Monday, May 31, 2010

Med City Marthon - from the sideline

Below is one long slide show!   It starts with the water station in Byron, hosted by the Rochester Track Club with assistance from Team R.E.D.    We then moved onto the course, approx mile 10 for some cheerleading... and then it was off to the Soldiers Field footbridge where you see runners multiple times, as they reach approx 13.5 miles, 15.5 miles and 25.8 miles.  

Some of the pics below are from our newest Team R.E.D. member. Jim Li....  enjoy!

Also, click on This Link  from Tom Woo... he took many fantastic pics!  Somehow he manages to capture everybody... Nice work Woo!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Luck to all!

Many of you have big event this weekend!   

Good luck to all participating in Med City, Mad City or any other race this weekend.   Here's the Team R.E.D. members who I know will be out there, and we'll be cheering for (I'm sure there are many others, hope I didn't miss you on this list!)  -- We'll try to get some pics from the water station at the 2 mile mark of Med City Marathon ---

 Med City
Joe Ryan - Full Marathon
Sara Ryan - Full Marathon
Jim Mason -  Full Marathon
Matt 'Hurricane' Schrader - Full Marathon
Reneek K - Half Marathon
Lindsey - Half Marathon (wants to join us, but sure hasn't yet!)
Paul M - Half Marathon
Renee S - Half Marathon

Mad City
Bri - Full Marathon!


Sunday Night Hike at Oxbow is on again this week.   Meet at the 3rd Bridge at 6pm Sunday for a fun hike to the upper meadow.   It's challenging, but wonderful out there!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Great night to be out!

*** before this post begins, if you're searching for the pictures of Woo & Melby in reference to the poll on the right hand column, those pics are in the post below. ----  have fun! ***

I'd say it's a great night to be out.. but I wasn't there until the fire was lit and the beer was chilled!   ok ok.. so that IS a great night!

Solid turnout at Oxbow... Thanks Paul for kicking off the group with the route talk!    Others running the trails with Paul included (and I hope I don't miss someone).... Renee S, Roger, Andy B, Tracy B, Andy H, Adam, Chelsie, Emily, KP, Hurricane and Kris,....

Joining post run.. but in time for fire and beer... were Mike, Ann and Aaron Nepstad, Paul Chm, and the O'Leary's... made for a fun group!   All of my pics are post run.. another day we'll capture the trails...!

by the way, there are a few more pics at Ramblin' Renee's Blog  (there always are!)   Visit and enjoy, Renee is connected to all things running and foodie...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mebly & Woo

Oxbow Summer Fun!

The routes are up on the side bar for tonight's run at Oxbow park.  We'll gather at the 1st Bridge (which is actually the 2nd parking lot)  at 6pm.    If you want to run or hike the trails, click on the trail map link and you'll find many options!   If you'd rather stay on the road I've mapped two routes and posted them here as well.

Bring a lawn chair, beverage and something to share.... O'Leary's and Melby's will provide plates, napkins, silverware and firewood!  A great night for a camp fire!

Trail Run!

A few of us made it to Chester Woods park this evening, all was great! Mason took, Hurricane, Becker and myself on the 10 Mile course.. which was cool see ahead of race day! I think the course offers a number of challenges, along with some wonderful views.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fargo Update

Sounds like the Fargo Marathon group had some interesting experiences! Melby and I chatted, he told me he saw a woman cartwheel across the finish line, he saw it via jumbo tron. Then the next day in the Fargo Forum he discovered, that cart wheeling woman was Team R.E.D.'s Rachel Hammer! That's awesome! Below is a link to that story, and I've also copied out the reference to Rachel & KP....

Rachel and Karl Peter Hammer came up from Rochester, Minn., on Friday night. They’re trying to run a marathon in all 50 states, so they were undeterred when Karl Peter caught a flu bug. But they’ve also vowed to always run together, so Rachel had to hang back about an hour slower than their usual clip – complaining often that she was bored.

She had so much extra energy that when she got to the finish line, she crossed it with a cartwheel.

I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from Kris, Paul, KP and Rachel on the marathon.. what fun!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick Congrats!

This is a quick post... starting with Congrats to some Team RED members that I'm aware knocked out a Fargo Marathon today! Paul Melby PR'd today, that much I know for sure... and I saw great results from Kris Saari, Rachel and KP Hammer! Nice work everyone!

We had a solid crew of Team RED at the marathon training group run this morning, as many are running either Med City Marathon or Grandmas Marathon.... these events are fast approaching!

We would still gladly accept 2-4 more people to volunteer at the Team RED water station at Chester Woods Trail Run on June 5th. If you're available, please let me know, as it's a bunch of fun!

Team RED is also joining the Rochester Track Club to host the 1st water station at the Med City Marathon. If you'd like to jump on board, you sure can do so!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yet another...

... great night for Team R.E.D.    The weather was fantastic for running / walking... everyone seemed to survive the routes!

The evening started a little different, there was a woman from (I believe) the Rochester  Chamber of Commerce... wanted to do a story related to the Med City Marathon, and how people prepare, and best spots to view... that sort of stuff... she got Renee and Bri on cam... very good choices!  Way to go Team RED!

Below are a few pics from the evening... we have a couple new members ( and finally had a shirt presentation for Renee!)... wow.. it sure was fun!   Welcome to Team R.E.D. both Chelsie and Sara! (Steve was kind enough to stand in for Joe during Sara's presentation, he was the only one tall enough to fill the shoes)

Gift card winners are Renee K and Chelsie!  Why does the new girl always seem to win?!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Routes are up!

Check out the right hand side for Thursday routes!  See you there!   Did I mention, the Bears Den now offers $5 pitchers of Busch Light ?  (my new favorite beer!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Running Opportunities!

Lots of opportunities this week.. starting Tuesday!

We've received several offers from members to host Team RED nights... this week will be at the Den and then the  following week, we'll begin to alternate some 'home hosts'..... I'm really looking forward to the summer RED, hope you are as well!

Tuesday Night Hills:   Start at the Soldiers Field Memorial, and head to the hills of 9th & 10th. Some runners are starting at 5pm.. others 5:30pm...

Tuesday Night Trail Run:   Meet at the parking lot of Douglas Trail head. (valley high drive next to IBM). 6:15pm is the start..

Thursday Team RED:    6pm -- note start time --... 6pm at Bears Den in Byron. routes will be on the Team RED blog by Wednesday.

Friday Stay out of the Sun Run: 6:30pm... a benefit for melanoma research and education. Distance: 10K, 5K Runs; 5K walk... this is a great race for a great cause, and they keep building year on year! 


Thanks so much to all of you who were able to join in our Roll & Stroll efforts in any fashion, whether it be, participating, contributing, volunteering or wishing us well.... we sure had a great time and excellent turnout!

Our fund raising numbers are now in... in 2009 we raised approx 37,000 dollars for research (which was down from 2008), this year we bounced back very nicely while raising over $44,000! All in all, it was a fantastic day of sharing in the search for a cure for Type-1 Diabetes.

Below is a link of photos provided by our very own, and good friend, Tom Woo...

Pictures from Rol & Stroll 2010

Thanks all! (actual team red business news to follow in an update this evening).

Friday, May 14, 2010

Roll & Stroll - this sunday

As many of you are well aware.  Our family helps to coordinate the Roll & Stroll for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.   It's a 3 mile walk, run or ride (bike, roller blade, whatever you like).. followed by games, music, prizes and a silent auction.   The event starts at 1pm on Sunday, May 16..  at Soldiers Field.

Below is a youtube link that Megan put together which demonstrates why we're involved. 

We'd love to see you there, or if you'd like to contribute, you can do so on Megan's page below:

Megan's fund raising page

Fun Night!

 A few pics from the Bears Den Thursday night...

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Routes are Up!

    Routes are posted for Thursday at 7pm at the Bears Den... 7pm is still the start time this week, but so far,  feedback is largely weighed to returning to a 6pm start... so expect to see that for upcoming RED nights!

    We've gotten a few people offer to host a Team RED evening, let us know if you want to get on board for that as well!


    Volunteers are needed!  

    The Rochester Track Club is hosting the first water/gatorade station for the Med City marathon on May 30th.   Team RED has been invited to join in the fun, and as I recall we have 3-4 Team RED members as volunteers so far, but we sure could use more!    Please let me know in the next day or so if you're available and interested!    This location is at the corner of 10th Ave and 9th Street in Byron, just outside of Somerby... it's a great opportunity to volunteer and still have time to travel the course and cheer for people!

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Nice night! Really...

    Wow.. a lot of people faced the spring weather and hit the hills!   Most,  if not all of them, followed on to the runners social at Beatles!   All in all a very good time.....

    Renee S made an incredible 'oreo cookie' type cake!  (and I had no camera!.. sorry!)    !  It was all part of the celebration for the great results at Lake Wobegone... they traveled as a band of 4... and all returned as Boston Qualifiers!

    Great fun!   I am so behind on pics... they're coming, I mean it, however.. we're trying to crash into the end of a very successful track season!  Let''s go Bears!

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Four More In!

    Wow.. 4 area runners traveled together to the Lake Wobegone Marathon.. and all 4 qualified for Boston!  3 of them setting PR's!

    Congrats to Trevor, Andy, Renee and Roger!  That's a very successful road trip!

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Spring is Over ... Summer Never Came!

    Wow!  What a difference a few days make!  brrrr!    Good luck to those who have ventured off to Lake Wobegone Trail Marathon!   Should be a blast, you're traveling in good company.   Those I'm aware of racing Wobegone this weekend include  Renee S, Roger H, Andy H, & Trevor D!  Go get 'em! 

    For those sticking around the are this weekend, there are a couple opportunities for you to enjoy your running too!

    Saturday 7:15am - 20 Mile Long Run from the RAC (this will be flat!)
    Saturday 9;00am - 5K at Eastwood Park (this will not be flat!)

    Below is a great shot, courtesty of Renee from last night's Team R.E.D.

    Thursday, May 6, 2010


    Team R.E.D. meets at the Bears Den tonight at 7pm.   All routes are posted, and they each go past the Byron Middle School, this will give you an opportunity to take a mid distance break if you want to sneak a peek at the Track Meet.   I typically appreciate a mid distance break!

    Below are a couple of Team R.E.D. pics from the Eau Claire Marathon & Half Marathon.  First shot is just scoping out the start & finish day the day prior.   Spring Classic pics are on the way later today.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010


    I first want to thank all the volunteers at Spring Classic!   You are the very best!  Pictures of you making it happen are on the way!  We have a great number of pictures provided by Tom Woo...  here's the link, in the coming day or so, I'll turn some into a slide show featuring you Team R.E.D. members.

    Congrats go to the following Team R.E.D. members for a great Spring Classic 15K & 5K (please tell me if I missed anyone in any of these mentions!)...  award winners were won among them too! Fancy flowery ones!
    • Renee Saxman
    • Lana Lappi
    • Steve Gastfield
    • Mary Dykes
    Congrats to the Team R.E.D. marathon and half marathon finishers at Eau Claire, LaCrosse & Prairie du Chien this past weekend... award winners were among them too!  Way to go Team R.E.D.!

    • Tom Woo
    • Paul Melby
    • Bri Hamann
    • Andy Becker
    • Tom O'Leary
    • Wally Arnold
    • Peg Arnold
    • Matt Schrader
    • Renee Kottschade
    I'll end with one of the many great pics from this weekend.  The Kids run is #1 in my heart.. but this one is a Team R.E.D. member finally! finally!  finally! receiving his Team R.E.D. shirt.   Congrats to Steve Gastfield!

    Monday, May 3, 2010

    Catching up!

    Wow.. what a whirlwind of a weekend!  I've been slow to make updates here, as I've been a bit caught up in the whirlwind myself....  trust the updates are coming in many areas, including updates on participants and volunteers for  Spring Classic,... participants at Eau Claire Marathon & Half, participants in LaCrosse Marathon and Half, as well as participants in the upcoming Lake Wobegon Marathon & Half.    Wow, Team R.E.D. members are hopping! 

    In the meantime, I thought I'd share this slide show of photo's (courtesy of Team R.E.D. member and fantastic volunteer photog, Tom Woo).   It was so great to see the smiles on these young runners... look close as there is likely a future State Champion or even a few Champions in this bunch, and many others who will continue to stay fit and enjoy this sport for many many years.   It's very awesome!

    Another thanks is in order as Team R.E.D.'s Paul Melby was our Kids Mile coordinator.. He and his family were a fantastic support for the Kids Mile.  In fact, they were the "builders of the May baskets" complete with medals for each Kids Miler!   Great work!

    Tuesday's hill workout is on... I suspect several regular participants may take it easy as they have either just completed a marathon, or are preparing to complete one this weekend. None the less, the group is meeting at 5:30pm Tuesday at the Soldiers Field memorial. Join if you can!

    Tuesday's Trail run is on...  Meet at the Quarry Hill Nature Center parking lot for an easy 5ish miles of trail jaunting on the super smooth, fun, and beautiful, cross country ski trails.  This group plans on starting about 6:15PM


    That's it for now.. more pictures and updates as referenced above, will follow in the coming days.