Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chester Woods!

Hey again.. don't forget to participate in this weekend's super fun event!  Mason leads a great team in making Chester Wood Trail run so much fun!  -- Team R.E.D. also provides a waterstop for the 10 mile and 50K participants!  

Saturday Chester Wood Run!: Yet another fantastic race at Chester Woods!   You can get more inforation at   or volunteer by contacting Jim or Adam at the following emails..,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another First!

Hey.. just want to let you know there was another first half marathon on Sunday.  It's Val!  She joined Team R.E.D. during the Med City Marathon Expo!   Here she is pictured with Lori after finishing the Half Congrats Val and Welcome!  

We have several new members from the weekend, and it's going to be fun bringing them into the fold!  New members are so much fun!

Thursday's Team R.E.D. is a Rochester night!  We'll be gathering at Mayo Field, where the Rochester Honkers play... it's located at 307 East Center St, . we have two routes planned of 3 and 5 miles - of course you can cut them short, or make them longer!    Join us at 6pm for the route talk, then enjoy the walk/run and come back for a tailgate party in the parking lot!  -- and if you want to continue your evening with RED, head on into the Honkers game!  A section of seats are being held for Team R.E.D.!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tonight's Trail.... and more!

6pm Tonight:  A great night for hitting the trails of Chester Woods park!   Gather at the horse trailer parking lot, and get ready for a nice loop out to the Team R.E.D. water stop for this weekends ChesterWoods Trail Run.   Speaking of Chester Woods Trail Run, remember it's a Rochester Track Club Grand Prix (10 Mile) & Youth Grand Prix (5K) event.. get out and be part of it!
5:30pm Wednesday:  Speed work on the track at Soldiers Field (the track in Byron is torn up for resurfacing). Get out and go! 

6pm Thursday:  Thursday's Team R.E.D. will be a great night for a run or walk, followed by a tailgate party, and an opportunity to go to the Honkers game with the crew!   We'd like to have a feel for how many people are planning to attend the game, so if you are, please RSVP to Cathy at

Monday, May 28, 2012


What a great weekend of running for Team R.E.D!    We had first time Marathoners and first time Half Marathoners!  Let me know who I missed, as I'm sure I have missed somebody pulling off a first time effort... but here is who I know...  all these pics are lifted from Facebook, I'll try to list who I believe snapped the photo

Congrats to Gail on his first Half Marathon!  He just keeps getting stronger as a runner, and has fun doing it! -- photo courtesy of Kim

Congrats to Kelly on his first Half Marathon!   He's recently back to running, and makes it look like he never took a hiatus!  Way to go Kelly!  - photo courtesy of Jen

Congrats to Mike, Dan & Dave as they all knocked off their first Full Marathons!   They achieved first time  halfs together in January, and now first time fulls.. unstoppable!   Here they are with the medals to prove it! -- photo courtesy of Diane

Congrats to Mike for his first Marathon!   He's been new to the crew, and seems to be on cruise control! Here he is sporting the hardware - photo courtesy of Laura.


Slideshow to come, capturing many more members!   -- Also... still to come, a look at the week ahead, which will likely include...

  • Tuesday Trail Run
  • Wednesday Track
  • Thursday Run, Tailgate and Honkers

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tonight's R.E.D.

Tonight we'll be at the Bears Den in Byron -- and we'll have the crew from Active PT joining us!  We'll learn a bit about their business (several of us know their business a bit too well!)

Routes are going to be 3, 4 or 6 miles (I'm not posting them as we'll play it a bit by ear depending on what the weather is doing).   

Med City Marathon has arrived!  Going to be a busy weekend for many!  Wish you all the best of luck in your races, and I thank you all for Volunteering in so many ways, to make this event great!  Below is a timeline of events for the weekend.  

If you're interested in volunteering, and haven't yet sent me an email saying so, please drop me a line with your availability today!  

Saturday, May 26th
10:00am Med City Fitness Expo Begins
10:00am Race Packet Pick-Up Begins
11:00am Med City Kids’ Marathon
1:00pm Toddler Trot/Diaper Dash
2:00pm Mascot Race
3:00pm Med City 5K
4:15pm Med City 5K Awards
4:30pm Jeff Galloway Presentation
6:00pm Expo Closes
7:00pm Packet Pick-Up closes

Sunday, May 27th
7:00am     Med City Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay & 20 Mile 
8:00am Finish Line Mayo Civic Center Begins
10:00am  Finish Line Party Begins
10:30am Half Marathon Awards
12:00pm Marathon Awards
1:30pm Finish Line Mayo Civic Center ends
2:00pm Finish Line Party ends

Monday, May 21, 2012

The week is loaded!

Tuesday 6pm:  Head out to Gamehaven for a preview of the trails used for Gamehaven's True Cross Country run.. (less the river crossings!).   Gamehaven Scout camp is located at 5015 Simpson Rd SE on the edge of Rochester.  -- Tuesday Trails are a blast!
Wednesday 5:30pm:   Meet at the Byron track for some speed!  Even those of you running Med City can log a few quick laps (foot turnover will be your friend on Sunday!).  -- Wednesday Track is a great way to get the legs turning, and build great confidence!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. welcomes Active PT to the Bears Den in Byron!   Come on out for the walk or run.. of 3, 4, or 6 miles.. and then learn a bit about Active PT (I visit them, along with several Team R.E.D. members.   They will share a bit about what they do, and oh.. did I mention they are buying some cocktails!!!)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fargo Moment

There are a lot of moments that take place at a race... but this pre-race pic is wonderful in my eye!

 We'll get some more pics, of fargo and tough mudder (I hope we'll get tough mudder pics), as it seems some people took a bit of electrical charge!

Maniacs of Mondays!

Hey Hey.. there was a lot of discussion as to where Monday Maniacs would run from this week... the decision is in... drum roll please......

Dooleys in Rochester!  Monday at 6pm... head out for a nice run through downtown, and sit for a sip post run.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


There are races all around!    Team R.E.D. members rocked at the TC 1 Mile... Many of you joined the 1000 + at Out of the Sun Run.. and yet more of you are taking part in the Fargo marathon weekend "Go Far!"   Adam & Amber took part in 3 races over the past 3 days!  Yeow!

**I really have to catch up on picture posting... tons in the works**

Volunteers Needed!   For the Team R.E.D. Booth at the Med City marathon.   Please let me know if you can commit a couple hours between 10am to 6pm on Saturday May 26th to promote Team R.E.D. and our mission of Fitness & Fun!  -- If you can help out, please drop me an email at 

Sunday 8am:  Join the Off Season Striders for a nice run from the Crown Restuarant (across from St Mary's).  Can't make it at 8?  swing in about 9am for some breakfast with the crew!
Sunday 1pm:  The  7th Annual Roll & Stroll for JDRF takes place at Soldiers Field in Rochester.  This is a 3 mile non-timed event (most people will walk the course, while others will run, rollerskate, bike.. whatever you like!).    If you can't make the Roll & Stroll but would like to contribute, you can do so at

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Routes are Up!

See you at 6pm tonight at the Bears Den in Byron!

Volunteers and Reminders

Hey... don't forget about Friday's Stay out of the Sun Run!   Check out the details at

On another note, we need volunteers!  Lots of them!
  • Volunteers at the Team R.E.D. booth for the Med City Marathon Expo.. probably a 2-3 hour committment per shift.. over the marathon weekend. 
  • Volunteers at the Post Race Party - roles yet TBD
  • Volunteers at the water stop for Chester Woods Trail Run.  If you sign up to support the early morning 50K runners, you will get a complimentery entry to the 10 mile (you would be responsible to get from the waterstop to the start on time!)   If interested in this water stop, please contact Adam at
  • Contact Jill at if you're interested in a Team R.E.D. headband with bling... these are fun item for your running gear!  The headnad is just 10 bucks... with a piece of that bill going to the Youth Scholarship Fund, and letting  us help make road races more affordable for young people!
  • Contact Cathy at  if you're interested in a Team R.E.D. night on the Deck of the Honkers game (I am!).  It's being planned for May 31st and I think it sounds like a blast.  25 bucks gets you into the game, and all you can eat and drink on the deck.  Great value!    We would go for a "short!" run about 6pm.. and then head into the stadium to celebrate Team R.E.D. style!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lake Wobegone Slides

Hey all.. here are some pictures from Lake Wobegone Trail Marathon.. lots of great results, and great memories.  -- Note: the finishers pics are not necessarily in order of finish, I simply added what I found!

Many of the photo's in this set are from Tony Peroutky, and if you'd like to order them you can do so at   -- pre race (meal picts are from Wendy O')

Be sure to check out the previous post for what's up this week.. lots of stuff tonight through Thursday!

I missed some congrats in the previous posts as well.. along with the first two bullets, previously recognized, I've added a 3rd, with age group award winners!  Way to go Team R.E.D.!

  • Congratulations to Adam & Lori for each successfully completing their 1st Full Marathons!  That's huge!   Very Awesome!    
  • Congratulations to Joe & Jen for each crushing their previous PR's!   Joe ran a 3:12 (15 minute PR!)   Jen logged a 3:30 (some 25+ minute PR! )   Crazy fun!  - Both Boston Qualifiers as well!
  • Congratulations to Andy, Joe, Jen , Tom & Shaun for gaining age group awards!  

3 Quick Days!

Don't miss out on the next few chances to get together!

Tonight 6pm:  Mystery Zumbro River Trail run!  Meet at the Shop-Ko North at 6pm and carava/carpool to Scott &  Rebecca McClure's house.  The run should be about 4-5 miles along the Zumbro river.   This is new territory for the group.. should be a blast! 
Wednesday 5:45pm:   Speed work on the track at Soldiers Field in Rochester!  This is our 2nd gathering with the Tri-Rochester group.  Come on out and let's turn those legs over!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  Always fun to run the flats of Byron!  Of course, we'll stop for a sip of nutrition post run.
Thursday 7:16pm:  Team R.E.D. takes part in the TC 1 Mile!  Team R.E.D. members run in the USA Track & Field circuit championship on a certified course... Fun!  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday Maniacs & Congrats!

The Maniacs are heading out at 6pm on Monday from the Bears Den in Byron.  Should once again be a great night for a run!

A huge set of Congratulations are due... at Lake Wobegone Trail marathon, Team R.E.D. represented very nicely.   Along the route, there were several R.E.D. spectators as well!

  • Congratulations to Adam & Lori for each successfully completing their 1st Full Marathons!  That's huge!   Very Awesome!    
  • Congratulations to Joe & Jen for each crushing their previous PR's!   Joe ran a 3:12 (15 minute PR!)   Jen logged a 3:30 (some 25+ minute PR! )   Crazy fun!  - Both Boston Qualifiers as well! 
We're missing Renee is the pic below (sitting outside Reggie's RV have a refreshment on Reggie!)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Routes are Up!

The routes are up for tonight!   --   We're gathering at WildWood Bar & Grill located at 1517 16th St SW (on the back side of the Ramada).

This weekend is busy again!

Good luck to all of you running the Lake Wobegone Marathon!  -- there will likely be some emotional moments at this event... don't forget to have fun!

  • Saturday 7:15am:   The marathon training route is at 15 miles... join a great group of people to log some miles! 
  • Saturday 9am:  Get out and race at the 5th Annual Hayfield Fire Dept 8K, 5K & 1.2 Mile kids run!   All the details can be found here:
  • Sunday 8:00am:  Off Season Striders will head out from Dunn Bros. North... then sit for a visit over coffee post run.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey all.. I will have to bail on my promise to have routes up tonight.. time for bed!  -- count on choosing routes in the range of 3-6 miles..   Also, look forward to seeing a bunch of pics!

Tonight's workout on the track, with the Tri-Rochester group was a success!  We'll join them next week in Rochester at Soldiers Field... let's get the mo-on-the-go.. and work together!

Track Work!

Wednesday's speed work is at the track in Byron (start warming up around 5:30pm).. members of the Tri-Rochester club will be in town to join us!  Come on out and make a good showing for this new partnership.  When it comes to speed work, the more, the merrier!

Thursday's Team R.E.D. is at 6pm at Wildwood in Rochester... Routes will be on the blog on Wednesday evening.

-- there are so many pictures waiting to be uploaded, I'll make sure to have a post loaded soon! --

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A quick post to let you know a few things!   -- more updates/pics to follow Monday night.

Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are running from Dooley's in Rochester.  They'll head out for 5-6 miles and in all likelihood enjoy a cool refreshment post run!
Tuesday 6pm:  The Mason Trail Blazers are heading to one of Olmsted County's newest parks.  They're planning on rambling 4-5 miles, some of it along the limestone cliffs of the Root River trail.  Address is 4012 80th St SE Rochester.  (Go south on Cty Rd 1 - this is the road that goes by Mayo HS and Gamehaven Scout camp.   After you pass through the small town of Simpson, it's only a couple more miles and on the left had side of the road. )
Wednesday 5:30pm:  Track work!  -- I'll update location as soon as we confirm our tie to the Tri-Rochester group.
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. from WildWood (the old Rookies).... routes should be up by Wednesday.  Man, I love Team R.E.D. nights!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Classic is Upon Us!

Saturday morning...   the Rochester Track Club's Spring Classic rolls out for the 26th consecutive year!   Several Team R.E.D. members are participating as racers, as well as volunteers!   We'll have a series of pics from this race this weekend.

Sunday afternoon....   Are you a Tough Mudder?  If so, you can join a workout, organized by Tod... meet at the 1st parking lot of Oxbow Park at 3pm Sunday.  If you scroll down the posts, you'll see they really got after it, with log carrying, river crossings, balance beaming and wall climbing!  -- even if you're not going to Tough Mudder, consider joining the crew for the fun!

Below are a few shots from the track workout Wednesday evening.  A very dedicated crew getting after it, with a new face in the mix, and one we haven't seen at a R.E.D. event in a long while...  fun!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Routes are Up!

Thursday Night's routes can be found on the right hand side of the blog... the 6 & 4 mile routes take us past Team R.E.D.'s adopted park, please take a few minutes to sweep the park for trash (there is a trash can in the park).   Thank you for all you do in the community!  

Don't forget, there's a track option tonight, on the Byron Track at 5:30pm for some speed!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Hour!

Two words that make so many of us smile.. Happy Hour!   As many of you know, Renee Saxman is moving very soon!  While running in the rain, wind and cold on Saturday, you could see it in her eyes... California is calling her name....   The running scene will surely be a little different without Ramblin' Renee roaming the city streets, country roads, local races (both as volunteer and racer!) and for those of you who swim, at the local swimming pools.   We'll miss you Renee!  --- but I'm sure we'll cross paths many times again!

Please see happy hour details in the note below from Renee.    

  • A happy hour for Renee Saxman, who's moving to California in two weeks, will be held at Whistle Binkies on the Lake (the south location) on Sunday, May 6 from 5 to 8 PM.   Families are invited.  Hope to see lots of you there!  I will definitely miss Team R.E.D.  Though I haven't been able to participate in many activities the last 6 months due to my work schedules, the memories I have of Team R.E.D. activities will stay with me forever.  You are an extraordinary group of people, and who knows, maybe I'll start a Team R.E.D. West!!  Thanks for the memories.  
A fun night was had with Monday Maniacs (on Monday of course!).   Peter, not pictured below, also joined us for the run - after he finished taking an important phone call, one too important to get in the photo!  Post run, we were joined by Jill, Shay & (shucks, I can't recall her name!) as they are training for the Med City Relay.  They ran the first leg of it last night, with a plan to run each leg of the relay prior to race day... sounds like a fun plan! 

Dan, Dave, Wendy, Mike & Chris
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:   Hit the Track!  Note:  due to several conflicts, we have moved our first partnership with Tri-Rochester to next Wednesday, May 9th.   .. but some of us will still be on the track this week!  Let's get that speed on!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits the Bears Den.. we'll work the long route to include the Team R.E.D. adopted Brooklawn Park  aka... "Melby Park" and take a pass through for trash pickup.   Come on out and let's have some fun!