Monday, January 31, 2011

Congrats R.E.D. Members! ..... and what's ahead!

Congratulations are in order for a couple of Team R.E.D. members for their great accomplishments recognized by the Rochester Track Club.   

  • Wally Arnold won the Service Award for his dedication and contributions to the running community.  I had the honor of presenting this award to Wally and was thrilled to do so!  Well deserved Wally!  
  • Jim Mason took home the Dwight Pierson Service Award for his exceptional contributions to the running community.   Another well deserved selection... Mason is fantastic for us!

Additonally many Team R.E.D. members scored Running Room Gift cards for their results in the Track Club's Grand Prix series...  Others won drawings and free entries into area races!    Nice work and congrats to all of you!

Jim Li shared a link to his webshots.. capturing much of the banquet.  Thanks Jim!


Word on the street is, the Securian Half marathon held on Saturday was significantly short!   By many accounts, the Half marathon came in at just 11.7 miles!   Way short!   Crazy..
Below is a link provided by Tom Woo to some great shots from race day.  I see there's a Casey sighting!   Thanks Tom!


Below is a list of what's coming up this week and weekend.   Opportunity abound!

Tuesday Night Track:  Meet at the RCTC Indoor track at 5pm or as soon as you can get there...  then turn up the speed!    We've had seen a great turnout each and every week!  Come on out and have some fun!

Wednesday Night Snow Shoe:  Meet at Oxbow Park's 1st bridge at 6pm for some snow shoeing after dark!   This group finds a way to have a good time, each and every time!  

Thursday Morning Progressive:   Gather at  5:30am at my home, 805 1st Ave NW in Byron for this 'fun' run!   We start out at a 10/min pace for 1 mile, then each mile progressively increase the pace.  It's quite the physical and mental workout! 

Thursday Night Team RED:   We''re at the Bears Den in Byron this week.  We'll get together at 6pm for the route talk, then hit the roads!   Wear something Spring Break like, as we're currently in Key West!  (and waiting for our swimmers to get us over to Cuba! )   We'll have to load up the Juke Box with some Jimmy Buffet I do believe...

Saturday Morning OSS:   The Off Season Striders' meet at 7:30am.. I haven't seen the official start location yet, but surely will update as soon as it's published.

Saturday Frozen Goose:  The Optimist Frozen Goose Walk/Run at RCTC starts at 1pm, with race day registration opening at noon.   This 10K timed run and 5K fun run/walk benefits Mayo Clinic Childhood Cancer Research and Bright Tommorrow's. More information can be found at

Sunday Snow Shoe Crew:   Time and Location still TBD.  


There's still time to register for Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon, 5K and 2 Mile being held Feb 13th.

I just officially registered Shane tonight!  First half marathon for the youngster!


March 19th  marks the Lucky Green  directed by Team R.E.D.'s Wally Arnold.  This is a fundraiser for the Med City marathon!   Get more info at


March 26th has a couple options.. a 5th Annual Event and an Inagural event.   You'll see more information on these as they draw near, but for now.. check out their websites below.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Weekend!

As usual.. no lack of active options for the weekend!

Good luck to all R.E.D. members and friends of R.E.D. at the Securian Half Marathon & 5K in St Paul.  This is a big event, and the weather appears better then the last few times I raced it!  Have a great race everyone!  

Saturday also provides an opportunity to run with OSS - Off Season Striders.   They are meeting at Dunn Bros North on Elton Hills at 7:30am.    R.E.D.'s Randy Quint will kick off the route talk, and then certainly circle back for some social time.

Sunday outdoor get together... You're all invited to the Eide's residence for some fun!   See detials below from Elaine (snow shoeing is optional).  In fact, if you don't have snow shoes but want to try it out, I'm certain we can hook you up with a loaner pair as others complete their snow shoe trek.

Elaine's Note: 
Snowshoeing at the Eide's on Sunday at noon.  We will go for a hike with our snowshoes for about an hour in the woods and then come back to  our  house for sloppy joes, munchies and alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.  (bring a dish or treat to share if you wish).  

Date: Sunday, Jan.  30
Time: Noon
Address:  27116 675th Street, Kasson
Directions From Byron  stoplights by Kwik Trip : On Highway 14 go 2-1/2 miles west until you come to County Road 15 (270th Avenue) and take a left. Go 3-1/2 miles (south) until you come to 675th street and take a left.  We are the third mailbox on the left.  If you have questions or get lost call me at 259-4261.  Hope everyone can make it! 


By the way!  We have reached Key West!   Once again you all overachieved and we ran approx 200 miles too far!    The good news is that allowed us to see much more of Florida, opposed to Key West only.  I really enjoyed our time together at Disney World!  

We still have 31 miles of swimming before we reach Cuba.. so for now.. Enjoy Margaritaville! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solid Thursday!

The sideshow below is a combo platter of the morning's progressive run, and the evening's Team R.E.D.   The pics below do not capture everyone... I would say there was 25 or so in attendance... but you know my camera skills.

Community Service recognition goes to Dom & Andy as they pulled a deer that had been hit, off the road, making travel much safer for others! Nice work guys! I just wish you had washed your hands before getting us popcorn.

It was really a fantastic day and night to get out and about.  

Routes are Up!

Check out the right hand side of the blog for Thursday's R.E.D. routes.  Where your headlamps if you have them, and reflective clothing.    We'll be on a frontage road for some portion of the run.    We meet at 6pm at Whistle Binkies on the Lake  247 Woodlake Dr SE, Rochester

I know it's all about fitness, but just in case you're interested, here are the Thursday night specials.. ..

SMILE! Thursday
  • $2 Grain Belt Light beers
  • $2 Sponge Bob drinks
  • select Summit tap only $2.50!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New member at the Track!

Please see our newest Team R.E.D. member, Sue!  Welcome!   Sue has joined us at the track on Tuesday's the past couple times out.  She won't be able to join us on a Thursday for a couple weeks.  When she does we'll be sure to  have the Free Agent signing shirt presentation and official welcome!

Sue also brought her friend Judy along, while Adam and Amber brought friends Pam & Jim.   Keep on spreading the word of the running opportunities!   

Once again some blurry pictures in the slideshow below.   It's either my camera work, or possibly the fact you are all so fast!

Here's the plan for the balance of the week! Still lots to do!  Headlamps are recommended for the first 3 bullets below.
  • Wednesday Night Snow Shoe: Meet at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left) at  7pm and head out for an adventure.  
  • Thursday Morning Progressive: This run starts at 5:30am from my home at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron. The total mileage of this run will be 6.5 miles.   It will play out as follows:  1st Mile 10/min pace.. 2nd mile 9/min pace.. 3rd mile 8/min pace.. 4th mile 7:30/min pace... 5th mile 7/min pace... 6th mile 6:30/pace... last half mile.. cool down.      If at any point you're unable to increase to the next progression, challenge yourself mentally to hold on to the current pace as long as you can.  
  • Thursday Night Team R.E.D.: We'll gather at 6pm at Whistle Binkies On the Lake (or WB South)  located at 247 Woodlake Drive Southeast, Rochester.   Routes will be on the blog late Wednesday.  
  • Saturday Off Season Striders: This week they'll meet at 7:30am at Dunn Brothers North on Elton Hills Dr for a 8 mile group run.   You can lengthen or shorten this distance to fit your likes.   Then circle back for a social!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few ideas / suggestions

We're looking for Team Members who are interested in forming a race team.   We would compete in the USA Track & Field Minnesota Team Circuit.    Below is a link to which races are part of that circuit.    If you know area runners who are not Team RED members but might have interest racing with us, please have them contact me at

Why would I want to be on a Race Team?  What's in it for me?
  • Because it's fun! 
  • Because you're competitive and you'll You get to help Team R.E.D. compete against clubs throughout Minnesota
  • Race Team members registered with USATF MN receive guaranteed entry to some hard to get into events such as the Twin Cities 10 Mile and the TC 1 Mile.   
  • You will receive access to members only areas of the USATF website.  
  • Race Team members will have the opportunity to BUY some super fast looking singlets and race shorts (non race team members can also buy the singlets and shorts if they wish).   -- Speaking of this, we need some graphic artist help, anyone know someone? someone who might donate their work? ---

What do you have to do to become a part of the Race Team?   
  • Tell me of your interest level... Highly interested?   Need more information?
  • If we have enough interest, I will register Team R.E.D. with USATF Minnesota
  • Then I will instruct you to register for USATF as an individual (that cost is $30 annually).. .when you register for USATF you will have the opportunity to enter Team R.E.D. membership number to become affiliated with the race team. 
  • If you are already a USATF member, we can send an email to have your membership associated with Team RED Racers.

How does a Race Team Score points?
  • You compete in as many of the circuit events as you can   You do not have to run in all of them.. but the more the better.   Scores are broken into 3 categories.. Grandmasters (50 and over), Masters (40 and over) and Open division, all ages.    
  • Open division, the top 5 finishers among RED team members score points for our team.
  • Masters and Grand Masters Division, the top 3 finishers among RED team members score points for our team.
  • If a 50 year old finishes in Team RED's top 5 overall.. his or her points will count in all divisions, Grandmasters, Masters and Open.   
  • This is not coed, so we would form (if interest is there).  A Men's Team and a Women's Team.
Long and short.. let me know if you have any interest in participating on a Race Team.   And share this idea with your friends. 

Below are a couple useful items you may wish to purchase for safety and convenience purposes.   Thanks Bri for the first link !

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's up?

There is a lot going on!

*A calendar of area races can be found at

  • Tom Woo is looking for people interested in car-pooling to the Securian Half/10K/5K this weekend.  If interested you can contact Tom at    Online registration will close on Tuesday, January 25 at midnight!    $30 for half and $25 for 10/5K
  • The Optimist Frozen Goose Walk/Run is Feb 5th at RCTC.  This 10K timed run and 5K fun run/walk benefits Mayo Clinic Childhood Cancer Research and Bright Tommorrow's. More information can be found at 
  • There's still time to register for Feb 13th's Lace Up Against Breast Cancer  Half Marathon & 5K.    You can register and get more race information at     This is a great fundraiser hosted by a committee of dedicated volunteers.   Along with the race, enjoy a silent auction!                  
    Group Stuff
    • Tuesday Night Track:  5pm (or as soon as you can get there) at the RCTC indoor track.  Our group typically gathers on the right hand corner of the track, as you enter the track area.
    • Wednesday Night Snow Shoe:  7pm  at Oxbow Park.  Gather at the 1st Bridge and head into the woods! 
    • Thursday Morning Progressive:  This run starts at 5:30am from my home at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.    The run is a disciplined one, in which we start at a 10 minute pace, and each mile get progressively faster.   
    • Thursday Night Team R.E.D.:  We'll gather at 6pm at Whistle Binkies South in Rochester.
    • Saturday Off Season Striders:   This group meets in Rochester on Saturday mornings at 7:30am.  I'll update you with location.  

    Additional Items

    • The Rochester Track Club Banquet takes place this Saturday night at 6pm at the Clarion Inn (formerly Holiday Inn ).  I'm not sure of the cut off for RSVP, but you can contact to find out.   
    • If you're interested in volunteering at a water station for Lace Up Against Breast Cancer, contact me at  or for any other volunteer opportunities at Lace Up, contact Sarah Shonyo at
    • I received the following Wall Street Journal link from Mike Schmitt... a nice story on the Zoom Yah Yah Indoor marathon.   Some nice quotes from a friend of RED and Rochester Track Club board member, Ron Giles.   Zoom Yah Yah
    Below is a slide show from Sunday's Snow Shoe Crew.  12 people in all experienced the great terrain of Oxbow Park.

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Snow Shoe & Volunteers

    The Snow Shoe Crew is hitting Oxbow Park near Byron once again.   Undoubtedly, the adventure in the park will be followed by a cocktail or two!    You can join them, Sunday at 12:15pm... meet at the 3rd Bridge.   The trek will wrap up in time to catch the Bears-Packers game.  

    To find the 3rd Bridge, enter the park, and drive North until the road takes a 90 degree curve to the right, follow that curve and go approx 1/4 mile to the 1st parking lot on your left.


    The Team R.E.D. Water/Gatorade support for the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon & 5K is coming together nicely....  However, I can't remember everyone who said they would volunteer!   So.. if you did volunteer, and haven't gotten a note recently from me regarding the gig, please drop me another email!!

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Saturday Off Season Striders

    There's a chance to get out and about tomorrow.  The Off Season Striders (OSS), will gather at 7:30am at Panera Bread South in Rochester for a 10 mile run (with options to cut it short to 4 or 7).   The route is posted below.

    In related news, some Off Season Striders are running the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer half marathon course in support of John and his planning committee, to check a possible slight change to the course. This crew will gather at 7am at the Mayo High, near the tennis courts.

    I'm quite sure the two groups are going to cross paths at some point, so do what works for you! .. And no matter what you elect to do tommorrow, be sure to send Lori your miles ran, walked, swam, ice fished or whatever! We still have some distance to travel to get to our virtual vacation in Cuba! As of our last update we had traveled...  Lori's can be reached at

    • Running miles: 1068.62
    • Swimming miles: 20.5 

    We should be motivated to get there, so we can experience a heat wave...  here's a version by The Who...

    Winter Fun!

    13 people took in the Full Moon Snow Shoe at Oxbow Wednesday evening!   No picture is Maureen, as she is the woman with the camera.    There are several new faces in the group, however, I wasn't there, and haven't heard an update as to who all participated.. but the word on the street is, it was fun!

    The following link has some cold weather running tips.   I've copied and pasted the bullet on frostbite... be careful out there!

    Watch for Frostbite

    On really cold days, make sure you monitor your fingers, toes, ears, and nose. They may feel numb at first, but they should warm up a few minutes into your run. If you notice a patch of hard, pale, cold skin, you may have frostbite. Get out of the cold immediately and slowly warm the affected area. If numbness continues, seek emergency care.

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Tonight's Routes!

    Hey all... the routes are in the links below.   Thanks Paul for pulling them together!   Be safe out there....




    Monday, January 17, 2011

    The Week in R.E.D.

    Be sure to submit your milage.. .running, walking and swimming (water crossing of any sort), to Lori to continue our trip to Cuba via Key West!    Lori can be reached at

    Tuesday Night Track: Meet at the RCTC Indoor Track at 5pm (or whenever you can get there). The team typically gathers near the right hand side/corner of the track, as you enter the track. Please bring some dry shoes to change into once you arrive.

    Wednesday Moonlight Show Shoe: Gather at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow Park at 7pm as a full moon is arisin'! Wear your headlamps and experience Oxbow after dark.

    Thursday R.E.D.: It's a Bears Den night, starting with a route talk at 6pm. Routes will be in the ranges of 3, 4 and 6 miles, and will be posted sometime Wednesday. After the run/walk, be sure to stop into the Bears Den for some fun!

    Saturday Off Season Striders: OSS meets at 7:30am for a group run followed by a social. I have not yet heard the location for this weeks get together, but will surely share it when I do.

    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    Quick update.. more to come...

    It's promising to be another fun week ahead! Check back for some updates regarding Tuesday Track, Wednesday Full Moon Snow Shoe, Thursday R.E.D., Saturday Off Season Striders.

    Until then, here's a quick clip of the Snow Shoe Crew. It was my first time being able to join them.. and wow! We worked hard getting up to the meadow at Oxbow, but had a blast getting down!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Nice Night in Rochester!

    It was another great turnout for Team R.E.D.  Thursday...  what a fun bunch!     People ran and walked anywhere from 2.25 miles to 11 miles.  Nice work everyone!


    Off Season Striders starts at 7:30am Saturday morning at the back door of Brothers Bar & Grill. The route is slated for 7 miles. Additionally, an early crew is meeting at 6:54am to log a few miles or so before hooking up with the rest of the group.

    Snow Shoe Crew is meeting at 11:30am Sunday at Oxbow Park's 3rd Bridge.   They plan to blaze some trails then head to the Bears Den for some football and refreshments.

    Note: the 3rd bridge is a new start location.. as you enter the park drive straight until you come to a 90 degree right curve, follow that curve and the 3rd bridge is the first parking lot on your left.    

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Routes are up!

    Thusday / Tonight  6pm:   Check out the routes on the right hand side for a sneak peek at tonight's run/walk routes. 2.25, 3.25 and 6... they all start at Glynners Pub in Roch, and head out  around scenic Silver Lake.

    The first map is for the Front Loaders... they will gather at 5:25, to get on the trail and back for the 6pm take off. 


    Saturday 7:30am: Off Season Striders gathers at Brothers on South Broadway for a run, and post run social. Again, there are some gathering early to front load miles, that group will meet at 6:54am.


    Jan 29th 6pm  is the Rochester Track Club's Annual Banquet at the Clarion Inn in Rochester..   You can get more information at


    Warrior Dash has added additWional Waves on the front end of the morning.  There are openings as early as 8am now.. so if you haven't yet registered, you still can!   Visit the following link..  and be sure to use the discount code WDTEAMRED to get $5 off your entry fee!

    Most of the RED members are running in then noon wave, but I've heard others have registered anywhere from 11:30am to 3:30pm.... so pick a slot.. and consider joining us for an overnight party at a nearby campground!

    Last Day left to vote on the Best Legs Poll!  Check it out.. it's tied right now, it can't end that way! 

    Map My Run

    I love Map My Run typically, but it's not working for me this evening! I will try again in the morning to create the routes, otherwise, you just need to show up at Glynners Pub on North Broadway at 6pm to learn where we are going!

    Routes will be in the ballpark of 3, 4 and 6 miles...

    Additionally there is an "early run" group that will meet at Glyneers at 5:25 to frong load some miles and finish the even at approx 10 miles.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Great Night at the Track!

    There was excellent turnout at the RCTC  Track tonight!  I don't have everyone's pic, as people came and left as they could.. which is a fantastic way to approach it... some start as early as 5pm.. and others were arriving to get started until about 5:45...

    Some of us followed up the track with the Runners Social at Beatles.  I have no pics from there, but I did see Renee snapping pics (she does that!) .. so you might find some at 


    The Snow Shoe Crew keeps on growing out at Oxbow Park! The pic below is from Sunday, and I can promise you, they sure have fun! (not pictured is Tod, as he was camera man) Wednesday night they are planning a headlamp snow shoe trip. They'll meet at the 1st Bridge at 7pm Wednesday evening. Hook up with the crew!


    Thursday's Team RED is meeting in Rochester at Glynners Pub. Join us at 6pm for a walk or run and fun! Routes will be posted sometime Wednesday. Note: there is a group gathering at 5:25pm.. to add in a bit over 3 miles, before joining the rest of us... so if you want a few more miles, that's an option!

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    The Week in R.E.D.

    Another full week ahead!   Opportunities are building....

    Tuesday Night Track:  Meet at the RCTC Indoor track at 5 or 5:30pm.. (there's a little wiggle room in the start time based on work schedules, and post workout requirements).    Get there when you can!  We'll chat up some workout options at 5pm.. but if you come late, we'll connect and talk about the workout.

    Tuesday Night Runners Social:  Starting at 6pm at Beattles in Roch.   No Running Required!  Just come socialize with others!

    Park after Dark:  The Snow Shoe Crew is hitting Oxbow Park with  headlamps at 7pm Wednesday night!  They'll meet at the 1st Bridge.   They'll likely do it again next week, as a Full Moon is on tap!   .

    Thursday Night R.E.D.:    Team R.E.D. will gather at 6pm at Glynners Pub in Rochester.   Glynners is located at 1643 North Broadway.   In the River Center Shopping mall (previously known as Northbrook)

    Note:  There is a crew that is planning to front load some miles before Team RED this Thursday to get approx 10 miles... , if you'd like to get on copy of the "early run dist list" send Paul Melby a note (I put him in charge without fully asking, but I sort of asked).   

    Saturday Off Season Striders:  I don't yet have this detail.. but they will run, they always do!  I will update when details are available.
    ter, MN 55906

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Snow Shoe Crew is at it again!

    The snow shoe crew is rolling at Oxbow at noon today.  Meet at the 1st Bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).

    Mike, Cathy, Meg & Wendy
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    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    Lots of Stuff! Including more Warrrior Dash News...

    Warrior Dash must be a hot ticket.. the waves are now full until 3pm! If you have interest, get on board very soon! The waves are filling fast!  You can still register at  the following site

    Millie & Mike each forwarded me the following link... seems Rats would fit well in our club. 

    I know many of you have either participated or expressed interest in the Ragnar Relays.  Well, Hood To Coast is a great one, and a movie  capturing the spirit of this event, is showing one night Only.  Mike provided the following link in case you're interested in scoring tickets.

    The slideshow below is from Thursday's Team R.E.D.    You all are a lot of fun!    Wendy has some shots from the Friday Snow Shoe Crew, but I don't yet have them off the camera.  

    Please vote on the poll on the right hand side, for the hottest legs contest.  The names of the participants shall remain secret until the end of the poll, but the legs shall remain hot!    (only two entries, hopefully next time we'll have more!)

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    New Member! .. and snow shoe update

    We love having new members... and tonight Kelly joined Team R.E.D.!  Be sure to connect with Kelly as we see her moving forward!

    It was a great turnout as we went on a progressive type run. hitting a couple home hosts before returning to the Bears Den.   Excellent that Maureen and the Melby's opened their space for us.. very nice!

    Of course, 2 out of 3, of the Bears Den gift cards got given away (we're not sure what happens to the other one)...  Congrats to Marilee for winning the 2nd place $5 gift card, and to Amber for winning the 1st place $5 gift card.   It pays to be 1st!... wait.. ok.. yes.. it pays!

    Friday at 11am, you can meet at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow.. Why?  Well a snow shoe trek of course!   Oxbow is just north of Byron on Cty Rd 5... the 1st bridge is actually the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park.   Get on out there!

    Thursday, January 6, 2011


    Hey all... the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon, 5K and 2 Mile walk (Feb 13th) is seeking volunteers.   Team R.E.D. is staffing a water station, and we could still use more helping hands. If you've ever volunteered at a water station, you know it's fun!  

    Randy Quint is heading up a crew of Course Marshall's, so that's another great way to volunteer and see the race up close and personal!    

    If you're interested in either of these opportunities  please drop me a note at    If you want to volunteer in any other capacity, you can also drop an email to Sarah Shonyo at


    Speaking of Lace Up... you can preview the course this Saturday with Off Season Striders.   They will gather near the tennis courts at Mayo High school at 7:30am... then set out for a 13.1 mile run.   I do believe there will be a water stop (that you'll pass a couple times) on this trial run.  


    Join us tonight for Team R.E.D. from the Bears Den at 6pm!   See the post below for details of the plan.


    The Snow Shoe Crew is planning another Sunday outing at Oxbow Park, north of Byron on Cty Rd 5.  Gather at the 1st Bridge at noon... and go see the sights of Oxbow in the Winter.

    There may be another snow shoe opportunity Friday 1/7, however those details are not yet worked out.  

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Thursday Routes are Up!

    Should be a very fun night Thursday at R.E.D.    We will bounce around Byron!   Gather at the Bears Den at 6pm. for a brief route talk covering the first Leg of the evening.   Each leg is posted on the right hand side of the blog (map my run made some changes to their site, I'm not yet sure what to think of it).

    What do I mean when I say "Legs"?   Well, we are fortunate that two home hosts have invited us in, so it'll roll like this....   We'll start at the Den and head to Maureen's place where you can take a short break and enjoy a refreshment of your choice!   Then we'll head back out and find our way to Melby's place, for an additional refreshment of your choice.    From Melby's it's back to the Den!   

    During each Leg, you'll have 2 choices, Long or Short.   If you take all the Long Legs, you'll  total 5.75 miles by the time we complete the trek, and if you take all the Short Legs you'll hit 4 miles.   Of course you can do any combination you like. 


    Update on Warrior Dash.. the event is about 6 months away, and we have 47 Team R.E.D. members (and friends of RED) coming to run the noon wave!    Please let me know if you are planning to camp in the group camp site.  This space is tents only!    The campground says the 1 acre site is suitable for 50 people, but they also said, we can go over if need be.   We will discuss the cost per person, after we have a more solid feel as to how many people are planning to camp.  

    The campground also has electrical and water hookups.  If you'd like to camp with those luxuries, you'll want to make your own reservation at the St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park, a Washington County Park.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Thursday Routes

    Thursday's routes will be on the blog sometime tomorrow (Wednesday).     It's going to be quite the social run... We'll start at the Bears Den and then Run/Walk to Maureen's place... have a warm something, or cold something.. then continue on, to Melby's place.. and repeat!   Then it's back to the Den...

    The Routes will be such that walkers and runners will arrive at each stop approx the same time! Thanks to Maureeen and the Melby's for hosting us!   Fun! 


    Speaking of Fun.. the Snow Shoe Crew keeps growing!   I get a note nearly every day saying something to the effect "I ordered snow shoes!"    I'm having some difficulty posting the last pics I got from the crew... I will update as we can.. maybe a season slide show is due soon!

    If anyone is interested in a Friday Snow Shoe jaunt, I know at least one other interested, as she's getting her shoes on Thursday!   Let me know at  and I'll get you connected.  (I have a new pair, and still haven't got out to try them! maybe Friday?)

    I am willing to bet there is a Sunday Crew already planned, I just don't yet know the time and start location.  Will update the blog as we find out!

    Saturday is a preview of the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon course.    Start time is 7:30 (I believe).... from Mayo High.   Pull in the parking lot and look for the people with facemasks and running shoes.  That's where you want to be.

    Camp Site Reserved!

    The Warrior Dash registration page is back up and running.   You can still register at the lowest rate until this Friday at   Team RED has been signing up for the Noon Wave.  

    Be sure to use the Team RED discount code of  WDTEAMRED for $5 off. 

    Thanks goes to Adam for reserving a great group campsite for us!   We've got two nights reserved at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park, a Washington County Park   (Friday before the event, and Saturday, night, following the event).  Just let us know if you're planning to camp with us, either or both of those nights.   The space is reserved for 50 adults!      ** as a country park, a vehicle pass is required, you can purchase a daily pass for $5 or an annual for $25 **

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Update (sort of)

    I've been trying to confirm the availability of the indoor track at RCTC  for Tuesday regular track workout.  The big wrestling tournament is approaching, and as I recall from last year, that created a tough environment to truly execute speed work, as they moved several large bleachers onto the track, and had a trailer on the track as well.  At any rate,  I have placed a call, and will update you when I know more.  (if the track is open, I'll suggest we go there, if not, possibly a Tuesday night hill workout).

    When I was wondering about the track availability I went to and found it interesting (and enjoyable) to see what I found as the top hit, once I typed rctc indoor        give it a try if you're curious.

    Thursday is a Bears Den night, and there's a possibility of a twist to that as well.  So.... again stay tuned!

    I am way behind on pictures!   Both Team RED Thursday and Snow Shoe Crew Sundays... I'll get them posted too ! 

    We're going to Cuba!   Be sure to send your mileage since Jan 1st to Lori at   She'll again help track us on our trip!  We need your swimming mileage too.... send it in!   75 miles of water to cross!    

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Update to Sunday Run & Brunch!

    Please see the note below from Renee Saxman regarding the 8am Sunday run and Brunch. 
    Last minute change of plans ... the previously scheduled run/brunch at the Strain home is how going to be held at my house (2026 Kal Lane SW, Rochester). Tomorrow, Sunday, at 8 AM. Run as little or long as you want. Food afterwards!! Bring your friends. Spread the word.