Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awesome Nights!

Monday Maniacs provided us with a great chance to get a talking tour of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center renovations that are taking place.  Dave is the constuction manager and he gave us some insight as to the vision of the renovation... very interesting and informative and fun!

Paul, Steve, Dan, John, Sara, Jenny, Ann, Wendy, Elaine, Aaron, Dave & Mike 

Dave on the rooftop giving details on the expansion project

Woo overtaking a runner on the indoor track (was too cold outside I guess)

Tuesday Trail run was also a hit. The trails at Root River Park provided some hills as a challenge, additionally, the snow, ice made things interesting!  

  • Tonight 5:30pm: Speed work at the indoor track of RCTC.  Check in with Woo and the crew to turn the legs rapidly!  Race season is approaching, nothing like some foot turnover to make you run fast!  

  • Thursday 6pm:  Head to the Bears Den in Byron!  Lots of giveawys, and a fun night on the streets.  3, 4 and 6 mile options!  

  • **********************************

    Thanks to Kelle for finding a fun video of what it would be like if Men and Women switched roles in the workout room. Click the link for a quality 3 minutes of viewing.

    There's still time to sign up for Tough Mudder!  You know you want to... come along and join the Team R.E.D. tough mudder team!  We have 10-11 people signed up so far.. follow this link  and register for the Saturday July 20th, join an existing team "team red" and the password is "running"

    Price goes up Jan 25 so why not put this one on your things to accomplish in 2013.
    This is a team event, we start and finish together, no individuals wanted. We need runners and lifters, shockers and soakers-  See the promo video below and let's do it!

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