Friday, August 11, 2017

The Weekend is Here! - And it's loaded!

Saturday 7am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training long run are on... go get that 20 miles! - or 10-11 for the Half marathoners! Meet at the Rochester athletic Club for the long run!
Saturday 8am:  Festival In the Park 5K and 1 Mile in Kasson! - this is a fun event.. stuff going on all day, so great for families!  You can get more information regarding all the weekends events at  
Saturday 9:30pm:  is a 21 and over celebration at the Fire Hall in Kasson! - A great fundraiser and lots of fun with Lost Highway!  - Details are also in the link above.
Sunday 4am-4pm! - There's still time to sign up for a leg of the Border to Border Completion Run for Reggie! - There will be a Happy Hour celebration with snacks, water, pop, beer at the Windom Park in Winona after the run is complete! - sign up at the link below

Sunday 7am:  The Off Season Striders are running from Roosters Too - Located at 4756 Maine Ave SE - OSS is a super fun group!  Join the fun and social.
Sunday 7pm! - Get to the Down By the Riverside celebration to see Kasey performing with Nite Shift! Look for the crew of familiar faces!  

You can do all of the Sunday things... Reggies Run, OSS and Down by the Riverside!    Get in on the fun! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trials / Owls / Track / Hills / Home Host!

Just on time updates!

Tuesday (Tonight) 6:15pm: The Tuesday Trail crew is heading to Chatfield for a run or hike along the Lost Creek Trail for a fun preview of the Western Days course.  Meet at Groen Park in Chatfield. Don't forget to bring a beverage of choice for the post workout social!  
Tuesday (Tonight) 9pm: The Night Owls get out on the Douglas Trail.  You can take this route as fast or as slow as you wish, because, eventually, due to the out and back nature, we'll run into each other again! Meet at the parking lot along Valley High (next to IBM). 
Wednesday 6pm:  Hill work at Somerby in Byron.  Sounds like a group would like to hit hills for a couple of weeks, and this is week number one! Meet in the parking lot of Somerby as Dan has the route planned.  Stick around afterwards for some Beer & Wine - first round or so is on the Mesenburgs!
Wednesday 6pm:  Speed work on the track in Byron.  The track is located behind the Middle School at 601 4th St NW.  Go fast, recover, go fast again! - We discuss the workout before we get rolling, so if you need to warm up, try to arrive early.  Get after it and then head to Somerby Members Grill to join the hill crew for the social starting at 7pm. 
Thursday 6pm:  We have home hosts again! - Many thanks to Mike & Jessica Schmitt for hosting this week!   Join us at this Party by the Lake located at 3440 Lanchencrest Lane NW in Rochester. Routes aof 3, 4 and 6 miles await!  The Schmitts are providing a main dish and some beer.  Please bring a side dish, and your beverage of choice. (always good to have a lawn chair in your car for events like this too! - I think mine are at the Morgans!)

Sunday 4am-4pm! - There's still time to sign up for a leg of the Border to Border Completion Run for Reggie! - There will be a Happy Hour celebration with snacks, water, pop, beer at the Windom Park in Winona after the run is complete! - sign up at the link below

Sunday 7pm! - for those that take pat in Reggie's Run, there will also be time for the Rochester area people to get back to Mayo park for Down by the Riverside with Nite Shift! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Reggie Oeltjen Douglas Trail Race! & More...

Saturday Aug 5th is the Reggie Oeltjen Douglas Trail 11 Mile. Join the fun - there is race day registration, but arrive early to get that done! - Race starts at 8am in the parking lot located in Douglas.

Saturday Aug 5th the marathon and half marathon training group is kicking it up. The long run is 19 miles! - remember, they always have great volunteers along the way providing water, gatorade and bananas.  This all gets underway at 7am.

Saturday Aug 5th is the TerraLoco Endless Summer Celebration at Ironwood Springs.  Events start at 4:30pm and the celebration awards are at 7pm.

Sunday Aug 6th 7am - Off Season Striders are going to Panera South

Monday Aug 7th 6pm - Monday Maniacs are heading to Oxbow Park! - Meet at the 1st Bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter).  This is a rare trail night for the maniac crew.  Join to run or hike - Plan to spend about an hour on the trails and come back for a parking lot party! Bring your own beverage.

For anyone participating in the Finish Reggie's Run event on Aug 13th, please let me know if you need help understanding where your start and finish locations are.  I'm going to be taking pictures of the intersections to go along with the description in the sign up genius, and that link is added below.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Complete Reggie's Run!

Natalie & Reggie - Ready to Rock! 

Please take a minute of your time to reflect...  I am not trying to preach, rather remind.  As you already know, we are so lucky to be able to lead active lifestyles, whether it be walking, running, biking, hiking, whatever it might be.. we are very lucky.

As you know.. Reggie Oeltjen was lucky too... and he was letting his actions show how much he appreciated being able to run... then, sadly, he passed away just over half way through his Journey from the Border of South Dakota to the Border of Wisconsin.

His family was incredibly supportive of his efforts, and now we have a great opportunity to support them!

Please consider helping us to finish Reggie's Border to Border Run! - You can sign up for as many legs as you like... and if you are unable to run or walk a leg, but have some time on Aug 13th, please consider emailing me your availability, as you may be able to run a support vehicle during your window of time. - You do not need to be a member of Team R.E.D. or the Rochester Track Club to participate...  please help reach the goal!

There will be a celebration of completion in Winona at approx 4pm on Sunday Aug 13th - I know many of us want to get back to Rochester to see Niteshift down by the Riverside, and we can indeed do both!  Let's make that whole day special!

Please sign up at the link below...