Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome to the Post Season!

I know not all our members are Vikings fans.. but that is not my problem... yee haww!   Way to go Vikes... and let's go get the Packers again next week!

Thursday night provided a fun night on the city trails of Rochester... see the pic below to show who actually got out for the run.. and know many more showed up for the E.D. portion of the evening.

The Field House Crew

On Sunday, the SnowShoe crew found themselves with a large group of 21... and fun was on the agenda!   The first shot shared below is from Paul T.   It's a great shot, but get's shrunk down on the blog space.   

What's up next?
  •  Monday 7:30am: The Off Season Striders (OSS) run from Chariles Pub and Eatery! - always fun with OSS. 
  • Monday 7:30pm: Sonja & Scott are hosting a New Years Eve Party! You are all invited to their place at 5029 Nicklaus Dr. NW~Rochester. 
  • Tuesday 8am: The Off Season Striders are Panera South at 8am. 
  • Tuesday 6pm: The Trail Runners have scheduled a snow shoe event at Quarry Hill! 
    • Meet at baseball fields on west side of Quarry hill park at 6:00PM. We'll go for a couple miles through the park and maybe warm up by a nice big bon fire at Dan Lovik's house

Friday, December 28, 2012

Skol Vikings!

It was a great Thursday night for a run from The Field House last night!  The snow was dropping lightly, wind was light.. and the trails were runnable, with only a few slick spots.

Now, we're heading into a big weekend...  Here's what's up...
  • Saturday 7:30am:   Off Season Striders head out from Brothers Bar & Grill.   Expect somewhere from 6-10 miles for the day.  
  • Sunday 8am:  Panera South for another run with the Off Season Striders.
  • Sunday 12:30pm:   The Snow Shoe Crew is heading out from the 1st Bridge at Oxbow Park.  Last week the crew shoe'd for almost 2 hours!  Although it's been said they took plenty of breaks for refreshments. 
  • Monday 7:30am:   Charlies Pub & Eatery (formerly Crown Restuarant)... for another fun run with Off Season Striders!
  • Monday Night:   Scott & Sonja are hosting a Team RED New Years Eve party!  Details to follow.
Don't forget to register for the Polar Bear Predict Your Time 5K directed by Team R.E.D.' member Sonja ...     Rochester Track Club members will be eligible for door prizes! 


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hope your Christmas was Merry!

Hopefully everyone is having a great Christmas season! 

  • Tonight:  No official track workout this evening.  If you want to run at RCTC you probably can, but I would consider the bullet below.
    • The Clash wrestling tournament is this coming weekend, so I would expect the track to be very difficult to manuever.  In the past, along with bleachers (which we experienced last week), a trailer has also been on the track.  It get's a bit mucky and difficult to manuever.  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the Field House   (formerly Ron's place), located at 1625 S Broadway -- inside the Americas Best Value Inn (formerly LaQuinta, and a few other names).
    • The bar and grill area is quite large and we'll have nice access to trails if they are clear, otherwise we'll head east on 16th street toward Mayo High.   You can expect routes in the 3, 4 and 6 mile ranges.
Spring Marathon Price hikes!   I know members are considering the following marathons (and I'm sure more marathons, but these I know about! )  If you're ready to commit you may want to register now, as they all have price increases looming at year end.

Reminder the Bear Creek Predict your time 5 mile is set for January 5th. This is a fun race, where you predict your finish time, and the person closest to it (without running faster then the prediction) wins!  So it doesn't matter how fast you are, just how accurate you are!     --- If you run faster then prediction, you are Disqualified! ---

Monday, December 24, 2012

Enjoy the time with your friends and family!

With Christmas now here, and the New Year near... I thought we'd do some Catching up with some of what's been going on these past few days... it's been a busy few days!

The Annual Christmas Season run from Charlies was a hit!  Many thanks to Randy and Jean for pulling this together!  Also, thanks to Charlie and his crew for handling such a full house!  I think the final attendance was 50 runners/walkers... sweet!

During the Saturday run we welcomed TWO New Members! We love new members! Welcome to Tohnia and Braden!   Tohnia is the sister of current member, Heidi... and Braden is the husband of future member Danielle, and brother of future member Evan!   Welcome!

Braden Joins Team R.E.D.!

Tohnia Joins Team R.E.D.!
The weekend continued along with the fun as the Snowshoe Crew hit Oxbow Park for some off road time!   The snow was pretty good, although we could use more... none the less, a great first time out, with a great group of people! 

You do not need to be a member of Team R.E.D. to snowshoe with the crew... just watch for where and when, and come join in!  If you don't have snowshoes, but want to try, drop me an email at and we'll find you a loaner pair!

Stopping for a sip of warmth

Ann working the hill...
Christmas Even morning brought another group run about!  The Mesenburgs hosted a breakfast pot-luck and Run/Walk Monday morning.  It was another great opportunity to spend some time together, and stay healthy!

Christmas Eve Morning Crew

Streets of Byron

Saturday, December 22, 2012


It was a great morning for a run from Charlies Pub & Eatery this morning... wonderful turnout, and lots of smiles!

  •  Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are running from Dunn Bros. on Elton Hills in Rochester.  The group always settles in for some chatter post run.
  • Sunday 3:30pm  Join us for a snowshoe romp at Oxbow Park.  We'll gather at the 1st bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).  You might want to consider a headlamp in case we're still in the woods as the sun decides to set!
  • Monday Christmas Eve 7am:   Group run, walk and fun from the Mesenurgs home at 1098 8th Ave NW in Byron.  Various route options of multiple distances available.  Bring a dish to pass for breakfast after the run... our hosts are providing Gluehwein ... yum!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun Caroling!

Nice work Team R.E.D.  --- the caroling was a success, we created a lot of smiles at places such as Kathy's Pub, North Star, CJ's, Chesters, Tap House and Dooleys!   We also met some very interesting people, one of whom spent the night in the county lock-up.

Additionally, we've had some chatter about the End of the World based on the Mayan Calendar.. but Don G found some evidence that we may be ok. 

  • Tonight 5:30pm:  Speed work at the RCTC indoor track!  Come on out and let it rip!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den in Byron.  Regardless of what the cookie suggests, they Mayan calendar suggests the world is coming to an end, so you may as well party it up Thursday! Be sure to dress appropriately. 
  • Saturday 7am:  Run from Charlies Pub & Eatery.   The breakfast is sold out (as we've reached capacity inside the restuarant, however, you can still run with us!)
  • Sunday TBD:   Snowshoe?!  Hopefully the weatherman is right and we get a good coverage of snow!
  • Monday Christmas Eve 7am:   Group run, walk and fun from the Mesenurgs home at 1098 8th Ave NW in Byron.  Various route options of multiple distances available.  Bring a dish to pass for breakfast after the run... our hosts are providing Gluehwein ... yum!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Spreading Cheer!

It's time to spread some Team R.E.D. Cheer!  -- we will meet at Dooley's at 6pm Tuesday, and head out for an interrupted run of sorts, but for all the right reasons.

We'll run, mostly around downtown... and sing along the way, as well as stopping for a song or two at a few downtown bars.   The route is informal, and subject to change, but we're looking at swinging into, The Loop, CJ's, Kathy's Pub, The Tap House and Dooleys (we will start and finish at Dooley's).

It doesn't matter how well you sing.. it really doesn't.. come for the fun, I promise you will make people smile!

The evening will capture about 5 miles of running.. but if you don't want to run, join us anyway!  You can take short cuts to each place, as the runners get the mile in!   Be festive and ready for fun!

This Saturday's Christmas Season Run/Walk & Breakfast
from Charlies Pub & Eatery is now full! 
  • For those of you who signed up, Congrats!   Look forward to joining you this Saturday for the festivities!   Note: You should have received an email from Randy, giving you the details.   

Sunday, December 16, 2012


What a fun time at Annette's 50th Birthday party... 50 has nothing on Annette!  Keep on rockin'!

Annette as Ambassador.. welcoming Rick to the Team!

Here she is pole vaulting.. what are you thinking?

... and Shot Put!

Now, we get to celebrate another member's birthday, as Mia turns 21!  Join her Sunday Dec 16th at the Bears Den anytime after 12-noon ... We all know Mia is awesome!

Always with a smile!
Here she slums with Todd & Adam...
If you want to get a little exercise in prior to hitting up Mia's party, come out to the 2nd Bridge at Oxbow park and we'll take about a 45-60 minute hike starting at 10:30am.

********** Week Ahead! **************

  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders gather at Panera South for a run, and circle back for coffee and chatter. 
  • Sunday 10:30am:   Hike at Oxbow Park.   Meet at the 2nd bridge parking lot... you find that by heading toward the zoo, then turning left just before reaching the zoo lot.. and drive straight ahead (past the campground) and park at 2nd bridge. 
  • Sunday 12-noon:  Bears Den for Mia's 21st Birthday Party! 
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are back at WildWood Bar & Grill.  This location always works out great, giving easy access to area trails and city streets.  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  Typically reserved for trail running, this Tuesday is a special one... we'll connect at Dooley's and set off caroling on the run, as we'll head from bar to bar downtown, singing songs, spreading cheer!  We'll head back to Dooley's about 7pm or so.. to have our own share of cheer! 
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  We're back on the track!  Join us at RCTC indoor track, and get some speed under those feet!  - If you're not familiar with what to do on a track, we will talk it over after a warmup and then off we go! 
Last week's track crew! Small but strong!

  • Thursday 6pm:  It's Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den in Byron!  It's an end of the world as we know it party!  We're going to party like there's no to-mayan! 
  • Saturday 7am:  It's the joint Off Season Striders and Team R.E.D. Christmas Breakfast run!  We'll meet at Charlies Pub & Eatery (formerly The Crown)... head out for a run, and back for breakfast! Charlie is always a great host!
    • Be sure to dress festively! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Monday & a couple 'wait and see's"

Monday Maniacs is back at WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester this week!  Come on out at 6pm for a run through the city.. and back for a beverage of choice.

Check back Saturday for details on a possible hike at Oxbow on Sunday (prior to the Mia Birthday Party at the Bears Den!)..

Also, check back Saturday for details on Tuesdays, caroling on the Run.. as we'll meet in Rochester and run Bar to Bar spreading Christmas Cheer before settling in for some Christmas Cheer of our own!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beetles Bar & Grill

Tonight's gonna be a good night!   Gather at 6pm at Beetles Bar & Grill located at the corner of 2nd St SW and 20th Ave in Rochester.  

This puts us in a different section of town from the usual, so it'll be nice to trounce around a new neighborhood!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday.. Wednesday... Thursday!

What a night at Monday Maniacs!  It was super fun to hit the Douglas Saloon once again, and the host bar came through with great food and excellent service!  - We also received a wonderful gift for Team R.E.D. from Annette - I will get a picture and description on the blog this evening.

Here's a look at some more great opportunities over the next few days..   

Tonight 6pm:  Trail run at Essex Park in Rochester. See details from Mason below.   (note, several of us ran on the douglas trail last night, and while there is snow, it was definetly run-able.).
  • We'll meet in the parking lot at Essex park and deal with whatever mother nature deals to us. We started our season at Essex and maybe this will be our last run on the trails before transitioning to Snow shoeing
Wednesday 5:30pm:  Woo says get ready to get Footloose!  We're hitting the indoor track at RCTC.  It's free of charge and available all weekday mornings 6-8am... and evenings 5-10pm.  

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd St SW in Rochester.  Routes will hit the blog this evening. 

Friday 7pm:  Annette turns 50 years old, and you are invited to the party!  Gather at the Chms' home at 507 9th St NW in Byron, and stay until your hearts content!  - No gifts please.

Sunday Noon:  Mia tunrs 21 years old, and you are invited to the party!  Gather at the Bears Den in Byron for all the fun.. and stay until your hearts content!   - Keep an eye open, as we might plan a hike or snowshoe late Sunday morning.  

Be sure to scroll down to the Friday Dec 7th post to see what additional fun is ahead regarding parties and special running opportunities.  We'll also plan a spring fling once we get past the Christmas season.


Old race New date!  Check out the details for a Jan 5th Predict your time run.  It's fun, it really is!

Bear Creek 5 Predict Your Time Run Information


This race attempts to equalize all runners by staggering start times according to predicted finish times. You will predict the time you think it will take you to run 3.1 miles to the nearest 30 seconds.  The course is  a snowy, slippery route that follows the road and bike path. You are responsible for your safe speed and footing.  Hey, it is January in Minnesota!! 

 At 10:00 AM the slowest predicted time runners will start.  Every 30 seconds after that, another group will take off according to their respective predicted times.  The winner is the first person to cross the finish line.  EXCEPTIONanyone faster than his or her predicted time is disqualified!  Needless to say, no splits will be given and no watches will be allowed (an automatic DQ).


Date:  January 5, 2013

Place:  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

            1212 12th Avenue N.W.

             Rochester, MN  55901

Time: Registration starts at 9:15 AM

          First runners off at 10:00 AM

Cost: $15 regardless of when you register ($10 for RTC members)

Give Away: Fleece Hat(guaranteed for pre-registered, but first come/first served on race day)


Registration: Go to


Questions? Contact me at or call 993-3505.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Let it snow!

Tonight at 6pm the Monday Maniacs gather at the parking lot along the Douglas trail, in Douglas.  Some are planning to run, walk or snowshoe! 

Important Update:  Please see message from Chris below regarding the previously planned Crepe's & Galette:

  • Major Bummer!! We are not going to get the Crepe and Galette Dinner we were all hoping for. When I spoke to the owner last week I did not understand (a small language barrier) that they needed another confirmation on Saturday!! We can still run/walk/snow shoe and go to the Douglas Saloon for refreshments and their normal food. Please help me spread the word to anyone only coming for the promised food!!
  • Post excercise we'll gather at the Douglas Saloon for some tasty treats of Crepe's and Galette!  French dining at it's finest!   -- even if you can't join us at 6pm... swing on out to Douglas around 7pm and join us for the fun!

The 6th annual Lace Up Against Breast Cancer ½ marathon, 5k, and 2 mile walk is coming up on Sunday, February 10, 2013. .. and this is a call for Volunteers!   

Please email me at if you're interested in being part of the Team R.E.D. waterstop.   We'll once again be at the Gazebo behind Mayo Civic Center, which means we'll see runners 3 times!   A team R.E.D. waterstop is always fun!
Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in volunteering in a role beyond Team R.E.D.'s waterstop. . You can also let her know if you have a preference on the job you do and/or the time frames you are available.   Below are the areas that they need volunteer coverage:
Saturday, Feb 9:
  • Registration and packet pick up 1-5 at TerraLoco
Sunday, Feb. 10:
  • Set up inside and outside: 7-9
  • Race day Registration: 7:30-9
  • Course Marshals (time will vary depending on where your post is)
  • Water stop volunteers (time will vary depending on where your post is)
  • Finish line 9:30-12:30
  • Food Area 9:30-1:00
To find more information on the event, please visit

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nice !

With everybody busy this time of year, it's so fun to stop and enjoy each other! Below are a few pictures from Thursday night.. and following that is a look at a whole lot of stuff coming up!  Mark your calendars! (by the way, if I missed any upcoming events, send me an email at   because that's a lot for me to remember, and I don't want to miss anything!0

One was late for the picture....

So Annette get's a close up!  -- Her Birthday is Friday the 14th!

KP's late too!  another close up...

Amy, Wendy and Mason kicking the pace

Doin' it right.. reflective with headlamps!

Lovin' Route 66 Marathon!

Elaine and Jim share a birthday... same day, same year, same hospital!   Maybe they were switched at birth!

No comment.

ahh.. and headstand crew!  ok ok.. making sense now!

Gift card 'winners!'


Off Season Strider Notes:
  • Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders from Brothers Bar & Grill... gather in the back parking lot for the route talk, then enjoy the run, and come back for the social at the grill!
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders head out from Panera South. Easy access to the trails and then back for some chatter!   
Monday Maniac Notes:
  • Monday 6pm:   Dec 10th, the Maniacs are meeting at the parking lot in Douglas.  The lot is right along the Douglas trail.  It'll be an out and back route of any distance you care to run (wear a headlamp, it's dark on dat der trail!). 
  • Then... head to the Douglas Saloon!   The fine owners are hosting a Team R.E.D. special Crepes night!  They'll serve food typically reserved for Thursdays, on a Monday, for us!  Come on out and enjoy!
  • If you can't make the run.... come for the post run fun!   The folks at the Douglas Saloon have been great hosts for us over the past few visits.. very fun!
Tuesday Trail Notes:
  •  Dec 11th, 6pm Mason has a trail run (or snowshoe if need be) planned for essex park on Tuesday evening. Here's his message.   We'll meet in the parking lot at Essex park and deal with whatever mother nature deals to us. We started our season at Essex and maybe this will be our last run on the trails before transitioning to Snow shoeing
  • Dec 18th, 6pm we're planning on Christmas Caroling to the people who need us most.  We'll run from bar to bar sharing our gift of song....  our creed of last year, rings true yet this year... Drunks are people too! 

Wednesday Track Notes: 
  • Dec 12th, 5:30pm:   The indoor track at RCTC will be hoppin' with Team R.E.D. and Mom's on the Run!  Come on out and crank some speed work... we had a nice turnout last week, and would love to see more R.E.D. members turning the feet on the track.
  • Dec 19th 5:30pm:  Much the same!  Come on out.. and work the speed!   You can do any workout you like, but the group is primarily focused on 300 meters fast, followed by 100 meter recovery.. and repeat repeat repeat. 
Thursday Team R.E.D. Notes: 
  • Dec 13th 6pm:   We'll have a Rochester location, still TBD.  Check back to learn the plan!
  • Dec 20th 6pm:  We're at the Bears Den in Byron... and according to the Mayan Calendar, the world may be coming to an end!  So we'd like you to dress as you would, if it was your last day on earth.

Friday Night Party Night Notes:
  •  Dec 14th 7pm:   Annette Chm turns 50 years old, and a bash is the plan!  The party is hosted at the Chms' home at 507 9th St NW in Byron.
  • Dec 21st:   If the world is still spinning, and we're all aware of it, you are invited to the Hammers for a survival party!  More details to follow on this item!
Mia turns 21 Notes:
  • Dec 16th 12-noon:   Our awesome friend from the Den, Mia is turning 21 years old!  We are all invited to join her in the celebration at the Bears Den beginning at 12-noon!  
Team R.E.D. & Off Season Striders Christmas Season Run Notes:
  • Dec 22nd 7am:   The annual Christmas run is on! Charlies Pub & Eatery (formerly the Crown Restaurant is hosting us!).   
  • Our hosts can serve 60 people in the restuarant... and we are currently at 49 "yes" responses to the evite.   If you're interested in joining, do not delay... as we want you to be with the crew!   
  • If you did not receive the evite, it means you're not on either the Team R.E.D. or OSS distribution lists.  Drop me an email at and we'll get you added to the distribution list.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Byron tonight! ... Rochester This Weekend! .... Douglas on Monday!

Another big Thursday is upon us!  Join us in at the Bears Den at 6pm for Team R.E.D. as we run or walk routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles.  

This week has been a big success with a great track workout last night, fantastic trail run on Tuesday and an excellent Monday Maniacs on Monday!   Keep it rolling!  

Off Season Striders this weekend
  • 7:30am Saturday from Brothers Bar & Grill
  • 8am Sunday from Panera South
Monday Maniacs have a real treat in store for us on Monday, Dec 10th.   We'll gather at the Douglas trail parking lot in Douglas at 6pm, and head out for a run or walk.  Upon return it's Crepe's & Galette!  See the note from Chris below:
  • We are going to run the Douglas Trail then we are going to pig out on an amazing Crepe and Galette dinner at the Douglas Saloon. The owner of the Douglas Saloon has invited us to a Special Monday Night Feast. Word has it, this dinner is AMAZING! If anyone is interested in a fitness walk or run followed by some great food and fun. Tell your friends and have them tell their friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keep your eyes open!

We're fast approaching the 3rd annual Christmas season run and Breakfast buffet on Saturday 12/22 at 7AM at Charlies Eatery and Pub. 

An evite is being prepared by Jean & Randy... The first 60 people to respond "YES" will be in. Last year we filled in less than a week.  
  • NOTE:  If you're on the Team R.E.D. distribution list or the Off Season Striders list, you will receive the evite.  If you're not on either of those, drop me an email at and we'll get you added.  


In the meantime... stop out to Gamehaven for a run in the dark tonight at 6pm!  Meet in the parking lot, and bring an headlamp!   If you dont' have a headlamp you might find yourself taking the route these people took!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Reminder - Monday Maniacs Location Change!

Hey all.. just a freindly reminder:  The Monday Maniacs are meeting at the Douglas Trail Parking lot in Douglas at 6pm.. They'll do an out and back on the trail and then hit up the Douglas Saloon for some recovery drink. 

The rest of the week's schedule is listed out in the post below....