Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hey.. the 2011 Reflections post won't come until Sunday or Monday.  Please email me any thoughts, memories, achievements or stories you have in regards to the 2011 year of Team R.E.D... to be included in the post.

Take a peek at R.E.D. member Allan Jorgensen..  He's serving in Kuwait and appears to be in great shape while sporting his Team R.E.D. shirt.  In the next pic he's posing with Puddle of Mudd...  that's right up there in the CFI - Cool Factor Index!   Thanks for your service Al! 

  •  Sunday 9am:  Off Season Striders is planning a 3 mile run from Panera South in Rochester.  3 miles.. wake up and get on out there, it'll be good for the blood stream!
  • Sunday 11am:   Good luck to those of you running the Running Room's Resolution Run, the event is sold out, but I know many of you got registered in time, have fun!
  • Sunday 3:30pm:  Hike at Oxbow Park.  Meet at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park) ... and off we'll go for an hour or so.
  • Monday 8am:  Off Season Stirders are out and about again, this time meeting at Dunn Bros. on Elton Hills Drive. 
  • Jan 15th 1-4pm:   Come to the Rochester Eagles Club and help with Blankets of Hope! As many of you know, Erin is involved with this group, and the generosity of Team R.E.D. has been recognized and greatly appreciated.   You can continue to help by coming on the 15th to tie blankets, or make a contribution to make a blanket for a solider.   
Here's a few shots from this past Thursday's Run / Walk from the Bears Den... always great fun with this group!  Now, you have to look close at the last pic of this series, Dave Eide is in there, he's just in the dark... !

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The week continues to fill!

See below the new additions, including a New Years Eve party that you are all invited to attend!
  • Today!  Last minute, spontaneous run!  B-Double-E-Double-R-U-N Beer Run!  See the note from Jean below... 
    • It isn’t Thursday,  but it should be.    Anyone up for a spontaneous Beer Run today,  at  3:30pm,    gather at  Beetles in Rochester.     
      • Please pass the word…     

  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. meets at the Bears Den in Byron.   Routes will be in the regular range of 3,4 and 6 miles. -- should see those routes up later Wednesday.
    • NOTE:  The first couple of Thursdays of January will not follow our regular alternating schedule, which says 1st & 3rd Thursdays are at the Bears Den.  Rather, January 5th will be in Rochester, and January 12th will be at Somberby. 
  • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are returning to the scene... the run will kick off at the Crown Restaurant on 2nd St SW (across from St Marys).   
  • Saturday 8pm:  New Years Eve Party at the Ryans! Everyone is welcome.  Bring your own booze, a snack to share and party favors/toys.  5236 Middlebrook Dr, NW. 281-9328. Please RSVP to Sara at
  • Sunday 11am: The Running Room is hosting their annual Resolution Run.  This is always a fun event 
  • Sunday 3:30pm:  Hike at Oxbow Park.  Meet at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park) ... and off we'll go for an hour or so.
  • Monday 8am:  Off Season Stirders are out and about again, this time meeting at Dunn Bros. on Elton Hills Drive.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What's next?

The RCTC Fieldhouse is hosting a wrestling tournament (The Clash) this weekend.   In the past we've found it was very difficult to do quality speed work on the indoor track, while set-up was taking place for this event (i.e. bleachers covering half the track).   So.. with that said, I'd suggest a Tuesday night hill workout instead.   -- Wear your headlamps and reflective clothing! --
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  Hill repeats!   Meet at the Soldiers Field memorial in Rochester.  Run a warmup over to the base at the intersection of 10th St SW & 9th Ave SW.   For a hill workout, you will run up, pressing your work effort, while focusing on efficiency and form.   When you reach the top, head back down the hill at recovery pace... the idea is to reach the bottom ready to press up the hill again!    You can pick one of the two hills to work on, or alternate. 
    • 10th St SW is the longer of the two hills,and doesn't appear very steep until the last 100M or so.
    • 9th Ave SW is the shorter of the two, and is plain old steep!
    • If you arrive late... participate anyway, run over to the hills and join in! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. meets at the Bears Den in Byron.   Routes will be in the regular range of 3,4 and 6 miles. --
    • NOTE:  The first couple of Thursdays of January will not follow our regular alternating schedule, which says 1st & 3rd Thursdays are at the Bears Den.  Rather, January 5th will be in Rochester, and January 12th will be at Somberby. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twas the Morning of Christmas Eve!

Wow.. what a great gathering at the Crown Restaurant. This combination of R.E.D and Off Season Striders was a hit! In all 66 members, family & friends started out the Christmas weekend in fantastic fashion. Lots of smiles, hand shakes, hugs and well wishes. Not to mention a great breakfast buffet! Gotta love it!

Many thanks go to Randy & Jean for coordinating this breakfast run, as it takes a bit of planning to fill a restaurant to capacity!  Even overflowed a bit to the bar side!

The pictures you'll see in the slide show are a combination of Tom O's and Tom W's... Tom W's will be the clear ones, so easy to spot.

Before we get to the slide show I have to share a couple of things. First, it's often been said the Women of R.E.D. can stop traffic.. and here is proof, as I had to stop to take this picture!

Millie Larger than Life!

Attention all Snow Shoe'ers! The SnowShoe Crew Jackets are in process of being completed. They look fantastic! If you ordered one, and haven't paid Team R.E.D. yet, please do so very soon! I'll pick up jackets as they are available, for all those who have paid. If you didn't get in on the initial order, but are interested, just drop me an email at

And, finally, here's a look at the Christmas Eve fun!

Friday, December 23, 2011

So Much Fun! - So Much Good!

It's always great to see this team get together!  It was a very nice turnout at the Suk/O'Leary household (Wendy and I moved in immediately, we are not dummies).   

The run was fun... the caroling at Beatles Bar was a hit!  Nice work all of you!   The food, the drink, and most of all, the company was fantastic!   Also keep in mind, we welcomed a new member.. Gwen!   I've said it before and it's worth repeating.. new members are fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing so many of you at the 2nd Annual Christmas Eve Morning Run for the Fun! -- Fitness & Fun is what it's all about!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I know I promised track pics.. they are not yet available... ....but the routes are up! 

There is a little bit of explaining to do with the routes.. there are lots of options on distance that we'll discuss before we roll... but the key is, I have us heading to Beatles Bar... why?  To spread a little Christmas cheer!   Please bring your voice (if you hate this idea, still join us, but mouth it! or worst case, run around the parking lot )      --- if you have something festive to wear, sport it up!  all in all.. prepare for a fun run! 

So we'll run to Beatles.. to go direct is 1.25 miles... we'll ask some of the faster travelers to take a loop, coming in at about 2.25 miles.. then, once we're all gathered.. we will go inside and sing a couple Christmas Carols!   Why?  Same answer as last year, because drunks are people too! 

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

R.E.D. in Rochester!

This Thursday at 6pm we're back in Rochester with a gracious home host! We'll meet at Millie's place 800 Clover Lane SW, 55902 Multiple routes will be posted this evening, and range from roughly 3, 4 to 6 miles.

Carve out a little time for Thursdays fun! The menu isn't totally set yet, but will probably be a ham/potato hotdish, dessert, bread, other side dish(es), and some beer and wine for the post run. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.. Wooooo hooo!

Tuesday night was a strong turnout on the track... more pics to follow this evening (along with those aforementioned routes!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Team R.E.D. visited the Byron Food Shelf on Tuesday afternoon.. and they were very appreciative!   It's amazing to think what little effort it took for this group to raise $614.30 for the food shelf!  Nice work all!

The slide show below shows Adam, Ann & Mike presenting our super-sized check to Nancy & Ursula at the Byron Food Shelf. -- another special thanks goes to Megan O'Leary for creating the presentational check! ---

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Here we go again!

  • Tuesday 5:30pm: Tuesday Night Track work at RCTC... let's get on the indoor track, and focus on speed! How does this work? Arrive by 5:30... run a warm up. Then we'll discuss 'the plan' and go! Not everyone does the very same workout, there are options, but the key is to turn the feet over!
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is heading to Rochester, home hosted by Millie! She is providing everything we need for the social... just need you and your shoes, your fun spirit and get ready to walk or run!   Then back to the homestead for the party. -- Millie's address will follow.
Here's a shot of Tom O's new mug!   It's a big boy mug... heavy! Requires two hands!  -- The mug is sweet!  As is the Plaque!  .... and all the generosity we've seen from this team.  I'm not over stating when I say, you are all Amazing!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Options

We have a couple of options to get out and about...  Note:  I do not have a hike planned, as Wendy and I can not be there, and we haven't heard from anyone who is planning to lead one. If you're interested in having a group hike added, let me know and I'll share away!
  •  Saturday 7:30am:  Meet at the back door of Brothers Bar & Grill for a run with Off Season Striders.   The paces vary... and distance is really up to you!   
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders again!   This time gather at Panera South, and enjoy! 
Tonight, Friday.. a few Team R.E.D. members were spotted at Mia's Birthday party.  


    Overwhelmed is the best word Wendy and I could come up with... wow.

    We'll share details on the dollars to the Food Shelf, as well as the dollars to the Blankets of Hope project! You are all so amazing! -- then you gifted us... and we don't know exactly how to express our appreciation for all of you!    We are in this for the same reasons you are.. to meet people who share a passion for fitness... while having a social outlet.

    You are all the best! As a friend of ours would say (and she's right).. YOU ROCK!

    Welcome to our newest member....  Katrina... !
    Great Job.. raising money for the cause!

    Welcome to Iceland!

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Bears Den 6pm!

    This Thursday is a Bears Den night!  ...Gather at 6pm.. there will be 3 options on routes (not yet posted!)

    Hey, it turns out we have arrived in Iceland!    Lori had us take the long route, so for those of you who pledged by the mile... good for you, as you get to give more!

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Hot Track Night!

    Wow.. there was a strong turnout on the track.. I think, it was 16 members! I tried to capture most...

    Note:  This Thursday we're physically at the Bears Den, but actcually, arriving in Iceland!   If you are interested in making a contribution to the Byron Food Shelf, in conjunction with our arrival please come on out and place your contribution in the Iceland For Food bucket!  We're accepting your check, money order, cash, and even donations of food! -- we'll deliver the collected donations to the Byron Food Shelf next week, Tuesday,  possibly capture a picture or two!

    If you can't make it this Thursday, you still have time to give!  Send your check to:
    Food Drive
    805 1st Ave NW
    Byron MN, 55920

    Byron Food Shelf is a satellite of Channel One (so any checks should be payable to Channel One, but please note in your memo line 'byron food shelf' ).  

    Thanks so much... I find this Team incredible! 

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    It's time !

    Everyone has a lot going on.. but there's always time for Team R.E.D.!

    Given the sudden warm up in temps, we're lucky we got out on snowshoes Sunday. 8 people strapped them on, and hit the hills of oxbow.  Great fun!   Additionally, if you ordered snowshoe jackets, they are coming soon... !
    • Tuesday 5:30pm:  Track at RCTC indoor track.   Meet at the field house, bring some dry shoes to change into!  We're looking at a ladder workout, and if you've never done one, this is a great chance to give it a shot!
    • Thursday 6pm:   We're anticipating our arrival in Iceland! Please submit your weekly mileage to ensure we make it to Iceland!  -- We'll meet at the Bears Den in Byron, and celebrate with routes ranging from 2.5 to 6 miles.. The celebration will continue post run or walk, with some great social time! 
      • If you pledged, please bring your contribution for the Byron Food Shelf on Thursday. 
      • If you haven't pledged, but want to donate, please do!  
      • If you can't make it Thursday, but still want to contribute, you can send a check payable to Byron Food Shelf, to me at 805 1st Ave NW, Byron MN  55920 -- and we'll get it rolled in with the gift. 
    For any of you single guys hoping to pick up a Viking woman ... here's a tip..

      Friday, December 9, 2011

      Weekend updates!

      A big Thank You to Randy for handling the route talk at Brothers Bar & Grill this evening... sure sounded like everything went fantastic, as long as your name wasn't Franck!  ... but really, if you're going to get lost, it may as well be with Team R.E.D!

      Here is the weekend plan.. it's loaded!
      • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders will gather at Dunn Brothers (north).   This group typically offers a flexible route of 8-10 miles (flexible means, it's typically easy to lengthen or shorten the route).   -- don't forget to enjoy the post run social! --
      • Saturday 9am:  There's a FREE class being offered, titled Barefoot Training.  It's described as using a blend of Pilate's, Yoga, & Sculpting for a complete total body workout. The class starts at 9am at the Emily Griffith Photography Studio, 328 South Broadway, Suite C in Rochester... you can register by calling Michelle at 319-6712 or visiting
        • Additionally, Michelle and I have discussed pulling something together in January, incorporating a run or walk, prior to the class.  Might be a great way to maintain mileage and get the benefits of strength and stretching along with it.  -- a great chance to try something new!
      •  Sunday 8am:  Off season striders meets at Panera South, again a flexible run with a great social post run. .
      • Sunday 12:15pm:  If snow permits, dust off those snowshoes and meet at the 1st bridge of Oxbow park!  -- Check back to the blog in case weather forces a delay on this, i.e. it warms up too much! --
      • Sunday Night Run & Wine Bottling!:   It's Chocolate Raspberry Port .. and it's ready!   See note below from Messenburg: 
        • Anyone or everyone! We will officially be bottling the 2011 CRAP on Sunday December 11 at 5pm at the Mesenburg's (1098 8th Ave NW in Byron). We could do a run at 5 and then bottle, but as Tom O'Leary knows, bottling is like running 5 miles. Bring an appetizer and the Mesenburg's will have some beer (think some was left from the last time). Plan on 2 hours.

      Wednesday, December 7, 2011

      More Opportunity

      About 8 Team R.E.D. members hit the track on Tuesday.   It was a great workout, followed by another fun social...

      We also learned that Erin is working with a group to make 200 fleece blankets for wounded soldiers overseas, what a great commitment and contribution to our soldiers!  Last year, they sent 107 blankets, so they are nearly doubling the effort!     Erin says the cost of each blanket is about $10 (would be 25-30 retail). If you'd like to contribute, you can do so by getting a check or cash into her hands! If you have questions, or wonder if there are any other ways you can help, drop Erin an email at

      Below is a picture from last years fleece blanket crew... with a mountain of their work in the background.  Way to go!

      Below are a few shots from the track workout....

      Tuesday, December 6, 2011

      Let's look ahead

      Here we go.. the plan as I know it... some of it is still TBD
      • Tonight 5:30pm:   Indoor track at RCTC.  We'll put together a string of 800M repeats with 400M recovery.  800's are great to not only work your foot turnover, but they also require you to concentrate, and maintain pace for a longer period. 
      • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. meets at Brothers Bar & Grill on South Broadway in Rochester.  Route opportunities will range from 3-6 miles.  Come on out for the fun!
      • Saturday morning OSS:  Off Season Striders will gather... location TBD.   This group typically offers up a flexible route of 8-10 miles (flexible means, it's typically easy to lengthen or shorten the route).   
      • Saturday morning Something new!:  There's a FREE class being offerred, titled Barefoot Training.  It's described as using a blend of Pilates, Yoga, & Sculpting for a complete total body workout. The class starts at 9am at the Emily Griffith Photography Studio, 328 South Broadway, Suite C
        Rochester... you can register by calling Michelle at 319-6712 or visiting
        • Additionally, Michelle has been in touch with me, and would offer this class at a different time, if there is group interest to get together for something like this.  Please drop me an email if you plan to attend on Saturday, or if not, let me know if you have interest in another time, possibly a Team RED only class.  
      • Sunday ShoeShoe :  Location and time is TBD... but the hiking crew definitely said, it's time!
      • Sunday Night Wine Bottling!:   It's Chocolate Raspberry Port in fact... and it's time to bottle.  See note below from. 
        • Anyone or everyone! We will officially be bottling the 2011 CRAP on Sunday December 11 at 5pm at the Mesenburg's (1098 8th Ave NW in Byron). We could do a run at 5 and then bottle, but as Tom O'Leary knows, bottling is like running 5 miles. Bring an appetizer and the Mesenburg's will have some beer (think some was left from the last time). Plan on 2 hours.

      Monday, December 5, 2011

      Slippery Yet Fun!

      You may have noticed, the sidewalks, bike paths and streets are slick!   Be careful out there... we don't want any falls!

      More updates will follow this evening.. but wanted to get a couple things posted before I could capture all the details.... check back for details on R.E.D.

      Tuesday 5:30pm:  Indoor track work at the RCTC indoor field house.   Come on our and get some speed!
      Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. for a walk, run and of course, fun!   Location still TBD

      Team R.E.D. attentive to the route talk - is that a glass of wine on the right side?
      Sunday Hike Crew - reported slick conditions.. snow shoe time?

      Friday, December 2, 2011

      Saturday / Sunday - Let's go!

      Here's what's cooking this weekend....
      • Saturday 7:30am - Off Season Striders will take off from the Crown Restaurant on 2nd St SW - across from  Mary's Hospital, in the Blondell Motel.   -- it appears to be a Royal Theme, and you're welcome to sport a Crown or Tiara if you wish... not sure who would best play the role of Court Jester. 
      • Sunday 8:00am -   Off Season Striders step out again!  This time from Panera South.. come on out and enjoy fun on the run!
      • Sunday 3:30pm -   Afternoon hike at Oxbow park just south of Byron... meet at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park.).   Typically 4 miles or so on this weekly hike.  

      Thursday, December 1, 2011

      Tis the Season

      Randy Quint is organizing a Christmas eve early morning run from the Crown Restaurant. (very appropriate given that Christmas marks the birth of The King)   Crown Restaurant owner Charlie Brannon and Randy are getting some special things lined up.  I'm sure looking forward to what they describe as "special"!

      Mark your calendar for 7AM December 24th and stay tuned for details.

      In more current news... see you at 6pm tonight at the Bears Den in Byron!  Routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog.  

      A Lesson In Pronunciation

      Tom O's has been accused of not properly pronouncing where Team R.E.D. is going while raising money for the food shelf.  I am proud to say.. I can now pronounce Reykjavik... thanks to a little help from my friend, and online tutor.

      Tuesday, November 29, 2011

      Nice Work All!

      The calendar may be looking like it's time to slow down for the winter, but wow.. you are all over the place!  On the trails, on the track, and on the road!

      This Thursday's Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den at 6pm... routes are up! -- Be sure to wear reflective clothing and headlamps if you got 'em!   -- in a few weeks we'll start seeing more light, right?

      It's looking like we'll reach Iceland in mid December.  It should be one fun party, as well as a chance to give to the community... !    If you haven't been contributing miles to the trip, it's not too late to get on board!  Drop Lori an email at   and let her know how many miles a week you've been exercising.    If you'd like to come along, we would love to have you make a pledge for each mile you log, and we'll contribute that money to the Byron Food Shelf upon our arrival.

      What will we do in Iceland?  Well, I hope you can dance!

      Sunday, November 27, 2011

      Updates & Congrats!

      Before we hit a couple of workout opportunities...

      Congratulations are in order for one of our Team R.E.D. members!   Laura Mesenburg was awarded Most Photogenic at the Miss Minnesota Teen USA Pageant.   That's fantastic!  ... and the judges are clearly spot on!

      Here we go with the other stuff...
      • Monday 6pm - Meet at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow for a Trail Run... Wear your headlamps!  Word on the street is there will be some post run beverages. 
      • Tuesday 5:30pm - Gather at the field house of RCTC for an indoor track workout.   Speed Speed Speed.   Bring a change of shoes, to keep the track dry.  
      • Tuesday 6pm... Mason leads another trail run at Oxbow.  The route will change from the Monday night jaunt, keeping it fresh!
      • Wednesday TBD...  just let me know if there is something you want to do, i.e. Track workout in the dark? or any other option, drop me an email at I'll be sure to communicate it. 
      • Thursday 6pm... Get together for Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den in Byron for routes in the range of 3, 4 or 6 miles.  Routes will be on the blog by Wednesday. 

      Saturday, November 26, 2011

      Sunday's Plan

      There were a lot of Team R.E.D. members at this morning's Off Season Striders (OSS) run... was a really fun group! There's another chance to hook up with OSS on Sunday... 
      • Sunday 8am: OSS meets t Dunn's North, along Elton Hills Drive. Routes are typically in the 6-10 mile range, and paces vary. You can easily shorten or lengthen most OSS runs.
      • Sunday 3:30pm:  Afternoon hike at Oxbow Park.  Park in the zoo parking lot, and we'll head out from there.  Won't be long, and these trails will be set for snowshoes!
      In case you missed it... see the previous post for a 20% coupon good through Dec 4th at Running Room.  Click the link, print it, and hit the store! 

      Thursday, November 24, 2011

      Starting the Holiday Out Right!

      Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving Weeekned!      It was a strong turnout at the O'Learys for a  fun group run...  Distances varied, and chatter was aplenty!  Many others were in Stewartville racing a Turkey Trot (while Adam & Amber are in Ohio doing the same!).   Others got up bright and early to get some miles in Rochester... before heading off to spend the day with family and friends.  

      We can all be thankful for being surrounded by so many fun & active people!  Way to go Team R.E.D.!   Be sure to look below to catch a peek at more fun ahead this weekend, with the Off Season Striders!

      • Saturday 7:30am:   Gather at Brother's Bar & Grill (please park in the back, so as to allow prime parking for the breakfast goers while we're off on the trails).   Additionally, Jean & John say  if the weather is really bad we'll just order bloody's & mimosas before hitting the mall.
      • Sunday 8am:   Gather at Dunn's North for more miles and smiles!
      Also... see the following link, if you'd like to score 20% off your purchase at the Running Room, this is good even on Sale Items!    In case you're wondering  --  Nike & Asics are my favs and I'm size 11.5

      Wednesday, November 23, 2011

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      Hey all.. here's to a happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day!
      • Tonight 5:30pm... meet at the Byron Track (located at the middle school).. weather permitting, we could be on the track in the dark... or just take a nice trek around town.
      • Thursday morning.... 8am from the O'Leary's home at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron. If you have guests in town, bring them along! Everyone is welcome!  Remember, they don't need to be runners to join, they can go for a great walk!  We'll have some options of shorter to longer routes..  and come back to our place for some cider or coffee...
      • Thursday morning... Turkey Day 5K is a Fun Run and Walk for the Whole Family. Event starts and finishes at the Grace Church, 702 1st St E. Stewartville. $5 Registration fee due on day of the race. For more info go to Event day registration begins a 8:15 am on Race Day. Run/Walk begins at 9:00 am

      Sunday, November 20, 2011

      Living History + couple of things

      It's going to take me a bit to sort through some of these pics from Living History farms, as I spent some time just recovering myself!  Here are a few shots...

      I'd like to let you know that I'm proud of our team... We had some racers go run hard.... finishing 10th out of 106 co-ed teams!  That's top 10%... way to go R.E.D.!

      Also, many of you decided to group run the event.. and it was great to see!  People stopped, waited for others, helped them up embankments and such.. very fantastic!  Be Like Tod.   

      Additionally, the bus ride gave us a chance to met some new people.... welcome to Kelly & Andrea who joined us for the ride.. and for many it was the first chance to meet Jacy (although we did see her at Warrior Dash!)... hope to see all 3 of you again!

      A few of the items I know are taking place this holiday week are listed below... if you have something you'd like to add, let me know! **Note the indoor track is set for Tuesday this week**

      • Monday evening, Team R.E.D. is invited to the home of Paul & Annette Chmielewski  as Paul turns old. 50!  This is not a surprise party (so shout it out loud!)  You are invited to attend a happy hour at their home.. from 5-9pm at  507 9th St. NW, Byron, from 5-9pm.  Food & Drink are provided.   If anyone wants to run, I would join you, meet at 5:30pm and we'll go get 4 miles or so... then come back for the party.  
      • Tuesday evening...  Track work at the RCTC indoor track at 5:30pm.  This is located inside the fieldhouse and is Free of Charge.   Please bring shoes to change into at the track, as them's the rules.
      • Wednesday evening... meet at the Byron Track (located at the middle school).. weather permitting, we could be on the track in the dark... or just take a nice trek around town.
      • Thursday morning.... 8am from the O'Leary's home at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.   We'll have some options of 3-6 miles.. so you can walk or run... and come back to our place for some cider (or something else if you like).
      • Thursday morning... Turkey Day 5K is a Fun Run and Walk for the Whole Family. Event starts and finishes at the Grace Church, 702 1st St E. Stewartville. $5 Registration fee due on day of the race. For more info go to    Event day registration begins a 8:15 am on Race Day. Run/Walk begins at 9:00 am

      Friday, November 18, 2011

      Living History Farms!

      Bus riders, be at the Bears Den parking lot in Byron at 4am!    Please call me at 507 358 9188 if for any reason you're running late, but also, please don't run late!

      Here's what's available when you arrive...
      • A bus
      • Muffins/Breads
      • Fruit
      • O.J.
      • Chips
      • Water
      • Beer
      • Soda
      • Hard Lemonades
      • Let's go!


      A note will go out this afternoon with reminders for those of you attending Living History Farms... for those of you not.. there are some options with the Off Season Striders!
      • Saturday       Newt's North     8am   
      • Sunday         Panera S.    8am for  those running  6+ miles   9am for those who would like to do <5 miles
      Also, Sunday afternoon hike will be a little later.. 3:30pm from the 1st Bridge at Oxbow park (this will give us time to watch another Vikings debacle prior to the hike).  

      Thursday, November 17, 2011

      Routes are up!

      Check out the routes on the right hand side of the blog...  Wear reflective clothing & headlamps as we're planning to run into town, the shoulder is narrow at first!  

      Two days to Living History Farms Off Road Race!    We could use some things yet... let me know if you can assist with any of these
      • 1 more changing tent.  Someone told me they had a pop-up tent with side walls that we could use, but I can't recall who said that... - if it's you, come clean!
      • Volunteers to help set up and take down the tents
      • 5-6 coolers

      Tuesday, November 15, 2011

      Next few things

      Wednesday 5:30pm is our first Indoor Track workout.   People have had some questions... here are the answers!
      • Why 5:30pm?:   Well, start time is a hard thing to get agreement, and we'll figure it out as we go.  In truth, some will start early, some will join at 5:30, and others will come late... the key is to show up, and get your work in!
      • How big is the track?:   200M  or 8 laps to 1 mile
      • What do you mean when you say it's "shared space"?:   There are basketball leagues, various camps, private coaching taking place on the courts inside the track.  Those people participating are essentially in different space, however, they wander across the track without realizing someone may be coming around the corner sorta fast!...We'll see how Wednesdays compare to last years chosen night of Tuesdays.... we'll try Wednesday, but we should discuss, which night is the best night for most.
      • I'm not available Wednesday night, are there other times this track is open to the public?  Yes.. see the post from the RCTC website.   I do know that people who go in the morning, have not run into some of the issues of leagues taking place. 

      Open Field House Hours

      The Field house is open every morning from 6 - 8 a.m. and evenings 5 - 10 p.m. Monday through Friday for your walking/jogging pleasure. Weekends are on a hit and miss system depending on what is scheduled in the field house (see Sports Center Schedule). The city has priority use and there is no charge for jogging/walking.
      Thursday 6pm is Team R.E.D.... and it's one of my favorite themes!  Inappropriate t-shirt night is being hosted by Tod & Meg Bellrichard at 8431 14th Street NW Byron.   ***NOTE:  while the address says NW, they are actually located on the east edge of Byron.... Here's the direction from Meg...
      • We are only 1/2 mile from the HIP lumberyard off Hwy 14. Going west on Hwy 14, take a right on co rd 3. We are exactly 1/2 mile...   House on the rt side surrounded by pine trees. Can't miss it. Hope to see you there.   Contact phone #'s are 775-0931 or 272-7707 
        • Tod is in charge of a surprise menu.. but we know it'll include food, beer & wine
        • If you want to bring something, that's ok too.
        • A cake is in the works for a member celebrating a little something, and no Paul C... it's not for you!
        • Routes will hit the blog on Wednesday - wear your headlamps and dress with reflective clothing! 
        • Don't have an inappropriate shirt?  (because you're a saint like Tom O).. well, no worries, Tod has loaners, turns out he has quite a few! 
        • Prizes will be awarded for most tasteless t-shirts!
      Saturday... Living History Farms Road Race (and bus ride!)   oh my!   More details to come!

      Link to Gamehaven Pics

      Hey all.. I know a lot of people have been enjoying some of the pics on facebook... but if you go to the Gamehaven blogspot you'll see even more!

      Monday, November 14, 2011

      Week Ahead!

      Before we look ahead, I've included a few shots from Gamehaven.  KC Reed and Team R.E.D.'s Jim Mason do a great job with this race! -- the participation grew significantly in this 2nd year event, growing from 77 runners to 197!  (pictures are courtesy of Woo & Li).

      I think the cannon fired start went off a little prematurely, and gave Mason a run for his money on that 4-wheeler!  

      Becker sporting a great look!
      Jenifer approaching the water crossing
      Paul getting wet!
      Wendy, Adam & Amber enter the castle!
      Here's a look at how the week is shaping up so far...

      Tuesday Night Trail:  TBD - check back as I have not yet heard for certain on this one.
      Wednesday Night Track 5:30pm - We're moving indoors!  Meet at the RCTC indoor track, located in the field house, along circle drive.  Bring a pair of shoes to change into, as outdoor shoes are not allowed on the track.  The track is free to use in the evenings, and early mornings, however, it is shared space, so be alert while flying around the track!
      Thursday Night Team R.E.D.!  6pm:   We're meeting at the home of Tod & Meg Bellrichard for a much anticipated theme of inappropriate t-shirts!   Wear what you dare, and do not fear offending anyone.  More details to follow.

      Saturday, November 12, 2011

      Great Job R.E.D.!

      Wow!  You were all amazing at the Gamehaven run!   I know we'll see lots of pics from Tom & Jim ...

      Here's a quick shot of the Byron Cross Country Superhero's posing at the Gamehaven lake overlook... they ran the race together and earned the Team Spirit Award!   Very nice!   Picture courtesy of Elaine.. Thanks!

      • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are running from Panera Bread South - distances are chatted about at game time, and adjustable.  As always, paces are varied, come on out and join us!
      • Sunday 1pm:  Hike at Oxbow Park, meet us at the 2nd bridge. This is a great hiking location and a great way to spend a portion of your afternoon.   The 2nd bridge is located near the entrance to the zoo and campground.  Enter the park as though you're going to the zoo.. turn left just prior to the zoo parking lot and drive straight ahead, past the campground, and you are there...

      Friday, November 11, 2011

      Still time to sign up!

      If you are on the fence for Gamehaven True Cross Country race Saturday morning.. get off the fence and on the course!   Start time is 9am.. and race day registration is available!    Team R.E.D. theme is tropical... I'll have some Lei's available.. but tropical it up!

      Also, bring a change of clothes, it's so nice to get changed and dry after the event! 

      The race is lots of fun, including a Cannon start!   It's also a great fundraiser for the scouts!   The Gamehaven Scout Reservation is located at 5015 Simpson Rd SE, Rochester, MN.. If you are traveling on Highway 52 take the County Rd 1 exit and turn south. It is 1.5 miles south of Hwy 52. The camp is on the right hand side of the road.  

      Follow this link to see a great view of what is ahead of you! 

      Thursday, November 10, 2011

      Wednesday, November 9, 2011

      We have a 50 year old among us!

      Very soon... Paul Chmielewski turns 50!   There's a "not a surprise party" taking place... food and drink provided!  Come and help him celebrate (and ease the pain) by attending a happy hour in his honor on Monday, November 21. The celebration is at his house 507 9th St. NW, Byron, from 5-9pm.

      Reminder:  Thursday (nov 10)  at 6pm we're at the Lovik home, located at 1504 7th St. NE in Rochester.  The long route will take us down near Silver Lake and the Running Room.... shorter options will also be available.   Dan & Linda are providing burgers & beer... bring a dish to share if you like.  The fire pit and hot tub will also be fired up!

      Tuesday, November 8, 2011

      Thursday's Host!

      This week's Team R.E.D. is being home hosted by Dan Linda Lovik in Rochester. Their address is 1504 7th St. NE. cell 507.269.8745. Lovik's are providing beer!   -- More details to follow...

      Also, check out the post below for details on the rest of the week...

      Monday, November 7, 2011

      The Week Ahead!

      When I say Team you say R.E.D.!    Team! .....   Team!.....     Congrats to all you R.E.D. members who  raced this weekend... what fun!   There should be a lot of stories to share, as rarely does a marathon go down, without a story behind it, particularly the NYC Marathon! 

      Congrats in particular to Erin Hemenway as she completed her first Half Marathon!  Way to go Erin! (photo to come).

      This week is another great one... check out some of the many options below...
      • Monday 6pm:  Quarry Hill Trail run... be sure to wear your headlamp and pick up your feet!   We'll meet at the Quarry Hill baseball fields. Just follow 9th St NE it ends right at the park.  Jim Mason is the guide for the evening.
      • Wednesday 5:30pm:   Track workout on the Byron Track (located behind the middle school).  Last week was a weak showing, let's get out there and build some speed!  Post workout will be spent at the Mesenburgs home, advancing the Chocolate Raspberry Port that has been fermenting away!   Typically there are a few samples to sip, but Bring your own beverage of choice...
      • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. -- location TBD, but one thing we know.. it will involve Fitness & Fun! 
      • Saturday 9am:   Gamehaven True Cross Country race.  Come on out to the scout camp and have some fun with this 5 mile race (including 2 creek crossings and 1 castle! )   You can find more information and registration forms at
      • Saturday 9am or later:  Renee Saxman is moving!   If you want to be part of the crew, just drop me or Renee a note so we know what time you'll be available.   If you can contribute 1 hour or 4 hours.. any help is appreciated.   For those running Gamehaven... swing by when you're done celebrating, and we'll lift and move!  Renee can be reached at and I'm reachable at
      • Sunday 1pm:  Sunday afternoon hike at Oxbow... this time we'll gather at the 2nd bridge.  Located near the entrance to the zoo and campground.  Enter the park as though you're going to the zoo.. turn left just prior to the zoo parking lot and drive straight ahead, past the campground, and you are there!  

      Saturday, November 5, 2011

      New Members! Great Fun!

      Best of luck to all the area High School runners competing at the State Meet on Saturday!  What a great achievement, and a memory for a lifetime!

      Also, best of luck to Team R.E.D. members and other area runners taking part in the 2011 NYC Marathon on Sunday!  R.E.D. members taking on the course include, Renee S, Tom W, Peter, Andy B., & Mike S...  Enjoy the experience, and kick some bottom! 


      Thursday evening offered a chance for many people to meet several new faces!   I've attached a set of pics below... some are brand new members, and others are members who are recent additions and FINALLY received their Team R.E.D. shirts!

      Let's meet them now.... the first pic is courtesy of Alan (lifted from facebook).. the next series are mostly from Dan's phone (as I can't remember a camera!).... and the last is courtesy of Jill & Adam (lifted off facebook once again!)

      Getting Ready!

      Welcome Brenda!
      Welcome Jean!
      Welcome Heidi!
      Welcome Abbie!
      Welcome Ashley!
      Welcome Brandon!

      Brandon & Jean -  Winners of Bears Den Gift Cards!

      Anonymous Gift for Esme!
      Looking just like mom and dad, after a night at Team R.E.D.

      Saturday 9am:   The Bear Creek 5 mile starting at Mayo High School... and it's a predict your time race... which means leave your Garmin at home, and just go have fun!  Anyone can win this race... young, old, fast, slow.. the winner is the person who finishes closest to their prediction (without finishing faster, or they are DQ'd!)    More details can be found at

      Sunday 11am:  Dan Valentine of the Winona Running Club has organized a great quarry run.  Dan & Lonna get to the Rochester area for some of the Trail stuff Mason sets up... here's a chance to go visit them!   If interested, Dan & Lonna are running this 5 mile loop for sure.. so if you want to join, give Dan a call for details on where to hook up, 608-797-1989.  

      Sunday 2pm:   Afternoon hike at Oxbow Park, just north of Byron.   Meet at the 1st Bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left).   Come on out and enjoy the great trails!  There's no hunting in the park, but wear something bright anyway!

      Thursday, November 3, 2011

      Destination Iceland!

      Team R.E.D. is going to Reykjavik Iceland!   ... and wow, it's going to be both fun and rewarding!  

      Reykjavik is approximately 3,000 miles from here.. so if you want to join us, here's what you need to do.
      • Each week, keep track of your fitness miles (running, walking, biking, swimming... )  and send the totals to Lori at   (I haven't asked Lori yet... just wait to see her surprise when she reads this!) 
      • Make a pledge per mile of a contribution you're willing to make to the Byron Food Shelf upon our arrival in Reykjavik.  
        • Your pledge can be any amount...  but just for example, if I log 100 miles during this journey, and pledge 10 cents a mile, I will be contributing $10 to the food shelf when we arrive.  If 10 cents is the average pledge... the food shelf will benefit with a $300 donation!     
      • When we reach our destination, we'll have a party... and be making a difference in the community!   Win-Win!

      Follow the link below, and you'll see how easily it is to be inspired by Iceland!


      Bears Den tonight!   6pm... routes are posted... and t-shirts are in!  Come and get 'em!

      Tuesday, November 1, 2011

      Coming up..

      Hey all.. it's been a crazy weekend/week... so here is a shot at letting you know what's ahead!  ---  I still owe a ton of pics of fun days in the last week.. they're still coming!

      Before we get to that.. Congrats to Kim Hakes!   She ran her first ever 5K last week! Sweet.. very sweet!  Nice job Kim!   Below is a shot of how Kim & Gail celebrated the accomplishment!

      Wednesday 5:30pm:  Track workout at Byron Track (located at the middle school in Byron)  - we'll keep it simple... at 5:30, we'll start with a  1 mile warmup (easy pace), then we'll roll into repeats: 400M with 200M recovery. 
      Thursday 6pm:   We are back at the Bears Den for another great night... (wear your headlamps!)... don't have any?  Please wear something reflective, all black is a bad idea this time of year.
      Saturday 9am:   The Bear Creek 5 mile is very fun!   It starts at Mayo High School... and it's a predict your time race... and it's got a great format... the slowest predictions start first, with more people starting every 30 seconds... the person closest to their prediction wins!  ( no timing devices allowed of course )... if you finish faster then your predicted time, you are DQ'd!    -- essentially, if everyone predicts correctly, it should be a giant, group tie at the finish line.. !  -- registration is just 10 bucks...   details can be found at

      Friday, October 28, 2011

      Saturday is Hoppin'!

      Thanks to the Schmitts for hosting a very fun evening of Team R.E.D., Costumes and Cheer!  The idea of collecting canned goods and outerwear is a very nice touch as well!   Thanks for having us over!

      Congrats to the Nepstads, as their son Shane qualified for State in Cross Country!  He worked very hard toward this goal, and achieved it... what a fantastic way to complete his high school cross country career! 

      Here's the low down for Saturday... 
      • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders are starting at Newt's North (across the street from Menards).  They get out at various paces and typically have routes that can easily be shortened or lengthened to meet your desire.   Of course, they'll end at Newt's... for a yummy treat and some great social time. 
      • Saturday 9:30am:   Spirit Run is always fun!   The Monster 10K starts at 9:30.. the Fearless 5K rolls at 9:35 (there's also a Witchy 1K for the kids - that takes place at 9am!)... Awards and a Country Inn & Suites Raffle Drawing take place at 11am.  
      • Saturday 10:30am:   The Grahaminator comes back to Oxbow Park!   This is 10 miles of pure trail fun!   - With No Entry Fee!   -- 10 miles is too far?  Then go ahead and cheat!  It's ok in the run... just come on out to the park and have fun!   Walk or run any distance on the trails..  then hang out with your favorite beverage post race...  Gather at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park)... bring a cooler!  

      Tuesday, October 25, 2011

      The outfit!... and this Week!

      Before we get into the "outfit".. I'd like you to know there is a workout people have been craving and it's set for Wednesday!  It starts at the Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot at 5:30pm  (park at the memorial, not the golf course).  
      • Wednesday 5:30pm:  As people gather you can decide, "hills or track"  and go get it done!   Pick the hills, pick the hills!  
      • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is gathering at 6pm at the Schmitt Family home ( 3415 Chalet Drive NW in Rochester).... keep in mind, it's a multitude of things... a costume party, an opportunity to bring canned goods for the food shelf, a chance to bring outerwear to be donated... and a chance to run and walk with friends!   Also note: Kids are welcome.. the Schmitt's have space for kids to be kids!

      Living History Farms:  I know many people are worried about showing their stuff in the suggested costume.. but... really.. whoever this is in the pic below, isn't afraid!   In fact, this person said, once inside the suit, you are like a different person!    --- if you do not want to dress as the costume below, it's ok!  Just think RED, as in top to bottom.. but wow.. these body suits are awesome!

      Please send an email to   with your guess as to who this is.   All correct guessers will be entered in a chance to win $10 to the Bears Den during this Thursday's Team R.E.D. at the Schmitt Family home! -- you must email your guess by 2pm Thursday, and then you must be present to win! ---



      Monday, October 24, 2011

      Great Work Team R.E.D.!

      There were several Team R.E.D. members racing over the past weekend!    Additionally... Team R.E.D. went to college... here's a shot of Dan with Laura at UW Eau Claire.   (I would guess the finger in the upper left of the photo is also that of a Team R.E.D. member, but that's just a guess).

      As referenced below... Adam and Amber hit St Louis!   I stole this pic off facebook, I couldn't help myself... 

      • Dan & Laura raced at Eau Claire... surely a friendly father-daughter competition was fun! 
      • Adam & Amber found themselves in St Louis.. they are rocking out multiple states!  Fun!  
      • Jessie completed her 1st Half Marathon .. I believe Meredith ran it as well.  Wow! That's awesome!
      • Cathy completed her 1st 5K!  ... Amazingly fantastic!  
      • Lori, Tom, Bri, Lana, Jennifer, Judy, Sue, Nacho, Pete & myself, all ran either the full or half in Mankato... with several PR's being the result!    -- by the way.. Pete won the half!  .. and Woo scored 3rd in his age group!  
      • Adam, Jill, Esme, Erin, Andy & Wendy were top notch spectators!  
      Below is a slideshow from Mankato... what a great day for racing!   Pictures are courtesy of a couple cameras, Tom's and Adams (I think!)...

      For Living History Farms.. the announcement (although hard to hear).. was made at last Thursdays Team R.E.D. that we'd be wearing Red from head to toe.. you can achieve that in any fashion you choose, i.e. long johns, team red shirt, and a red bandanna.. or you can take the route several are taking, which is a full body suit.. morph suit!  Wendy and I are in the morph suit camp!

      Check out this link from Paul T... and you'll see that you might want to cover up a portion of your body with Superhero undies if you go the morph suit route!

      Here are a few links of places you can buy Morph Suits... some have your face fully covered, while some offer an open face.  Be sure to pay attention to the shipping timing, as you'll want this before LHF! (the third link is the least expensive one I found with free shipping).    The 4th link is also less expensive, available only in Plus size.   At one point, I was planning to do a group order, but I've received feedback from several who are not planning to wear these, so I suggest we each order on our own.

      This week's Team R.E.D. is a costume party hosted by Mike & Jessica Schmitt!   We'll gather at 6pm at their home, 3415 Chalet Drive NW in Rochester.  Please consider bringing canned goods for the Food Shelf, and/or jackets, hats, mittens for an Outerwear Drive.

      Tonight!  There's a Headlamp run on the trails of Oxbow!   Gather at 6pm at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).   This should prove to be quite the fun evening, as the trails are awesome in daylight, they will be amazing in the evening!  Bring along a cool beverage for post run... and don't forget your headlamp!  If you don't have one, I'll try and bring a couple extra, to share.... but as we get into the winter months, I do suggest it is a great investment, to help you be seen!

      Friday, October 21, 2011


      Wow.. congratulations to Paul Thomford as he became a Grandfather shortly after scooting away from Team R.E.D. last night...  Welcome adorable little Regina to the family!   What a blessing....

      Fantastic Night!

      Excellent running and walking last night by Team R.E.D.!    There were some new faces (and I forgot my camera!)... next time we'll try and capture them all.  

      We did get a couple post run shots... first off, our newest free agent acquisition   Welcome Deb!  (actually she joined some time ago, but finally actually got to R.E.D.!)....

      Then the name of the game was Black Jack... and we awarded 3 winners! 
      • 3rd Place Deb - $5 gift card to the Bears Den
      • 2nd Place Ann- $10 gift card to the Bears Den
      • 1st Place Peter - $15 gift card to the Bears Den -  (Peter won despite questionable play!)
      Ann, Deb, Peter & Tom

       Best of luck to all of you running at Mankato!   Should be a fantastic day for a race!  

      Wednesday, October 19, 2011

      The rest of the week....

      Reports from Trail hopper Jim Mason are that Tuesday's Chester Woods headlamp run was a great success!   Next week, they're heading to Oxbow park, to explore in the dark!   I see that the trail run happened upon buckets of Corona!   Happy Day!

      Additionally, another group of Team R.E.D.ers who are heading to Disney in January gathered for a planning meeting Tuesday evening.  I'm not sure how much planning got done, but we do know, a whole lot of Chocolate Raspberry Port got made!   Again, Happy Day!

      • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron!  Wear Headlamps if you've got 'em.. otherwise, at the least, think reflective clothing!    Routes will be posted Wednesday   Be sure to thank the Bears Den owners when you're there, as they have once again agreed to help sponsor the Charter Bus to Living History Farms!   
      • Saturday 7:30amTeam Off Season Striders at Brothers Bar & Grill (located on South Broadway in Rochester).   The run is always flexible in both mileage and pace.  Come on out and enjoy!   Take in the run, then circle back for a yummy breakfast and social.   Please park in back, so as to not take up all the prime parking for customers who are actually inside the restaurant, while we're out running.   
      • Sunday 12:30pm:   Afternoon hike at Oxbow Park just north of Byron.  Meet at the 1st bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).  We'll get out on the fantastic trails, for a workout and fun!  We'll be sure to get you home in time to see Ponder & The Purple dismantle the powerhouse & currently undefeated, Green Bay Packers  
      I know we shared the link below once before, but it's worth another look now that  Lee Hoedl, completed his goal of 61 Half marathon distances in preparation for the NYC Marathon  -- Thanks for the link Renee! ---

      Each run was dedicated to someone.  Check out Marathon #10 as that was dedicated to Paul Melby.    Additionally, Hoedl raised over $6200 for Children's Hospital of Boston.   A very nice way job by the runner! 

      Monday, October 17, 2011

      Congrats!... Good Luck... and What's up!

      Congrats to all of you who participated during the Whistlestop Marathon weekend & the Big Woods Trail races!   (and any other events you might have picked up)   You are all amazing.. you just keep on taking on challenges!  

      Good luck to all of you heading out to Mankato this weekend as well! Sounds like several people are taking part in various races... I'm sure it'll be a blast!  ... of course good luck to those of you choosing other locations to compete as well!    Race day is always the best day.. it's the reward for all the hard work put into training....  sweet reward!  or sweat reward?

      The (early part of the )Week ahead....
      • Tuesday 6pm: Head Lamp Trial run! Join Jim Mason and the trail runners at Chester Woods for a great evening of trail running. See the note below from trail junkie Jim.
        • We'll met in the horse trailer parking area and run about 5-6 miles. You'll need a headlamp before this run is over. We'll be running in the dark for a few miles. This is a great place to try this as the trails are really smooth. Of course we'll have refreshments after the run:)
      • Wednesday TBD:  Typically a track workout at the Byron track, however, myself a few of the regular participants can not be there to lead it, so if someone drops me a note saying they'll head up the track workout, I'll post it, otherwise, consider it suspended for this week.  
      • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is back at the Bears Den!  Wear Headlamps if you've got 'em.. otherwise, at the least, think reflective clothing!    Routes will be posted Wednesday, and we'll see the standard ranges of 3, 4  or 6 miles.   The longer runs will incorporate Team R.E.D. newly adopted Brooklawn park, so if you notice any trash, please swing in and pick it up!  -- I checked the park a couple of days ago, and it's very clean! ---  

      Friday, October 14, 2011


      Here is the slide show from last night.. It was absolutely a fantastic group... including 3 new faces!  Would love to see Ashley, Jessica and Dan return, as we love new faces!  Also, as of last night.. Team R.E.D. gained a new sponsor!    K&S Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical has jumped on board with their support!  Awesome!   We also love new sponsors!  

      When the most recent round of shirts arrive (being printed now!)... I'd like to make sure we take some time to recognize the sponsors.. as they are very supportive in helping us attain our mission of Fitness & Fun!   (You will find sponsor links on the side of the blog as well, please visit them). 

      One more thing, be sure to check out the post below.. because Saturday is just hours away and there's more fun to be had,.... nice work R.E.D.  You're all amazing!

      Great Night of R.E.D.

      Wow.. it was fun seeing such a great group people out enjoying a great fall evening! Attendance was Fantastic for the Run and Walk... and even better for the Eat and Drink!

      A slide show will follow this evening.. in the meantime.. here are a couple pics from the night, including Dave Eide receiving Team R.E.D.'s First Ever Most Improved Runner award.   Congrats Dave.. Well earned!   The first pic is while the award was still in process.. the next shot is the completed award, the little runner character turned out to be a great touch!

      Well Deserved! 
      Jessica, Meredith & Dawn lead the pack!

      Annette, Sue & Judy... having fun!

      As previously referenced, Saturday (tomorrow) has a couple great options... 

      Saturday Morning:  The Off Season Striders are meeting at 7:30am from the home of Renee Saxman, 2026 Kal Lane SW in Rochester.    You do not need to be a member of Team R.E.D. Rochester Track Club, or any other organization to attend, All are welcome, runners and walkers alike!

      Route options will be as short as 2 miles.. and as long as you like!

      Renee is serving a post run/walk breakfast, along with coffee.      If you'd like to bring something to share at the breakfast, please drop Renee an email at    Some ideas of what to bring would be fruit, juice, muffins... you get the idea..

      I've copied and pasted one line that I love from a note that came from Off Season Strider head honchos John & Jean... It's regarding breakfast at Renee's and I'm not 100% sure what on earth they could mean by this.. but here it is..

      Caribou coffee will be available. (Team R.E.D. will be responsible for their own beverages).


      Saturday Afternoon:  A great time for a hike in the woods of Oxbow.  Meet at  4pm at the 3rd bridge of  Oxbow Park   This hike is not only beautiful, it will also provide you with a solid workout!

      The 3rd bridge is found by driving into the park on the gravel road, going past the entrance to the zoo and camping areas, taking a 90 degree turn right (still on the gravel).. and then taking the 1st left into the parking area.