Saturday, May 31, 2014

Long time since an update!

It's been a fast and furious week!   First I'd like to thank everyone who was able to attend the 3rd Annual Donut Run.  This was our biggest turnout by far!   282 finishers compared to 125 last year.. wow!  Also thanks to all the volunteers, it takes a lot to handle this race!

One more set of Thank You's go to the ByronMarket Place for their generous contributions of 100 Dozen donuts!   TerraLoco for some great prizes including a pair of Brooks Shoes!  ServiceMaster of Rochester for their time and effort with the wonderful sound system and playlist!

Results will be posted within the next couple of days, keep an eye here and on to find them!

The Announcing crew Aaron, Dan & Tom 


Dani and Tom thinking Strategy!

The race is on! 

Post race recovery with Paul, Roger and Andy

I have a few updates below... more to follow.

  • Saturday 730am: Off Season Striders are off and at it from Dunn Bros North on Elton Hills Drive.
  • Saturday 730am:  Tom W and a few others are hitting Douglas Trail for a 90 minute quality run.  I'm not sure what 'quality' means, but it may be a bit quicker than normal!
  • Sunday 8am:  The Trail crew is heading to Oxbow Park. typically a 5 mile or so run on those wonderful trails!
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders take off from Newt's North near the 55th Street exit of hwy 52.   This run is usually a 5-6 mile loop.  
  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniac crew is heading out from Brothers Bar & Grill, giving us lots of options along the trails or neighborhoods. 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  It's TerraLoco Pride night!  Sport your TerraLoco gear and join the fun run for just $5!  The runner with the most TerraLoco gear is eligible for a special prize!  Don't have any TerraLoco gear?  That's ok, come support the effort anyway, as this store is doing great things in our community. 
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The trail crew will be out for certain.  Location is TBD, check back! 
  • Wednesday Speed session:   Check back for details as to when and where - but Wednesday evenings are a great time to crank the wheels. 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads to the Bears Den in Byron.  We'll have some nice routes in our fine city!  Expect 3, 4 or 6 mile options. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great Weekend... and here we go again!

The Med City Marathon was a highly successful event! So many of you were part of making it that way.  Running and volunteering seem to go hand in hand for this group... and you do them both very well!

It was most certainly a day of friends helping friends.. check out some of the pics below, stolen from Mr. Woo's facebook. Thanks for capturing so many great shots Tom!  

Lorelei and Gwen heading to victory! 
Marilee celebrates 26.2 miles of Pauline's first marathon! 
Dream Team takes 2nd Place in the relay!  It would appear the women need to step up their game when it comes to running shorts!
Wait.. that can't be the Dream Team in the pic above... as Chelsie and her crew had Dream Team stamped on their shirts!  The Real Dream Team!   

Andrea celebrating the run to the finish with her team of Meagan, Sarah & Tohnia!

Jim, Lana, Mike and Anna celebrate their great relay!  

This volunteering is tough.... (I don't know the guy on the left, but Jill, Cathy and Adam are working hard!)

Dance off!

Ryan brings his relay team to victory! - (he was mistakenly announced as the full marathon winner, before they realized he was a relay guy!)

If you ever wonder how Tom runs so fast.... just watch and believe, he's a machine!  And he didn't get those legs from sitting on the couch.   
I have been sworn to secrecy as to who was the Byron Bear and the Team R.E.D. mascot.  Yet, they both represented well!  Below you'll see the Team R.E.D. mascot is making sure everyone in a Toga arrives safely at their destination... escorting them home.


There was a light turnout at Monday Maniacs,  likely because so many of you were at Med City events this weekend... it's so great to see the support for that event!  

Here's what's up the next few days!  

Tonight 6:15pm - The Trail Crew is going on a Quarry Hill Quest, meet at the Tennis Court parking lot and get 4-5 miles on the local trails.  Mase would like to remind you, there's no need to worry about your pace on this run, as the group with run and stop to take in the view from time to time. 
Wednesday 5:30pm:   The speed session takes place at Soldiers Field this week!  Tom has planned a few fartleks, before heading to the hill for some repeats.  It's a nice combination of speed and strength. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. rolls back to WildWood Bar & Grill... Weather permitting, another nice night on the patio! 
Friday 6pm:  The 3rd Annual Donut Run!  Come out and give it a go... if you are afraid of the donuts, just run, or volunteer.  It's a fun event with music, prizes and great energy.  All you can eat donuts on the course, and of course, hot dogs at the finish!    Just $15 for adults, and $10 for kids... optional moisture wicking tee for an additional 10 bucks.  You can register online at

Something fun to view to kick start your week... Jen found it and shared it on facebook. I found it certainly worth watching!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Member!

Welcome Lisa!  She's been following us from Cannon Falls, and joined us officially today!  We're so happy to have you as a member!  

Lisa Joins R.ED. - and she's on the Trolley to the Torchlight 5K!

One day at a time here... we'll get to the rest of the week after we got through this marathon weekend!  Go Med City! 

Monday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are kicking off Memorial Day from Charlies Pub & Eatery on 2nd Street!  This is a great place for a run and post race social!
Monday 9am:  The trail crew is heading to Chesterwoods!  Sounds like 10 miles is the official distance, but of course, there are options to cut things short (or make them longer). 
Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are heading to the Byron Legion!  It's memorial day, and it seems like a reasonable choice for a reflective run! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Updates are slow!

Updates are slow.. but here we go... it's all Med City Marathon Weekend!

Please consider visiting the Team R.E.D. Booth at the Expo on Saturday!   -- While registered runners are getting FREE BEER, their friends and family can also enjoy.  It's just $10 to get a spectator all you can drink beer pass.   Have them visit the Team R.E.D. booth to get their pass.

Here's a look at the series of events surrounding the Med City Marathon.   I'd like to encourage everyone to come to the Post Race party at the finish line.. and to the evening party at Dooleys!  Switch is rocking the place... I have a feeling I'll be singing on stage, as I'm so fired up!

You can see a bit of a preview at the following link..  there is no dancing taking place, I anticipate, there will be dancing with our group!

Well, it's all Med City Below.. but before you check out that timeline just know that Monday Maniacs are going to the American Legion in Byron on Memorial Day... 6pm.. celebrate, and remember.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

All Saturday events will be at Mayo Civic Center Exhibit Hall, 30 Civic Center Dr, Rochester, MN
10:00am – 500pm - Med City Fitness Expo.
10:00am – 6:00pm - Race packet pick-up
10:00am – 5pm - Kids Play Zone
11:00am - Med City Kids’ Marathon
12:00pm  - Diaper Dash/Toddler Trot
1:00pm - Mascot Races
3:00pm - 5K run/walk
4:00pm - Happy Hour with FREE beer! You must have a wristband for the free beer.  Wristbands can be picked up at the expo.                                                 4:15pm - 5K Awards

Sunday, May 25, 2014

5:20am – 6:25am - Busses from Rochester to start in Byron
5:30am – 6:45am – Race Day packet pick up Byron Elementary School
7:00am - Med City Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, 20 Mile
8:00am – 1:30pm - Finish Line, Mayo Civic Center
9:00am - 2:00pm -  Kids Play Zone
10:30am – 2:00pm - Post Race Party with the Reunion band!  FREE beer! You must have a wristband for the free beer.  Wristbands can be picked up at the expo
8:00pm -11pm  After party at Dooley's Pub in downtown Rochester.  The band SWITCH will be playing for your entertainment.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The people have spoken!

The poll regarding where to meet this week, is now closed and a decision has been made.  

This Thursday's Team R.E.D. is at Wildwood Bar & Grill!  Gather at 6pm and let's get out for a run or walk!   WildWood is located on the back side of the Ramada, near the TJ Maxx Plaza.  Easy access to the trails from there.

There was one suggestion that we'll try to work into the schedule in the future.  That's a night on the Deck of El Loro Mexican Restaurant on 4th Street (the old train depot near the government center and the river).   That could be a fun night for sure, also with great access to the trail.

Before we get to Thursday, don't forget about Wednesday!  Speed Speed Speed!  The Wednesday night track workout starts at 5:45pm on the Byron track located behind the Middle School.


Volunteers!  We sure can use more hands on deck!  

Please check out the Volunteer spot link and see if you can pitch in a few hours during the med city marathon expo, or post race party. (or both!).


As always, it appears the trail crew had a great time... you might say 'They're all wet".. but that would be too easy.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Weekend is upon us!

I received the following picture from Dan with Lorelei... looks like some hardware was won!  I'm not sure who else raced tonight, but I'll watch for more pics and stories.  Lorelei wins the best socks competition between those two!

Winners Winners Chicken Dinners! 


Wednesday night was a great night to be on the track in Byron... and as you can see below... Becky is Officially a Team R.E.D. member now! (ok ok, she's been a member for months, we just finally connected to get her a Team R.E.D. shirt). 

Elaine, Ann, Teri and Dawn present the Team R.E.D. shirt to Becky! 

Dance moves on the track!  (sound system provided by Mesenburg music!)

I see the guys forced Jess to the outside lane.. nice move! 


Thursday night was a bit of a light turnout for RED..... yet a very fun group!

Steve, Dave, Marley, Ann, Heidi, Wendy, Elaine, Mike, Claire, Sarah and Mike


On to the next few days of opportunities....

  • Saturday 7:15am:   This is the last of the long runs from the RAC for the spring marathon season.  Scheduled at 14.1 miles. You can see the route at the following link.
  • Saturday 8:45am:  The Lost Creek Trail Run in Chatfield has always been a fun run.. welll, I ran into Race Director Jen today and she said, it's big time this year, as they added age group awards, along with special recognition for anyone who completes teh 6.3 miles in less than an hour.  Race Day registration begins at 7:30am.   You can learn more by visiting the following link
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are heading to Panera South for a group run.. join the fun! 
  • Sunday Oxbow Run?  - I haven't heard a confirmation of this event, and I know several of the usual suspects are at the Superior Trail races this weekend.  If anyone is planning a group run at Oxbow or any local trail, please let me know and I'll update this space. 
  • Sunday 1-4pm:  The 9th Annual Roll & Stroll for JDRF takes place at Soldiers Field.  The walk or run kicks off at 1pm... with games, silent auction, music and fun taking place for the whole family until about 4pm.  We'd love to see you there if you can make it!  
    • Wendy and I are proud that we took up this challenge with some other volunteers 9 years ago... in the first 8 years, we've raised more than $500,000 for research! Last year alone was $114K!  Megan created another slideshow this year demonstrating why we are passionate about this effort.  You can see it on facebook, or follow this  link
  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are running from Broadway Pizza in Rochester.   We'll hop onto a bike trail and log some miles!  Come back for some relaxation on the bar side. 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Trail crew is heading to Bill Barnacle woodlands... it's a fun little tucked away spot just south of Rochester.  Meet at 6pm at the BP in Marion for a car pool / caravan.  That's the BP in Marion (the community along hwy 52 South)... not to be confused with Marion road. 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco's weekly 5K continues!  Just $5 to participate and there's a local charity benefiting from it!  Very nice work!
  • Wednesday 5:45pm:  The speed work is on the Byron Track again this week.  The track is located behind the middle school on 4th street.  The plan going into the summer is to rotate track between Byron and Rochester in a way to have a Wednesday in Byron on weeks that Thursdays RED is in Rochester... and have Wednesday in Rochester on weeks that have Thursdays RED in Byron.  - Should work nicely to keep a balance, and maximize participation! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team RED is heading to Rochester... I have put out 4 choices on a poll along the right hand side of the blog. You can vote until Monday night, then I'll close the poll and post the result!  Where do you want to run from?   Brothers Bar & Grill?   Roosters Barn & Grill?   WildWood Bar & Grill?  Other?  - if you select other, please go to the bottom of this post, and add a comment as to your suggestion.  Whoever said this club is a dictatorship?   


Team R.E.D. Volunteers Needed for the Team RED booth and Post Race Party at the Med City Marathon weekend!    Wendy has built a volunteer spot registration process (volunteerspot is all the rage lately!)   Follow the directions below to volunteer... keep in my, our theme is Summer Of Love, Hippy it up!

Please sign up for Med City Expo/Post Party - here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
   1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
   2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot) 
   3. Sign up! Choose your spots - VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

If you want to volunteer in a role outside of the expo booth and post race party.. check out the opportunities here as they are still looking for helpers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Three Years Ago

It was three years ago we lost a great friend.   Paul Melby will forever be in our hearts.  As those who met him, will never forget him.  Those who didn't, will continue to hear the stories, the laughs, the joy he brought us.   Please takes some time today to send prayers to the entire Melby family, and if you're so inclined, raise a glass in Paul's honor tonight!

I stole the image below from Joe... it's Paul's finish time at Lake Wobegone Marathon as he reached his dream of becoming a Boston Qualifier.   His memory lives through us.... be good to each other.

Paul would be proud of everything that is happening in this club!  You are rocking it!    The next few days are full of fun!   Before we get to that... here are a few pics from this week.

Team R.E.D. Metro is building.. they got out for a Tuesday evening of fitness & fun!   We do have a growing number of members in the Metro area, so you will be seeing some updates as to 'what's up Metro!"

Go Metro! 

The Trail crew got out to Millville (which is always super fun!).  I'm only guessing they didn't spend much time in the creek, as it's chilly this time of year!

Go Trail Crew! 

Here's what's still coming this week and weekend!   Due to time constraint, I'm simply re-posting the update from a previous post.  There are details coming for volunteering at the Team RED expo booth and post race party.. really, those details are coming!

  • Wednesday 5:45pm:  Speed work is on the track in Byron.  Located behind the middle school at 601 4th St NW in Byron.   
  • Thursday 6pm:  See us at the Bears Den in Byron for 3, 4 or 6 miles... followed by a little Eat. Drink. at the Den.  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Peg & Wally are having a Med City marathon packing stuffing event at A Childs Kingdom at 1621 N Broadway in Rochester.  Food and Beverages provided!  Bring your family or friends, the more the merrier! 
  • Friday 6pm:  The Stay out of the Sun run is hitting it's 9th year!  It's a very successful fundraiser for melanoma research, and an opportunity to promote awareness of the dangers of sun exposure.  For more information, and how to register go to the following link.
  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training runs continue from the RAC. Come out and enjoy a long run with several others!   


Best wishes for those heading to the Superior Trail races.  It's a big group!  You all got this! Also, wishing good training for those preparing for the Green Bay Marathon or Half coming up next weekend! 

Additionally, Sunday the 18th is the 9th Annual Roll & Stroll for JDRF.  Please consider stopping by Soldiers Field to make a donation, walk or run, listen to some music and/or just say Hi!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week Ahead!

Congrats to everyone who ran Lake Wobegone Trail marathon and Fargo Marathon.  Below is a list of members that I'm aware participated. Let me know if I missed any!

Ken - Boston Qualifier!
Ashley - first marathon!
Sylvia - first marathon!
Chris - strong half!

Lake Wobegone:
Andy - Boston Qualifier! Sub 3 hour!
Sara - Boston Qualifier!
Jen - One of the 3 Musketeers!
Jen - 2nd of the 3 Mustketeers!
Bri - 3rd (ring leader) of the 3 Musketeers! - we saw Bri running today too!

Jen, Bri & Jen -- all smiles for 26.2 miles! 

Congrats to Sarah for hosting another successful VAD fun run!  VAD is Ventricular Assist Device... and Sarah's annual event helps raise money for patients with financial struggles. This year, the event brought in more than $1000!  Nice Work!

Here's this week's schedule!  

  • Monday 6pm:  Gather at Beetles Bar & Grill on 2nd Street in Rochester.  We'll likely head downtown for some city running!  Of course we'll come back to relax and chat it up. 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  The Trail Crew is heading to Millville.. this is always one of the favorite locations!  Meet at the ShopKo North parking lot (by the green house).. and carpool or Caravan to the event!  There are very few post run hangouts like Millville! 
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco continues the fun of weekly 5Ks.  These are low pressure (like no pressure events).   Always come back inside the store for a sip of water and possibly become a prize winner! 
  • Wednesday 5:45pm:  Speed work is on the track in Byron.  Located behind the middle school at 601 4th St NW in Byron.   
  • Thursday 6pm:  See us at the Bears Den in Byron for 3, 4 or 6 miles... followed by a little Eat. Drink. at the Den.  
  • Thursday 6pm:  Peg & Wally are having a Med City marathon packing stuffing event at A Childs Kingdom at 1621 N Broadway in Rochester.  Pizza and Beverages provided!  Bring your family or friends, the more the merrier! 
  • Friday 6pm:  The Stay out of the Sun run is hitting it's 9th year!  It's a very successful fundraiser for melanoma research, and an opportunity to promote awareness of the dangers of sun exposure.  For more information, and how to register go to the following link.
  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training runs continue from the RAC. Come out and enjoy a long run with several others!   


Best wishes for those heading to the Superior Trail races.  It's a big group!  You all got this! Also, wishing good training for those preparing for the Green Bay Marathon or Half coming up next weekend!

Additionally, Sunday the 18th is the 9th Annual Roll & Stroll for JDRF.  Please consider stopping by Soldiers Field to make a donation, walk or run, listen to some music and/or just say Hi!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Saturday's Lake Wobegone

I'm at a loss for words.

This Lake Wobegone Marathon.... marks the 3rd year since we lost someone who meant so much to his family and friends.  Paul Melby's memory is so inspiring that I cry as I try to find the right words, I don't think I can find them, the ones that matter, the ones that capture him.

So please take time over the next few days to pray, and reflect on how we can all can become inspirations for other people.. as Paul was certainly that.  - and he was one fun man to be around!

I miss him... I still don't understand.. and I think about him every day.. and some of those days I laugh (and laugh hard)... and some of those days I cry.  

The sun will come out again one day.. I'm sure it will!

A nice turnout for Team RED at Brothers Bar & Grill on Thursday night... including two new faces in Mike and Kirsten.  In the picture below.. 'New Mike' is sitting next to 'Old Mike' on the right had side, and Kirsten is modeling the back of her head and her right ear for us, in the lower left corner.

The people in the back end of that photo who look sort of bored.. they are watching the NFL Draft and waiting to see if the Vikings mess it up.

Welcome to both Kirsten and Mike!


Please see the communication from the USATF team, regarding the cancellation and possible reschedule of the Championship 1 Mile event.   I have asked but not yet heard, if a reschedule means registration would re-open, or if it would only be for those who registered for the original 1 mile...   either way, if you have interest in this event if it is rescheduled for June 8th on the Hamline track, please email me at   In your email, please let me know if you were registered for the original event or not.


As most of you know the USA Track & Field 1 Mile Championship was cancelled due to severe weather in the area last night.  There has been some talk/request at still trying to have a 1 Mile Championship.
I would like to take a poll from all of the team contacts on the following proposal:  Host the 1 Mile Championship on the track at the USA Track & Field Minnesota Open & Masters Championship on Sunday June 8th at Hamline University.  It is the day after the MSHSL Meet.
We are not considering hosting the Championship with another road event.  To many logistical concerns with hosting at another road race.  If we do host the event at the Track & Field Championships, the cost would be minimal to non-existent for USATF members.
Please let me know by the end of the weekend, yes or no, whether you would be in favor of this idea. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Race Season is here!

Wow... so many great races at Door County, Soldiers Field, Stewartville, Tacomo, and wherever you might have been!   -- Tapering has started for Med City... long runs are peaking for Grandmas...  -- Marathon and Half Marathoners are prepping right now for Lake Wobegone & Fargo and Green Bay!

With all this going on... don't forget about the week night opportunities to connect, train, recover, taper, press hard.. whatever you like!

  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  The track crew is hitting soldiers field, as a tune up for the TC 1 Mile!   It's a 1 mile time trial... followed by your choice of 400M repeats or hill repeats.  You can't go wrong with your pick, as they both will simply make you better!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco continues the 5K's for local charities.. this week is the Grey Ribbon Run for Brain Tumor Awareness.  Just $5 and a chance to win some great prizes!  
  • Tuesday 6:30pm Carpool at 6pm:  The Trail crew is going to Camp!  Camp Victory!  The run will start at 6:30pm but if you want to carpool meet at Shopko North to either ride along, or follow others.  This location is a fun one, the team has always enjoyed it! 
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is heading to Rochester for some downtown running. Meet at the back of Brothers Bar & Grill for the route talk, then out we go!  
  • Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon & Half Marathon training class meets at the RAC for the long run... bring 1 buck to help cover the cost of Gatorade / bananas / treats..  (be sure to thank all the volunteers! )
  • Saturday 9am:  ROC Classic 5K..  details follow..
  • Saturday 10am:  Team R.E.D. member Sarah S is hosting the 3rd Annual VAD Run!  Why am I excited about this?  Well, #1 it's for a great cause she is passionate about, and #2 Tom O once held the course record!    See details at the following link and get involved.
  • Sunday 8am:  Trail Run at Oxbow... meet at the 1st Bridge.  If you've not tried trail running, give it a shot! 
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are gathering at Dunn Bros on Elton Hills.   Sound like Renee will be back in town for a recovery run or walk following Lake Wobegone Marathon... come see her!   

Home Hosting! 
Five members have signed up to home host this summer...  Remember, if you want to home host, you get to make the rules....  Is there a theme? Would you like members to bring a dish to pass or are you providing the food?  Would you like members to BYOB or are you providing the drinks?  - as host, you get to choose!

The following Thursdays are still available if you're interested in hosting Team RED.  

  • May 22nd
  • June 12th
  • July 24th
  • August 28th
  • Sept 25th
  • Oct 9th


Registration has been slow going for the Donut Run... come on, get on board!   The race itself is super fun, invite your friends, bring our kids!    The pics below demonstrate this is a race of kids of all ages!   Check out the registration link that follows.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Team R.E.D. Metro!

With Ramsey moving back to the twin cities area, he's officially started a Team R.E.D. Metro!   they have had two runs this week!   Small crew to start, but certainly will grow.

When we race in the cities, we'll get to meet more new Team R.E.D.ers!  This is going to be fun!   Congrats to Chris and the metro team!  He did say Mike Mason has been a great help getting things rolling.. awesome!


Check the post below for all the things coming up this weekend and through Tuesday.. as usual, there's a lot!

This youtube clip was shared on our facebook page too... the woman in this clip sounds a lot like Woo... Just keep running, you are almost there...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bears Den Tonight!

Before we peek at what's up.... I want to express a Thank You to TerraLoco for all they do in the community!  Hosting a weekly run that benefits something local, every week, is a big deal!  It's awesome that they do such great work!    Thank you!

Now on with it!

  • Tonight at 6pm - it's another fantastic day to get outside!  Let's gather at the Bears Den in Byron at 6pm.  This week they know we're coming!  
  • Saturday 7:15am:  Marathon and Half Marathon long run training continues.  
  • Saturday 8:00: The Melby Kids Mile - a 1 mile race, with FREE Entry!  Come have fun!  Details at
  • Saturday 8:30: The Spring Classic 15K .. it's the first of the Rochester Track Club Grand Prix events for this season.  They can still use additional volunteers for this event as well!
  • Saturday 8:40:  The Spring Classic 5K gets underway just after the 15K rolls out.   (same link as above). 
  • Saturday 9:30am:  Racin' For Jason at Bear Cave Park in Stewartville - several Team R.E.D. members have expressed interest in this event to help support the Jason Hatz family, as Jason was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. It's suggested you wear a Hat for Hatz.
  • Sunday 8am:  The trail crew heads out from the 1st Bridge of Oxbow Park.  Always fun to run or hike at Oxbow!
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are gathering at Brothers Bar & Grill at 8am.  Typically finishes with coffee and breakfast inside.   Meet at the back parking lot of the bar and get some fitness! 
  • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are heading to WildWood Bar and Grill.  Join the crew!
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  The track crew is hitting soldiers field, as a tune up for the TC 1 Mile!   The sun will be out by then, I'm sure of it!  
  • Tuesday 6pm:  TerraLoco continues the 5K's for local charities.. just $5 and a chance to win some great prizes!  
  • Tuesday 6:15pm:  The trail run location is not yet locked in.  Check back for updates. 
Donut Run!  Don't forget to register for the Donut Run held on Friday May 30th at 6pm.  It's so much fun!  Entry fee is just 15 bucks for adults and 10 bucks for kids.....    It's also a fundraiser for the Byron Cross Country team... invite your friends and family, anyone can win!

Tortoise vs Hare!  Here's another fun looking race that I didn't get a chance to attend last year, but would love to!    Be sure to check it out, as this race takes into account your age, gender, weight to determine the winner!   This takes place the morning after the donut run, so you will already be well carb'd up!      Thanks for sharing the info Marv...!__rba5k