Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday Snow Shoe Crew

Join the Snow Shoe Crew for 3-4 mile Sunday at 6pm.   They'll gather at the Bears Den in Byron, and go for 3-4 mile run/walk (you can certainly add, or subtract from the route!).     High Odds that a social will follow the fitness!

Hope to see you there!

Many of you are familiar with the Ragnar Series... I received this note from Amy Donahoe-Anshus (Rochester Track Club) to see if anyone is interested in joining a Rochester area team in the Chicago Ragnar Relay.   See below...

**My name is Amy (Patten) Stockton and I am searching high and low in the Rochester area to find a few more runners for our Chicago Ragnar Relay team that races June 10 and 11th from Madison to Chicago.

This year we are trying the Chicago race as there are no hills and just to do a new route. We just lost a runner to a dislocated ankle and another one may not be able to get work off now... so, we are looking for a female and male (or two females), we just need at least one girl to keep us a co-ed team.
Right now our team pace is at 7:50 min/mile but we have runners anywhere from 6-9 min mile pace. We will have a van leaving from Rochester so getting there is not a problem! If you know of anyone (or your yourself!) that would be up for this, please let me know!!
Here is a link to the race: Then go to the Chicago race for specific information.
Here is my contact information for anyone interested: Amy Stockton

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tonight's R.E.D.!

Routes are posted!  They are fantastic, for the great spring weather that will appear, I believe it will!  Check out the routes at the right hand side of the blog.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Team R.E.D. in Byron Thursday

Hey all!  We're back at the Bears Den this week for Team R.E.D. Thursday at 6pm.. routes should already be up, but they are not!   I'm heading out to help make some wine, then will post some routes later this evening.... be sure to check back in the morning! 

  • Meredith is looking for a running partner for a 15 miler on Friday, let me know if you're interested, we'll get you connected. 
  • Lana is looking for a carpool to Fargo Marathon in May, drop me a note if you're going and interested in rideshare (good thing gas is cheap!).
  • Snow Shoe crew is looking to buy some jackets for next winter, when we identify the jacket type, we'll share it, and see if there's interest in Team R.E.D. jackets.  
  • Singlets are available.. many of you have picked yours up, while others have not!   If interested, let me know.. we have men's and women's singlets.. nice fits! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Late is Late.. but here it is!

A few things going on this week....

Tuesday (tonight!)... 5 or 5:30pm...  some are running intervals and others tempo run.  Starting at Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot.   If you can get there at 5.. join those folks, if you can't get there until a bit later, look for another group.  I'll be there, only if the track meet is cancelled, and it's sort of a 'on the fence' thing right now. 
Wednesday... 5:30pm... Speed work on the track in Byron.   We do a variety of repeats, and you can follow the group plan, or do your own thing.  I anticipate, 4 X 200... 1 X 1600 and 2 X 800... subject to change.
Thursday ... 5:30am - Progresssive Run, shortened version.   This will be a 5 mile run starting at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.    We'll have a 1 mile warmup, then hitting the following paces, 9;30/mile, 8:30/mile, 7:30/mile, 6:30/mile.
Thursday... Team R.E.D.   6pm...  at the Bears Den in Byron.   Another update will follow... but routes will be in the range of 3, 4, and 6 miles.


Anyone going to the Fargo Marathon?  Interested in a carpool?  If so, drop me a note, and I'll connect you with another member who is looking to carpool her way over there!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Formal Sunday Night Run

Hey all.. due to the Easter Holdiay and Celebration, there is no formal Team R.E.D. tonight.  Hope you all enjoy! 

Tom O'

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Routes Are Up!

Thursday Night's Team R.E.D. routes are up and posted at the right hand side of the blog... I know they look familiar.. it'll be awesome!

Some other opportunities as we approach the weekend...
  • Friday Morning 16 Miler:  Approx 9am... the route will kick off in Byron as Lori is looking to handle a memorable 16 miles at slower pace, conversational in fact.   If you'd like to join her for part or all of this run, drop Lori an email at  
  • Saturday Morning RAC Run:  7:15am... with a route in the neighborhood of 20+ miles.    Gather at the RAC in Rochester for the route talk, and then enjoy the miles with volunteer support along the way.  This really is a great way to catch you long run!
  • Saturday Morning Early Miles:  5:30am...  there's a group of 6 or so that want to get 20 miles, but need to wrap it up earlier, so they are starting at 5:30am from the RAC, and will circle back to join the crew before the 7:15 kickoff... and then run a portion of the RAC run to complete the 20 a bit earlier.   
  • Saturday Afternoon 12 miler:   Approx 1pm .. Joe is looking for a running buddy to put down about 12 miles.   Joe is thinking 9 minute miles + or -  ...    if interested contact him at

Jim Parry's 16 Hour Treadmill

As many of you are aware, Jim Parry is running 16 consecutive hours on a treadmill at the YMCA in Rochester in support of the Y's Strong Kid's Campaign.  The event takes place this Friday.  Please see the note from Jim below that shows how you can participate or contribute.
  • Sign-up sheets are up and ready to go at the Y for those who are able to come run with me at the Y this Friday. I will be running from 5:00am - 10:00pm. 2 other treadmills, in addition to mine, will be set up in the lobby for others to run/walk on. You do not need to be a member of the Y to join me that day. Call 507.287.2260 to s...ign up for a time slot...they filled up quickly last year, so call early.
  • If you can't make it to the run and wish to make a donation to the Strong Kids Campaign, send me an email and I will email back a copy of the pledge form or you can call 507.287.2260 to make a pledge. Remember, the money raised will go to helping kids who need some financial help affording the cost of attending Y programs and camps. Please help out if you are able. Thank you. Jim

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Fever!

Congrats to all the Boston Marathon Finishers!  Some fantastic times rolled in!   Ryan Hall of the USA finished 4th in a crazy 2 hours 4 minutes!    You can search results at


The next few days have some snowy/rainy feel about them.. and here is the plan to get through it.
  • Tuesday Night Hills:   5:30pm.. gather at the Rochesters Soldiers Field Memorial and run to the hills of 10th St and 9th Ave SW
  • Wednesday Night Track:  5:30pm..  meet at Byron's track at the middle school, and run ovals, really fast!
  • Thursday Morning Even Steven:  5:30am... starts and finishes at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.   This is a progressive type run with some recovery time.  It's based on various race paces i.e. marathon pace, half marathon pace, 10K pace, 5K pace... if you want to try it, come on out and we'll work out those paces!
  • Thursday Night R.E.D.:  6pm in Byron.. it's a Bears Den night.   Routes will post Wednesday, and be in the range of 3, 4, and 6 miles.

Congrats and Thank You!

** See yesterday's post for a list of R.E.D. members participating in the Boston Marathon today! **

Congrat's to Team R.E.D.'s Lori, as she pulled off her first gig as a race director on Saturday.  The SEMYO 5K was in search of a runner to help pull race day together, and Lori stepped up to the challenge.  By all accounts she did a fantastic job!

Congratulatins are also due to the Team R.E.D. members participating in SEMYO's 5K....
  • Jay
  • Jessica - Age Group Winner!
  • Dave E - Age Group Winner!
  • Dan
  • Sam
  • Mason - Volunteer Superstar!    
A personal Thank You to everyone who had the opportunity to come to Byron on Saturday morning for the Panckake Breakfast for JDRF.    This is the 2nd year the Bears Den has supported the upcoming Roll & Stroll by offerring proceeds of the breakfast as a contribution!  That comes in the area of $1200!... Very nice!

It's also the 2nd year that many of you took to the road to get there. Spotted running the back roads to Byron were, Bri, Marilee, Meredith, Sara, Joe, Paul & Mike... they ran 20ish miles on Saturday with the last leg being from the RAC to the Bears Den!  What fun!  Hosting a water/gatorade station were Jen and Randy (I went and joined them for a bit as well).    Back at the Den, other R.E.D. members taking part in the feed include, Jean, Lana, Andy B, Tracy,  the Slettens, the Melby's, the Walters, Dave E, Dan, Annette, Mary & Meg.. along with many others from the running community who are not R.E.D. members.     We also know there are others who would have liked to attend, but simply couldn't... your well wishes were very much appreciated!

I'm so sure I've missed someone in this list!  Let me know, so I can update and thank them accordingly!  

Wendy, Megan, Shane and I all Thank You! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Get It At Boston!

Lot's of R.E.D. members are in Boston now.. ready to rock n roll!  Sounds a bit wet, cool and windy, but as it stands now, that wind is mostly tail wind! 

You can follow people you want to follow by registering at   at that site you can register for updates via text or cell phone.    (I've included some bib #'s below to help you set up the tracking)

Below is a list of participants from R.E.D., along with some other runners we've connected with.  (I'm sure I'll miss some as I typically do! if you know a RED member or friend of RED I've missed, please let me know!).

Renee   # 13213
Andy H  # 1787
Jim L  # 12492
Roger # 20717
Maureen # 11696
Trevor  #5337
Jeff P # 5284
Laree  # 18206
Emily G  # 12992
Krisitn O  #20107
Kristin Z  # 16956
Angie H # 17818

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

R.E.D. at the Crown!

Finally, we have selected a location for this week's R.E.D.!  Sorry for the delay.   Routes will be a Thursday morning post.  Let's gather at the Crown Restuarant on 2nd Street across from St Mary's (it's located at the Blondell Motel).    We've run from here before and there are many options... please check back Thursday to see what we came up with!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's up this week? .. and then some!

Congrats to everyone who ran and volunteered at the Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile!   It was a fun day, and great weather to run!   I'm behind in uploading pictures from that race as well, as well as the Fools Five.. but they're coming, they're coming.....
Another busy week of working out and having fun!
  • Tuesday Moring Track: 6am - Meredith is hitting the indoor track at RCTC, feel free to join her as the track is wide open at that hour!
  • Tuesday Hills or Track: 5:00pm or 5:30pm (get there when you can).. meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial - some people have indicated track work, some have indicated "just running on the track", and some have indicated hill repeats.   The track is Soldiers Field track, and the hills are 10th St and 9th Ave SW (just a few blocks west of soldiers field golf course).
  • Tuesday Runners Social:  6pm... at Brothers Bar & Grill.   No running is required, but if you are running, feel free to stop in post workout!
  • Wednesday Night Track:  5:30pm  Track workout on the Byron Track (located at the middle school).  Last week was a strong turnout, let's keep it rolling!
  • Thursday Morning Even Steven Workout:    5:30am from 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.  This is a new workout I read about in the most recent issue of Running Times.  It will take 70 minutes to complete, and every effort is progressively faster in pace, while offering longer recovery time between pace increases. 
Here's a view of how the workout rolls:
10 minute warmup- slow and easy
10 minute at Marathon pace
2 minutes at easy effort
8 minutes at Half Marathon pace
4 minutes at easy effort
6 minutes at 10K pace
6 minutes at easy effort
4 minutes at 5K pace
8 minutes at easy effort
2 minutes slightly faster then 5K pace
10 minutes recovery / cool-down
  • Thursday Night Team R.E.D.: 6pm, with the routes of the normal variety of 3, 4 and 6 miles ranges. The location is still TBD, and will be posted Tuesday.  
  • Saturday Morning RAC Run:  7:15am from the RAC in Rochesters.  Watch for follow-on details as some members are working on a way to support our efforts at a Pancake Feed for the Juvenelie Diabetes Research Foundation.  The feed is at the Bears Den in Byron ($5 All-You-Can-Eat)   Last year was quite impressive seeing so many running the gravel road from Roch to Byron in support of this fundraiser that means so much to our family.
  • Sunday Night Snow Shoe Crew:  6pm.. and we could even have snow!  But if not, it'll be a 3-4 mile run starting and finishing at the Bears Den in Byron.   Snow shoes are not required to join this fun group run.
  • Monday (Patriots Day):  The Boston Marathon! I'll create a list of R.E.D. members running so you can track our friends as they enjoy the big show!
  • Mr. Parry's Endurance Challenge:  As many of you know, Jim Parry is a great role model in the area of fitness, and he is focused on inspiring others, particularly students, to get fit!  He's embarking on a 17 hour treadmill run!  This effort is in support of the Y's Strong Kids' Campaign.  You can run along side him by signing up.   More information is at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Strong Night!

Wow! I joined Team R.E.D. as they were ramping up E.D. Fun times! We did score a new member... Welcome Alan to the team!

Below is a snap shot of the runners at the start of the evening (photo courtesy of Renee S)... speaking of Renee... the Fetzer 20K & 2 mile is this weekend! Let's go have some fun!

Wisely, we waited until most of you had left before we played a game for the gift cards! Two to give away.. two O'Leary's in the game.. two non - O'Learys.. and dang! We didn't win one! Congrats to Aaron and Paul.. and thanks to the Bears Den for sponsoring! (co-owner Joe is pictured here with the winners).

Bears Den Night!

... and it looks like it's going to shape up to be a great night to be out and about! Gather at the Bears Den in Byron at 6pm for the route talk.. and hit the open road! See you soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Night on the Track!

Wow.. spring is awesome!   The Byron track saw 13 Team R.E.D. members this evening for a variety of workouts.  The primary plan was 4 X 200M, followed by 2 X 800M, followed by an extended tempo run.   Hard work, but when you're not alone, it's so much more fun! Working hard, but not pictured, were Aaron and myself.

Also.. check out options for Thursday in the previous post....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week Ahead & Fools Five

Here's a quick overview of some options for this week's group workouts...

  • Tuesday Night Hills:  Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial at 5:30pm, and head to the hills of 9th St & 10th Ave SW in Rochester.   Hills are great for strength bulding, to carry you late in the race.
  • Wednesday Night Track:  Gather at the Byron Track at 5:30pm for some speed work.  Always fun to get the turnover rolling.
  • Thursday Morning Progressive Run:   Join us at 5:30am from 805 1st Ave NW in Byron for a progressive run in a mostly flat section of town and country.   We'll start at 10/min pace.. and progressively increase the pace each mile.
  • Thursday Night Team RED:  It's a Bears Den in Byron.   The route talk kicks off at 6pm... routes will post on Wednesday, and be in the range of 3, 4 or 6 miles.
  • Saturday Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile:  9am in Rochester.  This is a fun race and distance.  Additionally, it's directed by Team R.E.D.'s Renee!  Details can be found at
  • Sunday Night Run:  From the Bears Den in Byron at 6pm.   This group has been going 3-4 miles each time out, and having fun while doing so!
Congrats to all of you who ran in the Fools Five on Sunday.  While there was some wind, you all put in great efforts!  Here's are the R.E.D. members I saw, hope I didn't miss anyone.  Also, thanks to Liz for the pic below... more pics to follow this evening.
  • Jen - Age Group Award
  • Liz - Age Group Award
  • Adam
  • Amber
  • Lori
  • Nanci
  • Angie
  • Tom W - Age Group Award (Alex also scored in his age group)
  • Tom O - Age Group Award (sort of, name not recoginzed in results)
  • Sue
  • Lorelei
  • Julie
  • Pete - Overall Winner!
  • Andy B - Age Group Award
  • Jim M - Volunteer
  • Sara - spectating R.E.D. and her kids in the 1 mile!
  • Joe - spectating R.E.D. and his kids in the 1 mile! -- also holder of the sweats and keys.

    Alex & Tom sitting with their young buddies

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Fun Upon Us!

Several members of Team R.E.D. are heading to the  Fools Five in Lewiston on Sunday!   Looking like rain is quite possible... yeee hawwww!    Come on out and join the fun.. what a great event Lewiston puts on!  Event details can be found at

Another group run opportunity presents itself this Sunday... 6pm from the Bears Den in Byron.   If you're loooking for a few miles.. come out and join this fun group!