Friday, August 30, 2013

Women Rock!

Several Team R.E.D. Women are heading to the Twin Cities this weekend for Women Rock!    I mistakenly thought the race was about women racing.. but after I found Erin's facebook picture, it seems there's something else going on too!

Erin on the right... I feel so objectified! 
Here's to a great run for all the Team R.E.D. women out there rocking!    and there are a lot of you! 

Saturday 7am:   If you're sticking around the area this weekend, and looking for a long run, you can join the group run from the RAC as they roll out for 16 miles... join the group!

Below I've added a few special pictures from the Rochester Half Marathon this past Saturday.   All 4 of these represent a First Half Marathon for Team R.E.D. members!  -- It's an awesome accomplishment!
Rob driving the pace

Angela (in blue) rattling off the miles!

Hillary making it look easy

Matt getting support from his kids, Evie and Karsten! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hammers Host!

Thursday night includes a trip to the Purple House! 

Join us at 6pm as we are hosted by Rachel & KP at 1035 4th Ave Southeast Rochester.   They will provide pulled pork and beef tacos. Please bring a salad, sides, or desert to share. Also BYOB and lawn chair.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rochester Half Marathon is here!

The Rochester Half Marathon is a premiere event!   ... we have several Team R.E.D. members taking part in the Half Marathon, the 5K, as well as volunteering!

To the best of my knowledge there are 3 first time half marathoners, who are also Team R.E.D. members!  Be sure to look for them, and keep them rolling!

Hillary Baron joined Team R.E.D. tonight!  Then, Saturday morning she will run her first half marathon!   Welcome Hillary!  We will be cheering for you !

Here's a shot of Anne, Hannah and Hillary at the Color Vibe
Rob Sappington joined Team R.E.D. this year, and he is about to embark on his first half marathon.... we'll be out there cheering for you too Rob! 

Rob is the short guy.. or the rest are giants!
Angela Eide is also running her first half marathon.  Her parents Dave & Elaine are excited... Dave is planning to run it with her, just like he did in the olden days. -- we will see you on the course! --

Dave playing in the dirt... Angela helping him out.

For the Rochester Half, our Team R.E.D. waterstation is #2 (located approx. mile 4).  Stop in to help or say hello!

Monday 6pm:  the Manaics are heading to the Bears Den in Byron!   Rumor has it there's a Team R.E.D. Birthday to celebrate!  I'm not naming any names Sarah Chapman, but it should be fun!
Tuesday 6pm:  the trail runners are heading to Millville!  Always something to look forward to in Millville!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wednesday is Hill Day!

The decision on speed vs hills has been made...and the Hills have it! 

Wednesday at 5:30pm we will meet at Soldiers Field's parking lot next to the track (near the memorial).   We can always add tempo or intervals around the track after the hill repeats...  Bring a water bottle, could be a warm one! 

Don't skip Tuesday though... as there's a return to Camp Victory.  Gather at the Shopko North parking lot for a caravan/carpool opportunity.    After the short road trip, we'll be running by 6:30pm.  The trails are ready to roll.. given the Eco-Tri just got them all in shape for us!  

Reminder:  Thursdays start time is moved up to 5:45pm.   We'll meet at the Historical Society in Rochester (located at 1195 W Circle Dr SW ).    Bring a dish to pass and your beverage of choice, as we'll joining the Rochester Track Clubs annual picnic on this night!  (alcohol is allowed on the Historical society grounds).   Plan to eat about 6:30pm.


Volunteers still needed!  
We still need several volunteers to staff our two water stations for this Saturday's Rochester Half Marathon!   Please send me an email at if you can help!  If you have told me you can help, but haven't emailed me, please do so... it ensures I didn't just forget about you! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another fun week ahead!

Here it is... after the week's schedule.. check out a bunch of Donut Run pics provided by Tom W.   Thanks for helping us with the photography Tom, it's always appreciated ! 

  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs head to WildWood Bar & Grill.  They'll head out on the mayowood trail... a loop is close to 6 miles.. but some choose to run out and back, to make a shorter run of it.  Do what you like, but always stay post run for the fun! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Trail Trotters are heading to Camp Victory!  See the details from Mase on the bullet below.
    • We'll meet at Shop Ko North at 6:00 and caravan/carpool up to CV. We should be running by 6:30.  The trails are nice and packed down from the recent Eco- Tri.  We might have to have a beer at Mac's afterwards :)
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  The plan is still being negotiated.  There might be a tempo/interval run on the Douglas Trail ... or there might be a hill workout starting at Soldiers Field.  Either one will make you stronger, check back for details.
  • Thursday 5:45pm:   Note the early start time!    Team R.E.D. is joining with the Rochester Track club for the evening at the annual picnic at the  Historical Society in Rochester.   We'll go for a walk or run starting at 5:45pm, and join the festivities when we return!   It's a pot luck. Bring your own Beverage of choice.    See the note from the track club website in the bullet below.
    • The RTC will provide tableware and water/soda. Bring a dish to share. You are welcome to bring your own favorite adult beverage also.
      Plan on eating around 6:30ish after the run
      Plan on having a Fantastic time in this 1st ever joint venture
I posted a few of my favorite pics from the donut run below.... the Thunder Mug was a nice addition for the start, thanks to Dan L for providing it, and Mike for making it go boom! 

Smiles at the start... Cross country kids in the lead early, but they are clearly being eyeballed by the team red runners behind them.  

Adam gets rolling while Sarah and Dawn follow his lead

Dave punishing a kid... toying with him

Active PT crew surround Sarah and her friend Emily.  In the black, I sKim.. in the multi color is Heather and with his back to us is Brian.

Amy entering finish times.. Thanks!

I read it on facebook... Tom really is this funny!  with Travis and Peg

Judy still cleaning up after that last donut stop... sarah with a giggle going on.

Byron Girls Cross Country (some of them)....   Taking the race seriously!

Shane corners with his eye on the donuts!

Elaine to the rescue with more donuts!

Lana with kids in tow!  She's a veteran that this event!

Paul and Mike... we're going to need more donuts!

Steve claiming to have eaten 10 donuts?  Lies..!  

What a great night for the event!

Sarah and Emily getting creative with the food...

Friday, August 16, 2013


Best wishes for a super fun Ragnar event for all Team R.E.D. members taking part... facebook is filling with pictures and excitement!    Enjoy!

See the previous post if you're wondering what's up for Saturday... lots of stuff is up! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Success!

The Donut Run was a fantastic success!  Team R.E.D. represented well in many categories, including Top Overall Finisher!  

Congrats to Mark Squire for winning the donut run by running 2.5 miles in 23:07 while eating 5 donuts for an adjusted donut time of 18:37!    Mark also invited 4 people... and 3 of them won age group awards! 

Many pictures will be coming soon.. my favorite so far is below... Esme Rocked the Donut Run!  As always Tom Woo captures some great shots!  Thanks Tom! 

  • Tonight 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.   Always fun to run from the Den!  We'll have routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles... and celebrate Jenny's Birthday..   She's one tough mudder!

  • Saturday 7am:   the marathon training run takes off from the RAC for a wonderful 20 miler!  There are options for anyone training for a half marathon as well.  You can find the route at 
  • Saturday Races:  There are several race options for Saturday as well... check out for details on all of them.
    • Plainview -  Corn of the Cob Days 5K
    • Spring Valley - Ag Days 6K and Little Husker 1K
    • Rochester Silver Lake Park - Run for the Children 5K
    • Additionally, there's a Color Vibe run that is not listed on the track club page, but details can be found at

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun Times!

Monday Maniacs was another great event!  An award winning event in fact!   Elaine received the first ever Elaine "Everything" Eide award for her fantastic half marathon at Grandmas!  She not only PR'd but hammered her goal time... way to go Elaine!

Ann and Gwen did a great job pulling the award together, and making it special from an award standpoint and presentation!  That's fantastic!  Great teammates!  

--- Pictures are not properly uploading to the site tonight, so expect to see some soon! ---

Hey.. not sure if I mentioned, but Wednesday night at 6pm.. we'd love to see you at the Byron middle school for the Donut Run!  This run supports the teams annual training trip.. we are very excited about the season as we have the largest girls team we've had since I've been part of this team!  

It's super affordable.. just 10 bucks for high school students and younger.  15 bucks for the rest of you.  Unlimited donuts, great music, awesome fun, hotdogs (because what's 5 donuts without a hotdog chaser)   Come and enjoy!  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gonna Be A Great Week!

Monday 6pm:  Join us at the Douglas Trail parking lot in Douglas on 75th Ave NW. We will head out on the Douglas Trail for a beautiful run/walk for 3-4-6 miles. After the fitness we will head on overto the famous Douglas Saloon and Social Club for some fun and laughs.  
Tuesday 6pmWe can meet at Walmart South Parking lot at 6:00PM and caravan out to the farm.
We'll run about 4ish miles on some really neat private property. Yvonne discovered that her neighbor had some awesome trails mowed through the woods on his property and he is nice enough to let us do some exploring.   If weather permits we may take a dip in Yvonne's pool after the run :)

Wednesday 6pm:   Come to the Byron  Middle School and participate in the Donut Run!  This is a 2.5 mile event.... and you can eat, unlimited donuts!   It's a fundraiser for the Byron Cross Country team... so if can't make the donut run (shucks).. consider connecting with Tom O'Leary as he'll accept donations.   The team uses this as the primary fundraiser for the annual team building training trip. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron... and it's Team R.E.D. member Jenny Meyer's Birthday!   Routes will be 3, 4 and 6 miles.. then of course, plenty of post run/walk fun!  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thanks for Hosting!

Thanks to Emily and Larry for hosting a great night at their place!  The deck is built for a party, for sure!  

Just a couple quick notes, as I'll be away from the computer for a couple days..

Monday Maniacs is in Douglas at 6pm Aug 12th... Mr. Paul Thomford is making an appearance, should be fun!  

Tuesday trail information will follow yet this weekend...

Don't forget about the Donut Run on Wednesday... you can find a story about the run at   It's written by a team red member!    registration forms can be found on the  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday is Upon Us!

Thursday at 6pm... Team RED is hosted by Emily & Larry at their home!  Very awesome to be invited... and looking forward to running some country roads!   I'm reposting some of the information so it's easy to find.. Check out the details below..

Emily and Larry can be found at 901 70th Ave SW Byron.  (don't get fooled on this address, as it's actually southeast of Byron, but west of Rochester).     Check out this link to bing maps.. as it shows their home located between Rochester & Byron and a bit south of Hwy 14
  • Wear something that represents your sports allegiance, whether it be a pro team, college team, high school team or what ever  you see has a fun thing.. Ramsey.. a fun thing, does not include some of the things you are currently thinking.
  • The Franck's will provide Sloppy Joe's, and water. If you wish, please bring a salad or snack to share, and BYOB of choice. Also bring a lawn chair.
    Routes will be 3 to 7 miles, with the first 1mile or 1.5 will be on gravel, and the last 1 or 1.5 will be on gravel.
    Please park on the road as newly planted grass seed has been planted along the drive way, so no parking on the grass!!! Thanks!
A couple notes on the week as it's progressed...   

Wednesday's speed session was on the Douglas Trail - about 10-12 runners took part, and it was a great workout.   If you're looking to move the feet... I suggest taking part in either a session like this, or the track workouts when they are available.  They may seem tough, but with others around, it's far more achievable! 
  • 1 mile warm up.
  • 12 repeats of point-2 miles with point 05 recovery (that's not very far, about 200 feet!)
  • 1 mile cool down followed by....
  • 3 mile tempo run
  • 1 mile cool down.. crazy but good! 
Tuesday's Trail Run was yet another fantastic turnout... with Mark giving quite a history lesson!  Everyone I chatted with found the night to be fantastic!  (some pictures are included below).

Monday's Maniac group got out in downtown Rochester and really enjoyed the night.  We met at Dooley's but that joint was packed when we got back, so we shifted to the Tap House to enjoy the roof (which was under construction!)   The Tap House is a great place none the less, and choices of beer are fantastic!

Check out the trail run pics below (I lifted them from Mason)... wow.. I'm jealous as I missed this one!  Not every run comes with a tour guide, but when it does.. that's great!  

The group!

Overlooking the original quarry

There is some running involved

Body Storage area near cemetray

Cave Entrance

Mark knows this space!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here comes the week ahead!

  • Monday 6pm - The Monday Maniacs kick off another great week.. this time starting and finishing at Dooley's in Downtown Rochester.  We'll have a route talk outside of Dooleys, head out for a run or walk... and come back to enjoy the patio!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm - Here's the plan for Tuesday, a fun night for sure! 
    • Quarry Hill has an extremely interesting history. All of the property surrounding the park was once a State Hospital.  Mark Mueller does a fantastic job of leading us around the park explaining a bunch of historical landmarks.  Meet at the west parking lot at 6:15 and be prepared to have a great time
  • Wednesday 5:30pm - Interval - Tempo on the Douglas Trail!  - This will be a "fun" challenging workout to make sure you're ready for race day.  Meet at the trail head in Rochester, located on Valley High (next to IBM). 
  • Thursday 6pm - Team R.E.D. is hosted by Emily & Larry! They are located at 901 70th Ave SW Byron.  (don't get fooled on this address, as it's actually southeast of Byron, but west of Rochester).     Check out this link to bing maps.. as it shows their home located between Rochester & Byron and a bit south of Hwy 14
    • Wear something that represents your sports allegiance, whether it be a pro team, college team, high school team or what ever  you see has a fun thing.. Ramsey.. a fun thing, does not include some of the things you are currently thinking.
    • The Franck's will provide Sloppy Joe's, and water. If you wish, please bring a salad or snack to share, and BYOB of choice. Also bring a lawn chair.
      Routes will be 3 to 7 miles, with the first 1mile or 1.5 will be on gravel, and the last 1 or 1.5 will be on gravel.
      Please park on the road as newly planted grass seed has been planted along the drive way, so no parking on the grass!!! Thanks!


Speaking of themes.... Our theme for Living History Farms Off Road Race is Pirate!  If you're planning to join the Charter Bus to Iowa in November, keep your eyes open for costumes!  

Registration for Living History Farms race doesn't open until September, and when it does  you need to register right away!  This race will fill up within 2 days... so get it done as soon as it's open!

We will take the first 50 registered participants on the bus... and you don't want to miss this bus ride!  Even these hillbillies below, found a way to have a good time on a bus... imagine what a hearty band of Pirates would do!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Is Garret receiving some sympathy votes or did he have the best strategy ... there are only two days left to vote.. I think the odds of him passing the girls, strategy wise, are slim... but you are the voters!  Who wins this contest?  If you haven't voted yet, get it done!  Poll is located on the right hand side of the blog.


A nice turnout in Byron tonight for Team R.E.D.... at least a couple riders got out on bike... and runners/walkers got out on foot!  Nice job to all!    I stopped by a little late, but was able to catch several renewals which was fantastic!

Next Thursday we are home hosted by Emily and Larry!   It's a little bit of country and we like it that way!   There will be a theme.. and details as to what to bring will come.
For those of you on the Team R.E.D. Facebook page, you've maybe already seen this, but for those of you not.. here it is!  
Volunteer Call! --- We have a few events in need of volunteers. Please consider if you can help at any of these

Aug 11th ... Rochester Eco Tri... Team R.E.D. member Steve Dawson is the man in charge and if you're available to volunteer, you can reach him at

Aug 14th 6pm... Do The Donut 4K - Most of the volunteer spots will likely get filled with cross country parents, but I'm listing this event here, as we always accept donations (and more volunteers!)  This is a fundraiser for the Byron Cross Country Team and it's a ton of fun... if you can run it, do it! If not, sign up to volunteer or donate! 

Aug 24th ... Rochester Half Marathon - this is probably the one we need the most help at... Team RED is hosting two water stops back to back. It's a fun event with lots of runners, so time flies! -- We will come up with a theme for our water stops, a theme that carries from one stop to the next... one suggestion was a Boston Marathon Theme.. and I'm open to that, it could be cool, but I'd like to find a way to do it without everyone having to buy some sort of boston marathon gear. If anyone has ideas how we can pull together a "honoring Boston" theme... let's hear them!

As always .. for any of the volunteer roles, please email me with your availability, as it seems to be the easiest way for me to not lose you in the shuffle!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday Race Day!

Tonight we're at the Bears Den in Byron... biking starts at 5:30pm for Appox 20 miles....  and running/walking rolls out at 6pm.  Plan on routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles!  Keep in mind the construction along the frontage road in Byron.  Enter at the stop light on 10th Ave (which is the one closest to Rochester).   You'll find a nice new piece of road there, with a new roundabout... stay to the right and swing around the bout! 


This Saturday is the Rochester Track Club's Douglas Trail 11 mile.   This is a Grand Prix event on a flat surface starting at the trail parking lot in Douglas...     Race day registration is available, with the race starting at 7:30am.... Additionally, there's a 2 mile fun run that rolls out at 7:40am.   If you would like to volunteer, please contact Greg at

For more information visit

Saturday is also a great day to get your long run in... the Marathon Training class takes off from the RAC at 7am with a target distance of 16 miles.   Water stops along the route!   Check out Dan's blog for weekly updates.


The Tuesday Trail Run continues to grow!  What a great turnout at Quarry Hill this week!  So many new faces each week as well.. it's fantastic!