Friday, September 30, 2011

Race Weekend!

There are a lot of people racing this weekend...  The Twin Cities will be rockin'!    Good Luck to all! 

If you're looking for a group run Saturday, Lana is heading one up out of a great location...

Saturday 7am... Brothers Bar & Grill  (located on South Broadway) .. .a link to the route is below

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Routes are up!

Check out the routes on the right hand side of the blog.. they are some good ones!  Should be another beautiful night (as the wind is suppose to lessen throughout the day, and you know those weather people,  always right!).    Route talk at 6pm.. hit the roads.. and return to the Hakes residence for some fun!   Kim & Gail live at 1017 8th Ave NW in Byron.

We have a few prizes to give away tonight.... see you there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Host for R.E.D.!

I just love Home Hosted R.E.D. gatherings!   ... and we have a home host this week at 6pm Thursday ....  Thanks for Hosting Hakes!   .. we'll be getting together at Kim & Gails home at 1017 8th Ave NW in Byron.   Routes will be up on the right hand side of the blog (Thursday!)...  Our gracious hosts are providing pork sandwiches and beer.. this is a fantastic menu in my eye!  Please bring a dish to share...

Some people have asked about pictures from Thursdays dedication at the park.. I do have lots of pictures, and they will go up, when I find the camera!    In the meantime, Renee has a few on her blog at   Also, I lifted the couple below from Jim Li's facebook post. 

 -- I can not over-state what a great evening that was, thanks to all of you who were able to join us, and to those who wished they could have been there, but conflicts kept you away --

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There has been a lot of stuff lately... much of it not so happy.   Tonight.  Good Stuff.  Thanks to you all Team R.E.D.   You are such great people!

Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week!

We have a great week ahead!  You Team R.E.D. people totally rock!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:   Gather at Brooklawn park in Byron (located on Cty Rd 5 & 9th St NW).   From here we'll run just over a mile to the high school.. then take in the Byron Cross Country course.. this course is further proof that if you build it, they will come.   Then we'll travel back to the park.    Total mileage of that run approx 5.5 miles.  
    • Note:  If you're late arriving at Brooklawn park, we'll be gone!  We need to leave on time to get back for the bullet-ed item below.  Also note, if you're late, either drive to the high school, and join us out back for the 3.1 mile course, or wait at the park, we'll be back!
  • Tuesday 7pm:   We are dedicating the Team R.E.D. adoption of Brooklawn Park, to the memory of Paul Melby.  A sign in Paul's memory was recently installed, and we're excited to mark this occasion.   We'll have some moments at the park, and follow it up with a social at the Bears Den.   If you have a Paul Melby shirt (the one worn  by many at Grandma's Marathon)  feel comfortable wearing that.  If you do not have that shirt, consider a Team R.E.D. shirt or any red shirt (in truth, you can't go wrong with what you wear, just come on out!)
    • Note:   if the weather is really poor, check back here to see if we reschedule, the tentative rain date would be Monday 10/3 --- but rain date is a weak description, as it would likely need to be a really poor evening to change.. so check back!
    • Special Thanks!  I'd like to send a Very Special Thanks to Amy & Dan Mesenburg from ServiceMaster of Rochester for spearheading this sign.  Additionally, Thanks Flagship Recreation, they were the makers of the sign.  Those two companies covered the cost, IN FULL!  Also, a big Thank You to the City of Byron for the installation of the sign and opportunity to adopt this park.    It's awesome to have support from so many on things that matter... and this matters!  Please be sure to let those who sponsor us know you appreciate it!  Team R.E.D. has four great sponsors, and they are the Bears Den, Pro Image, Need's Car Wash & ServiceMaster of Rochester. 
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:   Speed work on the Byron Track!  Come on out and give it a go... we have a variety of abilities, as well as a couple options for workouts.  If you've ever wondered what the track can do for you, this is a chance to find out!
  • Thursday 6pm:   Kim & Gail Hakes have invited us to their home at 1017 8th Ave NW in byron. They are planning on serving Pork Sandwiches & Beer.. now that's a great combination!   Please bring a dish to pass, and if you have a different drink preference, bring that too.. but who would have a different preference, it's beyond me! 
  • Weekend!  It's Twin Cities Marathon and 10 mile weekend, and I know a lot of Team R.E.D. members are totally ready to tackle it,  wow, it's going to be fun!  I'll update the weekend, in another post.   
    • Reminder: I'm sending an email regarding carpooling to the Twin Cities for the weekends activity.  If you responded to my earlier request, you should see an update from me later tonight.  If you're in the TC events, and  didn't respond to me yet, but want to have this update, please drop me an email.. if you miss the original note, I'll get you added on round two.
Check back this week for links to things many RED members are eyeballing as big time fun!  Races such as Gamehaven True Cross Country run... Living History Farms run... Tough Mudder... Warrior Dash... We'll have links and descriptions posted Tuesday or Wednesday... all are sure to be a blast!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun times continue!

Below is a slide show from an evening at the Paradise home... they hosted a Football Frenzy evening, with some great sandwiches, some cold beer... oh and the apples were fantastic! 

Check out Lori, when she's in it, she's all in it!    Lori directed another race (that's two this year!)...  he she is with her good friend Val... nice work ladies!

Lori reports the participants and volunteers at Recovery Is Happening, all did a fantastic job today! That's excellent!


More to come.. but Tuesday (yes, days away!) we'll hold a special dedication at the Brooklawn park in Byron... newly adopted by Team R.E.D. in memory of Paul Melby.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sad news...

I'm very sad to be posting this request as some great members of our running community are suffering loss, and can use our support, thoughts and prayers....

Please send your thoughts & prayers....
  • the Ryan family following the loss of their unborn child.  The Ryans are a fantastic family and our hearts go out to them.   
  • .... to Shaun Steven's and his family as they lost their son Jason this week when he was struck by a car along I94.  Jason was 19 years old, and a runner for Augsburg College.  

Opportunities through the weekend

  • Tonight 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the home of Mike & Diane Paradise (355 Carlisle Lane NW, Rochester).   You'll have options when it comes to routes, but be warned, there will be hills! Our hosts are providing water, beer and sandwiches.... if you would like to bring a dish or desert to pass, please do so.
    • The theme is Football Frenzy!  Wear something football like, i.e. favorite jersey, tee shirt, helmet... be sure to represent!
  • Saturday 7am:  Full & Half Marathon Training long run from the RAC.  This is the last of the group long runs leading to the fall marathon season.  Good luck to everyone!
  • Saturday 8am:  Recovery is Happening 5K directed by Team R.E.D.'s Lori!   Join them at the Rochester YMCA, located at 709 First Avenue SW.   Registration forms and event details are available at
  • Sunday 7:30am:  Test-Run of the 2012 Lace Up Against Breast Cancer course.  Meet at the south doors of Mayo High School... get your run in, and then catch breakfast and coffee with the group. 
  • Sunday 10am:  Purple Stride 5K & 10K, a pancreatic cancer fundraiser.   Registration begins at 8am, and an opening ceremony takes place at 9;15am.   For more details visit
  • Sunday 11am:  A 13 miler headed up by Lori.  Meet on the Douglas Trail, near the post office on Valley High drive in Rochester.   You'll head out and back on the Douglas trail.    For more details or to let her know you're coming, please contact Lori at
  • Sunday 4pm:  Meet at the 3rd Bridge of Oxbow for a nice hike in the park!    The 3rd bridge is found by entering the park on the gravel road, proceeding past the entrance to the zoo and camping areas, then following a right had curve, and going approx 1/4 mile.. the parking lot is on your left. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This Week!

Here we go again!  

Tuesday Trail Run 6pm:   Jim Mason continues to provide great locations for us to explore.  Here's the plan for tonight!   We'll do one or two laps around Willow Creek Reservoir (your choice ) and meet in the parking lot for a cool drink. It's a little over 2 miles per loop. Join the Trail Run for lots of Fun
Wednesday Track Workout 5:30pm:   There has been some clamoring for another ladder workout, and therefore, it shall be! Additionally, a couple people are planning another extended tempo run on the track.  Join us on the Byron Track (located behind the middle school).
Thursday Team R.E.D. :    6pm at the home of Mike & Diane Paradise (355 Carlisle Lane NW, Rochester).   They will have quite a variety of route options from 2-6 miles...  Additionally, the Paradise's are providing water, beer and sandwiches.... if you would like to bring a dish or desert to pass, that would be great! 
  • Thursday's theme is Football Frenzy!  Wear something football like, i.e. favorite jersey, tee shirt, helmet (many of you should be wearing helmets!)...  can be from pro, college, high school, pop warner... have fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to two new members!

Team R.E.D. welcomed two new members Thursday night following the Mayo Open 5K! It's so much fun to see new faces continue to join, and add to this fun team!

Welcome to Harmon & Chris (pictures coming soon!)

The race itself presented a new course, and while still very challenging, most people I spoke with really liked the changes, as it took out a couple of short steep climbs that used to exist early in the race. -- Following the 5K, about 40 members gathered at O'Neill's Pizza Pub for an evening of great company filled with a whole lotta laughs!

Sunday's opportunities include...

  •  Sunday 7:30am.. the Off Season Strider's are running from a new location, meeting at Newt's North! I've run with this group many times, and it's always fun. They'll log 8-10 miles then settle into Newts for some Breakfast.
  • Sunday 4pm... an afternoon hike following the Vikings victory (if for some reason they don't win, there is still a hike!). We'll meet at the 3rd bridge which can be found by entering the park area on the gravel road, driving past the zoo & campground parking lots, then the road turns 90 degrees to the right, the 3rd bridge parking lot is about 1/4 mile and on your left.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday's Plan

Hey again.. it was a strong night on the track!  Many R.E.D. members tearing it up... what a great temperature for that type of workout!  

On to Thursday Night's Team R.E.D....    we'll be in Rochester for the Mayo Open.  This is a 5K at Eastwood Golf Course on the same course the high school teams run.  It starts approx. 6pm to 6:20ish, it really depends what time the high school athletes wrap up their races.. but that's the ball park time.   While there is no entry fee, you do need to sign a waiver and pick up a bib... so you can do that anytime after 5pm. 

Post run we're planning on going to O'Neill's Pizza Pub at Crossroads mall.   I suspect we'll start arriving there around 6:45-7pm time frame. 

In case you haven't seen this on facebook... we have a visual as to why you shold attend the Mayo Open! Team RED Mayo Open by Team R.E.D.

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ironman Joe!

Congrats Joe!  We're sure looking forward to hearing his Ironman experience.   What a fantastic accomplishment!   When I asked Sara if she had any pictures of from the race she said " he moves too fast to capture a photo"     

But as you can see in this picture, he could be captured!  Thanks for the pic provided by Dan, via Joe.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's up?

As usual... lots!  

Registration is now open for the Boston Marathon!  There is a new process for registering, so if you're interested, read the link below to ensure your best shot at getting in!


Tuesday Night Trail run... this week we'll start at Dan Lovik's home (1504 7th St NE. Rochester) at 6pm and run approx 1/4 mile to reach the trails of Quarry Hill!   The plan is to put in about 5 miles, and circle back to Dan's place for a cool refreshment! 
Wednesday Night Track...  the temps are cooling just in time for another great track workout at the Byron track (located behind the middle school).   This week, the two plans are... 2 - 200's /  12-400's /  2-200s (all with 200M recovery)  ... or.... 7-8 miles at tempo pace...
Thursday Night R.E.D....  There's a great race opportunity following the Mayo Open High School Cross Country meet at Eastwood golf course.  This Rochester Track Club event takes place at 6pm, immediately following the high school races.  There is no entry fee required, however you do need to sign a waiver and get you bib #.  You can do so starting at 5pm.    Post race, we'll gather for a fun social at a Rochester location yet to be determined.    
Note:  The race starts near the parking lots along Hwy 14 - Please, do not park at the clubhouse.
Saturday morning Long Run...  the Marathon and Half marathon training is reaching peek weeks!  Join us at 7am from the RAC for a great long run supported by volunteers with Gatorade, water and sometimes candy!
Sunday Morning Off Season Striders... the time and location has not yet been posted, but I'll be sure to update when it is.
Sunday Afternoon Hike...   this week the Oxbow park hikers are starting just a bit earlier and at a different bridge! We'll meet at 4pm from the 3rd bridge.  The 3rd bridge is found by entering the park area on the gravel road, driving past the zoo & campground parking lots, then the road turns 90 degrees to the right, the 3rd bridge parking lot is about 1/4 mile and on your left.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Congrats Racers!

Many members were seen racing at the Harvest Classic this morning.  Congrats in particular to Dave as he was the male winner in the 5K.    We'll get you more results as they come in... including some members up in the Twin Cities, and Joe Ryan competing in his first IronMan! 

Many other Team R.E.D. members were spotted on the marathon long run today, logging distances anywhere from 16 to 25 miles!  Nice work all!

Sunday opportunities include...

9/11 memorial run at 6:30am:  See the details from Emily. 
Hi Team R.E.D.--I know there is already a lot of running activities going on this weekend, but thought I'd throw yet another option out there! A few friends and I are planning on a 9/11 memorial run...we are running 9.11 miles and the route takes the shape of the twin towers! Here is the route: We are leaving at 6:30a.m. from the soldier's field golf course parking lot if you would like to join. The more the merrier :) I am running bear water run the day before, so my planned pace is sllllllow :) Let me know if you're interested...if a lot join, I'll try to have a water stop set up at the 1/2 way point for everyone.
Off Season Strider's 7:30am:  This is a fun group that will gather at Panera South for an 8-12 mile run. 
Sunday Night Hike:  There is typically a hike at 6pm from the 1st bridge at Oxbow Park, north of Byron, I haven't received confirmation as to who is planning to attend... (so it's a go at your own risk type hike!)..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Great Week!

Wednesday night's track workout gained great reviews!  It was a ladder workout.. about 6800M of speed.. 3400 of recovery.. with a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown.. that was 8+ miles!   Nice work to you all!

Thursday's R.E.D. had 3 new faces, unfortunately, I wasn't there to meet them... but it sounds like they all fit right in!  


Reminder of a couple things going on this weekend.. at this time, I'm not sure if there's a Sunday Night Hike.. will update as we clarify.

Harvest Classic at Silver Lake in Rochester. A great fundraiser for the Channel One Food bank.
  • Kids 1 mile starts at 8am
  • 5K & 10K get rolling at 8:30am


Saturday morning full and half marathon training run.  Starts at 7am from the Rochester Athletic Club. The long run is set at 20 miles.. you can see the route on the Sept 5th post on Dan's Blog   A couple of us are meeting at 7am to load some slow early miles.  Planning for a total of 24-25 miles....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Routes are posted!

Check out the right hand side of the blog for a preview of the Thursday night routes from the Bears Den in Byron.  Gather at the Den at 6pm for the route talk, then we'll head out for a run or walk!

There's an opportunity for a fantastic track workout tonight at 5:30pm from the track in Byron.  We have a ladder workout planned, as well as an option for a 6 mile tempo run (it's a lot of laps, but it's flat!)


There's a race opportunity this weekend, as the Mayo Med Students host the Harvest Classic at Silver Lake in Rochester.  This is an annual fundraiser for the Channel One Food bank.  
  • Kids 1 mile starts at 8am
  • 5K & 10K get rolling at 8:30am
You'll find more details on the Rochester Track Club's calendar.

Saturday morning RAC runs continue to get you ready for your fall Full or Half Marathon.  Join them at 7am from the Rochester Athletic Club.   The long run is set at 20 miles.. you can see the route on the Sept 5th post on Dan's blog at   

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sept Thursday Schedule

We're going to switch up the September schedule just a bit to ensure people can participate in the Mayo Open Cross Country Race on Sept 15th.

What is the Mayo Open?  This is a fantastic 5K that takes place immediately following the High School cross country races at Eastwood Golf course.  The course is challenging.. but it sure is fun to run!  This event has no entry fee, you just need to sign a waiver to participate. 

September Thursdays
  • Sept 1st - Bears Den (we gained a new member that night!)
  • Sept 8th - Bears Den
  • Sept 15th - Mayo Open at Eastwood Golf Course (Team RED social to follow at a Rochester location).
  • Sept 22nd - Home Hosted by Diane & Mike Paradise (Rochester)
  • Sept 29th - Home Hosted by Kim & Gail Hakes (Byron)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monday's Trail run (and some fun Sports Extra!)

The weekly trail run has  moved to Monday at 6pm.  Meet at 1st picnic shelter at Chester Woods and join the fun!  This is the location of the Chester Woods 10 Mile, 50K & 5K (Jim Mason, Race Director).   Bring some refreshments for a post run social!  

Check out the clip below... the son of Team R.E.D.'s Tod & Meg had an outstanding football performance...  what a great start of the season!

Sports Xtra 9/1- Segment 1

Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Turnout!

It was a lot of fun at Team R.E.D. Thursday night.  I wasn't able to join the run portion, but many of you did... I'm just happy I got there in time to settle in for the Eat Drink portion...

I excited to announce we have another new member!   Brandon is our latest free agent signing, please welcome him to the team!

Have a safe Labor Day weekend all!  
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beef Cake Night on the Track!

Beefcake on the track... and you ladies missed it! 

Just men showed up to the track.   We ran a 4 mile tempo run.. and it was tough, but very good!   A tempo run is a great discipline to apply on race day.  You are pressing a pace, and have to concentrate on that pace for an extended period of time.  A great workout all in all...

So why just men on the track?  Well, there were many things going on, one was Wendy pushing Norwex  cleaning products, so that's what I came home to...  based on the blurriness of the pics, the women shopping were moving faster then the men running!

Snap Fitness of Byron is interested in offering a group discount to Team R.E.D. members.. please let me know if you're interested in a membership (of any length!).   The discount will related directly to the qty of members interested in participating.   The thought is possibly, a winter membership, to provide some indoor training... additionally, you might be interested in the strength training to add to your running, specifically anyone planning on tough mudder, or some of the other 'out of the ordinary' races!