Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Monica!

Team R.E.D. keeps on rolling.. what a great night at the Bears Den Thursday!  I'm excited to introduce you to Monica (many of you have met her, she just hadn't' made it to the Bears Den before last night, glad she made it!)... we love having her on board and finally adorned in a R.E.D. shirt. (photo courtesy of Renee S.)... 

Monday Maniacs are all set for a 5ish mile run from WildWood Bar & Grill Monday night at 6pm! (located at 1517 16th St SW Rochester - back side of the Ramada)  I'm planning to join them... Come on out.. it's so much fun!  -- I said 5ish, but I don't actually know how far they'll go, as they are a let's see what happens sort of gang. 

Have a great weekend.. and Good Luck to all of you running at Fools Five, what a great event that is!  Also to Hurricane, as he attacks yet another marathon.. The Trailbreaker Marathon this weekend!  Good luck everyone, and have fun! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Running Weather!

Wow.. hard to believe this is the end of March... and the running temps have been smiling!   I wasn't able to get to the track for a workout, but I did catch a few pictures.. there was some heart pumping running taking place, along with lots of smiles!....   See you at the Bears Den on Thursday !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Up?

Monday Maniacs had a good time running from and back to, Dooley's Monday night... they stayed dry despite the sense of a storm brewing.   It's safe to say they earned their post run reward with a challenging run in Rochester.  -- Thanks to Chris for the photo below...
  • Most Interesting Comment (MIC) of the night goes to our server, and I'll add, she did a very nice job given the crew she had to deal with.  The MIC came when Dave requested a Chocolate Milk & Mich Golden Light... our server asked, "did you want those mixed together?"

A look ahead.... 
Tuesday 6pm:   "Do You Feel Lucky Punk" trail run from (Clint) Eastwood Park in Rochester.  Meet at the parking lot off Hwy 14 near the ball-field. 
Wednesday 5:30pm:   Track work at the Byron Track.   Alternate some 400s and 800s to get your feet turning over like the speedster you are!  
  • Rob M is talking to the Tri guys to see if they would like to alternate  Rochester and Byron locations each week for track workouts... this would give us the chance to join another group on the track, increasing the opportunity to have someone in your speed range, to workout with, and push each other
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. gathers at the Bears Den in Byron.  Routes in the range of 3, 4 & 6 miles will be posted Wednesday.
Saturday 7:15am:   Marathon training long run from the RAC.   More and more members have been  joining these volunteer staffed long runs.  It's a great way to log the miles in a group!  
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders are gathering at Panera South! If you're not racing Sunday morning, get out there!  If you are racing, but want more miles. this is a great place to log them. 
Sunday 1pm:  Fools Five Road race in Lewiston.   This is a great event, high energy, lots of people raising lots of money for Cancer Research.    If you're planning to go, Lori is looking for carpoolers... contact her at

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lots of Success! & More Opportunity!

Team R.E.D. members were very active this weekend.... racing at the Return of the Robin & at the Race for Research!  Awesome to see you all out there.. competing against yourself, and others!  

Other R.E.D. members were out at the RAC marathon training run, and yet others ventured to Winona to join Lonna & Dan for a trail run, and fun!

Add to all that, a fantastic night at Joe & Sara's for Game Night!   Thanks for hosting!


Monday Maniacs are running at 6pm from Dooley's in Rochester this Monday 3/27... get on board with this Monday group (typically 5-6 miles with the route decision made at game time!).
Tuesday Trail run: Eastwood Park at 6pm... meet in the parking lot and enjoy the twists and turns of that space!  (there's a great 5K that takes place out there near Mothers Day)...   as is the norm.. plan to settle in for a soda or two post run!

Check back for details on the rest of the week

Volunteers Needed!   
The Fetzer 20K has transitioned to a fundraising event for the Channel One Food Bank.  At least two R.E.D. members have connections to the Food Bank, and they are helping to lead a Waterstop for the event!   If you've never assisted at a water stop, you simply don't know what you're missing!  So much fun!  Especially when it's a Team R.E.D. station!    

Please contact Jennifer  and Dan to volunteer at this race.. it's a great cause, and a race that's being taken over by an experienced director..     You can volunteer to be part of the Team R.E.D. waterstop or for any other role, i.e. course marshall, registration, course setup, food, clean up...  whatever you can imagine.  Don't have a sitter for the kids?  Bring them along!   

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tonight's Team R.E.D. is at Broadway Pizza in Rochester... if I was a betting man, I would bet this will be fun!   Chris is going to kick us off with a route talk (routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog).  Thanks for taking the lead Chris!  

Broadway Pizza is located along the frontage road at 4144 Hwy 52 North....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super Trail Run!

Before we get to the trail run.... based on the chances of showers, and potential muckiness of the Soldiers Field Track, I'd suggest running a Track workout in Byron tonight -- certainly go where you want to go.. I'm just planning on Byron, in case of rain.


What a great turnout at Oxbow for a Trail Run organized by Jim! Thanks for bringing us together!

We saw a couple new faces... Lynn & Nate were with us. Always good to meet people who share the desire for fitness & fun!  If you don't consider yourself a trail runner, but want to come out on Trail night... come on out.. last night 3 people went for a  hike, rather then a run!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Team R.E.D. Game Night!

Hey... we got a fun invite from Sara & Joe!   ... see below a note from Sara...

Team RED game night at Joe and Sara's, 5236 Middlebrook Dr. NW, Rochester, Sat. March 24.  6pm.  Main dish provided, bring a dish to pass, and BYOB.    Bring a game to play.  Watch Jen change a bike tire...... Watch Randy pull up his socks the Norwegian way...   watch out exercise deprived attorneys....   watch out for Tom O's video camera (as we are entering a Healthy Lifestyle video contest, he wants to get some words of wisdom from you all!)...

Child care provided (please RSVP for this in advance).  281-9328

Hopefully we do better then Kellie Pickler! (I really enjoy her!.. she's fun!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday & More!

Here we go!

Monday 6pm - The Maniacs are gathering at Margarito's in Byron.   Located at 403 Frontage RD (next to the Dairy Queen). -- The Monday Maniacs decide on the route upon arrival.. a fun group!
Tuesday 6pm - Mason leads the trail running crew with is signature run called Go with the Flow at Oxbow.  Gather at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow Park (2nd parking lot on your left)... prepare for 5 miles of trail and a few sodas afterword!
Wednesday 6pm - Stay tuned here.. we were considering Soldiers Field track for this week, but if the rain comes, I'd say stay on the Byron Track, as Soldiers Field will become mucky.
Thursday 6pm - Team R.E.D. hits it again.  This is a Rochester night.. gather at Broadway Pizza along the frontage road at 4144 Hwy 52 North
Saturday 7am - Marathon Training long run from the RAC in Rochester.   These runs are very popular, with a wide variety of paces!  The run is also supported by volunteers with water/gatorade/bananas..
Saturday 9am - Race for Research 5K .  This is the 6th annual for this event, and it's put on by Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy students.  Register here:  --proceeds support physical therapy research--
Saturday 9am  - Robin Run.  This is a 2nd Annual Event from the Recreation Center in Rochester.  It's run in conjunction with the Return of the Robin adult hockey tournament.  Proceeds go to support local youth sports.
Saturday 10am - Dan & Lonna from Winona Running Club have invited us to attend a great trail run!  Check out the link to see details of the Bronk's Plowline Trail.  Meet on the hwy 61 side of the park, and do the hilltop climb from the parking lot, the main loop on the ridge and back down.  It's about 8 miles in all. Fun!
Sunday 8am - Off Season Striders will be out and about again!  Location still TBD

Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Options - Lots of Options!

  • Saturday 7am - Marathon & Half Marathon training run from the RAC in Rochester.  Looks like the route has an option of 13 or 15 miles.   Take your pick! 
  • Saturday 7am - Some of the people boarding the St Patricks Day Green Bus to St Paul are running in Byron approx 6-7 miles (a few are stretching to 10).    Meet at the Melby Park (aka Brooklawn Park) at the intersection of 9th St and Cty Rd 5.
  • Saturday 9am - Lucky Green 5K!  Head down to Soldiers Field park for this fun race!  Wally is the race director, and you can get your registration packets picked up at the Running Room tonight from 5pm-7pm or tomorrow morning from 8-8:45am. 
  • Saturday 10am - Bloody Mary Bar at the Bears Den!  Discounts on Gingers & Guinness as well!  Stop out to get your St Patricks Day rolling!  -- several of the bus riders are attending this early opening opportunity!
  • Sunday 8am - Off Season Striders are at it again!  Head to Panera South for a 6-10 milers with the crew.  Always fun to chat over coffee afterwards as well.  
Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!   Lucky Green!  Get Lucky! Human Race!

If you're looking further ahead in your schedule, Annette and her friend are going to take part in a Walking Marathon!  They have a Full, Half or Quarter Marathon as options.   Below is a link received from Annette, with details to their lodging in case you're interested in joining them! -- Paul is going along, but his only walking will be the Brewery Tour!

Here is also a bed and breakfast that we’ll be staying at.
Can you please blog this in case someone else is interested?

A Victorian Swan on Water
1716 Water Street
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481
800.454.9886 715.345.0595

What a night!

Fantastic weather! Incredible Teammates!   ... a quick slideshow below...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Mosquitos were out post track workout!  They seem to love it when we sweat!

The week has been a busy one, with the Monday Maniacs, Tuesday Trail and Wednesday Track workouts all being successful! ... now we get to roll on to Team R.E.D. tonight!
  • Team R.E.D. 6pm at the Bears Den in Byron tonight... routes will be on the right hand side of the blog soon!
Check out Tuesdays post for ways to register for the Lucky Green 5K, the Get Lucky & Human Race...   all this weekend!    Additionally the 6th Annual Race for Research is coming up the following week.   No one said we lack opportunity!  -- see link below regarding the Race for Research  --

Wishing Byron Bears basketball great success tonight at the Civic Center! Go Bears!

A brief slideshow from Monday Maniacs is below...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tonights Trail Run & ahead to the weekend!

Just a reminder of tonight's trail run kicking off at 6pm from Dan's house at 1504 7th St NE, Rochester... from there, you'll head to Quarry Hill and enjoy the park!   Dan is also hosting a post run social... so come ready to relax afterwards (it's always good to have a dry shirt or jacket to change into post run, otherwise, the social part is not as fun, as you get cold!)

There's a local race on St Patricks Day!   Go check out  for details on the Lucky Green 5K!

There's a Get Lucky deal going on in the cities on St Patricks day as well.. along with a bus full of fun not competing in the race.  If you're heading to Get Lucky, you'll want to connect with this bus during the afternoon, after the race.  Sure to be a Blast!

The Human Race is on for Sunday afternoon... we have at least 6 members participating in the USATF club circuit.. and others may attend as well.   Registration is still open!  Visit to register.   Also, if you want in the carpool.. send a note to Lori and Tom (as we have 1 or 2 vehicles going).  and

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Maniacs!

Reminder.. tonight at 6pm.. head to Dooley's in Rochester (255 1st Ave SW)...  as is the rule of thumb, head out for a run.. and back for the fun! -- No headlamps required!

Be sure to check out the previous post to see the rest of the week... so many opportunities to keep things rolling!

Also, the slideshow below is a mix of KP/Rachel in Dallas looking great during their marathon! An oxbow hike group also looking great! An Oxbow run group, looking great! And Mike sporting his favorite look, looking great of course!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Another loaded week... starts now!

Today 5am-9pm:  Jim Parry is going places today!  Well, not really, he'll be running in one place... logging 16 hours on a treadmill to raise funds for the YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign!  Way to go Jim! 

I logged 30 minutes with Jim and Bill at 5am and then my treadmill was taken from me by Kevin.... wow.. 16 hours is a long time, he'll wrap it up at 9pm tonight!    -- there are still a few open slots, you can sign up by calling the Y at 287 2260 (or just stop by and say hi, while making a contribution!)

Kevin, Jim & Bill - 5:30am

  •  Saturday 7:15am - Marathon Training run from the RAC.   The scheduled distance is 15.75 miles...  if you wanted something shorter, you could join us, and run to the first waterstop at approx 3.5 miles, and turn around to get 7 miles in.   Additionally, if you want to go longer, some runners are gathering at 6:30am to front load a few, and will plan to hit a total of 20 miles. 
  • Sunday 8am -  Off Season Striders are running from Brothers Bar & Grill.   Park in the back for the route talk (week after week I've been saying the route is typically 8-10 miles, but in reality it's been more like 5-6 miles... so there's some flexibility to do what you want to do.. then settle in for a little breakfast and/or coffee post run!)
  • Sunday 1pm -   Hike at Oxbow!  The weather says, let's get in the woods! Meet at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park (just north of Byron)
  • Monday 6pm - Monday Maniacs are running from Dooley's located at 255 1st Ave SW in Rochester.   5-6 miles is about the range they've been hitting (seems they make up the routes upon arrival!)
  • Tuesday 5pm - The Rochester Track Club is holding a trash pickup along the trail on the south side of Soldiers Field Golf Course.  If you've run along there recently, you already know, that section is covered with trash!  If you're available and interested in helping, please park at the Hy Vee parking lot and cross to the trail at the traffic light.  (Jean Murray is heading up the effort.. Thanks Jean!)
  • Tuesday 6pm - Trail Run at Quarry Hill Park in Rochester.  This is a great place to log some miles.. and the group is invited over to Dan's house afterwords for some liquid refrehsments. 
  • Wednesday 5:30pm - Outdoor track in Byron (located behind the middle school 601 4th St NW)... time to burn it up!
  • Thursday 6pm - Team R.E.D. is a the Bears Den in Byron for lots of runnin' and funnin' once again!  I can even make it this week! woo hoo!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thursday Nights Plan!

Mason led a very successful Trail Run Tuesday night at Essex park.... I swung by the parking lot after the run (hard to believe they were sipping sodas in the parking lot when I arrived!).    Sounds like next week they're planning to hit Quarry Hill trails.

While some members are hitting the track right now... others are looking ahead to Thursday!  Routes are up on the right hand side of the blog.... click below the map to see the full version.

Team R.E.D. is meeting at 6pm Thursday at Brothers Bar & Grill (812 South Broadway in Rochester).    Please park in back... to gather for the route talk (I'm sure it will be weather dependent whether that chat takes place outside or in.). Randy is the man with the plan.. he'll get you going!

--- Also.. keep in mind, Jim Parry's 16 hour treadmill run is this Friday from 5am to 9am for the YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign.. you can sign up to run with him as he has two extra treadmills lined up all day long right there in plain view of people coming and going... check out her blog below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Some people like Quickies.. and that's what this post is tonight!  -- there are a couple significant Team R.E.D. member related announcements... and those will post in time.. until then... See the Maniacs!

A slide show from Monday Maniacs is below...  

Oh wait.. also, tonight two members signed up to lead us to Warrior Dash!  Thanks to Dan & Adam!  --  looks like Warrior Dash will be in September for this group.. in Hugo Minnesota., potentially a Cowboy/Cowgirl  theme...   stay tuned for details... !

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Loaded Week! - Pictures from Thursday as well!

  • Monday Maniacs 6pm: Gathering at the Bears Den in Byron for a 5-6 miler.  Always fun to wrap it up with a little "us" time!
  • Tuesday Trail Run 6pm:  With the weather approaching 50 degrees, Mason is set to kick off the trail run season!  Meeting at 6pm at Essex park in Rochester.  There's a possibility of refreshments following this one too!
  • Wednesday Night Track 5:30pm:   We shifted track night to Wednesday to avoid conflict with the trail run.  You can do both!  Speed intervals or tempo on the indoor track at RCTC... that's one way to pick up some foot turnover!
  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  We're back in Rochester, with the location still TBD.   Keep an eye on the blog for the big decision!    The Location is picked!  We'll be at Brothers Bar & Grill... easy access to the trails and off we go!  
  • Friday Jim Parry's Treadmill Run 5am-9pm:   Jim is running for the YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign, and you can join him for 30 minutes or so.. as he'll have two treadmills set up beside him.  Additional, you are invited to make a contribution to the campaign, whether you run or not!   

Below are a few pics from Thursday Night at the Bears Den... fun times, as usual!

Congrats to Jeremy & Randy for winning Bears Den gift cards courtesy of ServiceMaster!

Friday, March 2, 2012


A couple of things for this weekend!

Saturday 7:15am:   Full & Half Marathon training runs from the RAC.   This is a supported run, with volunteers providing water, Gatorade (and sometimes banana's or candies).   The full marathon route looks like it goes 12 miles (but can add loops to make it 14 or 16 miles as well).   
Sunday 8:00am:  The Off Season Striders are gathering at Panera South.  The route is typically a group discussion just before we take off (usually around 8-10 miles)... always options to go longer or shorter.

See some details from Jim Parry regarding his his next adventure for a great cause.  The Strong Kids Campaign Run.   Jim will again be running on a treadmill in the lobby of the Rochester Area Family Y for 16 hours.  This run will be taking place next Friday, March 9th, from 5am - 9pm.  2 other treadmills will again be set up for others to join me.  All the info about this run can be found at


I forgot to give away the giveaways at the Bears Den last night.  We have some Chocolate Milk related shirts, hats, sling bags and a few other things... we'll find another time to get those out and about.