Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter Weekend to all!

I hope everyone has a chance to celebrate this weekend!  Below is what's going on the  next couple of days.

  • Saturday 7:15am:   Long Run from the Rochester Athletic Club.  Marathoners have a route of approx 16.6 miles - with 4 aid stations, while the half marthoners will go 8.4 miles with 1 aid station.  You can find the map at  -- Many thanks to Jim for keeping us posted on the long runs via his Rochester-MN Running Facebook at
    • Keep in mind, Five West is the new place to catch coffee, breakfast or a drink after the long runs! Join the crew!
  • Saturday 9am:  The 507 Running Crew has moved their weekly trail run from Sunday to Saturday.   The group is heading to Zumbro Bottoms Horse Camp and gathering in the West Assembly area.  They are planning about 14 miles but you can run what you like!  - See the following link for the location of Zumbro Bottoms,-92.1456384,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x72e92a242cc34caa
  • Sunday 8am:  Easter Sunday morning run opportunity with Off Season Striders.  The group is gathering at Dunn Bros North on Elton Hills Drive in Rochester.  
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Glynners Pub in Rochester.  Great location to hope onto the cities bike paths.  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Willow Creek Reservoir for 2-3 laps!  - This is a great location for people of all paces.  Give it a shot!  They'll gather at the parking lot at the end of Lone Pine Dr SW Rochester -
  • Wednesday 6pm:  Speedwork on the track in Byron.  This is a great way to build speed and confidence... get on the track and run! - All paces are welcome, and you're never more than 200 Meters away from anyone when you're on a track!   The speed session starts at 6pm, so if you need some time to warmup, plan to arrive early!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is running and walking from the Bears Den in Byron!  Plan on routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles (or any distance your heart desires - then come back to the Den for the social!) 
  • April 16th 8:30am-11am - Join us at the Bears Den in Byron for a Pancake Breakfast in support of JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Details will be coming as to ways in which you can attend the breakfast and get your long run in!  
    • As many of you know, Wendy and I are big supporters of JDRF as Type-1 Diabetes has impacted our family since Megan was 10 years old! - We appreciate all the support over the years, and look forward to a great morning in Byron!  

- Notes About Upcoming Races - 

  • Color Me Now on April 30th!  has a price increase coming up on April 1st - This Color Run is hosted by Team R.E.D. and is a fundraiser for the Byron Community Foundation.  Please see the following link to register - and note, there is family pricing... you can have as many as 6-immediate family members i.e. mom, dad, son(s), daughters(s) register at a highly reduced rate!   
  • Rochester Track Club Spring Classic is set for April 30th! - This race is benefiting Rochester A Better Chance and offers a 15K, 5K and Kids 1 Mile
  • Rockin' Robin Run  May 7th - 5K, 10K and Half Marathon is ready to rock! This event is hosted by our friends at Triton Events and registration is open.  It's going to be a heck of a post race with multiple bands performing!   
  • Med City Marathon always comes through strong! - Join the events on Memorial Day weekend!  Run or volunteer first.. then join the Team R.E.D. Post Race party where we'll have Free Beer and two bands! - Live music from 8am to 2pm!   
  • Chester Woods Mason Run!  Team R.E.D. is hosting this fantastic trail race!  - Join us for the 5K, 10 Mile or 50K!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Wednesday Change!

Wednesday 545pm - given the projected weather, we are changing the workout to a Telephone Pole Repeat workout - rain, snow, shine, wind or not!
  • You can run any distance you want.. but the complete workout is planned for a total of 10 miles. 
  • We'll do a 2-3 mile 'warm-up' - that warmup will be primarily into any headwind.
  • We'll reverse direction to capture the tail wind and run Telephone Pole Repeats.
  • What's a Telephone Pole Repeat?
    • Run hard from one pole to the next... recover between the next two. 
    • We'll mix it up... sometimes one pole.. sometimes two...  we'll log a lot of repeats and then cool-down.  
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to Wildwood Bar & Grill. Remember, they are great about extending happy hour for 30 minutes or so to make sure you can get your full workout in, and yet enjoy the benefits of the happy hour crowd!  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday! Thursday! Let's Go!

Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are gathering at Cowboy Jacks on South Broadway.   This is such a fun place to meet... get your run or walk on, and come back for the social!
Monday 6pm: TerraLoco has moved their Charity runs to Monday.  This week they have a great event to help kids in the hospital.  It's Hugs for Hunter... more details at
Tuesday 6:15pm:   Chester Woods is the place for the Tuesday Trail Crew!  - Remember, this is the location for the great trail race in June.  Check out the trails.. and have some fun! - Always a social!
Wednesday 6pm:  A speed session on the track at Byron. The workout starts at 6pm, so if you want to get some warm up in, arrive sooner... otherwise, make sure you adequately warm up before joining those who started already.   Check back on this blog to see the details of the workout.  
Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is heading to Wildwood Bar & Grill in Rochester.  This spot is a great place for us to get out,and then get back for happy hour!

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Weekend!

Here's another race for you to consider!  We received the following from Kim & Gail Hakes - this looks like a wonderful foundation!- after clicking the link below, also click about the foundation, and you'll learn more!  

Great news! The 2016 Timmay 5K Registration is open. Race is on April 16th at 9 AM at Silver Lake park in Rochester. You may recognize some familiar faces at the bottom of the registration form.

Multiple opportunities again this weekend!

Saturday 7:15am - The Long Run from the RAC continues - this week it's a 15 miler hitting both Soldiers Field and Silver Lake (which means you can easily add miles by making a few loops around one of those sites).  You can check out a map of the route at the following link.
Saturday 7:15am - Carpool to O'Gara's Irish Run 8K in St Paul. - We'll meet at the parking lot of Gander Mountain (near Walmart North & Kwik Trip). - The race is at 10am.  It's fast and fun!
Saturday 9am - Rochester Race for Research.
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is heading to Panera South in Rochester.  Get out for a good run and come back for a refreshment at Panera.
Sunday 9am:   The 507 Running crew is hitting the trails at Chester Woods. Consider checking it out and then registering for the Chester Woods Trail races!

We had a nice turnout at Thursday's Team R.E.D. - while we did go for a run or walk, I think and number of people would have been happy to simply stay inside!

Gwen and the Bear are ready!  

Ahh.. the rest of the crew! Steve & Dawn grasp the bear. Ann, Elaine, Adam, Gwen,Teri, Megan, Sarah, Shannon (kneeling in front are Dave & Kaitlin)..... back row left to right, Tracey,Mike, Brian, Don, Jill, Bob

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Change for Wednesday

Due to the high winds - there is no official speed work on the Byron track tonight.  However, the track is available if you still want to give it a go.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wednesday Speed!

If you haven't tried a speed session - consider 6pm on Wednesday evening at the Byron Track located behind the Middle School.   The workout starts at 6pm so if you want to warm up please plan to arrive as early as you need.

This week's workout is another ladder with different distances... It challenges you physically and mentally! - Not sure how to do this?  Show up, and I'll help you figure it out!

Speed  Recovery
1 x 300 100M
1 x 600 400M
1 x 1000 400M
1 x 1600 800M
1 x 1000 400M
1 x 600 400M
1 x 300 100M

This is just over 5K in speed.  With recovery it's a 5 Mile workout.  - add miles with warmup or cool-down.   

Thursday, March 10, 2016

We're feeling Spring Fever!

What a great night for a run or walk!  - Team R.E.D. is certainly going to love the daylight hours starting next week!   Tonight we started in sunlight, and most completed their workout before total darkness.  Very fun!

Please welcome two new members - Darshi and Donna joined Team R.E.D. tonight!

Tom, Donna and Darshi at the Den - Welcome Ladies!  
Getting ready... note: Quinn made her Team R.E.D. debut in the infant carrier! 

Sarah, Jake, Enthusiastic Janelle and Andy 100M into the run

Adam doesn't seem to be keeping up, but at least he gave the camera a friendly wave! 

Brian, Grant and Bob getting started!  


The Week Ahead... evening runs require no headlamps! 

  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Long Run from the Rochester Athletic Club is scheduled for 15 miles with the half marathoners knocking off 10 miles.  Just us at the RAC and know you don't have to be a member of the RAC to do so... just bring a dollar to help cover the cost of the aid stations.  -  We will have 3 stations along this run! - There are two groups pre-loading.  So if you need extra miles, or simply need to get done earlier, consider joining one of the two!   Both groups are planning to connect with those starting at 7:15am. 
    • Tom, Tom  & Jen S. are pre-loading from the RAC starting at 6am.  
    • Dale and a crew are pre-loading from the DAHLC starting at 6am.
    • Note: For all the Long Runs from the RAC you can consider joining a social post run at Five West.  They have a nice breakfast and have a great location in relation to the RAC.  
  • Saturday 11am: Bus Departs for St Pauls' Lucky Palooza!  - There is still room for a couple of people... if you want to join us, send an email to Paul and Annette at
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders is heading to Brothers Bar & Grill. Please park in back as that saves the prime parking for those who are there for breakfast. (we may be too, but we leave for a bit.... so it's nice to let others get prime space!). 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Whistle Binkies North.  This is a great place to run from! - and a great place to return too!  - I'm also guessing their liquor license is fully in place! 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:   The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to Chester Woods! Meet atthe parking lot nearest the Beach House.  Bring warm/dry clothes and your beverage of choice for a parking lot party! It should be in the 60s'.. yet you might be chilled post run so be prepared to enjoy! 
  • Wednesday 6pm:   Speed work on the Byron Track.  -  The workout begins at 6pm, so plan your arrival according to how much time you need to warm up.   The workout will be published on Sunday, but as always, you can follow the prescribed workout, or do what you want to do!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den on St Patrick's Day! I can only imagine!  Don't forget we need to get some exercise first, then celebrate your inner Irish! 

If you haven't yet registered for any of the following, please do!  Sooner is better for the Race Director! 

Team R.E.D. is hosting a Color Me Now! event in Byron on April 30th!  You can run or walk the 5K or 1 Mile course, and have a blast with music and color!  Color Me Now! registration is open at

Our friends Triton Events are Hosting the Rockin' Robin on May 7th!  Check it out   .. a 5K, 10K, Half & 20 Miler! - Don't forget a full lineup of live post race music, including Kasey with her Nite Shift!

Chester Woods Mason Runs are set for June 4th.  We'd love to see more of you on the roster!  You can register for the 5K, 10 Mile or 50K at -  This race will have the quality of the traditional trail races we've come to love at Chester Woods, with the additional of Free Beer & Brats at the Finish Line!  Get your customized Mason Jar and have some fun! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Quick Change!

Three Notes in this post.. please check it out

CHANGE OF PLANS! --  Bears Den again tomorrow night (Thursday 3/10). Thursday's Team R.E.D. was planned for Billotti's Pizza - however, they temporarily do not have a liquor license, and so we called an audible and are heading back to the Den.

ST PATTY'S BUS - we still have room for a few more riders to St Paul on Saturday! The bus leaves at 11am from the Bears Den in Byron. Cost is $25 and that includes beer, mikes, pop, water and snacks on the bus - if you have a particular drink you prefer, you can bring your own. If you want to join us, please email O'Chms at

SEEKING LOANER HEADLAMPS - Byron Track & Field starts Monday March 14th and we're seeking loaner headlamps for a couple of weeks as our distance runners will have some two-a-days and we can use the visibility in the morning workouts. If you're able to loan us a headlamp, it's certainly appreciated!


We had our first track workout of the season in Byron tonight. It was really good! Eight people in all showed up, with 4 running the published workout, and others doing their own thing which is always an option! If you want to get faster, consider putting Wednesday evening track workouts on your calendar!

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Sonja & Gwen took their running skills to Chattanooga Marathon and rocked it!  Congrats to both!   Gwen not only won her age group, but she also set yet another P.R.!   She just keeps getting faster!

Sonja & Gwen ... getting ready to get ready!

Also, it was great to see Marisa on Saturday morning at the RAC run.  She was suppose to receive her Team R.E.D. sunglasses, but someone was negligent in bringing them!    Additionally, she is helping to promote us to compete in the O'Gara's Irish Run 8K!   - This is a fast, fun course, which kicks off the USATF Minnesota Championship Series.  Team R.E.D. can compete in this but we need to field complete teams! - both men and women!

We are forming a carpool / caravan from Rochester leaving from the Gander Mountain parking lot (near Walmart North and Kwik Trip) at 715am.    Team R.E.D. Metro teammates can certainly join us too!

Sarah, Marisa & Jess were among the long run crew from the RAC

If you're interested in the Irish Run 8K but don't yet understand the USATF piece of it, feel free to email me at  The entire team circuit is fun... it gives us a chance to compete against other clubs across the state of Minnesota. (also gives you a great discount into an annual super fun event for Team R.E.D. at the Torchlight 5K).

Register for the O'Gara's Irish Run at   --- USATF members not only race for Team R.E.D. and receive a $5 discount.

  • Monday @ 6pm - the Monday Maniacs are heading to Wild Bills near the Miracle Mile Mall along Hwy 52.  This is a great location with several options of routes!  Of course, we'll come back for the post walk/run fun!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm - the Tuesday Trail Crew heads to Quarry Hill in Rochester. Plans are for enough snow to be gone to tie on the running shoes and RUN the Q.H. trails! Meet at the west lot near the end of 9th St. NE. (near the tennis courts and ball diamonds)
  • Wednesday 5:45pm - The speed work season is upon us!  Weather permitting, we'll gather at the track in Byron, located behind the Middle School at 601 4th St NW, Byron 55920.  The speed portion of the evening starts at 6pm... so you can arrive as early as you need to warm up... but at 6pm we roll. 
    • This week's workout is a ladder.. we will explain the workout just prior to executing it (and of course we can chat about it during the warmup too).   
      • 400M w/200M recovery
      • 600M w/400M recovery
      • 800M w/400M recovery
      • 1200M w/600M recovery
      • 800M w/400M recovery
      • 600M w/400M recovery
      • 400M w/200M recovery
      • Cool-down
    • If you don't understand the workout, it's ok... let me know and I will help you set target paces.  If you would like to email questions about this ahead of time, feel free to send questions to
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading back to Billotti's on Civic Center Dr in Rochester.  Some will loop around Cascade or Silver lakes.  While others will go out and back depending on the distance they want to go.   


Monday @ 6pm - the Monday Maniacs are heading to Wild Bills near the Miracle Mile Mall along Hwy 52.  This is a great location with several options of routes!  Of course, we'll come back for the post walk/run fun!

I'm heading to Off Season Striders now, so the rest of the week will be updated this afternoon!  Have a great day all!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekend Fun!

Here we go again!  - Best wishes to all of you racing this weekend!  

We had a new member join the team last night!  Welcome to Johanna!  Sadly, I failed to take her picture!  - Next time for sure!  New members are awesome!  Welcome to Team R.E.D.!  

  • Saturday 7:15am:  The long run takes off from the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) - you don't need to be a member of the RAC or of any running club to join.  Just bring $1 to help support the Gatorade along the route!  The marathoners are heading out for 13 miles, while the half marathoners have a 7 mile route.
    • You can see the route by visiting Rochester-MN Running on Facebook - Jim Li does a great job of updating the routes for us!
    • Tom and Tom are meeting at 6am for a pre-load - all are welcome to join for a few extra miles (we are not intending to go fast!)
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are meeting at Panera South for a run and social post run.  Join the crew, it's always fun!
  • Sunday 9am:  The newly formed 507 Running typically goes for the off road trails, but given some iciness they are staying paved this weekend and heading out from Hy Vee South.  You can keep tabs on opportunities with this crew by visiting their Facebook page at

  • The USA Track & Field Series get's underway with the O'Gara's Irish Run 8K!  If you want to race for Team R.E.D. you can get started this month! All paces are welcome.... In order to race for Team R.E.D. you need to join USATF and associate yourself with club # 435 Team R.E.D.
    • 1st Race is ------    O'Gara's Irish Run 8K -  register online at  - we typically carpool/caravan to this event and enjoy some post race social time in the cities.
    • Promo Code for USATF members to receive $5 off entry fee is USATF16. Note that there will be price increases for the entry fee as the race gets closer.

  • Team R.E.D. is hosting a Color Me Now! event in Byron on April 30th!  You can run or walk the 5K or 1 Mile course, and have a blast with music and color!  Color Me Now! registration is open at
  • Our friends Triton Events are Hosting the Rockin' Robin on May 7th!  Check it out... a 5K, 10K, Half & 20 Miler! - Don't forget a full lineup of live post race music, including Kasey with her Nite Shift!
  • Donut Run is all set for Friday June 3rd in Byron!  That registration is not yet open, but will be soon!  This is a fun event for adults, teens and younger kids!  Come join us and support Byron Cross Country!  
  • Chester Woods Mason Runs are set for June 4th.  We'd love to see more of you on the roster!  You can register for the 5K, 10 Mile or 50K at -  This race will have the quality of the traditional trail races we've come to love at Chester Woods, with the additional of Free Beer & Brats at the Finish Line!  Get your customized Mason Jar and have some fun! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Very exciting!

We're super happy for Cindy and Brian as they welcomed Quinn into their family!  Big Brother Grant is excited too!  Congratulations to a wonderful family!

Congrats to Cindy, Brian and Grant!  Welcome Quinn!