Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Routes are up!

Let's run in Byron!  Routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog...  I got a call today from Miss Casey Graham.. and she will be in town to join us on Thursday at 6pm, that should be fun!  

For those of you training for full or half marathons, you might want to check out Dan Strain's blog, as he is now posting the training class long run routes.    To participate in full or half marathon training runs you do not have to be a member of any club, or a member of the training class... all are welcome, however if you're not part of the official class, they do ask for $1 to help offset some of the costs for the aid (banana's, gatorade ect.. ) along the training routes.

Check out Dan's blog at Running Rochester

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whew... back in Byron!

Hey all.. sorry for such limited posts and emails lately, but we've been out of town for the past week... but back in Byron now, and loving it!


Wednesday: Jim Mason had this to pass along for a trail run. We’re going to meet at the flag pole at Carly State Park ( right past the office)at 6:15PM.  --- Mason and Hurricane ran out there Monday night, and reported it as "a ton of fun".

Check out some information on the park at

Thursday:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den at 6pm.  Routes will be posted tomorrow... should be 3 of them ranging from 2.5 - 6 miles...

Look for another update Wednesday... see you all soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looks like a great group!

It sure looked like a great night for a run in Rochester last night!  Wish I could have joined you all... I'll be back on track with you next week.  

Below are some shots I received from Paul.. thanks for the pics Melby!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday @ Renee's!

This week's team R.E.D. heads to Rochester for some run and some fun with hostess Renee Saxman! Renee is hosting and will provide water, pop and food for post run social time... BYOB if your beverage choice is stronger in nature... Runners, walkers & family members all are welcome to join in the fun!

The Routes are available at the following links.. once again, Thanks Renee for creating them!

5.5 Mile:
1 Mile:  

Renee lives at 2026 Kal Lane SW, Rochester... and they will roll out at 6pm.

Next week, we're back at the Bears Den in Byron!  Have fun all summer long!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A very quick post to say Congrats to all of you who competed in various events this weekend! Several R.E.D. members were active

Some at the Rochesterfest Tri, The Covered Bridge 5K & 10K and at Grandmas Marathon & Half Marathon.  What a great weekend! Let me know if you were in some other event... and better yet, if you have pics, send them my way and I'll try to get them posted!

Below is a slide show with some pics from pre & post race.. at Grandmas. (the last picture in the slide show requires a bit of explaining... the guy in the pic is Doug Kurtis -- winner of Grandmas Marathon twice! 1989 & 1993 --- he is 58 years old, and ran a very nice 2:54 this year! ... his wife Ann, ran a strong 3:42 ... seems they were celebrating with a kiss! ) They were quite fun to meet... they are also members of the Hash Hound Harriers, often described as A Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We beat the Storm!

Nice work those of you who challenged the weather... (we actually dodged the intense stuff very nicely!)   A lot of new faces tonight...   Below is Emily (the Team R.E.D. Veteran) along with Allie, Brooke, Amber and below them... Holly.. then Darcy...

It was nice to get a chance to welcome some new people...  I sure hope they enjoyed themselves, and come on back!       On the other hand, we were still stuck with Hurricane (just kidding Matt!)

We did gain an official new member tonight.. welcome Amber!      (shirt presentation will have to follow another day, as I did not have the shirts with me!)      You can check in on Amber and her man Adam, by visiting Running Couple where they track some of their own strides within the running community. 

In the meantime, a quick slide show is below... have fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thursday at the Bears Den

Reminder: We'll meet this Thursday at the Bears Den in Byron at 6pm! Routes will be posted by this evening.... many R.E.D. members are participating in Grandmas Marathon this weekend... good luck to all!

The race season is clearly well underway... tonight my travels took me through Viola, where I ran into Matt "Hurricane' Schrader and Steve Gastfield... both sporting medals from the local Gopher count 5K.    Matt as the overall winner, and Steve as an age group winner!   

Additionally, in the past few days, R.E.D. members have also participated in the MacAttack  the tri at Winona.   Way to stay active out there!   Pictured below are Joe, Mike and Andy feeling good post Trinona...  (I'll share some Mac Attack pics as soon as I can get them saved to my laptop... but as far I I know, Tom Woo and Wally Arnold ran, while Andy, Roger, Peg and Jim all volunteered time)  Very nice work everyone!

Below is a race that might interest some of you, or at least the prize package might!

Friday, June 11, 2010

As always... Great fun!

Thanks to the Melby's for hosting a fun evening of fitness and fun last night!   All 3 of the routes were in play last night, with Team members traveling anywhere from 2.5 miles to 6 miles....

In all, I believe there were 13 runners... 6 walkers... and 3 eaters/drinkers.... .made for a good  night! 



Saturday morning Off Season Striders will run from Panera South at 7am.   Distances vary, as do paces... many people gather post run for some coffee and social time.

Sunday at 5pm is the MacAttack... benefiting Brighter Tomorrow's outreach mission for families touched by childhood cancer. This is a 5K run.. and 3K fun walk.  Details can be found at:

Sunday at 6pm... Hiking at Oxbow Park.  Meet at the 3rd bridge.  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain or Shine!

Team R.E.D. is still gathering tonight, rain or shine... details are down just a couple posts below!  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hammer Time

Check out the new look for Karl-Peter!  And be sure to track Rachel and KP's blog hammertime  to keep track of them and their adventures this month!


Also, check the post below for Thursday's Team R.E.D. details... see you soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday with the Melby's

Join us Thursday at 6pm for this week's Team R.E.D. ,  hosted by the Melby's (245 10th St. NE in Byron).     Thanks for hosting Paul and Shelly!   Post Run/Walk... the Melby's plan to provide cheap beer, wine and water... the beer was the only item specifically identified as cheap, so I'm sure the wine and water is top shelf!  

Please consider bringing some type of snack or dish to share after the workout....  lawn chairs are another great thing to toss in your vehicle just in case!    


This morning Paul, Marv and myself headed off to the Byron track for some speed work.  5:20am comes mighty early.. and by the looks of these two.. 'mighty early' is not an exaggeration!

The workout was solid, despite the darkness and rain.... many Team R.E.D. members were also working out in Rochester this evening, with hill work, and optional track work at Soldiers Field.   I've joined this group before, and I am sure they got the job done! 

Be sure to check out Ramblin' Renee's blog , as I would suspect pictures from tonight's hill workout and possibly the runner's social will appear.    She's so good with having a camera at hand!


This weeks routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog!  Fitness & Fun Everyone!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oxbow Hike Tonight!

If you're interested in a fun and challenging hike, you're in luck.   Tonight (Sunday) at 6pm a group is gathering at the 3rd bridge at Oxbow park... then heading off into the wonderful trail systems.    Running is not required, but you sure are welcome to run if you choose. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Schedule & A couple updates

Summer R.E.D.
We have had great response to the summer schedule for home hosts!   Thanks to everyone who has signed up... we have booked locations into August.. if you're interested in any of the open dates below please let me know at     

I'll be sure to get you the vital details such as "where does melby live?" as each home host week approaches.     On opposite weeks, we'll continue to gather at the Bears Den!      Below the week by week detail are some pics to remind you how fun summer time is!

May 27th <<--- Oxbow
June 10th <<--- Paul & Shelly Melby
June 24th <<-- Renee Saxman
July 8th <<--- Randy Quint
July 22nd <<--- Emily and Larry Franck

August 12th <<--- Sara and Joe Ryan
August 26th  --- Adam & Jill Walters
Sept 9th
Sept 23rd
Oct 14th
Oct 28th

Casey Update: 
As many of you are aware, Casey had a bicycle accident and broke both arms (and wrists!).    She's been spending time with her parents during recovery, and it's great she has that support nearby!    I sure hope she has a quick recovery, as we all know how active she likes to be!  I also know this is a hard time for her, as she just wants to 'go'...  When she was living in Byron, I can tell you she NEVER said 'no' to the question "do you want to go on a run"... and these past few weeks are pretty tough on such an active young woman.   You'll be back on track soon Casey!

Below are a couple shots that demonstrate some of Casey's passion for action!   The winter picture was one of 3 times in 24 hours that Paul, Casey and I got out during a fantastic winter storm.  Great fun!

Rachel & KP Hammer Update:
As you may or may not know... KP & Rachel are out on a once in a lifetime trip!  They are traveling to South Africa as Rachel has a great opportunity to work in a hospital there.  Meanwhile.. KP is 'tagging along'... and from the sounds of it.. they plan to Rock 'n Roll with the World Cup!

You can keep tabs on the Hammers by visiting their blog  Hammer Time! 

These two know how to have a good time.. something tells me they will continue that trend in South Africa as well!

That's it for now... Chester Woods is fast approaching..... and I'm already up too late!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Routes are Up!

Thursday June 3rd at 6pm we gather at the Bears Den for the route of your choice!  They are posted on the right hand side of the blog...  take a peek... !

In addition to Team R.E.D. Thursday... and Chester Woods Trail run Saturday... The Off Season Striders (OSS) are setting up some weekend runs in June.    Details to the first one of the month are below:

Sunday June 6th, 7am
Dunn Bros North
Typically, they run anywhere from 6-12 miles (various paces)
This is a fun social group... gathering for coffee and social time upon completion!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This week is loaded!

Be sure to check the posts below if you're looking for pics from the Med City marathon..  check further below if you're looking for the pics referenced in the poll questions!

There are many great running opportunities again this week.  Let's all get rolling!

Tonight:  5:00 and/or 5:30pm.... Hill workout... Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial.. run a short warm up to the hills of 10th St and 9th Ave SW....  and rock and roll...  if you're late, just run to the hills, and join them!
Tonight: 6:15pm... Trail run at Chester woods.   A chance to run the course for this weekends event (or at least some portion of it).   It's incredible out there, go and enjoy!
Wednesday: All Day...  National Running Day
Thursday 6:00pm ... Team R.E.D. from the Bears Den.   Routes will be posted on Wednesday.  Be sure to check back  for updates. 
Saturday 8:00am ... Chester Woods 10 Mile & 5K  -- this is a Rochester Track Club Grand Prix event.. and directed by RTC and Team R.E.D. member Jim Mason.    ( Team RED members are staffing a water station).

Also.. don't forget the Mac Attack coming up in just over a week!   That's a great event for  a great cause!  We received this message from Lin Gentling:

On Sunday June 13th, 5 PM, the MacAttack 5K and 3K Fun Walk (4:55 start) will be held with the start at Silver Lake Swimming Pool on 7th St. NE. The run course is 1.5 times around Silver Lake. There will be post race food and plenty of entertainment. All race proceeds will go to Brighter Tomorrows, an outreach to families touched by childhood cancer.

You can Register Online at: