Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

What a year it's been for all of Team R.E.D! 2015 is sure to be loaded with more chances to thrive!

Monday Maniacs around the table... Sonny, Christina, Elaine, Ann, Gwen, Shane, Dave, Sarah, Heidi (and not pictured... Jess & Tom).   
If you didn't get your 2015 calendar yet, we still have limited qty's available.  This is a fundraiser for Team R.E.D. and we're asking for $20 to get you hooked up. 

The Calendar identifies which Thursdays are Bears Den nights, as well as offering reminders that nearly every Tuesday there is an opportunity to take part in the TerraLoco Charity 5Ks.  Additionally, Med City Marathon, Beer Mile, Donut Run and other races are noted for your convenience.

The cover page of the calendar is a shot of Team R.E.D. dancing with Pop Rocks in Minneapolis following the Torchlight 5K! -- Get one while supplies last!  

Mad kick skills... and no spilling! 

Tom used to coach dance, obviously. 

Here's what the next few days have in store.. and remember, the first full week of January should get us back on track with our typical schedule of events. 

  • Dec 31st, Wednesday 4pm:  The 3rd of the Winter 5K Series is at Soldiers Field in Rochester.  Even if you haven't completed in the first two races, you can get involved in this one.  
  • Jan 1st, Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. meets at the Bears Den in Byron.  Join us to continue your fit lifestyle, or to get started with it as a resolution!  We'll have routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles, followed by a social at the Den.  
    • Note: The Bears Den will have a limited menu of Pizzas and Appetizers on Jan 1st. 
  • Jan 3rd, Saturday 10am - The Polar Bear Predict Your Time 5K. This event is one that anyone can win!  The person who most closely predicts their time for the 5K without going faster than predicted, WINS!  - The event is just $15 (10 bucks if you're a RTC Member).  You can register race day at Gloria Dei Luthern Church in Rochester, or online by visiting
  • Jan 4th, Sunday 8am:   Off Season Striders are running and/or walking from Panera South.  Always fun to join this crew. Stick around for coffee or breakfast afterwards, and get to know some people even better! 
    • Also, for Sunday's think snow!  - if we can get some depth, we can snowshoe Sunday afternoons! - Think snow! 
  • Jan 17th 5:30-9pm - Just a reminder - RTC's annual Banquet will be held on Saturday, January 17th.  In addition to the wonderful guest speaker, Dr. Ed Creagan,  we also encourage people to attend to help the track club thank Jim Mason for his amazing service as RTC's president and all of the volunteer work he's done for the club.
    Click here for information about the banquet and the link for online registration.

Friday, December 26, 2014


I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and festive holiday season! Below is a look at the next few days, along with a few reminders.
  • Dec 26th, Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are heading out from Brothers Bar & Grill for a run or walk.. Be sure to park and gather near the back entrance of brothers. - join us for a breakfast, coffee or beer post run!   
  • Dec 27th, Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders heads out from Panera South.  Again a chance to run and/or walk with people... and a post fitness social! 
  • Dec 29th, Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are running or walking from Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street.  We were just talking about Beetles a week or so ago, they have chairs with wheels! 
  • Dec 31st, Wednesday 4pm:  The 3rd of the Winter 5K Series is at Soldiers Field in Rochester.  Even if you haven't completed in the first two races, you can get involved in this one. 
  • Dec 31st Registration Notes:
  • Jan 1st, Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. meets at the Bears Den in Byron for Fitness & Fun!  Join us for a 3, 4 or 6 mile option followed by a social at the Den.  
  • Jan 3rd, Saturday 10am - The Polar Bear Predict Your Time 5K. This event is one that anyone can win!  The person who most closely predicts their time for the 5K without going faster than predicted, WINS!  - The event is just $15 (10 bucks if you're a RTC Member).  You can register race day at Gloria Dei Luthern Church in Rochester, or online by visiting
Some reminders below regarding some of the regular group runs that are not talking place this coming week.   
  • Tuesday Trails: The regularly scheduled Trail run will not be held Dec 30th.  Trail runs are anticipated to resume on January 6th.  Unless we have a good dose of snow, then those trail runs will likely become snow shoe events! 
  • Tuesday TerraLoco:  The regularly scheduled 5K from TerraLoco will not be held Dec 30th.  The  5Ks are anticipated to resume on January 6th. 
  • Wednesday Hills:  The regularly scheduled Hill workout will not be held Dec 31st.  Hill workouts are anticipated to resume on January 7th.
  • Thursday Speed:  The regularly scheduled morning indoor track workout will not be held Jan 1st.  They are anticipated to resume on Jan 8th. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quick Pics from Caroling

I hope everyone can enjoy this holiday season!  Below are a few pics from our Caroling session.  We may have been few in numbers, but we were strong in voice and charitable giving!  We caroled at John Hardy's, Perkins and Denny's!    We left a gift of cash with each cashier and asked them to use it to pay for meals for their customers until the money runs out!

Very nice work Team R.E.D.!   I'm proud to be connected with all of you!

Dan, Shane, Sarah, Gwen, Christina, Don, Marisa, Eric & Courtney! 

No lip syncing here! 

One of our greatest fans.. this man was smiling from the time we walked in!

All group runs that I'm aware of are posted in the previous post.  That post also notes any group runs that I'm aware are on hold until after the festivities of the Holiday season.  

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Update Added to this post: Nice Work All!

We added a couple of group runs for the weekend... Off Season Striders is still on through the holiday season!


What a busy, yet great week's it's been!

Thursday evening Christine from Join the Journey came to the Bears Den and received our donation of $940!  Nice work Team R.E.D. -- They are very grateful for our ability to raise such a nice contribution!

Saturday morning was our Annual Team R.E.D. / Off Season Striders Christmas Run/Walk and Brunch at Charlies!  Another great turnout this year.... Always fun and festive! The pic below was provided by Sarah S... and taken by Cousin Eddie a.k.a. Randy Q.

7am at Charlies Eatery & Pub... Happy Holidays to all! 

The pics in the slide show were provided by Tom W.... As always, thanks for capturing the team so well!


  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs is going Caroling on the Run with a Dash &  Pay Theme!   What's that mean?  
    • It means wear something festive and meet us at Cowboy Jacks at 1625 South Broadway in Rochester.  
    • We'll go for a Run (walk if you prefer)... and while doing so we'll pop into a couple of area restaurants, sing a couple of easy Christmas Songs.  By easy I mean like Jingle Bells and  We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
    • When we finish,we'll pay for some of the patrons meals and then dash out of the restaurant! 
    • Please bring a cash contribution for the Pay & Dash.  Any amount is welcome, but if it helps you decide, the most contributions last year were in the 10-20 dollar range. 
  • Tuesday 2pm: There are a couple of people doing a hill workout mid afternoon on Tuesday. All are welcome.  Gather at Edina Realty near TJ Maxx. 
  • Wednesday 7:30am:  There's an Off Season Striders Christmas Even morning run and/or walk.  Followed by breakfast hosted by Jean & Amy at Jean's home located at 515 17th St SW Rochester.  Long time friend Renee will be joining us!   
    • There is an evite for this event.. please RSVP if you're planning to attend, as that will help the food planners!  If you did not receive the evite,but are interested, please drop Jean an email at
  • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are heading out from Brothers Bar & Grill.. plan on 5-7 miles, unless you want more or less!  That's the beauty.. you get a group, and still can do what works best for you!  - join us for a breakfast, coffee or beer post run!   
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders do it again, this time from Panera South.  Again a chance to run with people... and a post run social! 
Some notes to help you know which regularly scheduled group runs are taking a little time off over the holidays. 
  • Tuesdays Trails: The regularly scheduled Trail runs will not be held Dec 23th & Dec 30th.  They are anticipated to resume on January 6th.  Unless we have a good dose of snow, then those trail runs will likely become snow shoe events! 
  • Tuesday TerraLoco:  The regularly scheduled 5Ks from TerraLoco wil not be held Dec 23rd & Dec 30th.  They are anticipated to resume on January 6th. 
  • Wednesdays Hills:  The regularly scheduled Hill workouts will not be held Dec 24th & Dec 31st.  They are anticipated to resume on January 7th.
  • Thursday Speed:  The regularly scheduled morning indoor track workouts will not be held Dec 25th & Jan 1st.  They are anticipated to resume on Jan 8th. 
  • Thursday R.E.D.  - There will be no scheduled run and/or walk on Christmas Day.  We'll be back at the Bears Den on Jan 1st. 
If anyone wants to create a group run to cover any of the dates above, I'm happy to communicate it via this blog.  Of course, Facebook is another great place to get the word out. 

Some other upcoming events you may want to consider!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Member!

We have a new member!   Welcome Nick to Team R.E.D!  Nick is reasonably new to Rochester, and he'll fit right in with our team!

Nick Joins Team R.E.D. at TerraLoco's Custoemr Appreciation Night!
The TerraLoco Toys for Tots & Customer Appreciation night was a great success!  A Lot of Toys for the Tots!   Additionally, there were a lot of smiles all night long!   Below are a few pics taken from the TerraLoco Facebook page.  -- there were a lot of runners, I just grabbed a few here to help you get an idea of how successful the evening was!

Toy boxes overflowing! 

Tom wins some special shorts as Gwen, Mike and Adam appear jealous.

Megan scores a mystery prize! 

Wendy lands a wonderful jacket! 

Sarah is thrilled with her new pants! 

Lorelei walks out with new shoes! 

Great turnout! 

What's up next?
  • Thursday 4:45pm - Join us for a Progressive Run from the Bears Den in Byron.  It's a 7.5 mile workout, increasing pace at each mile mark (and including a 1/2 mile cool-down). 
  • Thursday 6pm - Join us for the more traditional Run or Walk from the Bears Den In Byron. We'll have routes in the 3, 4 and 6 mile ranges.  
  • Thursday 7pm - Join us at the Bears Den for the Team R.E.D. check presentation to Join the Journey!  You're efforts and the efforts of our sponsors, helped us raisse $940 for JTJ!  
  • Saturday 7am - We'll head to Charlies Eatery & Pub on 2nd Street in Rochester.  It's the Annual Team R.E.D. / Off Season Striders festive Christmas season run and/or walk.  The fitness opportunity is followed by a wonderful Breakfast Buffet!  
    • Please bring a gift of food to place under the Channel One Festivus Pole! 
    • Please be sure to dress in festive attire.
    • The Brunch is $11 and that includes non-alcoholic beverage and tip.   
  • Sunday 8am - The Off Season Striders are heading out from Dunn Bros North.  Join this group all winter long to keep those miles going!  
  • Monday 6pm - Monday Maniacs are Christmas Caroling on the Run!  We'll start and finish at Cowboy Jacks on South Broadway in Rochester.  
    • Please bring a cash donation and we will pool our funds to be able to spread some Christmas Cheer as we go caroling to a couple of nearby restaurants.  Runners and Walkers will all be able to get to these locations and participate!  The following is a link to a photo journalist story the Post Bulletin did about our Caroling last year!
    • I'll have the lyrics available (and it will be a limited playlist... probably 2 songs so we can get good at them!)  
    • Not real proud of your singing voice?  You'll fit right in with me!  Be brave and do it anyway! 
  • Tuesdays - Just a note to let you know the Trail Run crew is officially taking a couple of week break over the holidays.  If anyone wants to coordinate a Tuesday run, just let me know and I'll be happy to share it here.    When the Trail crew resumes, it will either be for trail running or snowshoeing!  We just need some snow! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

47 and Foggy!

Wow.. what a nice night for a run on the Douglas Trail!  We had a nice turnout, and lots of fun in the Saloon!

Tod was awarded the new traveling Team R.E.D. trophy... he won it during bowling, and this trophy will travel, but can only be won in non-running events!   If I have my way, it will be back at the O'Leary household soon!

NOTE:  This photo was taken where it was taken purely due to lighting.  It has nothing to do with the backdrop.

On another note.. let's get to TerraLoco on Tuesday!  They are doing such amazing things with the weekly charity runs.. and this week is for Toys for Tots!  A few notes.. .
  • Bring $5 straight cash!
  • Bring a nice toy as a donation!
  • Bring a readiness for fun!
  • Bring a readiness to compete in some made up competition that only I can win, so I can get that trophy back from Belrichard!   

On yet another note... A representative from Join the Journey will be at the Bears Den Thursday at 7pm for a check presentation!  Let's have a great turnout, and wear your Team R.E.D shirts, or pink boxers!  We will be presenting them with a check for $940!   Nice work all!


And another note....   Many of you may know LaRee as a talented runner in our area, yet you may or may not know she has been sharing her life with depression via a blog at 

LaRee is not only a talented runner, but a person who has taken the time to help countless others.  She is now featured on a National stage with    Be sure to click on the link below and we all will learn that it takes some courage and effort to help others, and she is doing that!  At that link you'll find a series of 4 videos... they are all strong, but to let you know, the 2nd one speaks a bit about how running helps.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quick Reminders

Great fun!
There's a new poll on the right hand side of the blog.  Please vote.  It's good to know what works and what doesn't.  If you have any other reasons you enjoy or do not enjoy Team R.E.D. please feel free to email me at   .  Any emails on this topic will be between us, as we are always thinking about how we can improve!
  • Monday at 6pm - We'll be at Douglas Saloon!  Gather at the parking lot along the trail.  We'll run an out and back, then hit the most comfortable chairs in any Social Club in Minnesota!  
    • Also remember (the following Monday 12/22) is Team R.E.D Christmas Caroling on the Run!  Please check your schedule and try to make sure you can join us for this fun night of giving!    I'll have the lyrics available (and it will be a limited playlist... probably 2 songs so we can get good at them!)  -- We'll ask each person to make a financial contribution to help us buy some meals for strangers!   
  • Tuesday at 6pm - Join us as we support TerraLoco and their Customer Appreciation Night benefiting Toys for Tots! Please bring a $5 contribution and a Toy!  
    • Team R.E.D. members have always been very generous, and selecting a toy for a stranger can be a very powerful thing for both the contributor and the recipient!  Together we'll make a great impact with some quality toys! 
    • Note: the first 100 people to bring a toy, receive a Free pair of socks valued between $10-$20!  TerraLoco rocks on with the socks on! 
    • Note II:  TerraLoco is providing snacks and beverages (some of them adult oriented beverages! Nuun-A-Ritas.... yes... it's a Margarita made with Nuun Electrolyte products! 
  • Wednesday's hill workout is cancelled for this week.  It will return... simply didn't work out this week. 
  •  Thursday 6am:  The speed session takes place at RCTC indoor track. As always, bring dry shoes to wear on the track. 
  • Thursday 4:45pm:  A couple of us are running a Progressive Run before the official Team R.E.D. run.. meet at the Bears Den.   What is a Progressive Run?  We'll run 7.5 miles, starting at 10/min mile and picking up the pace at each mile mark... last half mile is cool-down.  Upon completion, you can join the 6pm RED for more miles.. or hit the bar!  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron. Join us for another great night! 
  • Saturday 12/20 7am: The Annual Team R.E.D. / O.S.S. Breakfast Run & Fun from Charlies!  Please dress in a festive spirit, bring a contribution for the food shelf and bring cash for your breakfast buffet! Exact change sure makes life better.. please bring exact change. 

I've posted the Team R.E.D. member results for the Winter 5K Series.  I've posted results from each of the first two races... keep in mind it's a 3-race series.  Runners can drop their slowest time, and the top two finishes will be compiled to determine a winner.  The final race is scheduled for the afternoon of New Years Eve.

It's shaping up to be quite a dual in the 51-55 Women's division as Sonja and Lorelei are neck & neck as we approach race #3.

Generous prizes are offered in every age group.
1st place age group wins a pair of shoes from TerraLoco!
2nd place age group wins a $60 gift card at Appolo Liquor!  Unless, of course, it's an underage age group - they will receive a replacement prize.
3rd place age group wins a $25 gift card at Rochester Cycling!

Complete results can be found at

Male                                                    Female                                
Age 21-25  
Race #2   2nd Eric Klein                   3rd Megan Burke
Race #1 1st Eric Klein                      3rd Megan Burke               
Age 26-30 
Race #2    1st Frank Suera
Race #1 2nd Frank Suera
Age 31-35  
Race #2   2nd Oliver Tobin                1st Marisa Vaughn
Race #1 3rd Olivier Tobin                 1st Marisa Vaughn
9th Dave Gutekunst
Age 36-40
Race #2                                               3rd Sarah Champman
                                              6th Becky Tri
Race #1                                               5th Sarah Chapman
Age 46-50
Race #2    1st Tom O'Leary               6th Wendy O'Leary
Race #1 1st Tom O'Leary                  6th Wendy O'Leary
Age 51-55
Race #2     1st Tom Woo                       1st Lorelei Hanson
    2nd Shaun Palmer               2nd Sonja Kranz
                                                4th Jean Murray
                                                6th Amy Anshus
                                                7th Julie Colvin
Race #1 1st Tom Woo                          1st Sonja Kranz
2nd Shaun Palmer                  2nd Lorelei Hanson
                                               4th Amy Anshus
                                                5th Jean Murray
                                                6th Julie Colvin
Age 55-60
Race #2                                                1st Gwen Jacobson
                                               2nd Cathy Torgersen
                                               6th Sue Meyers
Race #1                                                1st Gwen Jacobson
                                               2nd Cathy Torgersen
                                               5th Sue Meyers
Age 61 & Up
Race #2     2nd Roger Heil
Race #1 1st Roger Heil

Friday, December 12, 2014

Racing, Bowling and a bit of Christmas Caroling!

What a great turnout at Wildwood for Thursday's Team R.E.D.!  Wildwood appreciates our business and when we choose them as our destination, they have agreed to extend their happy hour until 7:30pm for our group! That ensures we can get our full workout in, and still enjoy a 2-for-1 post race beverages!

Saturday 7:30am:  If you'd like to run with Off Season Striders, gather at Brothers Bar & Grill at 7:30.  You can do this as your lone workout, or add the 5K at 9:30!
Saturday 9:30am:  The 2nd of three Winter Series 5K's takes place at Soldiers Field.  You can still compete in this series even if you missed the first one.  To place in the series you take your top two finishes, so there is a race Saturday and a race on New Years Eve (day!)

  • Note: Twigs is the location for the post race prizes and announcements.  This weekend Twigs will actually be open!  They are opening for business at 10:30am.  
Saturday 5pm:  The Belrichards are hosting a pre-bowling party at their home -  8431 14th Street, NW  Byron.  They are located about 1/2 mile north of Hwy 14 on Cty Road 3.  Our hosts are providing beer and wine... Thanks so much for hosting! 
Saturday 7pm:  Ugly Christmas Sweater Bowling at Byron Lanes... if you have not RSVP'd don't worry, just show up!  The Bowling Alley has agreed to let us bring in food, so consider bring something to share (there is Bar Pizza also available if you'd like to order at the alley).  
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are heading to Charlies Eatery & Pub on 2nd Street.  Another great chance to run with others and enjoy some social time post run! 
Monday 6pm: Team R.E.D. heads to the Douglas Saloon! Welcome Home Team R.E.D.!  - the warmer temps and some possible rain should clear the trail nicely for potentially one of our last runs from Douglas until spring! Get out and experience what is the best Saloon & Social Club in the area! 

Tuesday 6pm: Team R.E.D. heads to TerraLoco for customer appreciation night!  We'll be able to get out for a run and/or walk, but also do some good for Toys For Tots! - The first 100 people to donate a toy and $5, will receive a free pair of socks!  - Additionally, TerraLoco is giving out over $2,000 in prizes on that evening and providing some snacks and drinks - the drink options do include the type some of you adults might desire post run! 
Wednesday 5:30pm:  The Hill crew continues to dominate and get stronger!  Meet at Edina Reality near TJ Maxx and make yourself a better runner! This is a great chance to meet other runners, while getting a solid workout in. 
Thursday 6am:  The speed crew has a similar mission... let's get better!  Meet at RCTC indoor track and get a strong workout in dry conditions!  Always remember to bring dry shoes to change into when you enter the track, as outdoor shoes are not allowed. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits the Bears Den!  There is always an atmosphere of fun at the Den! Let's get our workout in, and settle in with each other for some social time! 

Christmas Caroling! 

This club is about so much more than running.. this I know.  Your community spirit is incredible!  Check out last years Post Bulletin story if you need a reminder of how successful Christmas Caroling was!

Let's do it again!  

Monday 12/22 at 6pm:  We'll gather at Cowboy Jacks on Broadway in Rochester. Please bring a financial donation of any amount and we'll go caroling and doing good things for others.  If you can contribute the cost of what you would spend on a pitcher or two of beer... and we combine our efforts, we can make some people surprisingly happy!  Let's do it! 


The PB story of our Christmas Caroling brought me to reflect on some of the great things we've done together this past year! - Just think about the many things we've accomplished in just 12 months...  let alone the full 5 years of great service to our community!  -- I'm going to miss a bunch of things so please feel free to email me with what I miss, and we'll add it to this list of great accomplishments!

  • We Christmas caroled at restaurants and paid for the dinner of nine tables! 
  • We were featured on KTTC multiple times.... and once on the Today Show! Proof?  Here's the link
  • We were featured in Post Bulletin and Byron Review... all good!  
  • We paid for 27 young people to run in area races in 2014! Over 200 total since the inception of the Youth Scholarship Fund! 
  • We volunteered at Multiple Events! Supporting the Rochester Track Club, Med City Marathon, Byron Cross Country, Lace Up Against Breast Cancer, Mayo Clinic Healthy Human Race.. and so many others! 
  • We supported JDRF with an annual Run for the Pancake and the Roll & Stroll! 
  • We raised $940 for Join the Journey without hardly breaking a sweat! Because we were cold in our Undies! 
  • We supported the Donut Run! providing funds to allow athletes to take part in a 3 day training trip! 
  • We raised money for the Team R.E.D. general fund with the fantastic Beer Mile!
  • We ran and walked personal best in distance and times!  
  • We 1-Miled, 5K'd , 10K'd, Half Marathon'd, Full Marathon'd, Ultra'd, Goofied, Dopied! 
  • We traveled! We Bus'd we Trolley'd! 
  • We qualified for Boston & NYC! 
  • We've met so many new people.. new friends! 

** A few other upcoming events to keep in mind include.... 

  • Dec 20th:  Team R.E.D. / Off Season Striders Annual Christmas Breakfast Run & Breakfast! Cousin Eddie has been working the details and I believe this event is nearly full!  First 60 RSVP's got in! 
  • Dec 24th:  A Christmas Eve morning run with brunch, and special guest Renee Saxman!  Jean is hosting and additional details will come.  Be sure to check back. 
  • Dec 31st 4pm:  The 3rd of the Winter Series 5Ks!  Again at Soldiers Field, with an award ceremony and open bar at Twigs to follow. 
  • Jan 3rd - The Rochester Track Club's annual Prediction Run and Lunch at Gloria Dei Church in Rochester. This is a race that anyone can win!  The person predicting the closest t their actual finish time wins, so you do not need to be the fastest for this one! 
  • Jan 31st - The Wilder Foot Race - a 20 mile unsupported gravel road race starting in Spring Valley.  Several Team R.E.D. members are planning on this one, let's make a winter party of it!  To register you just need to send an email to Dustin at and let him know you'd like to enter the race (there is no charge!)  Tell him you'd like to run as part of Team R.E.D.'s team.  You can see pictures of past years by visiting
  • By Jan 31st  - Register for Return of the Robin 5K, 10K or Half Marathon by Jan 31st and receive Free Entry to the Music Festival which includes Hair Ball!  The races and music fest are on March 28th. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Still working on Pics!

Struggling with the slideshow for pics... but as a teaser, here are a few provided by Tom W... Thanks for volunteering and taking pictures Tom!  In the meantime, I'll get this dang slide show figured out and provide it as well, as it captures so many more of you!

Also, thanks to all our other Volunteers who helped make the Undie Run happen.. those volunteers include Sarah, Lisa, Jenni, Jennifer, Brock, Katie, Cory and Wendy!

Carrie & Jessica get the Judges attention!

Dave enjoying the freedom! 

New Members.... Allison and Craig! 

New Member and Woman's Champion - Cassy!

New Member and Men's Champion - Nathan!

Golden Undie Award Winners - Dan & Ann!

There are only three seats remaining for the Dec 20th Breakfast celebration at Charlies Eatery & Pub!  Be sure to reply to the evite with a YES if you want to dine that morning.  We'll start the day with a run or a walk.. then settle in for the Breakfast Buffet!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Partial Update

I've been out of town the past couple of days, so wanted to get you a quick update and I'll add pictures Monday.

First and foremost... Nice Work at the Underwear One Mile!   We raised $940 for Join the Journey and had a bunch of fun doing it!  
  • Results from the Underwear Mile are posted below... pics will be added Monday! Be sure to check back!  
Place Name Time
1 Nathan Wohfeil 5:48 Top Male
2 Cassy Opitz 5:55 Top Female
3 Frank Suera 5:57
4 Dan Leach 5:59
5 Claire Walling 6:11
6 Steve Gastfield 6:15
7 Adam Walters 6:40
8 Gwen Jacobson 6:55
9 David Sletten 6:57
10 Paul Chmielewski 7:10
11 Deanne Hice 7:34
12 Chelsie Larsen 7:35
13 Carrie Walsh 7:37
14 Dana Palmer 7:37
15 Susan Osborn 7:39
16 Marley Ayres 7:42
17 Sylvia Clark 7:58
18 Jessica Richardson 7:59
19 Dan Jonhson 8:00 Golden Undie Award
20 Beth Burton 8:01
21 Ann Nepstad 8:13 Golden Undie Award
22 Katy Shones 8:28
23 Justine Trueblood 8:28
24 Allison Ross 9:27
25 Craig Ross 9:27
26 Roberta Pogaiz 9:54
27 Randy Quint 10:08 DQ'd 
28 Sonja Kranz 10:21
29 Scott Kranz 10:21
30 Stacy Schultz 10:22
31 Heidi Corley 10:23
32 Heather Lentz 10:33
33 Dawn Leppert 10:33
34 Annette Chmielewski 12:06
35 Terri Timm 12:07
36 Wendy Oleary 12:08

I'm so proud to be part of this group, finding ways to contribute to the community and rocking the fun factor!

... and as Team R.E.D. always does... we roll on with a new week full of Fitness & Fun!
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are running and/or walking from Whistle Binkies North in Rochester.  This is a fun location and they always have something on special for the social part of the evening!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Tuesday Trail Crew is heading to the Lost Creek Trail in Chatfield.  Lost Creek is a fun trail and they have an annual trail race along it!  Check out the google map for details as to where to go.  If a carpool or caravan gets set up I'll share that here as well.'30.9%22N+92%C2%B011'32.4%22W/@43.8419946,-92.1915967,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  The Hill Crew is keeping it rolling!  Meet at the Edina Realty near TJ Maxx and work the hills to build for some great race results! 
  • Thursday 6am:  The Speed Crew turns them over at the indoor track of RCTC. It's a great way to kick off your day!  Bring dry shoes to change into, as outdoor shoes are not allowed on the track. 
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is heading to Rochester... Meet at Wildwood for a great run and/or walk!  If we plan our run right, we can be back in time to enjoy the 2 for 1 special if ordered 7pm! 
  • Saturday 9:30am:  The 2nd of the Winter Race series races is at Soldiers Field.  There's still time to register as you can place in your age group if you compete in at least 2 of the 3 races.  Consider registering at TerraLoco.  (and packet pickup is also at TerraLoco Friday). 
  • Saturday 7pm - Ugly Sweater Bowling in Byron!  
    • We can even bring our own food... but no crock pots or anything to plug in. - If you're on Facebook you can join the event posted by Adam in the Team R.E.D. facebook page.  If you're not, and you're planning to join the fun, please send an email to Adam so he can have a head count (and enough lanes available.  Adam can be reached at
    • The bowling is designed as a Mixer... we will draw names to determine who is bowling on which lanes... making it easier for all of us to meet each other more easily!  
    • The bowling event also has a pre-party at Tod & Meg's home.   YES!
  • Sunday Dec 14th - Ugly Sweater 5K in LaCrosse... See Gwen if you'd like to get connected with a Carpool.  You can reach Gwen via email at   The group had a lot of fun at this event last year, and have decided to do it again!   See details and register at the followinglink.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday Night Fever!

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. runs from the Bears Den in Byron where it's always 70 and sunny!  Get your reflective gear on, and let's go!
Friday 6:30pm:  The Underwear One-Mile for Join the Journey!  You can still register online until 4pm Friday... or register at the Byron MarketPlace between 5-6pm Friday.

All participants should proceed to the Byron Marketplace to check-in... and, if you're interested in a pre-race beer, head over to the Bears Den after checkin.   The Bears Den is going to pour a couple of free pitchers as you prepare for the event!

Online Registration available at

  • Best Undies Male and Best Undies Female as voted by a panel of Bears Den staff receive a wonderful plaque, along with a $50 gift card to TerraLoco!  
  • Fastest Finisher Male and Female each receive a dazzling Team R.E.D. Long Sleeve Tee! 
    • If the winners are non-Team RED members they earn an commplimentary 2015 membership. 
    • If the winners are current Team RED members, they earn a complimentary 2015 renewal! 
  • Door Prizes include a pair of shoes from TerraLoco.... Two shirts from TerraLoco... three carwashes from Need's Car Wash... entry to the Med City Half Marathon and an entry to the Med City 5K from the Med City Marathon... entry to the Donut Run from Byron Cross Country... entry to the Beer Mile from Team R.E.D.
Saturday 7:30am:  Brother Bar & Grill is the place to be for Off Season Striders.  Last Saturday was a wonderful turnout, let's keep it rolling!  As is the norm, gather at the back door of Brothers to keep the prime parking in front for people who are coming to dine (and not wandering away for an hour or so!)
Sunday 8am:  Panera South is the Off Season Striders location for the day.  Again... always fun to get out with a group, and start your day right!  


I'd like to thank Tom Woo for his great work creating a Team R.E.D. calendar!  These are being sold as a fundraiser for the Team R.E.D. general fund.  If you'd like to get your hands on one, I'll have them with me at the Bears Den tonight, and at the Undie Mile tomorrow.  If you can't make it to either of those events, but are interested in one, drop me an email at and I'll set it aside for you!  We have a qty of 50... so get them while supplies last!


The Evite has gone out to Off Season Striders and Team R.E.D. regarding the annual Christmas Brunch and run/walk from Charlies Eatery & Pub on Dec 20th.  The event is limited to the first 60 people to reply to the evite with a YES.  If you have not received the evite, but think you should be on our distribution list, drop me an email at to be added to our distribution list.  


The Ugly Sweater Bowling on Dec 13th is gaining good traction as well!  If you are on facebook you can join the event with a reply of 'going'.   If you are not on facebook, you can drop Adam an email at   --  Can you just show up without replying? Sure, but it helps us give an approx headcount to the bowling alley if we know ahead of time to expect you!