Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tonight's R.E.D.

Just a quick reminder.. tonight's Team R.E.D. gathers at 6pm, at Ron's Place at the La Quinta in at 1625 South Broadway.  I'm running behind on route making, but we'll have some, in the range of 3, 4 & 6 miles... see you soon!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Week Ahead & Dart League

Before we dive directly into the subject matter of 'week ahead & darts"  I'd like to pass along that Charro sends a big Thank You to Team R.E.D. for helping at the All-Comers meet last night. Having that many hands and eyes, makes things flow so nicely. Thanks to all!

Keep July 10th in mind if you'd like to join in as a volunteer for the next Byron All-Comers. See the previous post below... you'll see along with the fun of helping the kids and sharing smiles,  we also have additional R.E.D. fun afterwards, with a track meet of our own, followed by beverages!

Now on to darts!!!   Another aspect to the Team R.E.D. track meet was the fact we had the good fortune to run across one of the most fun Dart teams you might find.  If I ever "re"-retire from running, I will likely join this team!

I know it's subtle, but you should note that the 'headstander' wearing a white top, seemed to get replaced by someone else, who shall remain nameless (I'm good with protecting identity).   I'm not sure who the guilty party is, but someone jumped in to teach the women a few tricks!


The Week Ahead.... As it often is, loaded!

  • Tuesday 5:30pm:   The All Comes Mile.  This is a Rochester Track Cub Grand Prix event.  It's 1 mile on the Soldiers Field Track, a timed mile.. and No Entry Fee!   This is a race is open to all, before the youth events get started.   Come out on and challenge yourself to 4 hot, fast, smokin' laps around the track!  
  • Tuesday 6pm: After the race, don't forget to swing by Southerland Park at Soldiers Field for some grillin... bring your own meat for the grill & beverages, or just stop by and say hi!   Or... stick around and help with he All-comers meet, volunteers are always welcome!
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:   Speed workout on the track in Byron.  This has become a mainstay of the summer.  A great way to get together with others, and work on foot turnover!  Run fast to get fast... that's the plan!
  • Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. goes to Rochester. We're going to kick off from Ron's Place at the La Quinta in at 1625 South Broadway. I would expect a discount, as it's named after Team RED member Randy Quinta.   Note:  there was a great suggestion of meeting at, and running from Thursday's on 1st... I simply haven't had a chance to do the homework on logistics.  I think it would be a fun option sometime yet this summer.
  • Saturday 7am: Full & Half Marathon training long run takes off from the RAC. These are the long runs, which will help you reach the distance! Keep in mind, they are supported by volunteers, with water, Gatorade and banana's.    -- Speaking of Volunteers ---   If' you're available,any Saturday morning this summer, please contact Lin Gentling at    As volunteers are such a great addition to these long runs.   The job is fun... as you see so many runners come through, while you sit in the shade and relax! 
  • Monday July 4th:  The Stewartville Summerfest Runs kick off at 8:30am with the 5 miler.. 9:30am with the 3 miler.. come early and run them both!   These races are directed by Kevin Torgeson.  He puts on a great race year after year.

Byron All-Comers

What a great turnout for the Byron All Comers meet tonight!  .... and thanks to all the R.E.D. volunteers!  You were fantastic!

Addittionally, Team R.E.D. members competed in a makeshift track meet after the All-Comers.. and wow... we have amazing athletes!  yee haww..    Here's what I know happened in the team R.E.D. competition.

4 X 100 --- 
  • Elaine, Lorelei, Adam & Ann took 1st!
  • Wendy, Tom , Mike & Dave took 2nd!
  • Another team thought they won, but they were all high schoolers and therefore DQ'd due to age.. sorry, rules are rules
  • Charro's team thought they were next, sorry, you brought a high schooler to ring  it.  Busted.  Rules are rules.
Open 400---
O'Leary started out strong, only to get overtaken by the young Nepstad.  Championship goes to Aaron!

Long Jump ---
Adam Walters walked away with this title.. and I think he only jumped once!  I'll say it was like 100 feet, because I can't remember the distance.

Shot Putt --
Wow... shoulders hurt... the winning putt was far.  how far?   I don't know.. but it goes to Charro, with others very near, Gail, Mike, Tod and Dan all throwing well.

Pole Vault--
Another Wow! ... we had helmets nearby, probably should have had them on.   Yet the top vaulter title is shared between O'Leary & Coleman.. both cleared 8'10".. (coleman did it in one attemp, while O'Leary needed two tries).

With that said, below is a slide show with some of the actual all-comers meet action.. but more Team R.E.D. action will follow.. .the video download is slow tonight.. so we will post that yet tomorrow..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fantastic Med City Deal!

In celebration of Peg & Wally's 30th Wedding Anniversary, there is a ONE DAY ONLY special registration deal!  If you register on Peg & Wally's anniversary date of July 18th.... you can run the Full or Half Marathon for just 30 bucks!   -- July 18th is also the date registration for the 2012 event opens ---  A link to the Med City Marathon website is below...

Go Commando!

Adam & Amber gave themselves a Warrior Dash preview by Going Commando!  Something tells me they had fun!

If you're you're attending Warrior Dash and haven't yet dropped me an email letting me know your wave, and whether or not you're camping at the group site, please do so.   Also, send your costume ideas to me at  


If you're available for a little fun tonight, swing out to the Byron Track and help with the Youth All-Comers meet.  It typically wraps up around 7:30pm, and upon completion, we'll have a chance to try some events ourselves!  Let's do it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Volunteers & Chance to Jump!

The first of two Byron All-Comers track meets takes place this Sunday at 6pm. We could use volunteers to help time, measure and hand out ribbons! The meet typically ends about 7:30pm...  if you're interested in helping, but simply can't make it this weekend, please consider Sunday, July 10th.   Please  email can email me if you're available either date

When the official track meet ends, Team R.E.D. is invited to take part in some events of our own Choose up to 4 of the following events... come on out and give it a shot!

Events include: High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, 100M, 400M, 1600M ... and a chance to pole vault!


Tod is 'racing' the William O'Brien 10 Mile Trail Run on Sunday.   He's leaving Byron at 6am, and has room to take a couple people with if you want to join him.  If interested, give him a call at 507 951 6849.  It's bound to be a great event, as the course is described as rolling with some pretty good inclines!  I think you can read that as hilly, and in spots, hillier!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun R.E.D.!

So glad to see many of you brave the less then summer like temps, for a great run or walk!   We dodged dogs (actually, I don't think the dogs were ever a threat, they didn't know what to do with that many R.E.D. members streaming by).

Thanks to Peg & Wally for hosting tonight!  The food was great, the beer was cold.. what more could a team want?

Here are a few shots from the evening...

Feedback Opportunity

David Sletten sits on a steering committee for the Byron Comprehensive Plan. As a committee, they would like to get feedback from and conduct a small focus group.  They would like to have Team R.E.D. participate.   Stay tuned for a date and time for this opportunity. 

Additionally, you are encouraged to fill out the following survey:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick Notes:

Hey all.. I'll follow up with additional details on many of these items, but want to give you the down low, at a snapshot for now...

Grandmas Marathon was a super fun time!  It was so fun, to have so many very many positive memories of Paul being shared!  Thanks to all of you who were able to attend, participate or spectate.. and for the many who rooted R.E.D. members on via facebook, email and texts!   More details to follow on this great weekend!   The pic below was taken shortly before Grandmas 5K.   Unfortunately, we didn't capture everyone at this moment, but we sure had a good looking group of 20! 

Additionally, congrats to those of you participating in the Rochesterfest Triathlon! It sure sounds like everyone had fun!

The week ahead looks like this..
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  Soldiers Field shelter,  at Cumberland Park, between the Y and the Golf Course.   Head out for a run of your distance.. and come back for a social... grill provided, bring your own food and drink.
  • Tuesday 6pm:  All-Comers Track Meet.  This is a great event to take the kids too.   They can try many different track distances, events!  They all seem to leave with a smile!
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Byron Track Speed work!  Get on the track and turn over the wheels!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Peg & Wally Arnold are hosting at their place, 658 Shardlow Place NE in Byron.   We'll kick that off with a route talk, then rock the Arnold residence!  Peg & Wally will  provide beer and pop and bar-b-cue sandwich's and chips. If anyone wants to bring a dish or desert that is optional.
  • Saturday 7am:    Long runs for the Marathon and Half Marathon training kick off again from the RAC.. Note the start time is moved up from spring sessions.. start is 7am.   These long runs will get you ready for your events... get on board!
Here's another view of how people want to do things to recognize Paul.  Lee Hoedl is part of the Fargo Marathon organizing committee.  He's running 61 Half Marathon distances to raise 6100 dollars for Children's Hospital Boston.  Today, June 21, is dedicated to Paul Melby.  Very nice!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Members!

We have a lot of catching up to do... but before we catch up, let's meet our newest members.  Five new members.. Count 'em!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5!   They picked a great night to join us, the weather was fantastic, and we spent the evening on the Den's patio...

Welcome!   Jill, Kelly, Eric, Karrie & Laura!


Good Luck to all of you taking part in Grandmas Marathon, Half or 5K.. and to those of you rockin' the Rochesterfest Triathlon!   You are all amazing!

Now to catch up... Wednesday night marked the start of 133rd Viola Gophper Count, which included a 5K.  Several R.E.D. members participated, and I haven't heard all the results yet, but I will share what I know.  

Women's Overall Winner... Meredith!

Grand Master Age Group Winnner.... Tod!

Below is a slide show.. capturing some images from Sunday through Thursday .. it's been a busy week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Month... One Lifetime... Many Memories

It feels unreal that it's been a month since Paul passed away at Lake Wobegone Trail Marathon... very unreal... but it has... today marks one month.  And with Grandmas Marathon fast approaching, I'd like to share this poem, as Melby liked poems, even the bad ones I wrote, wait, no.. he didn't like those much!..

Luckily for all of us, I'm not sharing my poetry, this is written by Team R.E.D.'s Joe Ryan..

It started before the year was anew,
"on the 18th of June it is Grandma we'll do!"

We'll put in the training then do what it takes,
to plan out our trip to include potty breaks.

Although a long drive, from here to there,
Woo won't wear any underwear.

We'll all settle in, then grab some chow,
then watch Gilman race and all say, "Wow!"

With chat before bed 'till about 10:15,
there WILL be some talk about Vaseline.

Up in the morning, we'll get ourselves fed,
ride on a bus, watch a jet overhead.

We'll all wear new shirts from beginning to end,
these shirts will honor one hell of a friend.

Made up of qualifiers and Boston wannabees,
we'll run 'bout 4 hours then consume mass quantities.

Off to the beer tent, we all will roar,
inside we'll be kids in a candy store.

We'll take them by camera;
we'll take them by phone
We'll take lots of pictures that shouldn't be shown.

Yet throughout all the laughter, 
throughout all the fun,
not a soul will forget, we're still minus one.

Paul at Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon - Team R.E.D. water station.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week of R.E.D. Opportunities

Wow... what a great weekend of events.. R.E.D. members were involved in many events!  Including the Mac Attack, Pine Island Ribbon Run, Trinona, Marathon to Marathon, and Hurricane ran his 70th Career Marathon at Knology Swan Lake Marathon in Viborg, S.D.  ! 

Here's what's coming up this week.. it's another full one!

  • Tuesday 5:30pm... meet at the Soldiers Field picnic Shelter (Sutherland park, between the YMCA and the Golf Course). You can go for a run (I'm planning 3-4 miles, due to Grandmas on the horizon)... bring your own beverage and something for the grill! 
  • Tuesday 6pm.... the Rochester Track Club's All-Comer's meets start this week!  They run for the next 6 Tuesdays, and are a great way to help young kids enjoy the sport.   They are always welcoming volunteers, and it's a blast!  If available, this week or any.. please contact Laura Lenz at
  • Wednesday 4:30pm.. Jen is leading a group by bike, wheels, pedals, gears.. those things.. she is riding from the RAC with Renee, Lucas, and Mike.   Jen is new to road biking, so she added more are welcome, "if anyone else wants to join us and laugh at my maiden road voyage!"
  • Wednesday 5:30pm... Meet at the Byron Track (located at the Middle School) for some speed work! We'll talk about workout options before getting started..   Wine Bottling will take place post track work out...  So come on out, as Wendy and Elaine bottle their batches of wine, this has been much anticipated!  I think I'll mostly chit chat and relax as they do the work!
  • Wednesday 6:15pm...  Viola Gopher Count 5K!   There are not very many Wednesday evening races I encounter, yet every few hours tonight, I've learned about more R.E.D. members planning to take part!   Have a great race all!
  • Thursday 6pm... Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den!   Come at 6pm for the route talk, then pick your poison of 3, 4 or 6 miles.   Of course, regardless of distance, we'll rendezvous inside the Den post run.  
  • Saturday 8am... Off Season Strider's gather at Dunn Brothers North (just off from North Broadway on Elton Hills Drive).  This is another great group run... and route options will be discussed that morning.  The group hangs for coffee and social post run.
  • Saturday 7:30am...  Grandmas Marathon!   A whole lotta Team R.E.D. will be represented in Duluth.  Many wearing tanks and tee's in honor of Paul Melby.  
  • Sunday 6pm...  Fun Run from the Den (unless I hear a change of location).   This group typically goes 3-5 miles..  Lots of good people, great fun, and a run!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RED out and About

There were a lot of R.E.D. members at the Off Season Strider's today.. nice work by all!   Additionally today was the Pine Island Ribbon Run.. I received this pic from Mark Baron.. a great representation from R.E.D.!

Sunday will be a full day for R.E.D. members as well... several are participating in Trinona (while many are planning to spectate it as well!).. others will be doing Mac Attack, and others will be at Dave and Elaine Eides  for an evening run and fun.  The Hammers are marathoining this weekend, Chris O' is off at a Dog Friendly run..    Way to stay active all!

Below is a copy/paste from a previous post on a couple of the Sunday opportunities... they over-lap.. so it's a one or the other type deal.. either way, have fun!

  • Sunday 5:30pm.. The Mac Attack 5K Run and 3K Family Fun Walk at Silver Lake. Proceeds benefit Brighter Tomorrows. You can visit the to download a registration form, or visit to register online.
  • Sunday 6pm... The Eides are hosting a run from their home at 27116 - 675th Street, Kasson... Directions: On Highway 14 go 3 miles past Byron to Dodge County Road 15 and take a left, then go 3-1/2 miles and turn left on 675th Street. They are the 3rd mailbox on the left. If you get lost call 259-4261.     The Eides will have BBQ, chips, veggies and of course alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. If you would like you can bring something to share.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nice Night!

Thanks to Dan and Linda Lovik for inviting Team R.E.D. to their home tonight. They were fantastic hosts! We had two new members join! Hip Hip Hoo-Ray! That's 6 new members in the last 2 weeks!

Pictured here, blurry and all.. are Sonny & Sara (running with Elaine & Ann) Welcome to Team R.E.D!    By the way, we have many shirt presentations to do, Sonny, Sara, Shay, Jill, Kim & Gail... I'm so excited to be welcoming so many new members!

.. and here is a slideshow capturing much of the rest of the night..

Team R.E.D. Rescue!

Quick reminder.. Team R.E.D. gathers this evening in Rochester at the Lovik residence,  1504 7th St. NE. cell 507.269.8745. Dan is providing beer and hamburgers. Bring a dish to pass..   I didn't get routes posted yet, so we may be playing it by ear!


On to the rescue... a Team R.E.D. member who shall remain nameless, mentioned she needed a tow truck as she had a slight mishap backing out of her driveway.   I said "non-sense! Team R.E.D. rescue is on the way!" or something like that...

The Rescue squad of Mason, Lovik, Von Berge and O'Leary arrived at the scene to find a bug, perched on a retaining wall...

The cars's owner who shall remain nameless was seemingly pleased!


Post Rescue.. Team R.E.D hit the track in Byron. It was a great night for it! Below is a slide show from the evening..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DeBoer hits 40 Consecutive Years!

Below is a link to a story on Steve DeBoer.. he has run at least 1 mile a day.. for 40 consecutive years!   Steve spoke to Team R.E.D. in our infancy, and it was quite the story, you don't succeed at something like this without some bumps!

DeBoer Steak

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shirts - Paul Melby Memory

Many of you ordered shirts with Paul's picture on them.  They are due to arrive late this week, or early next week.   Some have asked if there will be a 2nd order, and the answer is yes, but we really need to hit a clip level of 24 to make it work.  

So... if you didn't get in on the first order.. and have not yet let us know you want to be on the list for the next order, please drop a note with size and shirt preference to Marilee at   She will be sure to get you on the list.. Thanks Marilee!

We have a handful of names on the potential re-order, but we haven't recently communicated that there could be a  re-order, so.. with that said.. here's the chance to get in on this great tribute.. Thanks for considering! 

I'm quite sure as people see these sported, more order requests will roll in...
  • Uni-sex Tech Tee's $15
  • Men's Tech Tanks  $16
  • Women's Tech Tanks $17

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week Ahead in R.E.D.

It was a fun night at the Mesenburgs for R.E.D. Sunday night.  A small crew took part in the R... while a larger gathering got together for the E.D. (I know that looks goofy in print E.D., but it's true!)

  • Tuesday 5:30pm... meet at the Soldiers Field picnic Shelter (sutherland park, between the YMCA and the Golf Course). You can go for a run... and follow it up with some grillin' and chillin'.... bring your own beverage and something for the grill!  Even if you can't make it in time for the run, feel free to stop by for some social time.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm...  Feel the need for speed?  Gather at the Byron Track (located at the Middle School) for some speed work!   We'll talk about workout options before getting started, and everyone can get after it!
  • Thursday 6pm... Team R.E.D. at being home hosted by Dan Lovik in Rochester.    His address is 1504 7th St. NE. cell 507.269.8745. Dan is providing beer and hamburgers. Bring a dish to pass.. a lawn chair if you think of it!  Routes will go up on Wednesday... the usual, 3, 4 and 6ish.
  • Saturday 8:30am... The Pine Island Ribbon Run against Breast Cancer race starts at Pine Island School back parking lot. It is a flat 5K and I hear some people from 'round here are taking part! 
  • Saturday 8am..   gather at Panera South (next to Hy Vee). It might be that neither Jean nor John will be there to kick things off, so we may need to elect a leader, decision maker, driver of the run!   We can do it!  
  • Sunday 5:30pm..  The Mac Attack 5K Run and 3K Family Fun Walk at Silver Lake.  Proceeds benefit Brighter Tomorrows.  You can visit the to download a registration form, or visit to register online.
  • Sunday 6pm... The Eides are hosting a run from thier home at 27116 - 675th Street, Kasson...  Directions: On Highway 14 go 3 miles past Byron to Dodge County Road 15 and take a left, then go 3-1/2 miles and turn left on 675th Street. They are the 3rd mailbox on the left. If you get lost call 259-4261.
    The Eides will have BBQs, chips, veggies and of course alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. If you would like you can bring something to share.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chester Woods & Hayfield

It may have been warm, but it was a great day to run on Saturday!  Many team R.E.D. members got out to race... while, others elected to volunteer.  Nice work by all!

Hayfield Award Winners - Both Lori and Nanci are representing!

Tom & Randy - Volunteering, hard work!

Below is a slide show from Chester Woods.. some of the pics are mine (you'll know it by quality), while others are from Jen, Tom and Jim... Thanks everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Routes Are Up!

Team R.E.D. Runs & Walks from the Bears Den in Byron tonight.   6pm route talk... hope you can be there!   Routes are posted at the right hand side of the blog... check 'em out.  


It was a strong night on the track for many last night.  In all, 11 R.E.D. members got out and tore it up, most running the Even Steven program.  A sure fire way to get the lungs working!


Many of you enjoyed the Air Horn at the water stop, and post party.  In fact, some of you enjoyed it more then others!  Don't worry Meg, I won't name names of who loved that horn so much!

The horn was provided by Dan Lovik, it was made for a friend of his battling cancer (Joe passed away in Aug 2010).  You can learn more about Joe Vogel and the mission of Team Vogel by visiting   There is also a link on that page that takes you to a 5K race being held as part of a weekend long fundraiser, the race itself is June 25th.