Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Location selected!

Thursday 6pm:   Halloween Night... Team R.E.D. will be at the Bears Den in Byron!   Come out for a fun run or walk.. and settle into the Den for a spooktactular evening!  -- ok, spooktactular is over top.. just show up for a regular night of fitness and fun!   Costumes are encouraged but not required. 


Here are a couple of shots from some of the racing that took place this past weekend.  Both stolen from Facebook... there were also a bunch of Team R.E.D. members working hard and having fun at Monster Dash, Lost Trail and the Spirit Run!    You all represent the spirit of fitness an fun so well!

Sara, Marilee and Monica hit the Haunted Hustle Half and Full Marathon in Wisconsin.  

Andy, Tom W and Tom O stopped for speeding at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Looking ahead to the weekend... We send best wishes to those running the NYC Marathon!   This is the make up date for the Hurricane Sandy cancellation of last year.. it's been a bit of a wait for some, but I'm sure the event will be bigger and better than ever!

Locally this Saturday, there's a 5K race starting and finishing at TerraLoco.  It's the Run of the Cnetury  ... see details at  

You also have some group run opportunities with Off Season Striders.  See below...

Off Season Striders
Saturday Nov. 2nd    
            Charlie's on 2nd St  @    7:30am  -
Sunday Nov. 3rd 
            Panera South  @ 8am

Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is a quick post as I have a date with some Marines.

Results from races are pouring in!   Congrats to all of you completing various versions of Surf the Murph... Congrats to you all in the Monster Dash... and congrats to those staying closer to home with the Spirit Run!  

A couple more events take place today as Team R.E.D. members travel to Wisconsin for the Haunted Hustle full or half marathon.... while others are in the nations capital preparing for the Marine Corp Marathon.  Here's to some great running, and more importantly, fantastic friendships!


Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs hit the Douglas Saloon!  Come out for 3-6 miles on the trail before settling into the saloon for a bit of social time.  Park in the parking lot along the trail in Douglas and join the fun!

Tuesday 6:15pm:  Tuesday's Trail crew is staying local at a great park.   Meet at Dan Loviks House at 1504 7th St NE . From there we will run on the smoother trails of Quarry Hill. Quarry Hill historian will make shivers run up your spine with true tales of horror. Make sure you bring a head lamp it will be dark.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

If you're working for the weekend.... it's here!

What a great week... with more opportunities this weekend! 

Thursday's Team R.E.D. was a little light in attendance, but the quality of the people was supreme!  Additionally Eaters and Drinkers showed up after the workout.... also note, John and Dan are not the same person, typically we only see one at a time, but they both showed up!  

Also, Team R.E.D. was spotted volunteering and spectating at the Sections Cross Country meet... I love watching high school runners sharing their passion, their gifts... very fun!

This weekend, along with the local races listed in the previous posts, you can connect with Off Season Striders... OSS is typically 5-8 miles, but you can make it want you want.  It's always great people! 

Saturday Oct. 26th      Panera North @    7:30am  - 
Sunday Oct. 27th        Dunn Bros. Elton Hills  @ 8am
Best wishes to all of you racing this weekend!   Members are all over the place... you are an inspiring bunch... awesome to know you all!
  • Hang Ten at Surf the Murph!
  • Storm Marine Corp Marathon!
  • Haunt the Monster Dash!
  • Spook the Spirit Run!
  • Don't get Lost on the Lost Creek Trail Run!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Beer Tuesday! -- well sort of...

Tonight 6pm:  Come out to TerraLoco tonight for a fun run 5K... and stay post run for some music and beer!  Music is provided by Team R.E.D.   -- beverages provided by TerraLoco. 

This is part of the TerraLoco Tuesday night 5K series... the run costs just $5 and it should prove to be a lot of fun!   The shop is located near Trader Joe's at 1190 16th St SW.

Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to Whistle Binkies on the Lake (aka Whistle Binkies South) located at 247 Woodlake Dr in Rochester .  Multiple distances and paces available.  Always a good time on Thursday nights! 

I haven't seen the locations for this Saturday & Sunday's off season striders  yet.  They are typically at 7;30 Saturday and 8am Sunday.  I Will update meeting locations when available. 

Below are a couple of other great options this weekend.  
Lost Creek Hiking Trail Run Oct 26th, 2013
Groen Park, Chatfield Mn

9:00 AM Start
2013 Spirit Run Oct 26th, 2013
1K 9am

10K 9:30am

5K 9:35am

Holy Spirit School

Congratulations to all the runners at the Mankato Marathon events!  It was a bit of a chilly day, but Team R.E.D. was well represented in Kato!  
A special congrats goes to Jeremy as he completed his 1st Marathon!   Below is a shot of Jeremy in his well earned superhero cape, celebrating with the family.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Many Thanks to Active PT!

Last Thursday night was a beautiful evening for a run or walk.... and members turned out to enjoy it!

Additionally, Active PT stopped in and gave us a brief talk on Active Warmup/Stetching.... then off we went.  Upon our return to the Den, Active PT picked up appetizers and a whole lot of beverages!  That sure was nice... Many thanks to Joan and her team!  

If you want to learn more about what they do, just ask one of many R.E.D. members who occasionally find themselves as patients.  Or follow this link

Bears Den - E.D. portion of the evening. 
 Team R.E.D. was spotted running the Warrior Waddle 5K.  This picture is lifted off Kristine's facebook page.  
Ryan, Sarah, Krsitine, Ron, Tom & Alex
Here's to some great races in Mankato!  Go Team R.E.D.!   Jill has already identified her #1 fan.    Here's Esme ready for the big race!
#1 Fan!
What's this week looking like?  Check it out below....
    • Note: For the evening runs... you'll want to be thinking about reflective, bright clothing.. as well as headlamps, as it gets pretty dark by the time the run comes to an end! 
  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs fear no weather!   Join us at 6pm from WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester (located on the back side of the Ramada, near the TJ Maxx Plaza).  -- plan to head out along the Mayowood trail.
  • Tuesday 6pm:   TerraLoco is hosting a 5K fun run... and providing beverages post run!  Team R.E.D. is providing a sound system with music... should be a really fun time!   There is a $5 cost to participate... come on out and join the fun!  
    • Currently no Wednesday evening speework is scheduled.  If you want to get some speed, I suggest joining us Tuesday at TerraLoco and crank out a 5K! 
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is in Rochester this week... location still TBD but you know you can plan on a nice run or walk, followed by some fun! 

Into the weekend there will be runs with Off Season Striders, as well as some local racing!  - 

Lost Creek Hiking Trail Run Oct 26th, 2013
Groen Park, Chatfield Mn

9:00 AM Start
2013 Spirit Run Oct 26th, 2013
1K 9am

10K 9:30am

5K 9:35am

Holy Spirit School

Additionally, members are heading to Surf the Murph Trail 25K/50K/50 Mile.... with others heading to the nations capitol to run the Marine Corp Marathon! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Go Mankato Participants!

Mankato Marathon events are this weekend...  I know of a few running, two of whom are running their first marathons!    Go Jeremy and Carrie!  You got this!   Others running the half include Judy, Sue, Shay and Jill...   rock it all!     If I'm missing someone, please let me know... I'd love to recognize the efforts and results! 


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all got handled!   Team R.E.D. members found their spots and got it done!

Tonight on the track, we landed a new Team R.E.D. member!   Becky has been doing a ton of the track workouts, and tonight she officially joined Team RED!   Welcome Becky!    Below you'll see her rocking toward the finish of the TC Marathon.   She's got plans for the next... will be fun to watch! 

You'll see another glamour pic of her when we do the Team R.E.D. shirt presentation!

Becky hammered the TC Marathon.... and now joined Team R.E.D.!

Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den.   Keep in mind, Active PT is coming to see us!  They will offer some stretching suggestions, and are happy to chat with anyone looking for some advice on recovery and whatnot.   Oh... they also plan to help with the bar tab.. gotta love it!

This weekend...  as mentioned above the Mankato Marathon events are taking place.  Locally, there are also group run opportunities, along with a couple of races!

Saturday 7:30am:  Gather at Newts North along Hwy 52 North for a run with the Off Season Striders.  This group meets every weekend, and typically runs anywhere from 5-8 miles (any distance is considered ok!)  
Saturday 9am:  Tour De Essex 7K Trail Run:   Entry Fee is just 5 bucks and the results are timed.    Experience the rolling hills of the Essex Park trails at the Tour De Essex. Enjoy the trails used for hiking, running, dog walking, and cross country skiing.   You can get more information at
Sunday 8am:  Get over to the Peoples Food Co-op at 1st Ave and 6th St SW for the run and fun with Off Season Striders !  Meet near the patio.
Sunday 6:30pm:   Nightbeat 5K and 2 Mile staring at Soldiers Field in Rochester. This is a fun race and/or walk that raises money to, build and sustain a memorial to honor officers killed or who have died in the line of duty in Southeastern Minnesota.


The USA Track & Field Prelim results are available for the TC 10 Mile...  Team R.E.D. just keeps on kickin' it... the most notable of the results are related to the Men's Masters division... Team R.E.D. took 1st Place in our Division! 

Congrats to Chris R, Tom W and Tom O for cashing in the results to make it happen!   Chris's 7 Minute PR in the race surely helped seal the deal.  

When results are final, we'll post them all... along with Team R.E.D.'s overall standing vs clubs throughout the state.   

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Team R.E.D. followed up the fantastic TC Marathon weekend, with Rock 'n Roll performances at Whistlestop and Big Woods Trail run! 

Before we get to the results... let's take a peek at opportunities coming this week.
  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs have a treat lined up to celebrate the fall racing success!   See the notes from Ramsey below.
    • Meet at Chris Ramsey's place WoodRidge Apartments 2804 2nd Street SW in Rochester. We will run or walk past Beatles, Dooleys, Kathy's then to Brothers. You can stop and wait for the pack at any of these places because we will be stopping at each one on the way back to collect people. We will end the run at Beatles on 2nd street with food and more fun.
  • Tuesday 6:20pm:  The Tuesday Trail crew is heading to Viola!   See the notes from Mason below.
  • It's getting darker so we'll hop onto asphalt for a test of our headlamps. If we start in Viola the trail goes slightly uphill at 1st, but then we turn around and cruise back down to finish :) Check out the map for the meeting spot.. while the address says Eyota... know that mace says it's right in front of the Viola Town Hall.

Special Note:  Tuesday is also the Hiawatha Valley League Cross Country Conference Meet....   Here's to great races for all those high school athletes who have committed to the season!  They all work their tails off!  

Donut Run for the Byron Bears!   Next's years event will move to the spring.. stay tuned!

  • Wednesday Long Run? - Tom Woo is looking for a long run on Wednesday morning.  If you're interested in getting some long miles mid week, you can connect with Tom via facebook,   He's planning to start early, so if you're interested in some before work miles, get connected with Tom.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm;  Speed work on the track in Byron.   Come ready to run a ladder workout.. it's about a 6.3 mile workout, with 3 miles of speed.... 2 miles of it warmup/cooldown and the balance is recovery from the speed portions.
    •                        1 Mile warmup
    • 400M hard  -  200M recover
    • 800M hard   - 400M recovery
    • 1200M hard  - 400M recovery
    • 1200M hard - 400M recovery
    • 800M hard - 400M recovery
    • 400M hard - 1 mile cool down
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits the Bears Den and we are hosted by Active PT for the evening!   The team at Active PT wants to say "Thanks" for all your support in their efforts to be a part of this active community, as well as saying "way to go" for the accomplishments so many members have attained!    Active PT is picking up appetizers and a round of drinks!  Awesome!
Our routes will be the normal variety of 3, 4 or 6 miles.   If you have headlamps... this is the time to start bringing them out.. by the end of the run, you may still be able to see, but you'd like to make sure cars see you too! 


Last Thursday we were hosted by Randy and Jan Fett!  Thanks so much for the hospitality!   It was a great place to run.. as we ran a loop that took us from Kasson to Mantorville, and of course, back!  

A warm welcome to Christina as she joined Team R.E.D. on Thursday!   Christina is kneeling on the left hand side of the picture below.  Welcome Christina! 

The Fett's had recently returned from a trip to Rome where Randy ran a marathon!  He was honored and recognized along with some of the other international runners.  Of those pictured, to the best of our knowledge, Randy ran the shortest marathon of them all!  (you'll have to ask him to explain that!).

International Randy!  He's the fast guy on the left!

On to the celebrations! 
Aylssa brought some great post race treats for Team R.E.D. at Whistlestop... I love the creativity! 

Reports out of Ashland Wisconsin are something like this... I sure hope I don't miss anyone!  (if I do, bail me out, and I'll add those results).    PR = Personal Record   BQ = Boston Qualifier  NYC = New York City guaranteed entry.

Full Marathon
  • Lorelei - PR & BQ!   She also scored 1st place in her Age Group! 
  • Dave - PR!   He's edging closer and closer to the Boston Qualifier!  He will get this!

Half Marathon & 10K
  • Gwen - PR, BQ & NYC!   She also rocked a 3rd place Masters
  • Chris - PR... by like 6 minutes.. he is PR'ing every race he runs!
  • Andy - Paced Gwen to her fantastic results!
  • Sarah - Excellent Half Marathon and extreme celebration type!
  • Tohnia - kills the half marathon...  13.1 got nothing on her!
  • Jim - one of the best spectators ever!
  • Lonna - hammers the half marathon!
  • Dan - another great race!  He loves chasing Lonna
  • Sandy - crushed the corridor in the 10K.. looking for more 10K runners next year!
  • Elaine - Kicks it again! Running yet another fantastic half marathon! 
  • Marv - I didn't find him in the results but see him in the pic below, I'm guessing Marv was an awesome spectator!
  • Jill - Pounding out a fantastic half marathon! 
  • Diana - Rocked the half with her sister Grace!
  • Grace - Rocked the half with her sister Diana!
  • Alyssa - 1st in Age Group - knocking the Half Marathon out of the park!

Here are a bunch of Team R.E.D. enjoying Ashland Wisconsin!

At the Big Woods were a mix of Team R.E.D. and SE MN Trail runners.    Page and Aaron Reeves, Lanna Lappi, Matt Russell, Oliver Tobin, Mike Zarling and Jim Mason all took to the trail!   Mike ran a 1:35 half on the trail for 2nd in his age group!   1:35 on a trail is crusing!  
Mason reported it was a blast to participate in the event... .and their crew had a great time!

At the TC Marathon and 10 Mile a week ago.... more amazing things happened!   Given a week has passed I will not recount them all..    In all 29 Team R.E.D. members ran the 10 mile!   9 Team R.E.D. members conquered the full marathon!   What a great turnout from the club!  

A few super highlights that should be noticed are below...
  • Joe crushed the marathon with a 10 minute PR!  Running a 3:02!
  • Peter also brought home a giant PR coming in with a pedestrian 2:54! 
  • Chris gave himself a 7 minute PR in the 10 Mile! 
  • Gwen crushed the 10 mile.. setting another PR and again, gaining Age Group recognition! 
  • Tom O' had to stop to tie his shoe - rookie! 
Team R.E.D. enjoys the post 10 mile.. awaits teammates in the marathon.

Tom, Ryan and Sarah all ran a super 10 mile... now all smiles!


On that same weekend of TC Marathon and 10 Mile... Corrine was cruising at the Lakefront Marathon (her and Justin just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!)     Meanwhile Jim Li found himself running in upstate NY!  Sipping champagne post race.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Best wishes to all those at Whistlestop This weekend!

Wow!  Looks like a fantastic weekend to Marathon, half marathon or just go for a run!   Best wishes to all of you racing, in particular those at Whistlestop Marathon Weekend!  I know there are Team R.E.D. members with great goals for times, results.... and others going for the fun!  Here's to success on both counts!

If you're sticking around this weekend, the Off Season Striders have two runs planned...

  • Saturday Oct. 12th   7:30am  -Rooster's Bar
  • Sunday Oct. 13th  8am - Dunn Bros North
If you're in need of a long run.. a few of us are meeting at the RAC at 6am, with a plan to go 20 miles.  If 20 is too far, or 6am is too early, join us at 7am from the swimming pool at Silver Lake (Jim Li is providing a water stop there).    Of course, be sure to migrate to Roosters afterwards for some social time with Off Season Striders! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Speed work tonight!

Woo is leading a speed session on the track at Soldiers Field tonight.  Join at 5:30pm to get the wheels turning!  

Check out the previous post to see details on Thursdays Team R.E.D.!  Come on out for that too, Randy has some stories to tell regarding his international marathon!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home Host Details

Thursday 6pm:   Our teammate Randy is hosting Team R.E.D. this week.. thanks for hosting!

Here are the details....

Address: 402 15th Ave, NW in Kasson  (Big front porch- tan colored house is on East side of street facing the west.)   Randy will have routes of 2, 3, 4, an 6 miles with a map to hand out.

The Fett's will proved barbecues and chips, and, beer. Some Gatorade if needed, water, and teas. I will also get a couple bottles of wine.

If anyone wants to bring salads, Hor dourves, snacks, and desserts to pass around that would be good. 
402 15th Ave, NW Kasson
Directions from Rochester take the Kasson exit off High way 14. 
  • Turn right (North) Go .4 miles to the only stop light in Kasson.
  • Turn left (West) on Main Street. go .8 miles to 13th Ave. NW ( You will go through one stop sign). 
  • Turn right (North) on 13th Ave. NW and go .2 miles (3 blocks) to 4th St. NW
  • Turn left (West)on 4th St. NW . Go to 15th Ave. NW 
  • Turn right (North) on 15th Ave. NW. We are one half of block down. 
  • The house (Tan colored) is on the corner of 4½ street NW and 15th Ave. NW
  •  402 15th Ave. NW

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Full Week Gone By! - Lots of info below!

Wow!  It's been a full week since I updated this blog!   Hope everyone had a great week.. I think you did! 

Here's a couple group shots of the Tuesday Trail run at Chester Woods...  If you haven't gotten on board with the trail crew yet, you should do so before the snow flies!  It's super fun!

Here's to great races for all of you in the TC Marathon, 10 Mile or Lakefront Marathon!  (of course, good running wherever you are!  For those at the Twin Cities, be sure to stop by the Team R.E.D. cheer section under the giant American Flag on John Ireland Blvd just before the finish. 
We are a good cheer squad!

The TC10 is the last of the series in the USATF Team Circuit races.   Team R.E.D. needs some good races to move up in the standings (of course, keep in mind, most of the circuit races were held in the Twin Cities, and we didn't participate in many of them, at least not as a complete team).   Here are the standings.
Men’s Open – Blue Division
  • Minnesota R.E.D. 34
  • Molar Milers 33
  • Foley & Mansfield 28
  • MDRA 18
  • Team R.E.D. 8
  • Twin Cities Running Club 2
  • St. Cloud River Runners 2
Men’s Masters – Blue Division
  • Minnesota R.E.D. 24
  • MDRA 23
  • Team R.E.D. 13
  • Foley & Mansfield 12
  • St. Cloud River Runners 6
  • Twin Cities Running Club 4
Women’s Open – Blue Division (we did not score in the Women's masters)
  • MDRA 34
  • Minnesota R.E.D. 27
  • St. Cloud River Runners 24
  • Team R.E.D. 9
  • Collegeville Track Club 4
  • Prairie Striders 3


Here's a look at Monday & Tuesday of next week....

  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are at the Bears Den in Byron.  Wear your Team R.E.D. shirt, as we'll be presenting a check in the amount of $1000 to the Byron Community Foundation at 6pm at the Den before heading out for a run or a walk.  You are the best! 
The funds for the contribution to the community fund were made possible by the great response to the Team R.E.D. Beer Mile!   Nice work everyone!   it was a tad warmer that day compared to this weekend, yet it was wonderful! 

Getting their beer on!

  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The Trail Crew is waddling a couple loops around Willow Creek Reservoir.  
    • Directions- Turn west at 48th St ( Fleet Farm is east) Go >1/2 mile and turn south( left) on 11th Ave. At the top of the hill turn right on to Lone Pine Drive and follow all the way to the parking lot. There is a very small sign that says Willow Creek Reservoir, but it's hard to see.
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. is homehosted this week!  We'll work on getting some details such as where, what to bring and stuff like that.  Check back for details!