Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here we go.....

Here we go again.. great opportunities...   and I'm sure the Off Season Striders will have something up their sleeves for Saturday/Sunday as well - I'll update that as the details become available.
  • Tonight 5:30pm - Indoor track at RCTC field house.   400M repeats with 200M recovery.  Get those legs turning over!  
  • Thursday 6pm - Team R.E.D. is meeting at the Bear Den in Byron.  Come on out for routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles.. then stick around for the fun! 
  • Saturday 1pm --  Frozen Goose Run.. this is the 10th Annual run to support Childhood Cancer Research.  This is a 10K or 5K... starting/finishing at University Center Rochester Atrium, 851 30th Ave SE.    You'll find more details at the following link...  http://frozengoose.com/

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Impromptu Celebration! 3pm Sunday

I'm thrilled to share, that Paul Melby was recognized as the Runner of the Year at the Rochester Track Club banquet this evening. He's so deserving of this honor...  the criteria is as follows:
  • Someone who achieved a significant running accomplishment, and is an inspiration in the local running community.
The O'Leary's are hosting a last minute, previously unplanned, celebration of this award... so stop by 805 1st Ave NW in Byron from 3-6pm  on Sunday.   We'll provide the beer and wine..and celebrate this honor.  Hope I can find the right CD's to bring out the Melby magic...

*** Kids are welcome!  They just can't have any beer or wine...   Come one come all! ****  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Again... Great!

I don't know how many adjectives we need to describe a night of R.E.D.   ... but you all make it so fun!

Below you'll find a couple pics of new faces at R.E.D.... now these people are already active running and all, it's just they are new to us!    

Keep in mind, there are a couple run opportunities this weekend... and IF the snow is in place.. we are planning  a Sunday afternoon snowshoe!   ... I will publish that, once we're comfortable there's a possibility we will likely have  snow!

New guy alert!  Brayden (sp?).... dressed in black -
New Girl(s).... Liz 1st time, Noel 2nd time, Jessica (old news)

Routes are up !

Routes are posted at the right hand side of the blog, however we may change it up a bit... we'll chat about it at the route talk!  See you at 6pm tonight at Beetles on 2nd Street & 20th Ave SW! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Plan!

Finally we have a plan!

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street & 20th Ave SW in Rochester.   We'll head out for routes in the ranges of 3, 4, or 6 miles....and of course return to enjoy a great social! 
Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Strider's are meeting at Brothers Bar & Grill... out for a run and back for the fun!  ---   distances and paces vary.    Please park in back, as that's where we'll route talk and take off from.
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders will go again!  This time from Panera South.  Lots of options on any group run, and paces always vary.    -- one thing that never varies, the fun chatter post run.
Sunday - SnowShoe TBD - assuming we still have snow, there will be a snow shoe option on Sunday as well.  Check back!

A fantastic night was had! - more to come!

Tonight.. some 15+ Team R.E.D. types hit the track for some speed!  and another group hit Chester woods for an evening on the snowshoes!  Awesome that there is enough going on to have choices!

 Oh.. and one member, sipping a 55 calorie beverage, and she shall remain nameless (because it would possibly embarrass Elaine)  failed to pay her tab.   Team R.E.D. rallied and came up with   tab + tip.   Nice work R.E.D.!  Once again, you came through!

Before I forget... another new opportunity arose this evening, as some are fearing a warm up may destroy our snow, there is a new plan to snowshoe...  6pm, let's go!  --
Wednesday 6pm - Gather at the first bridge of Oxbow Park for a Night Time shoe!  Wear a headlamp and bring your own beverages...
Thursday 6pm --   Lots of suggestions pouring in!  no pun intended.. keep them coming... and check back  Wednesday evening for the real deal... we will be in Rochester (we just have to make sure the eventual host place is ready for us!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great options!

Thursday night's Team R.E.D. is planned as a Rochester location, however we haven't selected our gathering spot yet (we've been getting some input via facebook) feel free to zip an email  to byron.teamred@gmail.com with your suggestion for a starting location.  We'll pick the spot Wednesday. 

5:30pm tonight -  Get your speed on!   Join the track workout at RCTC field house.  Tonight's plan is a ladder...  Add to that a warm up and cool down, and you've got the miles, along with your speed!
  • 400M hard effort
  • 200M recovery
  • 800 M hard effort
  • 400M recovery
  • 1200M hard effort
  • 600M recovery
  • 1200 hard effort
  • 600M recovery
  • 800M hard effort
  • 400M recovery
  • 400M hard effort
  • 200M recovery
6pm tonight:   Ice is Nice, Lake Hike!   Get out your snowshoes and join Jim Mason on the Ice at Chester Woods.  Should be great fun!   Jim is providing his ice shack as a warming house.   The ice is reported as 12" thick, and safe... so get on out for a great night of scampering on the snow shoes!    -- Meet at the boat ramp parking lot of Chester Woods, and you can call Jim if you have any questions 507-951-2415 --

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let It Snow!

Let it snow was the theme of today's snowshoe scamper... great fun.. 19 people showed up to Shoe through the trails of Oxbow..   we went just over 3 miles, taking a few breaks along the way... great fun!

Team R.E.D. is a registered USA Track & Field  Club Team.. if you want to race for Team R.E.D. in the Club Circuit you would need to join USATF - you can do so at the following link (keep in mind, if you're registered for a USATF club, you are guaranteed entry into the Twin Cities 10 Mile, which is otherwise a lottery only entry process.)    ---  if you join USATF Minnesota please indicate you're a member of Team R.E.D. (club # 0435)


The Team Circuit races are listed below:

March 18 - The Human Race 8 km - USATF Minnesota Championship
April 28 - Get In Gear 10 km - USATF Minnesota Championship
May 17 - TC 1 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship
May 28 - Brian Kraft Memorial 5 km - USATF Minnesota Individual 5 km Championship
July 18 - Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5 km - USATF Minnesota Team 5 km Championship
August 12 - MDRA 15K - USATF Minnesota Championship

September 9 - City of Lakes 25 km - USATF Minnesota Championship
October 7 - Medtronic TC 10 Mile - USATF Minnesota Championship

Friday, January 20, 2012

More fun ahead!

Here we go.. plenty going on the next few days!... do you all ever slow down?
  • Saturday 7:30am... meet with the Off Season Strider's at Newts North (across the frontage road from Menards) -- the group has varying paces, and varying distances.   Some are meeting as early as 6:40 to get some extra miles in before joining the official group.   -- be sure to stick around for some post run socialization!
  • Sunday 8am..  Again with Off Season Strider's, this time at Dunn Brothers North.   Same deal... run the pace and distance you like, and stick around for a coffee and roll post run!
  • Sunday 12:30pm...    The SnowShoe Crew is ready to rock!  Meet at the 1st bridge at Oxbow Park (just north of Byron -- 1st bridge is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).  -- We'll get a chance to shoe some snow... Finally!
  • Tuesday 5:30pm...  Indoor Track work, at RCTC's field house.   This facility is open & free to the public in the evenings from 5pm to 10pm.. also in the mornings from 6am-8am... otherwise, it's hit and miss. --  be sure to check out the bullet below for Tuesday, and weather you snow shoe, or run on the track.. there might be an opportunity for post activity gathering at Chester Woods Park! 
  • Tuesday 6pm...   Snowshoe on Ice -- and some possible fishing!   Below are parts of a note from Mason as to what he's got planed.
    • Snowshoe/ fishing evening at Chester Woods Tuesday.   The ice is about 9-10 inches thick.   It would be a blast to hike around the lake and I guarantee there will be no hills. 
    • Meet at the Chester Woods boat ramp parking at 6pm!

What fun!

So..   sub zero temps... seems that kept some people away from the outdoor run, but we know many of you ran inside, so you are amazing for getting  it done... however.. you might not have received a badge in honor of your efforts.  

Tonight, the Bears Den (Mia in particular) gave everyone who went outside a badge of honor!  ... that came along with a $5 gift card to the Bears Den for each courageous runner/walker!   Thank you to the Bears Den and Mia!

All in all.. what a fantastic night!  The wind was down, and we stuck together in groups.... great fun!   Additionally we were able to announce a great accomplishment for Team R.E.D.  We were awarded $500 from the Refuel with Chocolate Milk campaign.. that is thanks to all of you and your diligence in voting, and caring!    See Sam & Adam celebrating with Chocolate Milk in the pic below...   we'll use this money to fund entry fees for youth, in area races!

Next comes a twist to our story...   one of our fine sponsors, ServiceMaster.... matched the award!  Our $500 dollars is now $1,000!    It's incredible to think and recognize what great support this team has, and what great works this team has accomplished.   You are truly an amazing cast of characters... and I mean, characters!   So proud to be associated with this team!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Routes are Up!

Run. Walk. Enjoy!   Routes are up on the right hand side of the blog....  For Thursday this week, I went with only 2 routes (you can do what you want of course).. but I went with a 5 & 3 miler... hoping everyone runs, and get's back warm and safe!

In case you haven't heard.. Team R.E.D. won $500 from Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk.. we will plan to celebrate that Thursday evening!  Be prepared to show your chocolate milk mustache!

I love this group!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday & Thursday!

Hey hey.. let's get it going .. 2012 is upon us.. Med City Marathon Weekend is around the corner. let's go!

Please look ahead at your calendar to see if you're available to volunteer... the event takes place on Memorial Day weekend... we are seeking volunteers in categories including, but not limited to..
  • Team R.E.D. Booth at the Expo... multiple volunteers, we would work in shifts... 
  • Team R.E.D. water stop... approx mile 14 -- these volunteers will get to the post race party in plenty of time!
  • Team R.E.D. Post Party Hosts!  --  Peg & Wally are ready to crank up the post party, and Team R.E.D. can help!  If you're interested in the planning committee, let me know, otherwise, we'll need race day volunteers as well! 

Here's what's ahead the next couple days....

  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  Track workout at RCTC field house...  we're planning 800M repeats with 400M recovery (if you have another workout you'd prefer, it's all good.. just come on out!)
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.   Routes will be up Wednesday, of course, they will be the  typical distances 3, 4, & 6ish miles
    • I'd like to thank the Bears Den, as they have once again agreed to provide a Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for the the Roll & Stroll, (as many of you know, that's a fundraiser Wendy and I are involved with)... raising funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). --  We are so very grateful the Bears Den participates in our efforts!   -- Pancake Breakfast is set for Saturday morning, April 28th ---Roll & Stroll is May 20th (Sunday afternoon - non competitive, non timed,  walk, run or bike, rollerblade, skateboard.. really no rules at roll and stroll ). 
One more thing.. check out the toughness of a couple Team R.E.D. members as they embrace Cross-Fit... from what I can tell, both these ladies love it! --  Nice work!   -- and it shows there are multiple ways to stay fit and have fun... keep it up !   

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Nice Work!

    Congrats to Erin and her team for all the work they do with Blankets of Hope!  Providing blankets to wounded soldiers overseas.    Erin said the support today, was fantastic.. here are a couple pictures that capture the effort..

    217 Blankets Approach Shipping!

     Many thanks to Karlee & Kaitlin! -- daughters of Team R.E.D. members Diane & Mike
    Diane, Andy & Erin in front of the goods!

    Additionally, congrats are in order for Adam & Amber as they knocked down yet another Half Marathon.. this one Rock 'n Roll Arizona!   Way to go you two!   -- oh and one note, Amber, you're letting your husband wear hotter shoes they you are wearing?  Come on now! --

    Adam & Amber at the start....

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Weekend Workouts!

    Great fun at Somerby last night.  Some members experienced quite the tour of the locker rooms (interesting to say the least!)   Additionally, our server Ruth is now part of a Team R.E.D. Cadence!

    It was later in the social when I realized I was eating pizza off any plate near me, not realizing, it wasn't all community pizza!  If I ate your pizza, next round is on me!

    Plenty of opportunity this weekend.. check it out!

    8am Saturday:    Off Season Striders are gathering for a test run of the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half marathon course.   Meet at Mayo High School parking lot, and bring your GPS to help verify the route.    Note:  If you'd like to run with a group, but not that far, feel free to start with them, and cut off wherever you are comfortable!    
    8:30am Saturday:   Michelle Jamieson is holding a Barefoot Training class at Emily Griffith's Photography Studio (328 S. Broadway) at 8:30am on Saturday.  Mention Team R.E.D. and receive $5 off the drop-in fee.  
    1-4pm Sunday: Blankets of Hope can use your help at the Eagles Club in Rochester.  This is the group Erin is involved with, they are making tied fleece blankets and sending them to field hospitals to support wounded soldiers overseas.  

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Dress Warm!

    Finally an opportunity to say "be safe out there, it's cold!"    For tonights Team R.E.D. from Somerby in Byron, please be sure to dress properly.  Many of you already know one trick, and that is to put duct tape over the toe box of your shoes, it helps to keep the wind out, and your toes warm!

    Somerby is located at 975 Somerby Parkway N.E. Byron.... Enter at the lower level, door by the pool.

    Here is a great shot of a bunch of 1st Time Half Marathoners!    .. along with a pic of the entire crew.  Way to go Team R.E.D.!   There are a ton of pictures to try to get into a slide show yet...

    Mike N, Ann, Amy, Mike P, Steve, Allie "Gator", Laura, Elaine, Shelly & Diane

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Back at it!

    Sorry for such a delay in posts... but while traveling I didn't do any blog updates, we had races to run and reasons for fun!
    • Tonight at 6pm:  Jim Mason is leading a 6 mile Tropical Trail run under a nearly full moon at Chester Woods Park.   Meet at the horse trailer parking lot for miles of fun. and maybe a few refreshments afterwards.-- Chester woods is located at 8378 Highway 14 East, Eyota, MN 55934 -- it's an easy, quick drive out there... if you're available, go jump in!
    •  Thursday at 6pm:   Team R.E.D. gathers at Somerby in Byron.  We'll be in the downstairs grill... and looking forward to great fun! More details will follow.   The clubhouse is located at 975 Somerby Parkway N.E.Byron
     Check back later, as I plan to add some pics from Disney World -- many are on facebook already, but we'll get some out here as well! --   You'll have to ask Adam if Disney is truly "Where Dreams Come True."

    Don't forget to vote on the Refuel with Chocolate Milk contest.. only 5 days remain!  We're in the finals.. top 5 groups win a $500 grant!  Remember.. we'll use it to build a 'scholarship fund' for youth entry fees, and we have some ideas how to keep it growing.  We can make an impact!

    Follow the link below.. search for o'leary (that's our team red entry).. and vote!  Vote from every source you have, laptop, desktop, smart phone.. vote from every Internet access, firefox, explorer.. any that you use..   Your votes from now until the end of contest could make the difference! 


    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Routes are up!

    Here you go.. the rest of the weekend is planned!

    Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at Broadway Bar & Pizza in Rochester (located in the old Timberlodge restaurant, 4144 Hwy 52N)  Routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog, and there may be an award opportunity!
    Saturday 10am:  Rochester Track Club's  Polar Bear Fun Run & lunch at Rochester Area Family Y 
                    a 10k group would head out at 10am, but you surely can run any distance you like.

    Saturday 7pm... . but hey.. a progressive music theme starts at 6pm (so show up early!).. we kick off with the 70's.. don't miss it!  We'll hear Joe's favorites from each decade.   No gifts unless they can be drank!!!!!!!
    Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders will be at Brothers Bar & Grill.. . again there will be distances you can choose, it's a route chat thing at the start, and plenty of places to adjust along the way!  

    Monday, January 2, 2012

    Couple Items

    Hope the new year landed nicely for everyone!  The year end reflection post is still coming... !   I've received some fantastic submissions... if you have thoughts you'd like to share, you still have time to get them to me, as I'm not done with the post!

    Here are a couple fun & fitness opportunities approaching!
    • Tuesday 5:30pm:  Meet at the Memorial at Soldiers Field (from here we can discuss a possible outdoor track workout on Soldiers Field Track, or elect to tackle the hill workout).   -- I'm tapering!  So na na na new new... 
    • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at Broadway Bar & Pizza in Rochester (located in the old Timberlodge restaurant, 4144 Hwy 52N)   It's bound to be a great group run, followed by another fantastic social!

    Don't forget to vote on the Refuel with Chocolate Milk campaign... if Team R.E.D. wins the $500 grant will use it to start a Youth Entry Fee fund, and we'll sponsor kids into area races.   I have many ideas how we can keep this fund growing year round, but we sure need to get it started first!

    Vote often, from every browser and source you have!   Follow the link below and search on o'leary  (that's our Team R.E.D. entry).