Friday, November 30, 2012

A week gone by... the next one approaches!

As we head into December, the fun continues!

  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are trying something new!  See the plan as provided by Chris below. 
    • Well its about time we change it up for Monday Maniacs! I was thinking we would head out to Douglas. Park in the lot right off the Douglas trail. We can head north on the paved trail, for a really cool out and back. The weather is looking great for Monday. After we return we can all head over the the Douglas Saloon for some refreshments. 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Tuesday Trail group is hitting Gamehaven after dark.  See the plan as provided by Mason below.
    • Meet in the parking lot at Gamehaven and find 5 miles of fun in the dark. Looks like we'll have at least one more time to hit the trails. We'll find somewhere fun to go afterwards and warm up :)
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Speed work on the indoor track at RCTC Fieldhouse.   
    • Come prepared to run fast!  Track workouts consist of a series of hard effort, then recovery... followed by hard effort and recovery.. and again and again.  It's a great way to get your foot speed rolling! Don't worry if you're not the fastest... just do what you can! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den again!   (we had gotten off our 1st and 3rd Thursday schedule for a bit in November due to a few fun things we did).  
    • Expect to run or walk 3, 4 or 6 miles, then settle in for a sip!  If you're new, and nervous about trying it... we'll make sure you don't run alone, we'll connect you with someone!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday! Tuesday! Thursday! & Now Wednesday Too!

Well, you can no longer have Wednesday off, as Woo has called a track workout!

  • Monday Maniacs 6pm from WildWood Bar & Grill.   We'll pick up a nearby trail for a run or walk, then.. guess what.. back to the Bar & Grill for some smart talk and fun!
  • Tuesday Trail is 6pm from Chester Woods park.  Plan on 5ish miles through the trails at Chester Woods. Meet in the horse trailer parking lot at 6:00PM and we will probably do a side trip to the Green Door :)
  • Wednesday Indoor Track work 5:30pm at the RCTC indoor field house.  This space is available for public use for FREE from 6-8am and 5-10pm daily... and as available on weekends. 
  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm from the Bears Den in Byron.  We'll head out for 3, 4 or 6 miles of runnin' or walkin'  .  Again, we wrap with some great together time inside the Den! 
Remember: It's a lot more fun if you don't get hit by a car.  So wear something reflective, and add a headlamp if you have one (if you don't have one, that might be a great early Christmas gift for yourself!)

Speaking of Christmas Gifts....  We have Long Sleeve Team R.E.D. shirts in stock, racing singlests in stock, sporty Team R.E.D. headbands in stock... and of course, you can buy a friend a Team R.E.D. membership.  
  • Long Sleeve Sport Tek are just $20
  • Long Sleeve A4 are just $10
  • Team R.E.D. headbands are just $10 and 100% of that goes to the Youth Scholarship Fund. 
  • Singlets are just $20
  • Membership is just $20 and that comes with a short sleeve A4 T-shirt. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Chillin'

Hey.. it had to happen eventually, the temps are dropping but the fun opportunities continue to present themselves!

Before we peek at the upcoming week, I've added a few pictures from the past week or so, with lots of turkey trots!
Team R.E.D. registering for Mom's on the Run Gobble Wobble

Shane's back.. that's all I saw of him from the start to finish.

Megan & Wendy ready to wobble gobble

Gwen finishes with a PR!

Rick coming in strong!

Andy just keeps on running!

Erin & Marilee (may or may not have cheated on this course!)

Anne finishes with her daughter Hillary... this was Hillary's first 5K! 

Post race story telling...
.. the race raised over $5,000 for the Salvation Army!

Mike and Benjamin ready for Gobble Gait

Tod & Meg Turkey Trot in Hastings

speaking of turkeys....

KP & Rachel at Route 66 ... lots of free beer!

Ryan all dolled up!

Sue & Renee Turkey Trot in Eyota!

Saturday 7:30am:  Off Season Striders take off from Newts North to log some miles, and return for a some some chatter time inside Newts. This is a fun group that helps us get miles through the winter months!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders gather at Panera South for some miles and post run social
Sunday 10:30am:  Hike at Oxbow Park. Meet at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on the left as you enter the park).  We'll hike for about 50-60 minutes.  
Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs connect again at WildWood Bar & Grill (located near TJ Max plaza on the backside of the Ramada).   This group has gained a lot of traction (so to speak), so even if you can't make the run, you can join the post run fun. 
Tuesday 6pm:  There is a weekly trail run on Tuesdays, and this event is also picking up steam!  This week's location is still TBD, check back to find out where to be! 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron.   Stay tuned as we may have a guest speaker, and you'd want to arrive early for that.    Routes will be the normal 3, 4 or 6 mile distances.   Post run/walk expectations should remain the same, FUN!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update - Tonights Trail Run!

The location of tonight's trail run has been changed to Quarry Hill (due to Chester Woods park being temporarily closed). 

See some notes regarding tonights run,  from Jim below..

  • Looks like Quarry Hill it's going to be I finally got a hold of one of the staff guys and they are staying firm on keeping the park closed.
  • Let's meet the baseball fields on the west side of the park. Here is a Google map
  • Take 11th ave all the way to 9th St NE and go right as far as you can you'll run right into the parking lot. My cell is 507-951-2415 if you need instructions.
  • Quarry hill actually has some great trails for night running they are cross country ski trails and are really smooth. We can take a break at the top of the hill to see a really nice view of the city:)

Monday, November 19, 2012


An amazing stretch of fitness & fun for Team R.E.D!   It just keeps coming!   Before you sneak a peek at pictures of our latest events.. check out what's ahead!

  • Monday 6pm:  The Maniacs take off from WildWood Bar & Grill once again!  This location has proven to be a great place to run or walk from, and enjoy the social afterwards... an increasing number of people are doing the social only!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Trail crew is hitting Chester Woods after Dark!  Gather at the horse trailer parking lot (first right after entering the park), and head out for a run!  Don't forget your headlamps! 
  • Thursday is Thanksgiving Day... so... there will be no Team R.E.D. evening run.  Instead I encourage you to take part in one of the following... The O'Leary family is attending the first one on the list below, and we'd love to see many of you there! 

8:15am - Mom's on the Run host a new event, and non-timed event in support of the Salvation Army of Rochester.  It's a 5K.. you can run it fast, walk it.. or make it a group run (I plan to run it at a comfortable pace, chit chatty pace)  -- there is no entry fee, but all contributions go to the Salvation Army.  Want more details? or can't make it but want to contribute anyway?   Donations over $25 get a Gobble Wobble mug while supplies last.      visit
9am - Turkey Day 5K Family Run/Walk from Grace Church in Stewartville.  More details can be found here..

I know KP & Rachel were fired up to be Oil Rigs in Oklahoma.... and thinking Lori raced in Dodge Center but I don't yet know results of either... way to keep on running everyone!  

 Ok.. here are a few pics from the latest gatherings....  Great fun!

Great turnout for inappropriate t-shirt night!

Andy and Mason

Wendy leads the way!

Even the young ones understand the theme...
Living History Farms off road race was again a great event for R.E.D!   We finished 12th out of 88 in the  coed division .. that is slightly lower placement then we've become accustomed to, so I am really proud of you for that!  -- this race is all about the fun!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's appropriate....

... to be inappropriate this evening! It get's underway tonight at 6pm with a run or a walk.. then back for the showing of the shirts!  

Join us at the home of Meg and Tod Bellrichard as they host inappropriate t-shirt night!  Prizes for the most inappropriate t-shirt... I have never won this contest, maybe tonight is my night! Tod & Meg are providing Soup, bread and some snacks.  They will also have beer and wine available.  Bring a dish to share if you like, or another type of beverage if you like...

Their address is 8431 14th Street, NW  Byron but actually live on the east part of town. They are located about 1/2 mile north of Hwy 14 on Cty Road 3. You can call my cell when you get lost... 507 358 9188.  

Our routes will take us into Byron... if you're interested, there is an update meeting regarding the Stage Coach trail taking place at the Byron City Hall... I'm not sure if this is like it has been in the past, with sort of an informal, check out the plans and give input.. of if it's a sit down meeting.  At any rate, I'll try to find out... as our route will take us right past city hall, and it might be a nice place to take a short break!


On the appropriate side of things, Congratulations to Peg & Wally Arnold for opening their new business!  A Child's Kingdom is a great new shop in Rochester!  You should definitely check it out... especially if you're in the market for gifts, costumes or even want to plan a party.. you can have the party in a great room at the back of the store!   It's quite the set up!  You can get a feel for the business by visiting their website at

The Living History Farms race plans are set!  Our bus could still hold about 4 more runners, so if you want to get on board, drop me an email at

If you are planning to ride the bus, and did not get an email this week, with details as to departure and what to wear and all that stuff, it means I missed you on the list.  So please, drop me an email to make sure we get you up to speed! 

Below is a picture of another new member, Sarah !  Sarah has actually been around us for quite awhile now, but she finally got her t-shirt!   Welcome Sarah!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Headlamps & Reflective Clothing!

I'm quite sure you've noticed by now, but by the time we start most of our group runs, it is flat out dark!  Be sure to wear something reflective, and a headlamp if you got one... and if you don't have a headlamp, it's certainly worth the small investment!

Speaking of after dark, remember you can trounce the trails of Whitewater starting at 6pm tonight.  Meet at the Nature Store parking lot, and get ready to get lost in the woods! 

Thursday 6pm is Team R.E.D.... and it's one of my favorite themes!  Inappropriate t-shirt night is being hosted by Tod & Meg Bellrichard at 8431 14th Street NW Byron.   ***NOTE:  while the address says NW, they are actually located on the east edge of Byron.... Here's the directions from Meg...

  • We are only 1/2 mile from the HIP lumberyard off Hwy 14. Going west on Hwy 14, take a right on co rd 3. We are exactly 1/2 mile...   House on the rt side surrounded by pine trees. Can't miss it. Hope to see you there.   Contact phone #'s are 775-0931 or 272-7707 
For those of you riding the bus to Living History Farms Off Road Race... the aforementioned email with details that was possibly coming out on Monday, is now scheduled for release on Tuesday evening!  I'll drop an email with a load of details tonight!  


Monday, November 12, 2012

Very Big Week Ahead!

  • Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs is heading out from WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester.  This is located on the back side of the Ramada (near the TJ Max Plaza).   Always fun to join this group for the run or walk, and of course, some social time!
  • Tuesday 6pm:  Tuesday Trail run hits Whitewater After Dark!   Meet at the Whitewater Nature Store parking lot at 6pm and bring your headlamps for some fun in the woods!  The crew plans to social at either Mauer Bros or Johnny's after the trail.  
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is gearing up for another round of Inappropriate t-shirt night! We're hosted once again by the Bellrichards.   You can wear anything you dare, no worries about offending anyone on this night... Inappropriate is totally appropriate!   More details to follow this evening...
  • Saturday 4am:  The bus departs for Living History Farms Off Road Race... Yeeee Hawww!  Hillbilly is the theme!  
  • Thursday Nov 22 - Thanksgiving day at 8am... prepare to join Mom's on the Run for a morning run, or at least a contribution to the Salvation Army.  We met Amy, the organizer of Mom's on the Run and think they have a great mission, and are doing something great on Thanksgiving Day. Let's be part of it!    Details and a link to contribute are coming.. additionally, there will be an open donation bucket available at Thursdays Team R.E.D. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Very fun!

A great time was had by those at the Gamehaven True Cross Country run on Saturday!   We had multiple age group award winners, and lots of smiles!

Additionally, and most importantly... we had 3 new members join us!  (I didn't get a shirt presentation done for any of them, hopefully at a future Thursday evening we can get that done!)  Yet, through the magic of fantastic photography, here are the new members!

More photo's to follow...  Thanks to Jim and Bill for snapping so many great shots!

Welcome Ann!

Welcome Kelle! 

Welcome Kristine! (as she runs away from an old guy!)
USA Track & Field - MN team circuit news.... As some of you are aware, Team R.E.D. is a USATF MN club.. and with that we can compete against other clubs at pre-determined races.  The link below, allows USATF members the opportunity to vote on which races are included in the circuit!  I suggest you visit it...

If you are not a member of USATF... but want to race for Team R.E.D. you will need to register as an individual member, and then associate yourself with our club.  Team RED's USATF number is 0435 (be sure to pay attention that you're connecting with Team RED, and not Minnesota RED). 

Why race for Team R.E.D.?  Because it's fun!  -- we often travel as a group and enjoy a post race meal and social... additionally, we earn guaranteed entry into the "lottery only" Twin Cities 10 Mile...  TC 1 Mile is a hit with many members, and I for sure am going back to the Torchlight 5K!  Run down the Torchlight parade route.. very sweet!   You do not have to commit to run any number of races, but I will update you as each opportunity approaches.

To register as a USATF member.. visit

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lovik Lovin' It

See you at the Den!

Thursday 6pm:  Tonight, we're at the Bears Den in Byron.. and it's warming up!  Sweet! -- if you have headlamps.. this is certainly the time of year to start wearing them.  If you don't, find a buddy, and run near them!  Of course, always wear reflective clothing while running in the evening.
Saturday 9am: Gamehaven True Cross Country Run.  This is 5 miles of fun!  Run for speed or just for fun.. whatever you like.  Tonight at R.E.D. we'll discuss the theme for this weekend's run.. so far on the facebook poll, "something that says cancelled" is winning.. I'm not really sure what that means!
Saturday 7:30am:  If you're not running Gamehaven, the Off Season Striders (OSS) are running from Brothers Bar & Grill! Join them for a jaunt on the city trail or streets... always fun for the social afterwards too!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are at it again, from Dunn Bros North (on Elton Hills Drive in Rochester).  OSS is very flexible regarding distance, run what you want!   Then join the crew post run for a refreshment.

On another note, and in case you missed it... Millie was mentioned in a Local Sports article in the Post Bulletin this week.  She sure deserves the recognition for her fantastic career in college soccer!  Nice work Millie!    I've pasted the content of the story below, but also the link for those who may want to share it.

  • Millie Suk, a 2002 Mayo grad, will be among 11 athletes honored on Saturday as Augsburg College celebrates its All-Decade Team. The honor is part of the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

    Suk was a standout on the Augsburg women's soccer team. She still holds Augsburg career records for total points (93) and goals (38) and is sixth all-time in assists (17). She led her team in goals scored in each of her four seasons (2002-2005) while earning all-MIAC first-team honors all four years.

    She was a three-time Academic All-MIAC honoree and was an ESPN Magazine Academic All-District honoree twice. After graduating with honors from Augsburg, Suk went on to earn a masters degree in public policy from the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute and her law degree from the U of M Law School in 2010. She currently practices with her father Jim at Suk Law Firm in Rochester.
Last week, Team R.E.D. ran from the RAC and then swumg by Millies for Pizza & Beer.. Thanks for hosting the post party Mille!  Also Thanks to Deb for arranging the sock test drive night. Lots of members took part, and enjoyed it!

Team R.E.D. from the RAC

Alan leads the pack

Over the bouncy bridge

RED foot models with their new Thorlo socks!

Millie's new space.. hosting the post run!

Oh yes.. don't miss out!  There's another Team R.E.D. in the media eye.. Lori is featured in Rochester Magazine.. as single in the city!  Check it out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More More More!

Tuesday 6pm:  The trail run group such a good time at the Douglas Saloon that they have decided to bounce back to Douglas for a repeat!  Of course, it starts with a run... you can run on the bike trail or on the horse trail... either way you can go as far as you like, and turn around when ready! Most will likely set out for about 6 miles total. 

Search some of the previous posts below to see all the goodies you can buy at the saloon!  -- Gather at the trail parking lot in Douglas ---

Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron.  Plan on routes of 3, 4 or 6 miles...  We'll also announce the theme for Saturday's Gamehaven True Cross country run.  If you haven't registered yet, you still can at

Speaking of Gamehaven... this is the 3rd year of the 5 mile event complete with creek crossings and a cannon start!   It all gets underway at the boyscout camp on 5015 Simpson Rd SE Rochester at 9am.  Here's a link to some strong Post Bulletin coverage of the race!

Speaking of Living History Farms... ok ok, nobody was speaking of it... but I'll send out an email to all those who are riding the bus (if you think you're on the bus and don't get an email tonight, drop me an email at to make sure I didn't miss you! ) 

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Members ... more to come!

Check out the newest members.. the Hogan Sisters!   Both scored hardware at the Rails to Trails Marathon on Sunday...

They sure know how to pick a 'joining' location.. we were in the Friendliest Bar in Norwalk, WI!   

Alyssa Hogan Larsen... 2nd Place Woman! 3:10!

Diana Hogan... 3rd in her age group! PR at 3:27!

I'm on the road this morning, so I'll update what's ahead for R.E.D. tonight (and there's a lot to update!)    In the meantime, I think it's pretty safe to assume Monday Maniacs are running from WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochster at 6pm tonight.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rock on with your Socks on!

Tonight at 6pm... you get a chance to run or walk with your Team R.E.D. friends staring and finishing at the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) at 3100 19th St NW.     You do not need to be a member of the RAC to join us,  heck, you don't even have to be a member of Team R.E.D. to join us, come on out!

What's on the agenda?  We'll gather up, have a chance to pick up a Free pair of socks before the run... just come back and give the Rep your feedback on the foot cushions.   For those of you inclined, there is also a sports bra fitting taking place.   Beer will be available and the Deli is open! 
  • Note:  As you wrap up any fitting and feedback.. we are invited to Millie's place at 1340 2nd St. NW in Rochester for Pizza and Beer! 

Routes will vary, from 3 to 6 miles.. as always, you get to take your pick regarding distance and pace.


Welcome to our newest member... Deb!  --- Deb has been running with the Tuesday Trail group pretty regularly, and she now has officially joined Team R.E.D.!   Welcome to the team Deb!

Deb joins us.. at the Douglas Saloon
 Speaking of trail runs... Tuesday nights' turnout was fantastic!  We filled up the Douglas Saloon with nearly 30 people!  The staff at the saloon were very nice, brining us samples of their super hot horse radish, plates of riblets and showing off their Douglas Saloon spirit wear as well!