  You can sign up to volunteer at the following link..   or head out there to take part in the fun!  Lots of activities for all ages!   
  • Coyote Games Outdoor Challenge - Saturday July 27th - Another fun event is taking place on Saturday, and that's the Coyote Games Outdoor Challenge... there are all sorts of events starting at 8am!  Check it out
  • Marathon and Half Marathon Training Long Run - Saturday July 27th - The long runs from the RAC have restarted for Saturday mornings.  Meet at the RAC at 7am and get your miles in with a great group! You do not need to be a member of the RAC, Track Club, Team R.E.D. or any other group for that matter, just bring a $1 donation to help offset the cost of Gatorade / snacks and get your run on!  
  • Off Season Striders meets July 28th at 8am - The OSS group is out and about, this time from Dunn Bros on Elton Hills Drive. Come have a run, and stay for coffee/breakfast! 


Beer Mile - Thursday July 16th - Online registration is now available!  You can register to run, spectate or volunteer!  Our event is benefiting the Byron Community Foundation!  Register at   There are a couple things new to the beer mile this year!  
  • Awards for Best Costumes!  Get wild with your outfit and make it even more fun!    
  • One lucky pre-registered participant will win $25, that's right, straight cash! 

Torchlight 5K - Bus, Race & Dance!  - July 22nd
Be sure to contact Dan Mesenburg at if you're planning to ride the bus to the Torchlight 5K on July 22nd.  This is a great event, and part of the USA Track & Field club series.   
  • $15 per person including roundtrip motor coach transportation from Rochester and Byron and drinks on the bus  
  • Lv Rochester (locationto be determined) 4:30pm
  • Lv Byron (Bears Den) 5:00pm
  • Ar Basilica of Saint Mary 6:30pm
  • Run to the finish line across the old stone arch bridge.
  • Dancing & party til 9:30pm
  • Lv St Anthony Main 9:40pm
  • Ar Byron (Bears Den) 11:00pm
  • Ar Rochester 11:30pm

Monday, June 22, 2015

Where? What?

Congrats to everyone who competed during Grandmas Half and Full marathons!  - Team R.E.D. was well represented, with lots of great efforts, including a first time Boston Qualifier in Ann Nepstad!  - Way to get after it Ann!

Ann gives the thumbs up on her way to a BQ! 
Don't forget the Beer Mile is just around the corner!  July 16th at the Bears Den in Byron starting at 7pm.  A printable registration is now available at  and online registration opens This Thursday, June 25th.  
  • $20 pre-registration-$10 spectator pass (only if you want beer while watching)
  • $25 same day registration (5:30pm-6:45pm)
  • Objective: Drink a beer, run or walk 1/4 mile... and repeat... four 12 oz beers in one mile.
Torchlight! Torchlight! Torchlight! Get on the bus Gus!
Torchlight 5K Motorcoach (trolley upgrade!)... It's a lot of fun! - we currently have 28 members planning to bus to the cities for this event... get on board while seats are still available!  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
  • $15 per person including roundtrip motor coach transportation from Rochester and Byron and drinks on the bus
  • Lv Rochester (place to be determined) 4:30pm
  • Lv Byron (Bears Den) 5:00pm
  • Ar Basilica of Saint Mary 6:30pm
  • Run to the finish line across the old stone arch bridge.
  • Dancing & party til 9:30pm
  • Lv St Anthony Main 9:40pm
  • Ar Byron (Bears Den) 11:00pm
  • Ar Rochester 11:30pm
  • Email Dan: or IM Dan Mesenburg on Facebook… first come first serve to 48!

Here are some details for this week!  I don't anticipate another update until Thursday as Wendy an I are finding ourselves very limited to internet access, and it's been very fun!

  • Monday 6pm:  Tonight the Monday Maniacs are meeting at the Douglas Trail parking lot, in Douglas for a fun flat walk or run! Bring a beverage for the post workout social, if the weather holds, we'll have a parking lot party.  If not, we can move inside the Douglas Saloon!
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The TerraLoco 5K for Charity continue!  - Support this effort for just a $5 contribution!   Meet at TerraLoco on 16th St in Rochester. 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Lost Creek Trail in Chatfield is host to the Trail Crew!  This is a great trail... the group is planning to run the 10K course.. it's well marked, and open to everyone of all. paces! The Groen Park Trailhead is the meeting place, and the spot to hang out after.  
  • Wednesday 6pm:  The track in Byron is available for speed!  The track is located behind the middle school on 4th street.  Get out and get faster!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester.  We'll hop on the trail and enjoy! - of course, we'll gather post workout for more fun! 
  • Friday Night - RochesterFest:  The Rochester Fest Mile is ready to rock!  Registration is from 5pm-5:45pm on Friday at the YMCA.  The Race Starts at 6:05pm in front of Twigs.  Team R.E.D. members get a great discount!  
    • Regular registration is $20
    • Team R.E.D.  registration is $10
    • High School athletes are just $5!   
    • This event raises funds for Camp Olson YMCA, a great cause that Team R.E.D. member Shaun Palmer is super involved with!   


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week Ahead!

We'll start with some pics from the recent weeks!  - Lots of great things taking place... including weddings!   Beautiful pics of happiness!  - and below all the fun pics and an inspiring video, you'll find a peek at the week ahead!

Meagan & Aditya weeding! / with wonderful friends in Christina, Andrea and Sarah

Megan & Tom celebrating the moment! 

Tohnia,Christina, Andrea and Sarah seem to be enjoying the festivities!

Ladies of R.E.D. ... awesome! 

Megan celebrating with the ladies too!  Lorelei is on board with the fun, so happy she could be part of their day!

Kasey (far right) got in the wedding action too! I hope they didn't ask her to sing the National Anthem!

Speaking of weddings... check out the video below, it's worth the watch!  Team R.E.D. member Sarah Schettle was able to take part in this amazing event!  Sarah is also the race director of an annual event to raise money for patients in need of Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs).

I ran into Sarah today, and she smiled, saying it was a very emotional event, and a wonderful experience! -- Sarah is spotted early in the video, but her name is first mentioned at the 1:56 mark and they even put a spotlight on her! -- it's a great story, and great work by the Mayo team!


Relay Iowa - 339 Miles of pure goodness!   Team R.E.D. members Claire, Kristine, Ron & Tina were all part of a relay team in the Relay Iowa!  It sure looks like they had a blast, I haven't had a chance to chat with any of them yet, but by all Facebook accounts it was fun!

Longest Relay.. 339 Miles! 

The team getting ready to get ready... Team R.e.D. members spotted here, Rom far left (barely) and Kristine on the right side in orange.

Tina bringing home a strong leg of the relay! 

I do not believe I've met this man.. but I do like his style! 

Looks like a successful team finish with Claire carrying the banner! 

Chester Woods was once again successful!  Mason has done a great job carrying the torch for this annual event, and the event will indeed continue, under new race management from Triton Events.. and I'm sure it'll be a great event again in 2016!

Team R.E.D. water stop organized by our own Katie!  - Pictured here, Katie, Gwen, Marissa, Roger and two more volunteers!

Team R.E.D. Style Stop... beer me! 

Lana cruising!

Peter doing his thing! What is his thing?

Sarah and Meagan rolling down the hill! All smiles! 

Steve & Dave leading the pack! 

Steve and Jim showing the route

Tohnia, Heidi and Sonny with no worries!

Who let the horse out!


Guaranteed entry is now open for the TC 10 Mile!  - This is one of the most fun events as it's the same day as the TC Marathon, yet 16.2 miles shorter in distance!  It's also one of the most well attended Team R.E.D. race events, so join us!

The TC 10 Mile is typically lottery only, but since Team R.E.D. is a USATF Club, you can get guaranteed entry!   You do need to be a member of USATF and associate yourself with Team R.E.D....  if you're not a member of USATF and want to be, you can do so at the following link.  Look for Team R.E.D. club #0435 (note it's different from Minnesota RED, do not get fooled!)  once you've done that, follow the directions below, and away you go!

Invitation Code: 15TC10TEAMCIRC
Directions for Guaranteed Team Circuit Medtronic TC 10 Mile Entry.
1. Visit the registration page at this link.
2. Skip the Registration Type options and proceed to the Invitation Code box, you will be able to choose your Registration Type in the next step.
3. Place the unique Invitation Code listed above on this page in the appropriate box in the bottom left of the registration screen.
4. After filling in the Invitation Code box you must click “Apply” to the right of the box.
5. Choose USATF Team Circuit (Registration) when prompted and click “Continue.”
6. Complete the required fields of the registration.
7. You will receive an email receipt from imATHLETE to the email address indicated on your registration confirmation your registration.
8. You will receive a separate econfirmation with information about the race and a link to more information.
9. If you have any questions contact


  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading out from Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street in Rochester. This location offers us a lot of opportunities for routes.  Show up at 5:57pm and hear the route talk! 
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  The Rochester Track Club's Grand Prix 1-Mile takes place on the track at John Marshall High School.  This is a FREE event, and lots of fun to see what sort of shape you're in.  My shape is round... what's yours?  - Arrive early to get your bib # and be ready to test yourself! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco continues the 5K Charity Series.  It's so much fun to run with this crew.  There is zero pressure, in fact, not even a clock!  Get out and run a 5K, enjoy the others around you, and celebrate! This week has an 80s theme, so get out your big hair, and let's go! 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail Crew has a Holzinger Hop planned!  This is a Winona location, and there are many enjoyable trail runners planning to attend!  Meet at the main parking lot near the lodge at 925 West Lake Blvd.
  • Wednesday Track:  There is no track workout scheduled (unless someone sends me a specific request and agrees to be the leader of the workout).  Instead, I would encourage you to do the 1-mile on Tuesday... an all-out mile can really test you!  Of course if you need more of a workout, you can add a strong warmup and cooldown to complete your effort.  -- Or do the race below. 
  • Wednesday 6:15pm:  The Viola Gopher Count 5K is on!  This is typically a smaller race... go race it!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  We'll have routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles, and I suspect, with Grandmas marathon just days away, we'll have several members doing a bit less... possibly even Eat. Drink.!    Join us for any or all of it !
  • Saturday 7am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training long runs get started!  Meet at the RAC, and bring $1 to help offset the cost of the supplies at the aid stations.  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pics still coming!

 There are a lot of good opportunities coming up, including the All-Comers Mile on Tuesday!  - the mile is a free event and will take place on John Marshalls all-weather track!  I believe the mile starts at 5:30pm.  

Torchlight 5K update - Get on the bus Gus!

Torchlight 5K Motorcoach (trolley upgrade!)... It's a lot of fun!
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
  • $15 per person including roundtrip motor coach transportation from Rochester and Byron and drinks on the bus
  • Lv Rochester (place to be determined) 4:30pm
  • Lv Byron (Bears Den) 5:00pm
  • Ar Basilica of Saint Mary 6:30pm
  • Run to the finish line across the old stone arch bridge.
  • Dancing & party til 9:30pm
  • Lv St Anthony Main 9:40pm
  • Ar Byron (Bears Den) 11:00pm
  • Ar Rochester 11:30pm
  • Email Dan: or IM Dan Mesenburg on Facebook… first come first serve to 48!

A few options this weekend... 

Saturday 7am: Off Season Stiders meet at  Charlies Pub & Eatery On 2nd 
Sunday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders rolls again, this time from Panera North  
Sunday 10am:  Team R.E.D. Metro is planning on a trip to Afton State Park, and we are all invited! (we are always invited, so if you're ever in the metro, considering joining a group event!)  - This is a fun time, you can either run or hike, and go as far as you like!  Plan to have some social time afterwards... 

Seeking Volunteers on Tuesdays through July 14th :  RTC All-Comers Meet  Contact Gwen if you're available to help!  It's a great event! Reminder:  the meets have been relocated to John Marshall High School... volunteers should report by 5:45pm. 
RAC Fall marathon group runs start on June 20th!  -  7AM at the RAC

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week Ahead

Whew... the High School Track & Field season has come to a successful completion, hopefully that means I can stay a little more ahead on the blog updates!

Congrats to all of you who participated in the Chester Woods Trail Races, or the Relay Across Iowa, or any of the other things you managed to find yourself engaged with!   Donut Run results should be available soon... as will pictures from recent events, but for now, here is the plan as I now it for the next few days.

Volunteer Opportunity at the Rochester Track Club All-Comers meets every Tuesday! Contact Gwen at  if you're available to help!  It's a great event!  The meets have been relocated to John Marshall High School... volunteers should report by 5:45pm. 

  • Monday 5:15pm: It looks like a group is planning a hill workout. Meet at Edina Realty near TJ Maxx and hit the hills for strength building! 
  • Monday 6pm: The Monday Maniacs are heading to Cowboy Jacks at 1625 South Broadway. This is typically a 5-6 mile night, and always a fun location with peanuts and popcorn post workout!
  • Tuesday 6pm: Check out TerraLoco and their weekly 5K for charity! It's just $5 to take part in this fundraising event!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm: Root River Ramble!! Meet in the parking lot at 80th St. SE Rochester. The two mile loop allows you to choose your own distance (in 2 mile increments). Join us for some fun running on a pretty trail and enjoying some laughs afterwards!! 
  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the track in Byron.  This crew continues to get after it!  Don't worry about how fast you are now, instead consider this an opportunity to get faster! 
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is heading back to Brothers Bar & Grill.  Gather at the back entrance to the bar, and we'll do the route talk outside if it's nice, and inside if not so nice.  Plan to walk or run and stay for the fun! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekend Updates

The Off Season striders are at it again!

  • Saturday 7am: 13-15 miles from Charlies Pub & Eatery on 2nd Street in Rochester.  If you want to run less, run less! If you want to run more, run more!  - Either way, stay for some coffee, breakfast and social time post workout! 
  • Sunday 8am: People Food Co-op is the location for Sunday's gathering.  I'm not sure what the target distance is for the group, but remember, you can always add on or reduce mileage to what fits you.  I suggest parking on the street at people's co-op since we won't be going inside right way.

Upcoming local events on June 6th - details can be found at : 

Chesterwoods 5K, 10 Mile and 50K  - Jim Mason once again is hosting this great event!  You can get registered at TerraLoco tonight! 
Team R.E.D. has a water station for the event, if you'd like to participate contact Katie at
The Tortoise vs Hare 5K, 10K and 1 Mile - This seems like a great event too, set up with some equalizers based on age, gender and height/weight ratio!
The City of Joy 5K - This event is a fundraiser for survivors of gender violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.