Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living History Farms & Thursday From Den!

Hey!   Registration opens for LHF at 12:01am on 9/30 (that's in a few hours!).    I'm going to register just after midnight and create a "Team".   I'll post the details as to how to register as Team RED (and I'll email those details too)... We have a lot of people who have expressed interest....  and the Bears Den will chip in 200 bucks toward a bus... that's awesome!    The bus does not come cheap, so there is still a 'cost per rider' as the entire trip will likely approach 12 hours...something like, board the bus at 4am.. get back at 4pm...

We need to see committed numbers of runners before we book that bus, so there are no surprises on the cost side.  If we don't get the numbers to justify a bus, we will create a caravan... so if you want to attend, register as part of Team RED!  That's the way I truly know you're committed to this fantastic event!   

Did I just post this music/slideshow recently?   I know it's been posted plenty, but either way.. here it is again!   You Do Want to run the race!  Last year we ran with a small crew at a 15/minute per mile pace.. very incredibly fun.. more like a moving party!   Let's make this a big deal!


The Routes are up for Team R.E.D. Thursday at 6pm from the Bears Den. This fall is going to rock! I'm so loving the weather! Let's run.. have fun.. and support the Den, who supports us so nicely!


More to follow this evening.. tomorrow morning.. however that works.. late night is my gig tonight!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Opportunity to Race and Help

I recieved the following information from Team R.E.D.'s newest member, Keith Cramer...  Thanks for forwarding the details Keith! 

The First Annual Run for the Panthers 5k Fundraiser will be held on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th at the ZUMBROTA Golf course. They have been gracious enough to host this race for us. If you would still like to register contact Amy Northrop at  The race will be held at 6:30. Race day registration begins at 4:30 at the Panther Tent by the club house. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the athletic department for flood recovery.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Week ahead....

A few things I'm aware of taking place...

*please note, no scheduled progressive run this Wednesday morning, it's simply too close to race day for those who most often participate **

Tuesday 5 or 5:30pm...... Hills and/or track. Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial and either hop on the track or head to the hills. I'm planning on a limited number of hills myself.

Wednesday 6pm .... Running Room Group run... they go various paces/various distance.. show up and follow the plan!

Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm... Bears Den in Byron. Routes will be the typical, 2.5ish, 4ish and 6ish....

Please drop me a note at if you'd like to add a race or workout to our coming events.  

Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Fun!

A quick post to get the slideshow out here from last night... further updates to follow, but for now, the pictures share some of the story.... a big Thank You to Tod and Meg for hosting on this rainy night!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Routes are Up!

Check out the routes on the right hand side of the blog for Thursday nights Team R.E.D at 6pm  from the Bellrichards home.  They are located at 8431 14th St NW in Byron (actually on the east edge of Byron along Cty Rd 3). 

**The Short Route can easily be made shorter by cutting one of the loops (or both)!  Additionally, depending on this continued rain, we may change the longer routes to head into Byron on paved roads, rather then the currently planned gravel road routes.   We'll discuss these options during the Route talk.  ***

Our fine hosts, Tod and Meg, are providing  water, beer, margaritas and walking tacos.  Please bring something to share with the group as well..   This should be a real fun night..  be sure to come on out!   Bring some wet weather gear, just in case!

Don't forget, and I can't imagine you would.... the theme is:

Inappropriate T-Shirt Night!    

If you don't yet have a shirt... you might consider making your own!  Heck.. you have some 30ish hours to get it done!     Also, if you're not sure what is Inappropriate you might turn to Michael Scott from The Office, he's always got a way with words.


Weekend Opportunities:

Below are the weekend opportunities I'm aware of... if you know of more, please let me know and I'll help communicate them.   Additionally, if you're running any races, let me know how it went by sending either your results, or a few words about the race.  Pictures would be excellent as well!

Saturday Long Run:  7am from the RAC.  The Scheduled run has options of 10 or 15 miles.  Some Team R.E.D. Members are gathering early at 5:50am to add about 7 additional miles if you'd like to join, please do!

Saturday 10 Mile Trail Race:  The In Yan Teopa run is held at the fantastic Frontenac State Park.  Details of this race can be found at

Saturday Maple Leaf Road Races:  I recieved a note from Gary Dutton, that he and Hurricane will be tearing up the streets of LaCrosse at this Half Marathon, which also provides a 5K option.  Details can be found at

Sunday PurpleStride:   This event, complete with a 5K and 10K, supports the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  Many of you may know one of the people involved in this event,  Paula Patterson,   Details can be found at

Sunday Long Run:   Team R.E.D.'s Lori Y is heading out on a 13 miler, starting at 8am from the Douglas Trail trailhead in Rochester.    She plans to stage a water station in Douglas, so on this run you can capture refreshments at mile 4.5 and 8.5     She'd love some company, so if this fits or if you have any questions, give Lori a call at  507.990.7234


Monday, September 20, 2010

TC 10 Mile Preview & Stuff

Paul and I previewed the Twin Cities 10 Mile course on Saturday, in prep for the Oct 3rd event.  It was fun to run it, and will be nice to know what's around each corner come race day!    The race starts near Metrodome in Minneapolis and runs to the State Capitol in St Paul. 

Below are a few pics of our journey.

There are several Team R.E.D. members taking part in either the Twin Cities Marathon or 10 miler.. it will be fun to see if we can arrange a meeting spot, before and/or after the races.


Congrats to Tom Woo for yet another fantastic marathon finish.   Tom finished 6th in his age group at the Fox Cities Marathon in Appleton WI this weekend.

If you raced this past weekend, let me know how it went.   I know Anne and Mark Baron were planning on the Lupus Trail Run at Essex.  And I learned that 5 team red members walked with hardware from the Hormel Nature Center race in Austin!   Pitured below are, Matt, Jim, Meg,, Tod and Steve....  Nice work all! 


Here's an early peek at a few workouts taking place over the next couple days...  let me know if you have any to add.  

Tuesday Night Track/Hills:  5 or 5:30pm at the Soldiers Field Memorial  in Rochester.
Wednesday Morning Progressive Run:   5:30am from 805 1st Ave NW in Byron
Wednesday Evening Run: 6pm starting at the Running Room in Rochester
Thursday Team R.E.D.:  6pm from the Bellrichards home in Byron.   This is inappropriate t-shirt night.. and it should be a blast!

Tod and Meg will provide water, beer, margaritas and walking tacos. We can each bring something to share with the group as well..  Bellrichards also have a Pina Colada machine, so I'll bring along some rum and mix for anyone interested in dialing that up.  

You can expect runs of 4.5 and 6 miles, like last year and 2.5 mile walk towards town into the new town estates developements.   (routes will post on the blog in the next day or so).

Finally!   A slideshow of the Mayo Open... Sorry we didn't' capture everyone, as there were so many of you out there!    None the less congrats go to all of you who participated!

Also, as previously noted, many of the pics are blurry... does anyone want to check out my camera settings to see if that can be remedied?

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Stuff!

Some of the things happening this weekend.. (that I'm aware of!).. be sure to share with me (preferably via email so I can go reference it for details)... anything you know that is going on , running or walking related..

Saturday Long Run:  7am from the RAC in Rochester.. official distance is 17.7 miles (easily cut to 15.8 if you skip one loop around Silver Lake

Saturday 5K:   This fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation is held at Essex park.  A great place to run!

Saturday 8K and 1 Mile:   9am at the Hormel Nature Center in Austin.   You can get more information and/or print a registration form at the  Rochester Track Club  website. 

Saturday Bonfire:   Bring a lawn chair and snacks to join Sara & Joe Ryan as they host a Team R.E.D. bonfire Saturday at 7pm.   They are located at  5236 Middlebrook Dr. NW. in Rochester.  Thanks for hosting!

Sunday Night Hike:  5pm from the 1st Bridge at Oxbow... the trails are very fun, especially this time of year.  Come on out and enjoy!


Still to come.. a slideshow from the Mayo Open 5K (Warning:  many of our pics are blurry.. ugh!)


Good luck to all of you racing this weekend!  Please send me your results.. or at least point me to them!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick Post - New Member!

What a great night at the Mayo Open!  We got to run on grass, hills, mud, slush, and more hills... woo hooo!   

I will post many more pictures in the next day or so... but I'd like to introduce you to our newest member.  He comes to us, out of Pine Island Minnesota, and he loves to run!  Please welcome Keith Cramer!

Saturday events

Sara & Joe Ryan are inviting members to their home for a bonfire and good times Saturday at 7pm... bring a lawn chair and snacks.  Should be a great time!   The Ryan's live at 5236 Middlebrook Dr. NW. in Rochester.  While the Ryan's are always well dressed,  Formal Wear is not required... come on out and join the fun!


Also, I came across an event this Saturday that had not yet hit my radar.   Race day registration is available.  Details can be found at the following link

Lupus Walk for Hope and 5K Trail Run 2010

I know Team R.E.D. members Anne and Mark Baron participate in the event held at Essex Park in Rochester.  Here are a couple pics from last years event. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday Team R.E.D.

The What:
 Mayo Open!   Come one come all!  Eastwood Golf Course in Rochester is the scene.. it's a 5K race on the same course the high school cross country teams race just minutes before you!   The event is FREE! (one of my favorite types of pricing structures)

The When:
At conclusion of the Mayo Invitational Cross Country meet.. approx 6-6:15pm...  if you arrive early, get your bib and come watch the teams compete.. the finish line is very near the registration area.

The Plan: 
Option #1:   Arrive at Wicked Moose (old McMurphy's) parking lot by 5:30pm.. and jog over to the start line (approx 1.5 miles --- give or take --- guessing really)...  Arrive at the 'registration' area to sign a waiver and receive your bib #

Option #2:  Arrive at Wicked Moose (old McMurphy's) parking lot by 5:30pm to receive shuttle service to the start courtesy of Team R.E.D.'s Randy Quint... register for your bib # and get ready to roll.

Option #3:  Arrive at Eastwood Golf Course by 6pm.   Park on the north side of the golf course (Do Not park at the clubhouse... for one they don't want you to park there, two, it's a long way from the start).

Option #4:   Arrive at Wicked Moose approx 7:15pm.. for the social!  

Option #5:  Do what works for you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Events

Just a heads up... a few events coming up this year..  these are events that may not have found your radar yet, and you should consider!  

Nov 13th:  Inagural Gamehaven Scout Camp Run (I just made up that name, as the race is so early in the planning, we still don't have a name, as far as I know!)..  this will be a 5 miler on trails...  and a couple creek crossings.... why not?

Nov 20th: Living History Farms Off Road Race ... registration opens at the end of Sept.   Many Team R.E.D. members have already expressed interest and a plan for a Team Bus is in the works!  Creek Crossings?  Oh yes.. 8 of them.

Nov 28th: The Grahminator at Oxbow... this is the 2nd year for this event.. yet another Off-Road event... we'll run the trails of oxbow for 10 miles.. a little snow could make it interesting.     Creek Crossings?  Oh no.. but you do run over the river via bridge and it's a fantastic trail!

Tuesday Social!

Hey all.. I missed a key event tonight!  There's a Tuesday Night Social at Beetles... it starts at 6pm and goes until you want to go home.. this is for runners, families and friends... there is no running required! 

If you are wanting to get a run in.. there will be some people gathering at the Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot for hills or track work.  Some gather at 5pm.... others at 5:30pm..

Below is what I know for the remainder of the week including a fun 5K at Eastwood park on Team R.E.D. night (Thursday 6pm!)... the information below is a copy and paste from a Team RED distribution list email.. if you'd like on that list, please drop me a note at   

 Tuesday Night Hills/Track:  5 or 5:30pm... gather at the Soldiers Field Memorial in Rochester.. and choose to hit the track, or roll out to the hills.   Both are great workouts!  Especially in the company of others.  

Wednesday Morning Progressive:  This run is canceled for this week, (at least any version of it that starts and finishes at my place).     If you'd like to lead this run... just drop me a note with details as to when/where.. and I'll share that info with others.  

Wednesday Evening Group Run:
  6pm from the Running Room.   This is a weekly run at various paces and distances.

Thursday Team R.E.D.:   6pm at Eastwood Golf course.  Mayo Open... a Free 5K     Description: Course is same as used by the boys at the Mayo High School Invitational, which begins at 4:00 PM the same day.  It begins and ends on the north side of Eastwood Golf Course (Hwy 14 side), and includes a fair number of hills, as you would expect from a quality cross country course.  Fresh produce for all finishers!

There is NO ENTRY FEE for this event, however, do plan to arrive early enough to sign the waiver and get your bib #.    The start time is only approximate, as it will start at the conclusion of the Mayo Invite Cross Country meet.   -- Come even earlier, and watch the high schoolers run... it's a blast! ---

We'll gather post run at the nearby Wicked Moose, (the old McMurphy's at 1201 Eastgate Drive Southeast)... be sure to watch the blog for details as several Team R.E.D. members are discussing a plan to park at the Wicked Moose at 5:30pm.. then run approx 1 mile warmup to Eastwood Golf Course, and run back as a cooldown.     If you elect to park closer to the golf course, please find one of the parking lots on the Hwy 14 side of the golf course, as they do not want us parking at the clubhouse (plus, you'd be a long way from the registration area if you parked at the club house).  

Saturday Morning Long Run:  7am from the RAC is scheduled for 15 miles.  Again, keep an eye on the blog, as sometimes a group of R.E.D. gather early to front load some miles.    The Half marathoners in this group are slated for 11 miles.  

Saturday 8K and 1 Mile:   9am at the Hormel Nature Center in Austin.   You can get more information and/or print a registration form at the  Rochester Track Club  website.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wow.. a lot of people are out racing!  I was sipping coffee, but I did manage to snap a couple pics at the Harvest Classic this morning.    Congrats to R.E.D. members Tom & Paul as they each placed 2nd overall in their respective races.  Paul PR'd in the 5K! 

We ran into Teresa Walter as well... Teresa had her first Team R.E.D. run this past Thursday... she PR'd today too!

Team Ryan was also in the loop... with Sara doing the chaperoning and Brevin and Brenna handling the running!

Andy took my approach.. as he showed up in street clothes with a cup of coffee. 

There were other R.E.D. runners out and about this weekend...

Lori and Angie ran the Chosen One Run in Zumbrota... Lori PR'd!
Andy  rolled at the City of Lakes in Mlps
Trevor tackled the Square Lakes Half Ironman, as did some friends of R.E.D. in Dan, Mike and Jen.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Night Hike

Some Team R.E.D. members are planning a Sunday Night Hike (5pm) at Oxbow Park.    They will gather at the 1st Bridge (which is actually the 2nd parking lot on your left as you drive the gravel road into the park).   It's fantastic out there this time of year, consider joining them and getting out for a nice hike!

Nice Work!

Thank You and Congratulations to all theTeam R.E.D. members who supported the first Water Station at Med City Marathon.    Team R.E.D. assisted the Rochester Track Club at this location, and together we were voted Top Water Station at the Marathon!    In turn.. a $100 gift card to Target has been awarded to the Track Club... You all Rock!

** R.E.D. members working the station that day include, (hope I don't miss anyone!) Aaron, Ann, Mike, Paul C, Annette, Randy, Jim L, Steve, Jean, Wendy & myself **  -- Also, several Team R.E.D. members participated in the events of that day.. way to go Team! --

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Friday, September 10, 2010

New Faces!

Wow.. I miss a week's run.. and new faces show up...  That's fantastic!    Thanks to Paul for snapping some pictures.   Below are the first time R.E.D. runners, from left to right they are Teresa, Milly, Cathy, Dawn, Tom & Dom.   Glad you all found us!

 Based on the slideshow, it sure appears the run/walk was fun... Lots of smiles!   Also thanks to the Melby's for hosting an after social during the Vikings game.    A few drinks, pizza, snacks and good company makes the Vikings debacle a little more bearable.  

 What's up next?

Saturday: 7am from the RAC in Rochester is the marathon and half marathon training run.  Marathoners are scheduled a 20 miler (half marathoners will be somewhere around 10-11 I presume).   Some R.E.D. members are starting earlier, at 6:20am.. to get a few extra miles in.   Join us at the RAC!

Saturday: 6pm... the Chosen One Run.  This is a 5k fun run (and walk) to raise money for families working through the adoption process.  Registration begins at 5pm at the Firehall in Zumbrota.

Sunday: 8am.. a couple of R.E.D. members are meeting at the Douglas Trailhead in Rochester for a 10 miler.   The trailhead is located on Valley High Road between IBM and the Postal Facility.

Sunday:  8am... Harvest Classic 5K, 10K and kids 1 Mile.   A link to more information and registration can be found at 

Sunday: 9am... Gift of Life Transplant house 5K/2.5K  run / walk.      A link to more information and registration can be found at 

Reminder: Thursday 9/16 Team R.E.D. will be held in conjunction with the Mayo Open, which starts at the completion of the Mayo Invite High School Cross Country meet at Eastwood Golf Course in Rochester.   The Mayo Open 5K requires no entry fee.. and sure is a lot of fun as we run the same course the Cross country teams run.   We'll pick a Rochester location for the post run/walk social.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Routes Are Up! & UPDATE to Social

Thursday Team R.E.D. routes are now posted on the right hand side of the blog.... I shortened them a tad, to make sure people could be done in time for Kick Off of the Vikings - Saints game.   Should be a lot of fun!  

UPDATE:  Post Run/Walk Social 

Kick-Off for the Vikings - Saints is 7:30pm (I believe)... Paul and Shelly Melby have graciously invited Team R.E.D. to their home (245 10th St NE in Byron) to watch the  game ...   Paul says he'll have chips, nuts and some beer, but if  you want something other than Busch Light and Hamms, you should bring your own.     

Additionally, note, the Bears Den is offering an All you can eat taco bar for $5.00 from 5:00-9:00. $2.00 Light Beer taps during the game....   this leaves some options, as I think most will be done running / walking before 7pm.. so if you wanted, you could easily catch some taco's (or whatever meets your taste) at the Den and then catch the  game at the Melby's... or hang out at the Den, or whatever works for you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week of Stuff! - Includes a couple changes for Thursday

Tuesday Night Hills 5pm: Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial and head over to the hills at 10th St SW and 9th Ave SW in Rochester. If hills aren't your thing, hop on the track for some speed work!

Tuesday Night Movie Screening 7pm:    The movie Run America is being screened at the Historical Society in Winona.   A few of us are heading over, and will plan to get a short run in with the Winona Run Club prior to the movie.   Hopefully pulling out of Byron approx 4:15pm.   Give me a call at 507 358 9188 if you want to join us.   Here is a link to a clip of the film.

Wednesday Morning Progressive Run 5:30am: This run starts at  my place 805 1st Ave NW in Byron. We head out at a 10/min mile pace and increase tempo each mile...  this is a 7.5 mile workout that challenges you physically and mentally... such great fun! 

Wednesday Evening Practice Run 6:00pm: The Running Room offers twice weekly group training runs. Paces will vary.  Meet at the Running Room on South Broadway in Rochester.

Thursday Night Team R.E.D. 6pm - change in the rotation, please see details at the end of this post.

Saturday Morning Long Run 7am:  This is the full and half marathon training run, starting at 7am from the RAC in Rochester.   A great group to help you put long miles behind you!

Sunday Morning Race 8am: Harvest Classic is Sunday morning.   This 5K, 10K and 1 mile kids run is put on by the Mayo Medical School.    You can find all the details and register online at

Thursday Night Team R.E.D. 6pm:  This was originally going to be a home hosted evening, however, we needed to reschedule.  -- with that said we've changed the rotation a bit.

This Thursday is a Bears Den night again... and the next couple are not.  We'll make the run a tad shorter Thursday to get people back in time for Kickoff of the Vikings - Saints game.   The Den is offering an All-You-Can-Eat taco bar for $5 and $2 lite beers.

Sept R.E.D. schedule below:
Thursday 9/9 - Bears Den
Thursday 9/16 - Mayo Open (No Entry Fee - 5K at Eastwood Golf Course following the cross country meet)  -- Social location in Rochester, with specifics TBD
Thursday 9/23 - Bellrichards host with a theme of  Inappropriate T-Shirts! 
Thursday 9/30 - Open

New Race Coming This Fall

KC, Jim, Matt and I ran at the Gamehaven Scout Camp Monday, checking out the possibility of a trail race that would incorporate some creek crossings. The trails at the camp are really nice, and it appears we'll pull together a new race this fall! Likely to be 5 miles long... now we're just working on trying to select the date for the event.

The slide show below gives you a bit of a feel for the location

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scout Camp Run

If anyone is interested (and available given this late notice), KC, Jim Mason and myself are meeting at Dunn Bros. at Barclay Square at 7am Monday (Labor Day). Then we're going to drive out to the Boy Scout camp, and check out any possibilities for future runs out there. Come join the fun if you'd like to check it out (and likely pick up a few easy paced miles).

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Office- Season 4- Andy- Wind Resistance

Practical Advice... from my favorite episode of The Office. He's also got practical advice on protecting your nipples. Information is Power!

Bears Den After Run

Another nice turnout at the Bears Den... as I sampled the participants, it sounds like everyone did the 6 or the 4 mile routes... Nice work everyone!

Rock Paper Scissors went off without a hitch, but as you can see, Angie is slighly more skilled at this then Andy (maybe standing gave her a position of power!)  Additionally, Tracy has now won back to back weeks!  She's pictured below with Co-Champion Aaron.


Couple things coming up this weekend....

Saturday Morning Long Run 7:00am:  Meet at the RAC in Rochester, (several Team R.E.D. members are gathering early at 6:15am to add 3.6 extra miles).  The weekly marathon and half marathon training run is set for 17 miles for full marathoners, and I would anticipate approximately 8-9 miles for half marathoners.  These weekly runs are key, as they are staffed with volunteers providing water/Gatorade along the way!  

Sunday Morning Practice Run 8:30am:   The 2nd run of the week from the Running Room.    Note, the running room offers periodic training classes to 'learn to run'... they set each class toward target races.  i.e. learn to run a 5K class would end with an actual 5K race.


Stay tuned... KC Reed and I are heading out to the Boy Scout Camp on Monday.   Details as to time will follow this weekend, in case anyone wants to join us.   Our plan is to scope out the possibility of a Living History Farms type race out there.   I also know, Jim Mason has bounced around ideas of creating something like that as well.    


Progressive Run:   Several people expressed interest in the Wednesday morning progressive run recently.   If you've never had a chance to try it, set your alarm early and give it a shot.  It's really quite the fun workout, really it is!  I wouldn't make that up!    We start each Wednesday morning at 5:30am from my place, 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.   The workout, with cool down is approx 7.5 miles and takes a little over an hour to complete.   Let me know if you have any questions about how it works...


Upcoming Race: Karl-Peter passed along a reminder that the Harvest Classic is fast approaching (Sept 12).   This 5K, 10K and 1 mile kids run is put on by the Mayo Medical School and it's another great chance to test yourself.    You can find all the details and register online at
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Routes are Up!

Check out the right side of the blog for this weeks Routes!