Sunday, February 19, 2017

The week ahead!

Monday 6pm: feb-BREW-ary continues with Monday Maniacs heading to Grand Rounds on Broadway in Rochester. What a fun downtown location to run, walk order eat, drink from!  Join the crew, get some excercise and stay for the social!
Tuesday 6:15: the Tuesday Trail crew heads to Chester woods park for some running and/ or hiking.  Gather by the beach house at sunset and hit the trails! Join the fun!
Tuesday 9pm: the Night Owls are hitting the Douglas Trail for an evening run. Meet at the parking lot at the trailhead along Valley High and enjoy the clear trail and wonderful night air!
Thursday 6pm: Douglas Saloon is the site! Park in the lot along the trail in Douglas. We'll sun north on the trail, so certainly different territory compared to the night owls section. Bring cash for the social as the Saloon & Social Club is cash only!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Long Runs and 10-Grand!

Big News! Like $10,000 Big! 

For those of you who are not on Team R.E.D.s Facebook page, or are simply haven't heard this yet - I'd like to share a piece of great news with you. 

Team R.E.D. has been selected to receive a $10,000 grant for a fitness initiative!  The Byron Community Foundation and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation are the funders of the dollars - we are so grateful to receive this award and apply it toward a mission of fitness for all! 

More details as to the fitness initiative will be shared after we physically receive the funds!  I will be seeking volunteers for various roles within this initiative... stay tuned and dance! 


  • Saturday 7:15am: Here we go for... just in time for your long run training for spring Half or Full Marathons! - the longs runs start and finish at the RAC (Rochester Athletic Club).  This weeks run is set for 8ish miles.  Half Marathoners will have a shorter run.  
    • Keep in mind, Saturday's RAC runs are supported with volunteers providing water, gatorade, bananas and what-not.  If you're ever interested in volunteering please contact Lin Gentling at
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are running from Five West (near Costco).  There are a lot of options as far as how far or how fast you'd like to run.  Then be sure to come back for coffee and/or breakfast! 
  • Monday 6pm: Monday Maniacs continue feb-BREW-ary! Check back this weekend for details as to which pub is the spot! 
Check back later this weekend for information on the entire week ahead... 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Night Owls!

Sunday (tonight) 9pm:  The Night Owls have added a Sunday Night Run on the Douglas Trail. - taking full advantage of the warm weather and now clear trails! Meet at the trailhead parking lot along Valleyhigh Road in Rochester (next to IBM).
Tuesday 9pm: The Night Owls will be out again from Beetles Bar & Grill in Rochester.  That's located on 2nd Street and gives many options of downtown, cascade lake or the base around 'the hill'.

Details for the rest of the week are provided in the post below...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Always more!

If you haven't seen the Facebook News ... here it is... two members received great honors of late.

Aaron Nepstad is Volunteer of the Year for the State of Minnesota Track and Field.. the entire state!  This picture below is Aaron with Coach Coleman (also a R.E.D. member), Coleman nominated Aaron for the award.

Gwen Jacobsen is Minnesotas Runner of the Year for her age group... the entire state! The picture below captures Gwen announcing awards for others at the RTC banquet... she's a gracious winner, and a coach/cheer'er for us all.


Saturday 7:15am:  OSS runs from the Health Living Center.  This is a standard starting point for the weekend crew!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are gathering at the People's Food Co-op.  This is a great downtown starting and finishing spot! - Join the fun!
Monday 6pm:  feb-BREW-ary continues... this time with a stop at Kinney Creek Brewery at 1016 7th St SW in Rochester.  - Mondays are a great night to meet people and enjoy some fitness!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  It's Valentines day, and Dan Valentine says "nothing says love like Willow Creek!" - well truth is he didn't say that out loud... but.. Willow creek is the site -- meet at the end of Lone Pine Drive SW off of 11th Ave SW
Tuesday 9pm: The Night Owls are on as always! Head to Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd street.. have some fun on the run, and of course, social post run!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  Let's get out and walk or run! Weather is dang near spring like, let's spring our steps! - routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles - yet, no matter what, go as far or short as you want!

Monday, February 6, 2017


Tonight 6pm: Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS! The plan is for all the runs in feb-BREW-ary to be from brew pubs! Join the fun, it's really a nice evening tonight, and you'll be in great company!
Tuesday 6:15pm: Carley State Park is the location for this week's Trail Crew! - You can hike, run or snowshoe - whatever works for you!  It's also Larry's birthday, so you won't want to miss out as we've all been invited to his home for the 'afters!'
Tuesday 9pm: The Night Owls are at it again from Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street. Great location to scoot about, and socialize after! Join the fun!
Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. heads to Brothers Bar & Grill on South Broadway.  Park in the back lot, and get ready for a great run or walk on the lighted trail system!
Thursday 7-9pm:  TerraLoco is hosting Southern MN Triathlon night.  Professional Triathlete Matt Hansen (two time Ironman champion!) will be there along with Rochester's own Ruth Brennan Morrey! - Questions and answers from two of the best!

Below is a shot from the snowshoe crew on Superbowl Sunday - Great turnout! Lots of fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl Sunday!

Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are heading to Panera South.  This is a wonderful starting location as it gives you access to trails or streets depending on the weather. Also, Panera is a great location for a social. 

Sunday 1:30pm: Anyone up for another snowshoe experience?  minus falling in the water? 1:30 pm Sunday  at Oxbow park 1st bridge... might have some Apple Pie for a warmup... not the kind you eat with a fork. Look forward to another big group and we will be back in time for the Super Duper Bowl.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

St Patrick's Bus!

The O'Chm's are at it again! - check out the details for a super fun bus trip to St Paul on March 11th!  - First 50 get on board! 


It's that time of year again!  Time to get your green on for another bus trip up to St. Paul to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  This year we will go on Saturday, March 11.  That's the day of the big Lucky Palooza party on 7th St. with the tents and bands (  We have a motor coach reserved for the first 50 people to sign up.  The cost is the same as previous years, $25 per person, and includes the ride, beer/mike's/pop/water/snacks on the bus and of course some great entertainment.  Annette will once again take all challengers for Hammerschlagen.

With all the activity on 7th, we're debating whether to make multiple stops or just spend the day on 7th which has several bars/restaurants to choose from (Liffy, Patrick McGovern's, Burger Moe's, Cossetta's, Tom Reid's, etc.).  If you have an opinion please let us know.  One option might be to start out at someplace like O'Gara's and then head to Lucky Palooza for the remainder of the day.

We'll leave from the Bear's Den around noon and be back around 9.
Help us get the word out and invite your friends and relatives.  All are welcome.
Please respond asap and let us know how many spots you'd like to reserve.  You can make your checks out to either one of us. 
Let us know if you have any questions.
We're looking forward to another fun day!!
-Paul and Annette O'Chmielewski (paul's cell: 226-7546)

Nut House Challenge Discount!

Brock is offering Team R.E.D. a great discount for the Nut House Challenge! - You can cash in on the discount while participating in a single event or by taking part in the Half Cracked Challenge or th Totally Nuts Challenge held on July 15th / 16th!

If you register by the end of February you'll not only receive 15% off the registration fee, but you'll also receive a gift card for use at TerraLoco!  This discount makes this race series very affordable! Use the discount code CDEGVAGQ in the month of February and receive the deals below!

*Note:  Kids registration will receive a $10 gift card to ABC & Toy Zone, but are not eligible for the discounted price.

Race registration can be found at

Reg Price
Team R.E.D price
Gift Card
Net Result
Half Marathon
Half Cracked
Totally Nuts

Monday, January 30, 2017

Rest of the week!

Whew... it's been a fast moving weekend, time to look at the rest of this week!

Monday 6pm:  Tonight the Maniacs are meeting at Brothers Bar & Grill.  Be sure to park in the back lot, as that's where you'll find the others!  Come back for the social after your run or walk - the social is the best!
Tuesday 6:15pm: Chatfield's Lost Creek Trail is the scene of the Tuesday Trail Crew. This has become one of the favorite spots! Come enjoy, and stay for the afters!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls have found a wonderful home in Beetles Bar & Grill.  This location gives them great options for the run, and the post run fun! Join the crew!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. brings the show to Byron.  Join us at the Bears Den for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles and let's hang out after! - Remember, with all events you can run or walk!  We're all starting and finishing at the same space.

This past Sunday's Snow Shoe gathering was a lot of fun.  about 1 hr 45 minutes of traversing the landscape of Oxbow! One thing I would caution is this:  Just because your friend are walking on the ice, doesn't mean you have too!  -- if the snow sticks around, we'll plan another outing on Superbowl Sunday!

The crew getting ready.. and one young one being lazy! 

Justin.. making his first Team R.E.D. appearance since joining us at the Beer Mile! 

Dave finding his way 'off trail' - which of course is very fun! 

Mike reminding us it's nearly spring based on his winter gear! 

Emily giggling at the banter of the ladies behind her! 

Diane, Meg, Wendy and Elaine always have it going on! 

Meagan and Gregg coming on strong over he hill. 

Lorelei showing Brain how it's done - this was Brians first day ever on snowshoes! 

Brian and Megan making sure the snow is cold enough to walk on! 

a time to climb... 

a time to take a break.. 

Steve, Mike, Don, Dan, Mike all seem to enjoy breaks! 

As do Meagan, Brian, Elaine, Gregg, Meg and Dave!

 And the much talked about River Crossing - it was going so well until those last couple of strides...

Almost there!
Oh $%&* ! 


Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are at Brothers Bar & Grill! - remember at this location, we park in the back to save that prime parking for people who aren't planning to leave for an hour or so! - Join the fun and back for the social!

All the rest of the week's details will follow...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snow Shoe Sunday!

We've added an group event for Sunday.  It's a Snow Shoe day at Oxbow park!

Sunday 1:30pm - 1st Bridge of Oxbow. The first bridge is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park area.  Never tried snowshoeing?  Here's a chance! - It's a lot like walking, and a heck of a good workout - oh, and it's fun! - Don't have snowshoes? Some members have extras, consider posting something on Facebook saying "anyone have a pair of snowshoes I can borrow".. or visit he Oxbow park office, they rent quality snowshoes for a fair price, I believe it's $5.

Veterans of the SnowShoe Crew know to bring a flask of their favorite beverage, whether that be hot cocoa, coffee or something stronger...   often members wrap up the snow shoe with a trip to the Bears Den - that can be a group discussion on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thursdays Plan - and some great opportunities!

Thursday 6pm: Beetles Bar & Grill is the sight of Team R.E.D. - we'll either find some plowed trails around Cascade Lake, or head downtown to where we know it's clear! - Either way, we'll get some miles running or walking and come back for a great social!
Saturday 7:15am:  Off Season Striders is sure to be out, and I fully suspect the location is from the Dan Abrahams Healthy Living Center.  If you want an early start to get a few more miles, some are starting between the times of 6:19-6:22am.
Saturday 6:30pm:  The Rochester Track Club holds their Annual Banquet.  We have several cross over members who participate in both the RTC and Team R.E.D.  - a couple of those members that support both clubs are likely in the running for Runner of the Year!  - Check it out if you have a chance, there's always a great speaker, along with your dinner.
Sunday 8am: Off Season Striders is certain to be out again - I'll update the location when I see it.
Sunday 1:30pm:  Snow Shoe at Oxbow Park - Meet at the first bridge parking lot (2nd parking on your left as you enter the park).  Snowshoeing is a fun way to get fit in the snow and see the park in a whole new way as you are not restricted to the trails, you can go anyplace! Join us for the fun!


Have you ever consider coaching?  Byron Community Education is seeking coaches for a Girls on the Run Program! - This is a national program with great results for young ladies.  Please see the details from Community Ed gem Jennifer Dole - If you're interested in being part of something great, let me know and I'll get you in touch with Jen! 
  • It really targets girls and increasing their self-confidence and health.  There would be two practices a week after school for about 10 weeks.  It ends with the girls completing a 5K up in the Twin Cities this spring.  The coach doesn't have to be a runner at all, they just have to love kids and want to work towards health living, both physically and emotionally.
USA Track & Field Team Circuit races have been released! - It would be fun to field a Team R.E.D. Team more consistently.  I'll commit to getting those dang racing singlets done and you commit to joining USATF and taking part in as many of these races as you can... if you can do 2-3 that's great, if you can do more, even greater! - We often car pool to the events and it's always fun! 

The O'Gara's Irish Run kicks it off, we'll have our singlets for that one!  You get discounts for several of the races.  The discounts codes that are currently available are listed below. (more will come as the races approach).  These codes will get you $5 off each race but they do require you are a USATF member.  

Code: USATF17


Also, the TC 10 Mile and TC 1 Mile are typically tough to get into, but as USATF Members connected to a USATF Club, you will receive Guaranteed entry! 

Here is the 2017 Race Schedule - in these races we are scored as individuals and scored as a team, competing against other clubs from around the state.  

Saturday, March 25 - O'Gara's Irish Run 8K - USATF Minnesota Championship 
 Saturday, April 29 - Get In Gear 10K - USATF Minnesota Championship (Spring)
 Thursday, May 11  - Medtronic TC 1 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Monday, May 29 - Brian Kraft Memorial 5 km - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Saturday, June 17 - Grandma's Marathon - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Sunday, July TBD - Raspberry Festival 1 Mile
 Sunday, August 6 - MDRA 15K - USATF Minnesota Championship 
Monday, September 4 - Victory Labor Day Races 10K - USATF Minnesota Championship (Fall)
 Sunday, September 10 - Jeff Winter City of Lakes Half Marathon - USATF Minnesota Championship
 Sunday, October 1 - Medtronic TC 10 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship
To register visit the following link...   and as you register, associate yourself with an existing club - #0435 Team R.E.D. (be careful not to select Minnesota RED, unless your intention is to join Minnesota RED, I'm sure they are great people too!)   

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ice Ice Go Away - hey... I think it is going away!

We've had some lighter turnouts on group runs and I think a piece of that has been the ice... now, it's going away! I hope...

Here's a look at what's coming up the next few day for group opportunity...

  • Saturday 7:15am: Off Season Striders running from the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center.  Connect with this weekend group, it's fun! 
    • Saturday 6:19-6:21am:  There are a few people planning to preload some miles prior to the OSS Run.  If you need/want more miles, here's a chance! - same location - just earlier!
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders do it again. This time from Panera South... get out for the run and come back for a coffee and chatter!
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are once again giving Newts at Crossroads a shot! The weather diced things up last time they hit this location, so this time, it'll be the Real Deal! - Join the Monday group and come back for the social! 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm: Root River County Park is the home for this week's Tuesday Trail Crew! The worse thing that might happen to you here, is you have a party in the porta-potty!  - Don't understand that comment? Well, I guess you need to join a Tuesday Trail run! 
  • Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls continue the momentum with a run from Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd St.  What do you do after the run?  Social, of course! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Members!

I'm excited to announce we had 8 shirt presentations on Thursday - They joined us at the TerraLoco Resolution night, which was a great success!

-- Remember, Team R.E.D. members shopping with TerraLoco receive a 10% discount AND earn points to drive an even deeper discount on purchases!  Points are earned in many ways, including but not limited to, shopping at TerraLoco and participating in group events!  ---

Please be sure to introduce yourself as you meet the following people at upcoming group runs / walks!  .. and hopefully, one day at a snowshoe event!

Please Welcome Jeanne Tung to Team R.E.D. - She registered online, and scored her shirt on Thursday!

Please Welcome Aditya - Many of you have met him already, as he is often connected to Meagan!

Please welcome Jill & Amber! - They are ready to roll with us! 

Please welcome Craig - he must be a natural fit, because a bit of photo bombing went on during his shirt presentation! 

Please welcoe Rick and Gretchen - They know what they're getting into and joined anyway! 

Please welcome Greg - Many of you have met Greg, mostly likely during a Trail run - and I see, we have an active photo bomber on the loose!


Let's look at the week ahead

Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are heading out from Charlies at Hillcrest Plaza. This is the same location we ran from on New Years Eve... Charlie has a lot of space, and the options on that end of town are very wide open.
Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Brothers Bar & Grill on Broadway.  We'll be able to hit the trails or streets from there!  Join the fun - and as always, park in the parking lot behind Brothers and if people are not gathered outside for the route talk, zip in that back entrance and you'll find them!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Whitewater State park is the site of this weeks' Trail crew! - Bring your headlamp and enjoy the snow (hoping for more!).. as always, on Tuesdays Trails you can plan to run, hike or snowshoe!  Meet at the Nature Store parking lot along Hwy 74.
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls are burning the 9pm oil! Join the crew at Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street.  This group is excited to welcome new runners - and end with a great social!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the original home of Team R.E.D. - Join us at the Bears Den in Byron for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles (or as always, however far you choose to go!)  We'll get in the run or walk, and come back for another great social!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Storms... cancellations... and fun!

So sorry to hear about our friends in Mississippi not being able to run the Marathon due to the ice storms.  Gwen, Kasey and Sean are making the best of the situation and reporting to have some fun! - that's a good plan...

Local Entertainment!

The Half marathon in Disney was cancelled as well, I think it was thunderstorms! The crew in the happiest place on earth is also making the best of it...  Dan is on his way to another Dopey success and  Disney will be the location for Wendy Taylors first marathon! - Enjoy! 

Dan Feeling Dopey ... but not in a bad way

The Polar Bear Prediction 5K was another great success! - Kudos to Sonja and her cast of volunteers for putting on the race.  A nice lunch was provided by the Rochester Track Club.  Also strong representation by Team R.E.D. both participating and volunteering at this event, nice work!

If your name is Randy Price, you will have to leg wrestle me for this trophy! - You finished 10th place!  Other Team R.E.D. members in the top 10 include Ben Zhang and Dave Copeland. Woo was close, but on the outside at 12th place

I must have mistakenly registered as Randy.. so I win! 

The Week ahead....

Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to LTS - not only quality beverages post run, but also the temperatures appear to be on the rise!  Join the group and enjoy the social after the workout!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Willow Creek Reservoir in Rochester.  This is always a fun place to gather! The crew will run, hike or snowshoe depending on conditions!
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls are liking Beetles for a location - turns out the post workout social is warmer in there compared to the parking lot at the trailhead! - Join the run and fun!

Thursday's information is below... please read carefully as it has some moving pieces and plenty of options.  Participate in any piece of Thursdays events that fit what you enjoy..

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. Sponsor, TerraLoco, is hosting a Customer Appreciation Night. Team R.E.D. and other running groups, race directors will have tables set up with information for people.  TerraLoco is planning on giving away a bunch of prizes! -  There's a guest speaker, Mike Buenting - coach, marathoner and triathlete who will start speaking at 7pm - if you want to check that out it could be fun!

  • Note: TerraLoco is restructuring their discount program  - you can learn more about that on Thursday and receive double points and a chance to win $100 gift car by shopping on Thursday! 
  • Note II:  See the Group Run below to see how you can possibly get your miles in and participate in the appreciation night. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. group run/walk is starting from WildWood Bar and Grill.  This location provides a chance to hit some well lit trails, or duck into the woods.  It's also near TerraLoco - so my suggestion is from WildWood - run up and over the bridge and make a stop into TerraLoco to check things out - stay as long as you want, before continuing on the rest of your run or walk! - or finish the run coming past TerraLoco, and grab a free beer from the Team R.E.D. Cooler! 
  • Note  I will join our crew at Wildwood when we wrap up at TerraLoco!  If anyone is interested in hosting the booth with me at TerraLoco, just drop me an email at

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a wonderful turnout for this mornings New Years Eve Run/Walk/Breakfast!  - we started with about 20 people and finished the morning with more than 30!  We were able to toast Jean & Randy, as for years they have coordinated the Holiday run but neither was able to join us today.  Cheers to all...  Be safe tonight, and have lots of fun!

A look at what's coming up!

Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are running from Panera South - Southside today, north side tomorrow!  Join the fun!
Monday 8am:  Off Season Striders are running from Dunn Bros North... for those who have the day off, get out and log some miles with friends!
Monday 6pm: Monday Maniacs are trying a new location.  Newts at Crossroads.. Join for the inaugural run from this spot, and stay for some great social time!
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew are heading to Essex park in Rochester to kick off the New Year! - Snowshoe, run, hike? Again the weather and individual taste will determine the mode of propelling yourself thru the park. Meet at the main parking lot (entrance drive is off W Circle Drive/55th St NW). Thinking Binkies North for afters.
Tuesday 9pm:  The Night Owls are on again! - Beetles Bar and Grill for some evening miles of fitness and fun! - If you haven't joined this crew yet, you should consider it!
Thursday 6pm:  It's the Bears Den in Byron for a great night on the mean streets and of course another awesome social! - Join us for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles!
Saturday 10am:  The Polar Bear Prediction 5K.  You do not need to be the fastest to win this one, simply predict your time, and be the closest to your prediction without going faster then predicted!  No watches, music, or anything that might help you track your pace.   This is a lot of fun... and this is my year to win a bear!    There are always lots of prizes and a free lunch too!  More details, including registration information, can be found at