Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Week

Thanks go to Randy Quint for providing the following image... Now these are some confident runners!

Below is a list of what's going on this week (that I'm aware of)... let me know if you have something you'd like to add.

Tuesday Night Hills/Track 5pm (or 5:30):   A group typically meets at the parking lot of the Soldiers Field Memorial.   People arrive as they can,  5pm or 5:30pm.   Upon arrival you have some options, you can run speed work on the track, or head to the hills of 10th St SW and 9th Ave SW.   I'm not sure what condition the soldiers field track will be in this evening, but you sure can check it out.   

Tuesday Night Trail Run 6:15pm:  The plan tonight is to run a few miles at Chester Woods if it’s not raining.  Meet at picnic shelter #5 at 6:15pm

Wednesday Morning Progressive Run 5:30am:   This run starts at my place 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.   We head out at a 10/min mile pace and increase tempo each mile... the target pace goes like this.. 10:00, 9:00, 8:30, 8:00, 7:30, 7:00, 6:30   ... don't worry about it if you think you can't hit all the targets, come on out and give it a shot, then just hold on when you get to your top pace.   

Wednesday Evening Practice Run 6:00pm:   The Running Room offers twice weekly group training runs.  Paces will vary.  Another good chance to connect with other runners/walkers. 

Thursday Night Team R.E.D. 6:00pm:   This weeks run will start and finish at the Bears Den in Byron.   Routes will post on the right hand side of the blog by tomorrow, and range from 2.5 to 6 miles.   Runners and Walkers are welcome.. bring a friend!

Saturday Morning Long Run 7:00am:  The weekly marathon and half marathon training run is set for 16 miles for full marathoners, and I would anticipate approximately 8-9 miles for half marathoners.  These weekly runs are key, as they are staffed with volunteers providing water/Gatorade along the way!

Sunday Morning Practice Run 8:30am:   The 2nd run of the week from the Running Room.    Note, the running room offers periodic training classes to 'learn to run'... they set each class toward target races.  i.e. learn to run a 5K class would end with an actual 5K race. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Impromptu Hill Workout

Just a quick note:  A hill workout has just recently come together for tonight.  If interested and available, meet at the War Memorial at Soldiers Field park at 5:30pm.. and we'll head over to the hills from there!   We'll run repeats on 10th St SW and 9th Ave SW

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Congrats & Thanks!

Wow.. Congratulations to all of you on your Rochester Half Marathon & 5K results!   You looked fantastic coming across the 4th Street Bridge, each and every one of you!

Also, a great Thanks to Mason, Ann, Aaron,  Marilee, Andy, Tracy,  Randy, Annette, Wendy, Shane & Megan for staffing the Team R.E.D. water station on the 4th Street bridge!   You did a fantastic job!

The slideshow below catches several R.E.D. members on the run, but I also missed many of you, while filling cups of Gatorade.   Here is my list of members I spotted (and remembered spotting, let me know who I missed!)  Team R.E.D. was everywhere!   I'll be sure to add anyone I missed when I see the online results.

Renee Kottschade
Elaine Eide
Amber Aslakson
Adam Aslakson

Half Marathon
Al Jorgenson
Chelsie Larsen
Paul Chmielewski
Matt Schrader
Dave Eide
Roger Heil
Andy Hemenway
Trevor Distad

Wendy O'Leary (Shane & Megan too)
Ann Nepstad
Aaron Nepstad
Tracy Becker
Andy Becker
Marilee Hardyman
Jim Mason
Randy Quint
Jim Li
Renee Saxman
Erin Hemenway
Jean Murray
Peg Arnold
Wally Arnold
Annette Chmielewski

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SuperHero R.E.D. Pics

Here you go.. looks like it was a fun night, wish I could have joined!    Thanks to Sara & Joe Ryan for providing a camera... and to Wendy for snapping some pics pre and post run! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Couple Things...

By all accounts, it sounds like Thursday's Team R.E.D. was once again a very fun night!  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some pics so we can share them via this blog.   (and I can get a sneak peek at what you were all up to..yee haww!)


Good Luck to all of you running in the Rochester Half Marathon & 5K Saturday morning... I know you're going to do great!    Also, Many Thanks to all you volunteers!  It takes a lot of volunteer effort to pull off an event as fantastic as this one... you're giving of your time to the running community is wonderful!  


Sunday Morning Long Run...  a group is meeting at 7am at the Douglas Trail, trailhead.  Located on Valley High Road between IBM and the postal facility.   The plan is to have water/gatorade stashed about 4.5 miles, 8 miles.. with the ability to hit it again on the out and back route.   You can run any distance you want, knowing you'll have some good company along the way!   Come join us!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Routes are Up!

Thursday's Team R.E.D. routes are now posted on the right hand side of the blog!  Should be a fun night as Adam & Jill Walters are our hosts!   This will kick off from their home at 1286 Brookfield CT NE in Byron at 6pm Thursday Aug 26th.    Below is a quick picture of Adam's best side as he digs into the cooler (again).

"Super Hero & Fictional Character Night" is the Theme...  This will be a good way for everyone to dust off costumes, but don't tell us why you happen to have such a costume laying around at home!   
Adam and Jill will be providing hot beef sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, water, and some domestic beers.  Of course you can bring your favorite brew too.  Please bring a chair, and a dish / goodies to pass around if they so wish. 

Busy Week! Lots of Opportunties

Tuesday 5 or 5:30pm: (get there when you can).. Hill and/or Track.  Meet at Soldiers Field Memorial in Rochester.   The track is easy to spot.. right behind the memorial, the hills are a tad to the West at 10th Street NW and 9th Ave NW     The following link will show you how to get to the hills from the memorial, with a 2/3 mile warmup.    http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/united-states/mn/rochester/570128251631951553

Tuesday 6:15 pm: Trail Run with Jim Mason, they are going to run the trails at Gamehaven Lake near the Boyscout camp. Meet at the parking lot off Co Rd 101

Wednesday Progressive Run 5:30am:   Gather at my place, 805 1st Ave NW... we'll head out at a 10/min mile pace.. and increase pace each mile throughout the 7.5 mile workout (1/2 mile of that is cool down)

Wednesday at 6pm Group Run: The Running Room in Rochester has a weekly free practice runs.   Any ability level is welcome.  Any pace accomodated and many distances covered. 

Thursday long run 6am:   Gather at the Douglas Trail head in Rochester (parking lot off Valley High, between IBM and the Postal facility). The plan is for 16+ miles out and back on the mostly flat Douglas Trail.  Early 'signees' for this run are Sara, Joe, Melby and Mike...  the more the merrier!

Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:   Home Hosted by Adam & Jill Walters at 1286 Brookfield CT NE in Byron.   The Theme is Superhero's and Fictional Characters... get in the spirit and rock some costumes!   Routes will range from 2.5 - 6ish miles.. and be posted at byronteamred.blogspot.com sometime Tuesday.     Our fine hosts will be providing hot beef sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, water, and some domestic beers.  Of course you can bring your favorite brew too.   Also please bring a lawn chair, and if you wish a dish to share / goodies are dishes.. ! 

Thursday Roch Track Club Picnic 6pm:   The RTC annual picnic is set for 6pm at Slatterly park in Rochester.   Bring a  dish to share.  Soda, water, plates & silverware will be provided.

Saturday Rochester Half Marathon & 5K:   Team R.E.D. is hosting an water station.  If you want to join us, let me know (soon!)..

Sunday Long run 6:30 or 7am)   -we'll zero in on that specific start time as Sunday approaches.   Gather at the Douglas Trail head in Rochester (parking lot off Valley High, between IBM and the Postal facility).  The plan is to run out and back on the Douglas Trail.   Distance is negotiable.  People I'm aware are joining this run include myself, Marilee, Melby, Kristin and Darlene.  All are welcome to join us!

Sunday at  8:30am Group Run:   The Running Room is planning a 7.5 miler in preparation for the Twin Cities 10 Miler.

Also, please let me know if you're running in the Roch Half & 5K.. we'll be on the lookout for you!  Camera ready!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Team R.E.D. Rock's This Town

Put together a little slideshow set to music from the Formal Night. Be sure to turn on your volume! Thanks Renee, for providing a share of these pics!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bridge Dedication

It was a great night for a run/walk with friends.  Also a great opportunity to support a bridge dedication for a young girl struck and killed while biking across West Circle Drive in Rochester.   

Here's a news story from KTTC...

Here are a few pics from Thursday evening.... and a slide show follows them.  The first couple of pictures includes Ariana's family preparing for the ribbon cutting.  It was quite emotional, especially for the younger brother.  Fittingly so, her brothers had the honor of cutting the ribbon.

I'm happy so many R.E.D. members were able to attend, and show support and still get our workouts in!   Nice work everyone!

Additionally, Team R.E.D. has a new Free Agent signing to announce.. this is bigger news then Brett Favre coming back to the Vikings!   Welcome Angie!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday Night!

Thursday Night Team R.E.D. is officially a Bears Den night, but we'll try to pull this one off with a little twist!   First you'll see the reason for the twist, then the plan to get it done. 

The details / link posted below were provided by Mike Schmitt, Thanks!


There is a new Bridge for Bikes and Pedestrians opening at 6pm Thursday on Hwy 14 just west of Rochester.   The the 1,800-foot-long bridge will be dedicated Thursday in memory of a 7-year-old girl who was killed in a bike-car accident several years ago in Rochester.    Here's a link to a PB story  http://www.postbulletin.com/newsmanager/templates/localnews_story.asp?z=2&a=465805

With that said, I think it would be great if Team R.E.D. has a presence there.  

Here's what I suggest..... I will create routes in the range of 2.5, 4 and 6ish miles... starting from Kutzky park in Rochester.    if you're a Rochester type... meet at Kutzky park, approx 5:30-5:40pm... for the Byron contingent, we could meet at the Bears Den at 5:20 and carpool in to the park..   We'll check out and support the ribbon cutting ceremony, and then continue on our run/walk  Be sure to wear your Team R.E.D. shirt!      After we're done, we'll head to the Bears Den for the E.D. portion of our evening!    

In the event, you don't know where Kutzky park is, it's just south of Hy-Vee Barlow and East of Miracle Mile, TGIF, Olive Garden area.. across 11th Ave...

Please let me know if you have questions as to the plan!   Or if you need any directions to the park.   You can call me at 507 358 9188 or email me at byron.teamred@gmail.com


On another note, Team R.E.D. members Bri, Casey and Melby (along with many friends of Team R.E.D.) are all participating in the Ragnar Relays this weekend!   They will run as part of teams (they are each on different teams) racing from Winona to Minneapolis, with each team member running 3 legs of the relay... legs range from 3.4 to 9 miles each to help them travel the 193 total miles.... Good luck to all of you!  It should be a blast!

Melby had a planning meeting last night, and this is the outfit he'll be wearing for his team.   He's sporting the skirt Renee made for him prior to Team R.E.D.s Man Skirt night...  I suspected he would find another occasion to wear it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Tuesday Night Option

Hey all.. I missed the Trail runners group option for tonight!   Jim Mason and company are going to be running along the beautiful Zumbro River near Millville tonight.  Meet at Shopko North at 5:45PM and caravan to Millville, This is a very flat old road and it’s in the shade.

Other options for Tuesday/Wednesday are listed a couple posts down... 

Have fun all!  The weather is fantastic, be sure to get out there someplace/sometime!  

Rochester Deals for Less

Bears Den Gift cards at half price at the following site... Hurry to click, as they go fast!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Performances!

Team R.E.D. members were out racing again this past weekend. Here are the ones I know of.. and congrats to all!  Another large contingent made their way to the RAC for a 16-20 miler.. wow!   You all rock... challenging and testing ourselves is so much part of the fun...

Here are Lori and Sam post race, wearing Team R.E.D. colors nicely....

  • Smoking the 5K in Kasson were Lori (PR!) and Sam...
  • Cruising the 15K in Edina were Tom W. and Renee S (as part of the St Cloud  River Runners Race team).
  • Tackling her first half marathon of the year in Anchorage AK was Lana...  what a great place to race a half marathon!  Looking forward to the story behind it.
I haven't seen any results posted from Chatfield Western days... if anyone competed there, please let me know!   Also if I missed anyone at any race, let me know (I'm sure I did!)

Tuesday evening Hills/Track... meet at the Soldiers Field War Memorial at 5pm or 5:30 (for you late joiners).   Some will hit the track while others hit the hills.. and some will do both!

Wednesday morning Progressive run... this one kicks off at 5:30am from my place, 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.  We start at 10/min pace... and progressively pick it up.. you increase tempo each mile as long as you can over the 7 mile course (1/2 mile cool down).  

Thursday Team R.E.D. is a Bears Den Night, and I'm trying to get creative to ensure anyone who wants to (myself included) can get to the footbridge grand opening on the west edge of Rochester.  Stay tuned for details on Thursday's Team R.E.D.

It's time for me to send in t-shirt sizes for Volunteers at the Rochester Half water station.  Please let me know if you'd like to join our crew!  We'd love to have a big group out there!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Great Night... Formal Wear

You people look so dang good in formal!  Well, most of you!

Permission has been granted and a special project is in the works!  Below is the slide show of last night's 'action'!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Routes are Up!

The routes for Thursday's Team R.E.D.  are now posted along the right hand side.  We'll be heading out and back on the flat and enjoyable Douglas Trail.  This gives you a lot of opportunity to adjust your route... to longer or shorter.   Details to this week's R.E.D. are in the post below!


Long past due congrats to many R.E.D. members who participated in races this past week.  It was a busy one.  It all started Saturday, at a surprisingly humid Douglas Trail Run, which completed with a solid dose of rain!

Running the 2 mile were Amber & Adam Aslakson, as well as Matt Schrader.   Matt went on to win the event! Nice work Hurricane! (with his Watermelon award below).

The 11 mile was loaded with R.E.D. as well.  Congrats to Andy Hemenway, Renee Saxman (age group winner!), Dave Duncan, Roger Heil, Sonja Kranz, Lana Lappi and Matt "Hurricane" Schrader.   Matt pulled a double, after finishing the 2 mile, he set off on the 11 mile, with Jim Mason along his side on bike. 

On Sunday, another bunch of R.E.D. took to the roads of Red Wing.  That was a brutally warm morning..  At 8:15am it was already 73 degrees and 88% humidity!

Running strong in the 5K was Tom Woo, (age group winner)!   Tom also captured several race pics, with many of our members.  You can view them at the following link.    http://sports.webshots.com/album/578342640jwSgui

Tackling the half marathon and running very well, were Andy & Tracy Becker, Sara Ryan (this weeks R.E.D. hostess!), Jim Li, Tod Bellrichard & Steve Gastfield.   Way to get it done, especially in those conidtions!

I sure hope I didn't miss anyone!  

Thursday - Formal Night!

Should be a great time this Thursday at 6pm. Hosted by Sara & Joe Ryan.. thanks so much for hosting! Routes will vary in distance, and pace will too.. come join us for the fun!

The Ryans live at 5236 Middlebrook Dr. NW. in Rochester. Post run, they are kindly providing the main dish and sodas.    Please bring a dish to pass, a lawn chair, your choice of fermented beverage, and your positive energy!    The theme (optional) is Formal Wear.. this should be fun! We'll vote on Best Dressed and award the winner, a Bears Den Gift Card!

Here's a  pic of our host family following the Red Wing races... picture courtesy of Tom Woo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RSVP - Byron Walkability!

There's a great opportunity to show support, and influence the future of Bryon's Bike/Walking paths. Please consider join the workshop this coming Monday 8/16. Registration is required by Wednesday 8/11... sign up now!

Here are the details...

We’d like to formally invite you to attend an Active Living Workshop in Byron. This workshop is part of an effort to make our community more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. The workshop is made possible through our partnership with the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) and presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

We invite you to participate in this workshop on August 16, 2010 from 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm. The workshop will be held at City Hall located at 680 Byron Main Ct. We believe you can help us develop realistic strategies to make our community a safe and pleasant place to walk and bike to destinations such as school, businesses and recreational facilities, thereby improving the health of our residents.

At the workshop, we will learn more about successful pedestrian/bicyclist design, safety, education, enforcement, and encouragement. We will relate these concepts specifically to the community by studying a walking area during the workshop. A walking audit in this area will help us understand and identify obstacles to walking and biking and suggest potential short-term and long-term solutions. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather that day (rain or shine!). A healthy meal will be served during the workshop.

We hope you will be able to participate in this important opportunity. The registration deadline is August 11th. There are three ways to register:

· Go online to: http//:byronactiveliving.eventbrite.com

· Email: mix.laura@co.olmsted.mn.us

· Or call Laura Mix at 507-328-7482

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lots to talk!

However.. time has not yet permitted... come back for:

Links to recent Team RED runners results
Link to how to help Byron Walkability
Info on the upcoming Formal Night

Friday, August 6, 2010

As seems to be the norm...

A very fun night at Team R.E.D. last night!  Always great to see so many out on the streets... We'll start with a few pics, and at the end of the post you'll find a slide show.  

The first series is dedicated to our newest members.  Welcome to Lori, Elaine and Dave!  It'll be wonderful having them on baord.. great fun!

Next up.... our Bears Den gift card winners.   Hurricane is snake bitten in this game, he get's so close, then get's hammered!   Hat's off to top Rock Paper Scissors winner Amber and to runner up Ann.  Nice work ladies!

Next... our man Jim Li recently visited China.   He took his picture, proudly displaying his Team R.E.D. colors in Tiananmen Square at city center, in company by police vehicles and plain clothes police!   Jim will receive a Bears Den gift card for bravery!

Jim reported the pollution was very very bad.   We often hear about it, but here is a pic from apartment he stayed at while visiting family.

Reminder!  Next Thursday, Aug 12th... we'll be at the home of Sara & Joe Ryan with a theme of Formal Night!    Thanks so much for hosting... we're really looking forward to it!   More details, including routes will follow early next week.  
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thursdays Routes are up....

Check out the routes for Thursday on the right hand side of the blog.  We'll meet Thursday at the Bears Den at 6pm.. get out on our feet, and return to our seat!

Below is our R.E.D. schedule for the next couple months..... 
  • August 5th - Bears Den  
  • August 12th - Sara & Joe Ryan  
  • August 19th -  Bears Den
  • August 26th  - Adam & Jill Walters
  • Sept 2nd --Bears Den
  • Sept 9th - KP & Rachel Hammer
  • Sept 16th - Bears Den
  • Sept 23rd  - Tod & Meg Bellrichard 
The next home host dates still available are:
  • Oct 14th & Oct 28th

We had 5 of us out early this morning for a Progressive run.  It's quite the fun workout!   Pictured below are Joe, Paul, Tod & Renee.   Most people are reasonably chipper at 5:30am.. however Melby didn't look so good.


Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to Run with Mr. Parry.   Jim Parry is a teacher from Stewartville, and he has a passion to help the YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign.   He ran for 17 consecutive hours, on a treadmill!    During that time he logged 67.5 miles and raised over $1550!  I spent about 30 minutes running along side him at the Y, before joining Mike and Joe at Solidiers Field for some hill work, while, Woo, Melby, Renee, Roger & Jim Li  burned up the track..  Additionally, we spotted Randy and Jim Mason on bikes (they were both just coasting when I saw them). 

Here is a link to a KAAL story on his efforts.   http://kaaltv.com/article/stories/S1681506.shtml?cat=0  

Additionally you can still contribute if you are so inclined.  https://docs.google.com/document/edit?id=16NHtSqZhi8PvKO_7tGcaYeInOYeiP5NQ-GNfGsAZxls&hl=en#


I'm hearing a lot of Team R.E.D. members will be in Red Wing this weekend for a Half Marathon and 5K... others will be running the Douglas Trail 11 & 2 miler... good luck to all of you!  
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5:30am from my house!

I failed to mention the start time of the Progressive run.. it's 5:30am.. from 805 1st Ave NW on Wednesday morning.. like soon.. coming right up, if you're reading this and interested, get to sleep and show up!

We'll head west toward Kasson, mostly, sort of flat... and come back... if all is well!

Team R.E.D. Represent!

R.E.D. member Chelsie sported her Team R.E.D. shirt while riding Ragbrai.   By the looks of it, they must have biked so hard and competitively, they were too tired to actually get inside the tent.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Tuesday with Mr. Parry:   I'll be running on a treadmill next to Jim Parry on Tuesday from 4:45-5;15PM.... Mr Parry is conducting an Endurance Challenge of running 17 consecutive hours at the YMCA to raise funds for the Y's Strong Kid's Campaign.   You can visit any time from 5am to 10pm to give him some positive energy, or to contribute to the fund raising efforts.    If you're in the area, while I'm on the treadmill, you can come heckle me!   You can also learn more about the Challenge and how to contribute at  http://mrparrysendurancechallenge.blogspot.com/

Tuesday Hill/Track Work:   A group has been meeting consistently for hills and or track work.   Most start at either 5 or 5:30pm... they park at the Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot, and off they go!   I'm planning to join for some hills, post treadmill run.

Wednesday Progressive Run:    This run is a confidence builder with some good tempo... we start at my place, 805 1st Ave NW in Byron... and head out at a 10/min mile pace.. each mile we increase pace.    You can run this progression until you feel you have reached a max... so.. the mile pace per minute is scheduled as follows... 10:00/9:00/8:30/8:00/7;30/7:00;6:30.. and finish with a 1/2 mile cooldown for a total workout of 7.5 miles.   If at any point you feel you can't reach the scheduled pace, you can focus and hold on the current pace as long as you can to the completion of the workout.

Thursday from the Bears Den:   We're back to the Bears Den for this weeks Team R.E.D this Thursday at 6pm..    Routes will post by Wednesday, and as is the norm, will be a variety of options up to 6ish miles..

Saturday morning Douglas Trail Run: 
11 & 2 mile races -- 8am...   They start and finish in Douglas at the parking lot next to the bike trail.  A flat fast course!

Saturday morning marathon & half marathon training:   The full marathoners are scheduled for 15 miles, I would anticipate the half to be approx 8 miles.    This kicks off at the RAC at 7am.

Oxbow Hike

The Nepstads & O'Leary's got out Sunday evening for a hike at Oxbow. This was my first time participating in quite some time. That's one solid workout! The group plans to continue to meet on Sunday's and hike, as long as the weather permits (even discussion of hiking through the winter). Be sure to watch the blog for times and meeting locations... and join when you can!

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My Thanks to the Nepstads for finding my camera at the Oxbow parking lot!  I had apparently set it up the side of my truck, and drove away.. they found it and returned it, in working order... whew!


Tuesday, August 3rd, I have the opportunity to join Mr. (Jim) Parry on his Endurance Challenge. Mr. Parry will be running on a treadmill from 5am to 10pm at the YMCA. It's in an effort to raise money for the Y's Strong Kid's campaign. I'll be running on the treadmill next to him from 4:45pm to 5:15pm. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and say hi!...

You can learn more, or learn how to contribute by visiting the following link, or you could make a contribution in person by stopping by the Y during this challenge, or dropping off your donation with me and I'll take it along during my 30 minute stint on the treadmill: http://mrparrysendurancechallenge.blogspot.com/

Jim Mason's weekly trail run group is planning to Hit the Y at 6:15pm Tuesday in support of Mr. Parry as well!  If you can join them.. please do!   You can keep track of the Tuesday Trail group by visiting http://chesterwoodstrailrun.blogspot.com/


I fully suspect there will be a Hill/Track workout Tuesday evening as well.  I'll post those details as I learn them.  I'm also suspecting we'll do a Wednesday morning Progressive run, those details will following as well.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Team R.E.D. Spotted

Many Team R.E.D. members were spotted this weekend. The slideshow below shows those seen at the Saturday morning long run. There were others sighted at the Hairball Concert in Byron on Saturday night, but no pictures, because as you know, 'what happens at Hairball concerts, stays at hairball concerts'.

Not pictured here (but she did attend the post long run breakfast) is Renee Saxman. Hats off to her. She finished 3rd overall at the Women's Race Saturday! She set a PR along the way! Way to go Renee!

Additionally, I'll post pics from the Sunday evening Oxbow hike, as soon as I find my camera! Yikes! I don't know where it went...