Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday is Hoppin'!

Thanks to the Schmitts for hosting a very fun evening of Team R.E.D., Costumes and Cheer!  The idea of collecting canned goods and outerwear is a very nice touch as well!   Thanks for having us over!

Congrats to the Nepstads, as their son Shane qualified for State in Cross Country!  He worked very hard toward this goal, and achieved it... what a fantastic way to complete his high school cross country career! 

Here's the low down for Saturday... 
  • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are starting at Newt's North (across the street from Menards).  They get out at various paces and typically have routes that can easily be shortened or lengthened to meet your desire.   Of course, they'll end at Newt's... for a yummy treat and some great social time. 
  • Saturday 9:30am:   Spirit Run is always fun!   The Monster 10K starts at 9:30.. the Fearless 5K rolls at 9:35 (there's also a Witchy 1K for the kids - that takes place at 9am!)... Awards and a Country Inn & Suites Raffle Drawing take place at 11am.  
  • Saturday 10:30am:   The Grahaminator comes back to Oxbow Park!   This is 10 miles of pure trail fun!   - With No Entry Fee!   -- 10 miles is too far?  Then go ahead and cheat!  It's ok in the run... just come on out to the park and have fun!   Walk or run any distance on the trails..  then hang out with your favorite beverage post race...  Gather at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park)... bring a cooler!  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The outfit!... and this Week!

Before we get into the "outfit".. I'd like you to know there is a workout people have been craving and it's set for Wednesday!  It starts at the Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot at 5:30pm  (park at the memorial, not the golf course).  
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  As people gather you can decide, "hills or track"  and go get it done!   Pick the hills, pick the hills!  
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is gathering at 6pm at the Schmitt Family home ( 3415 Chalet Drive NW in Rochester).... keep in mind, it's a multitude of things... a costume party, an opportunity to bring canned goods for the food shelf, a chance to bring outerwear to be donated... and a chance to run and walk with friends!   Also note: Kids are welcome.. the Schmitt's have space for kids to be kids!

Living History Farms:  I know many people are worried about showing their stuff in the suggested costume.. but... really.. whoever this is in the pic below, isn't afraid!   In fact, this person said, once inside the suit, you are like a different person!    --- if you do not want to dress as the costume below, it's ok!  Just think RED, as in top to bottom.. but wow.. these body suits are awesome!

Please send an email to   with your guess as to who this is.   All correct guessers will be entered in a chance to win $10 to the Bears Den during this Thursday's Team R.E.D. at the Schmitt Family home! -- you must email your guess by 2pm Thursday, and then you must be present to win! ---



Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Work Team R.E.D.!

There were several Team R.E.D. members racing over the past weekend!    Additionally... Team R.E.D. went to college... here's a shot of Dan with Laura at UW Eau Claire.   (I would guess the finger in the upper left of the photo is also that of a Team R.E.D. member, but that's just a guess).

As referenced below... Adam and Amber hit St Louis!   I stole this pic off facebook, I couldn't help myself... 

  • Dan & Laura raced at Eau Claire... surely a friendly father-daughter competition was fun! 
  • Adam & Amber found themselves in St Louis.. they are rocking out multiple states!  Fun!  
  • Jessie completed her 1st Half Marathon .. I believe Meredith ran it as well.  Wow! That's awesome!
  • Cathy completed her 1st 5K!  ... Amazingly fantastic!  
  • Lori, Tom, Bri, Lana, Jennifer, Judy, Sue, Nacho, Pete & myself, all ran either the full or half in Mankato... with several PR's being the result!    -- by the way.. Pete won the half!  .. and Woo scored 3rd in his age group!  
  • Adam, Jill, Esme, Erin, Andy & Wendy were top notch spectators!  
Below is a slideshow from Mankato... what a great day for racing!   Pictures are courtesy of a couple cameras, Tom's and Adams (I think!)...

For Living History Farms.. the announcement (although hard to hear).. was made at last Thursdays Team R.E.D. that we'd be wearing Red from head to toe.. you can achieve that in any fashion you choose, i.e. long johns, team red shirt, and a red bandanna.. or you can take the route several are taking, which is a full body suit.. morph suit!  Wendy and I are in the morph suit camp!

Check out this link from Paul T... and you'll see that you might want to cover up a portion of your body with Superhero undies if you go the morph suit route!

Here are a few links of places you can buy Morph Suits... some have your face fully covered, while some offer an open face.  Be sure to pay attention to the shipping timing, as you'll want this before LHF! (the third link is the least expensive one I found with free shipping).    The 4th link is also less expensive, available only in Plus size.   At one point, I was planning to do a group order, but I've received feedback from several who are not planning to wear these, so I suggest we each order on our own.

This week's Team R.E.D. is a costume party hosted by Mike & Jessica Schmitt!   We'll gather at 6pm at their home, 3415 Chalet Drive NW in Rochester.  Please consider bringing canned goods for the Food Shelf, and/or jackets, hats, mittens for an Outerwear Drive.

Tonight!  There's a Headlamp run on the trails of Oxbow!   Gather at 6pm at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).   This should prove to be quite the fun evening, as the trails are awesome in daylight, they will be amazing in the evening!  Bring along a cool beverage for post run... and don't forget your headlamp!  If you don't have one, I'll try and bring a couple extra, to share.... but as we get into the winter months, I do suggest it is a great investment, to help you be seen!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Wow.. congratulations to Paul Thomford as he became a Grandfather shortly after scooting away from Team R.E.D. last night...  Welcome adorable little Regina to the family!   What a blessing....

Fantastic Night!

Excellent running and walking last night by Team R.E.D.!    There were some new faces (and I forgot my camera!)... next time we'll try and capture them all.  

We did get a couple post run shots... first off, our newest free agent acquisition   Welcome Deb!  (actually she joined some time ago, but finally actually got to R.E.D.!)....

Then the name of the game was Black Jack... and we awarded 3 winners! 
  • 3rd Place Deb - $5 gift card to the Bears Den
  • 2nd Place Ann- $10 gift card to the Bears Den
  • 1st Place Peter - $15 gift card to the Bears Den -  (Peter won despite questionable play!)
Ann, Deb, Peter & Tom

 Best of luck to all of you running at Mankato!   Should be a fantastic day for a race!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The rest of the week....

Reports from Trail hopper Jim Mason are that Tuesday's Chester Woods headlamp run was a great success!   Next week, they're heading to Oxbow park, to explore in the dark!   I see that the trail run happened upon buckets of Corona!   Happy Day!

Additionally, another group of Team R.E.D.ers who are heading to Disney in January gathered for a planning meeting Tuesday evening.  I'm not sure how much planning got done, but we do know, a whole lot of Chocolate Raspberry Port got made!   Again, Happy Day!

  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron!  Wear Headlamps if you've got 'em.. otherwise, at the least, think reflective clothing!    Routes will be posted Wednesday   Be sure to thank the Bears Den owners when you're there, as they have once again agreed to help sponsor the Charter Bus to Living History Farms!   
  • Saturday 7:30amTeam Off Season Striders at Brothers Bar & Grill (located on South Broadway in Rochester).   The run is always flexible in both mileage and pace.  Come on out and enjoy!   Take in the run, then circle back for a yummy breakfast and social.   Please park in back, so as to not take up all the prime parking for customers who are actually inside the restaurant, while we're out running.   
  • Sunday 12:30pm:   Afternoon hike at Oxbow Park just north of Byron.  Meet at the 1st bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).  We'll get out on the fantastic trails, for a workout and fun!  We'll be sure to get you home in time to see Ponder & The Purple dismantle the powerhouse & currently undefeated, Green Bay Packers  
I know we shared the link below once before, but it's worth another look now that  Lee Hoedl, completed his goal of 61 Half marathon distances in preparation for the NYC Marathon  -- Thanks for the link Renee! ---

Each run was dedicated to someone.  Check out Marathon #10 as that was dedicated to Paul Melby.    Additionally, Hoedl raised over $6200 for Children's Hospital of Boston.   A very nice way job by the runner! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Congrats!... Good Luck... and What's up!

Congrats to all of you who participated during the Whistlestop Marathon weekend & the Big Woods Trail races!   (and any other events you might have picked up)   You are all amazing.. you just keep on taking on challenges!  

Good luck to all of you heading out to Mankato this weekend as well! Sounds like several people are taking part in various races... I'm sure it'll be a blast!  ... of course good luck to those of you choosing other locations to compete as well!    Race day is always the best day.. it's the reward for all the hard work put into training....  sweet reward!  or sweat reward?

The (early part of the )Week ahead....
  • Tuesday 6pm: Head Lamp Trial run! Join Jim Mason and the trail runners at Chester Woods for a great evening of trail running. See the note below from trail junkie Jim.
    • We'll met in the horse trailer parking area and run about 5-6 miles. You'll need a headlamp before this run is over. We'll be running in the dark for a few miles. This is a great place to try this as the trails are really smooth. Of course we'll have refreshments after the run:)
  • Wednesday TBD:  Typically a track workout at the Byron track, however, myself a few of the regular participants can not be there to lead it, so if someone drops me a note saying they'll head up the track workout, I'll post it, otherwise, consider it suspended for this week.  
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is back at the Bears Den!  Wear Headlamps if you've got 'em.. otherwise, at the least, think reflective clothing!    Routes will be posted Wednesday, and we'll see the standard ranges of 3, 4  or 6 miles.   The longer runs will incorporate Team R.E.D. newly adopted Brooklawn park, so if you notice any trash, please swing in and pick it up!  -- I checked the park a couple of days ago, and it's very clean! ---  

Friday, October 14, 2011


Here is the slide show from last night.. It was absolutely a fantastic group... including 3 new faces!  Would love to see Ashley, Jessica and Dan return, as we love new faces!  Also, as of last night.. Team R.E.D. gained a new sponsor!    K&S Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical has jumped on board with their support!  Awesome!   We also love new sponsors!  

When the most recent round of shirts arrive (being printed now!)... I'd like to make sure we take some time to recognize the sponsors.. as they are very supportive in helping us attain our mission of Fitness & Fun!   (You will find sponsor links on the side of the blog as well, please visit them). 

One more thing, be sure to check out the post below.. because Saturday is just hours away and there's more fun to be had,.... nice work R.E.D.  You're all amazing!

Great Night of R.E.D.

Wow.. it was fun seeing such a great group people out enjoying a great fall evening! Attendance was Fantastic for the Run and Walk... and even better for the Eat and Drink!

A slide show will follow this evening.. in the meantime.. here are a couple pics from the night, including Dave Eide receiving Team R.E.D.'s First Ever Most Improved Runner award.   Congrats Dave.. Well earned!   The first pic is while the award was still in process.. the next shot is the completed award, the little runner character turned out to be a great touch!

Well Deserved! 
Jessica, Meredith & Dawn lead the pack!

Annette, Sue & Judy... having fun!

As previously referenced, Saturday (tomorrow) has a couple great options... 

Saturday Morning:  The Off Season Striders are meeting at 7:30am from the home of Renee Saxman, 2026 Kal Lane SW in Rochester.    You do not need to be a member of Team R.E.D. Rochester Track Club, or any other organization to attend, All are welcome, runners and walkers alike!

Route options will be as short as 2 miles.. and as long as you like!

Renee is serving a post run/walk breakfast, along with coffee.      If you'd like to bring something to share at the breakfast, please drop Renee an email at    Some ideas of what to bring would be fruit, juice, muffins... you get the idea..

I've copied and pasted one line that I love from a note that came from Off Season Strider head honchos John & Jean... It's regarding breakfast at Renee's and I'm not 100% sure what on earth they could mean by this.. but here it is..

Caribou coffee will be available. (Team R.E.D. will be responsible for their own beverages).


Saturday Afternoon:  A great time for a hike in the woods of Oxbow.  Meet at  4pm at the 3rd bridge of  Oxbow Park   This hike is not only beautiful, it will also provide you with a solid workout!

The 3rd bridge is found by driving into the park on the gravel road, going past the entrance to the zoo and camping areas, taking a 90 degree turn right (still on the gravel).. and then taking the 1st left into the parking area.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Notes (including one new hike date/time)

  • Tonight 6pm:   Team R.E.D. gathers at Broadway Bar & Pizza.. more details in the post below.
  • Saturday 7:30am:   Off Season Striders gather at Renee's home in Rochester.    More details two posts below.  Thanks for Hosting Renee!  
  • Saturday 4pm:  Afternoon hike!  4pm from the 3rd bridge at Oxbow Park  This is a great time of year to hit the trails of Oxbow... it's very pretty...    The 3rd bridge is found by driving into the park on the gravel road, going past the entrance to the zoo and camping areas, taking a 90 degree turn right (still on the gravel).. and then taking the 1st left into the parking area.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Routes are up!

Routes are up for Thursday's Team R.E.D. at 6pm from Broadway Bar & Pizza at 4144 U.S. 52 (just north of 41st St NW along the frontage road.).    That's the old Timberlodge restaurant. Should be a great night for a run... cooler temps make for great running!  

The routes spend a lot of time on trails, but not entirely, and certainly we'll be crossing some streets... so, with that said, you may have noticed it's getting dark earlier each day.   Dress accordingly, wear something reflective!   I also suggest dusting off your headlamp if you have one.. they are fantastic as the daylight fades from us this time of year.


Tonight's track workout was lightly attended, but the weather was pretty sweet for it!   Here's what took place...
  • Warm up (1 mile)
  • 200M hard... 200M recovery
  • 400M hard.. .200M recovery
  • 800M hard... 400M recovery
  • 1200M hard.. 600M recovery
  • 1600M hard.. 800M recovery
  • 1200M hard... 600M recovery
  • 800M hard... 400M recovery
  • 400M hard.. 200M recovery
  • 200M hard.. 200M recovery
  • Cool down (1 mile)

Renee's the Hostess!

Off Season Striders is one of the fun groups you'll have an opportunity to hook up with throughout the winter.   The 'off season' officially starts Saturday morning at 7:30am from the home of Renee Saxman, 2026 Kal Lane SW in Rochester.    You do not need to be a member of Team R.E.D. Rochester Track Club, or any other organization to attend, All are welcome, runners and walkers alike! 

Distances will start at 2 miles and go up from there (you must go up, as Renee is on top of the hill!) Renee will provide a delicious breakfast, along with coffee.      If you'd like to bring something to share at the breakfast, please drop Renee an email at    Some ideas of what to bring would be fruit, juice, muffins... you get the idea..

  • Tonight is a track workout at the Byron Track at 5:30pm.. we're planning on a ladder workout, oh the fun!  If you've never tried the track, there is no time like the present!
  • Thursday's Team R.E.D. is at Broadway Bar & Pizza in Rochester at 6pm.  Routes will be on the blog this evening... and in the range of 3, 4 and 6 miles. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Loaded Weekend followed by another full week!

What a great weekend for many Team R.E.D. members..... the weekend was filled with members racing races from the 5K distance to the 10 mile to the Marathon to the IronMan!   Others stuck closer to home, and joined the Off Season Striders for a couple of weekend runs and coffees.... and yet others traveled to Chatfield for the Grand Opening of the Lost Creek Trail... (which might make for a great Snow Shoe Crew road trip!).

Additionally, some members found themselves at the RAC, listening to Team R.E.D.'s Lori share her story of a better life, through fitness & weight loss.  Lori did a fantastic job!  Check out Tom Woo's pics on webshots...

Below is a slide show from the Lost Creek Trail Grand Opening... runner extraordinaire Jenny Bradt played a large role is making the trail come to fruition. 

Week ahead!

  • Tuesday 6pm - Trail run at Eastwood park. Gather on the west side of the park, just off Hwy 14.. plan for 5-6 miles of twisty, turning fun!   Then hang out for a cold one if you like.   Here's a link to the trails out at Eastwood.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm - Track workout at the track in Byron.   Thinking we're due for another ladder!   The track is located at the middle school, on 4th street. 
  • Thursday 6pm - Team R.E.D. is coming to Rochester... meet at Broadway Bar & Pizza at 4144 U.S. 52 (just north of 41st St NW along the frontage road.).    We have reservations for the high top seating in the Bar area...
  • Saturday 7:30am - Off Season Striders are gathering at the home of Renee Saxman at 2026 Kal Lane SW in Rochester.  Renee will put on a fantastic breakfast, as usual, post run!    More details to follow as the weekend draws nearer.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Members!

Hey all.. we have 4 new members.. be sure to introduce yourself as we see more and more of them!  From left to right, it's Mary Kay, Tom, Wendy & Kelly... Welcome all!


If you're looking to run this weekend... the Off Season Striders (OSS) are going both days!   Join them for a run, and enjoy coffee afterward! 
OSS for Saturday - 7:30 am at Dunn's on Elton Hills Dr.
OSS for Sunday - 7:30 am at Panera South HyVee
An additional option is to hike or run on the new trail in Chatfield!   Check out the following link for details..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long Post - Check Headlines for skimming purposes...

Team R.E.D. Thursday Oct 6th
This is a Bears Den night in Byron!  Meet at 6pm for the route talk... you'll find the routes posted on the right hand side of the blog.   Take in the run or walk, and circle back for some great social time.  You never know what type of activities might take place at the Den!

Saturday & Sunday opportunities!
Check out Monday Oct 3rd's post to see some great things taking place... a grand opening for a Chatfield trail.. and an opportunity for a Team R.E.D. member to share her personal story of how fitness has made such a change in her life. 

Snow Shoe Crew Jackets - Going On Order!
Jackets are going on order this week!   So far we have 24 being ordered... if you wanted to, but have simply forgotten to order, drop an email to Mike Nepstad at   Of course, we'll be able to place additional orders after this initial batch.

Many thanks to Mike & Adam for leading this ordering process... and again, to Dave for the fun design that still captures the Team R.E.D. character!  

Also, if you're in need of snowshoes, this is the time to shop!  They start hitting stores soon... Mike mentioned he saw Sam's Club had some available now. (I'm sure other places do as well).

Grahaminator At Oxbow! Oct 29th

This is a fantastic 10 mile trail race with a low key atmosphere... there is no entry fee! You track you own time, and bring your own water/gatorade if you'd like some on the course. It's also a course in which you could cut it down to 7 miles easily if you so choose.... don't forget to bring your favorite post race beverage either! I think at this time, we're thinking 10am, but I'm working to push that to 10:30am, in the event some want to run the Holy Spirit Run first, then duck over to the Grahaminntor!

Gamehaven True Cross Country Run - Nov 12th
This is a great event returning for it's 2nd year!  It's a 5 mile race at the Gamehaven Boyscout Camp.  It has 2 creek crossings, a mud bog, great trails and a castle!  Come on out and participate.... several of us did it last year, and we had a blast!    More details are available at

Living History Farms Off Road Race - Nov 19th
Wow.. the race filled fast! You can still get in, if you pay the VIP rate (which comes with extra special treatment)... that would be $135...

It looks like we have approx 47Team R.E.D. members registered for the race! -- that's based on emails I've received, so if you've registered and want to ride, but have not emailed me at saying that, please do so as soon as possible! We need to make sure we have seats for all! --- This should make for a very fun charter bus ride.. now that we have that in line, I'll be making arrangements with the bus company.

That's going to be enough for now... you people are active! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chasing Lori

Track work at the Byron Track.. 5:30pm.. Wednesday.. .come on out.. we'll be running 12 X 400M repeats (as usual, we'll do a couple 200's that don't count).  

Yet, there is more going on..  Team R.E.D.'s Lori Yokiel is sharing her story.. sharing a story of how her life has changed through fitness, good decisions, strong networks, and all that good stuff..   As you may have noticed, the Post Bulletin picked up on her story.. and now, Wednesday evening, KAAL TV is picking up on it..

They are meeting Lori at the Byron Track.. going to interview her, and catch some of her track workout..   Come on out and help Lori workout! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching Up!

Wow.. there's a lot going on... seems to be the theme!    Update on Living History farms.. pics from TC Marathon & 10 miler, pics from the sign dedication, and updates on the week ahead!  

Let's start with the hottest topic.... Living History Farms Off Road Race!   This race is Nov 19th in Urbandale, IA.   The field is limited to 7500 people, registration opened Friday, and they have already surpassed 5000 entrants!   If you're interested in registering, and want to ride the Team R.E.D. Party Bus, it's time to register NOW!    Register as Team R.E.D. and coed, any age,  division (if you've already registered and didn't do that, no worries, we can either get you added, or simply not worry about it at all!)  The link to registration is below...


Team R.E.D. represented strongly at the Twin Cities events this weekend... everything from the 10K to the 10 Mile to the Marathon.. Very nice work to all! Below is a slide show from my camera... and check out facebook to see many more from Tom W, Jim, Renee and many others.. what a fun weekend!


I'm happy to announce, I have found the previously, lost camera, with several pictures from the night we dedicated the sign in honor of Paul. See another slide show below (I received comments from many, about how much they enjoyed that evening.. awesome, just awesome!)



Week Ahead! -- Always check back, as we sometimes find more fun stuff!

  • Tuesday 6pm:  Trail run just for fun!  Essex Park in Rochester.  Meet in the parking lot, and be prepared for a cold one post run if you like, should be a perfect night to hang out outside for a bit! 
  • Wednesday Track Work:  I am not available this Wednesday evening, if someone wants to lead a track workout, I'll post it, otherwise, it's all up to you if you feel the need for speed!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is from the Bears Den in Byron.. feels like we've been gone from there for a long time, so it should be fun!   Routes will hit the blog on Wednesday.  
  • Saturday 8am:  Lost Creek Trail Grand Opening.   Mason has been doing an excellent job sharing the news of this event.  It would be fantastic to have a strong showing of Team R.E.D. at this one!  If you're available, please consider joining us for a hike or a run and a morning of fun!  Mace has posted details of the event on the Rochester Track Club's calendar.. check it out..
  • Sunday 2pm:  Team R.E.D.'s Lori Yokiel is going to share her story of success through fitness this Sunday at the RAC... she also got some great press today..