Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday / Thursday

Tuesday Hills at 5pm.. meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial.. and we'll head for the hills!

Thursday R.E.D. is at the Bears Den at 6pm.  Be sure to bring any updates to your mileage... and we'll get them logged then and there!  

As with all evening runs... wear reflective clothing, and headlamps if you got em!  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Hike!

Tonight's Hike was a bit slick, but sure was fun!   Ok ok.. a whole lot slick!  As it turns out, there is mud at Oxbow!

Yet there is a reward post hike!

The hike was fun, with lots of Vikings conversation, as well, as some Living History Farms memories being shared.     And of course, a few cocktails were shared...  a sideshow below..


Just a reminder the first 200 runners to sign up for the Santa Shuffle this Saturday the 4th in Burnsville get a FREE Santa Suit!!

Sign up today at

Friday, November 26, 2010


  • Off Season Striders gather at Brothers Bar & Grill at 7:30am for a 10 Miler. Easy to adjust the route if you want a little more or a little less. Stop in the establishment post run for some scoial time!
  • Oxbow Hike at 3:30pm Sunday (following the Vikings game). Meet at the 3rd Bridge and see what the winter wonderland looks like! Margarita's and Cerveza to follow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Good luck to any of you running a Turkey Trot, Gobble Gait, Gobble Gallop, Turkey Smurkey.. or whatever you may be running.

We'll be on a 3 or 5 miler with anyone who wishes to join us at 7am on Thursday morning, at my place, 805 1st Ave NW in Byron.   Coffee and Cider to follow...

We received this request to participate in a survey, it's brief survey. the request came from Cindy Reed (wife of KC Reed who recently organized the Gamehaven run), At any rate, if you are so inclined, please consider participating.

We are students of the Augsburg MBA R11 Cohort in Rochester completing our Capstone Project. The Capstone Project is in place of a Master’s Thesis that allows MBA students to apply skills and other knowledge that has been thus far learned in the program. In order to complete our project, we are asking for your help.

Our assignment is to determine the organization and likelihood of success of a new business venture in Rochester. The venture involves the retail distribution of high-end European style dress clothing. Our team has developed an online survey tool that will aid in the understanding of the venture’s market potential. We are asking for as many volunteers as possible in order to get an accurate representation.

The survey is relatively short, needing only 3 to 4 minutes of your time. Your answers are completely anonymous and will only be used in the evaluation of the new business venture. In order to complete the survey, please follow the link: If you any questions or concerns, you can contact team member David Coffee at

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Your help is greatly appreciated by the Augsburg Capstone Team.


I found this 30 second clip from WKRP in Cincinnati.. it's an episode I recall vividly... Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yet Another Pic

Team R.E.D. got called onto stage at the Living History Farms event.  With an opportunity to tell people who we are.  Somehow we spent a little time on the fact, women of Team R.E.D. wear mesh shirts... all good!

A few holiday week workouts

  • Tuesday 4:30pm.... hill workout. Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial. we'll run just over a half mile warm-up, then conduct hill repeats on 10th St SW (some might also tackle 9th Ave SW).. then of course we have to get back, so it's a bit over a half mile cool down.
  • Wednesday 6pm ... Running Room hosts a weekly group run... various paces each and every week.
  • Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)... 7am... from my place at 805 1st Ave NW in Byron - get your run in before you indulge. We'll have two routes, approx 5 & 3 miles. Check the blog Wednesday for the routes.
  • Saturday 7:30am... Off season striders from Brothers Bar & Grill. The run is mapped at 10 miles, but there are plenty of places to cut it short or add on. 
NO TEAM RED on Thanksgiving Day.   

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Pics - These from Sam

Click the pic below to go to Picaso.. there you can view the thumbnails, or if you prefer, you can click slideshow (upper left corner)

LHF 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Living History Slide show

Helmet cam video still to come, but here is a slideshow from some shots I took. I'm very grateful Wendy bought a waterproof camera! We tested the theory...

In addition to these pics.. of course Renee has it documented by pics at    Additionally, Renee also sent me a link to yet another blog, that spotted Team R.E.D. at LHF. Visit

for yet another view!
Photobucket made some changes that I don't yet understand, and my slideshow appears in reverse order.. but you'll get the idea...

Living History

It was truly amazing to have so many of us come on such a wild trip!  Thanks for making it a great day!   We had many new members along, and I failed to get their Shirt Presentation Photo's... the day was full, and my mind was everywhere from how to run the radio and interior lights, to where should we park, to how much beer is too much beer... fact is we brought along too much beer!  I never thought we would say that!

Team R.E.D. Coed team was awarded 4th place out of 122 people (from what I see on the website, we appear 5th, but who is counting).    Way to go racers!   Pete, Renee, Millie and Dom!   You represented us well!  

Here is a link to the Des Moines Register that contains a handful of R.E.D. members.. and some great photo's overall.    I'll add a slideshow later tonight.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Party!

What a fun night!  Thanks Jean Murray for hosting such a super party!  Also, thanks to Tom Woo for sharing the pics you'll see in the slideshow below.  It was an excellent turnout for the run and for the fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Routes Are Up!

Routes are on the right hand side of the blog.... should be a fun night!  As I'll be saying all winter... it's dark outside, wear headlamps if you have 'em!    I am looking forward to seeing many of you in your living history farms gear!   If you're not running LHF, still feel free to dress goofy!   

Bib #'s have been assigned for Living History Farms.  Please know your number before arriving, as it makes Check in so much easier.    

I want to thank Renee Saxman and KP Hammer.. as they have volunteered to be our check in as they board the bus.. one will have Byron Duty, one will have Iowa Duty.   Thanks much!   Still seeking tent setter upper's and tear downers... as well as a bus clean up chief  and someone to bring me beers at my beck and call.   Preferably not Hurricane for that last job. 

Let's have some fun!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unique R.E.D. Program - Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned for an announcement I'm very excited to share this weekend.     Team R.E.D. is unveiling a very unique program!  I think it clearly fits our mission of Fitness & Fun! Something we can take in many directions.. .Team R.E.D. is definitely going places!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What if?

Well, all this talk about Living History Farms Off Road Race could be boring many of you.  So, what if you're not running Living History Farms?    What might you do?

  • Turkey Trot.   The 3rd annual Gilman memorial turkey trot is Saturday at 9am.   This is a 5K Fun Run/Walk.    The event starts and finishes at Dodge Center Chiropractic located at 405 2nd Ave NW in Dodge Center.    All proceeds donated to the Alzheimer's Association. 

In the meantime.. be sure to join us at Team R.E.D. this Thursday starting at 6pm, from the Bears Den in Byron.  Routes will go up on the blog Wednesday.    -- don't forget your headlamps if you got 'em ---   This is a Dress Rehearsal for Living History Farms, so if you're going to Living History Farms, please wear your get-up!    Let's have some fun!

Also.. a long, long note was sent out on this matter to those planning to attend Living History Farms race, but in case I missed anyone who is going.. I'll post it here... these are the things I can think of that I think you need to know.   Let me know if you have any questions.

Things you need to know: 
  • 4am departure from the Bears Den in Byron..  The Bears Den is located at 861 High Point Drive NE -- it's located along the frontage road, next to the grocery store.   Please arrive a little early to give yourself time to stow your gear, and get boarded.
  • The bus is a nice one, complete with a restroom, under compartment storage, 5 TV's, DVD player and a sound system.  
  • Parking - park in the parking lot, however, please park away from the buildings, we don't want to take up prime parking spaces, while we're gone for 12 hours.   -- so park near the Think ATM near the west entrance to the grocery store --
  • At 6am we need to toast Randy Quint, as he fully intended to come along, and circumstances do not permit.
  • We'll arrive in Urbandale, Iowa approx 7:30am  -- we are not planning to stop for food on the way, so bring your own breakfast food/energy food.
  • Upon arriving, we'll proceed directly to packet pickup to get your timing chip and event t-shirt 
  • Know your Bib #, this makes packet pickup much easier!    Bib numbers will be posted at on Thursday.  
  • Race starts at 9am -- Note:  If you want to 'race' this race, it's critical that you get to the start line early, so that you can line up near the front.   The congestion of people in the starting area get's pretty tough, the further back you start.   If you want to "run" this race for fun only... stick with the majority of the RED members and we'll line up someplace, and not worry about pace and congestion.  I'll have helmet cam near the start, and then fall back to catch as many of you as I can.
  • What should you wear during the race?  Well, some of that will be game day decision, but aside from your costume, I would be prepared to wear gloves, hats (or at least something over the ears).   Make sure your gloves and hats are inexpensive, in case you end up tossing them because you are simply too warm, or they are caked in mud or soaked in water.  With the exception of cheap gloves and hats, I suggest you Avoid wearing cotton, as it stays wet for so long!    I suggest wearing old shoes, or shoes you are not worried about getting muddy/soaked. 
  • If anyone has extra Super Hero underpants, or Tutu's.. please let me know.  There are some people struggling to find any.  
  • Bring along a complete change of clothing!  Chances are reasonably high that everything you're wearing will get wet and muddy.  Complete means, shoes or boots, socks, underpants, shorts and/or pants, shirt, gloves, hat.   -- I also suggest bringing a towel and baby wipes to clear some of the mud. -- as mentioned, the bus does have under compartment storage, so don't be afraid you're bringing 'too much' stuff.
  • We will have two changing tents available, and of course the bus could be a changing space as well, but I can't promise if the bus driver will peek.
  • Beer, hard limes/lemonades, some booze (not yet identified) and soda's will be provided by Team R.E.D.
  • Bring your own if you'd like Sports Drinks, Bottled Water, Champagne, Wine or any other beverage, however the bus company has a rule in place, intending to avoid glass breakage and beverage spillage.  That rule is glass containers and open mouth containers i.e. wine glasses (even if plastic) are not allowed.  Please use cans or plastic bottles with screw on or snap on lids)..  Also, see next bullet with suggestions.  
  • Suggestions regarding containers:  If you're planning to drink wine, possibly bring wine in a box, and pour it into one of your favorite Water Bottles.   Or if you're thinking Champagne, pop the cork just prior to boarding and pour it into a clean litre plastic bottle    If you are bringing hard liquor, possible mix it ahead of time, and store it in a clean 2 litre bottle (depending how thirsty you are).   Many liquors are also sold in plastic bottles.  
  • There is food served at the finish line... it's very good and warm!    Beef Stew, biscuits and pumpkin bars.  As well as coffee and cider.
  • The bus will leave the farm approx. 12;30pm... to get us back to Byron about 4pm.  
  • At 2pm we need to Toast Randy Quint, as he fully intended to come along, but circumstances do not permit.  I know we did this earlier, but this is twice as good!
  • We are not planning to stop on the way home, so bring your own snacks for the ride.     
  • Please consider stopping into the Bears Den after the event, have a drink or meal, as a Thank You for their support of this trip.  They've been very generous.  
  • One final note:  Paul Melby has graciously volunteered to assist anyone, above the legal age of consent and below the age of Mandatory Federal Judge Retirement, with removing mud from those hard to reach places.  Thank you Paul!

Monday, November 15, 2010

R.E.D. Are Out and About!

R.E.D members have been very active of late!  Nice work all!     Congratulations to the following for some excellent marathons!

  • Maureen Hogan - Completed the Richmond Marathon (her 2nd within 1 week!)
  • Renee Saxman - Outter Banks Marathon (she traveled with 40-50 St Cloud River Runners!)
  • Jim Raasch - New York City Marathon (Jim says it was amazing! I can only imagine!)

Below is a slideshow with some pics from Saturday's Gamehaven Race, pictures are primarily courtesy of Tracy Becker, with one picture from race director KC Reed. Thanks both of you!

Then on Sunday... a little snow and a little mud continued to be the theme as R.E.D. members hit the trails of oxbow for about a 70 minute hike, followed by, of course, Margarita's!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Details to follow

Here's what's coming in the next few days....
  • Living History Farms Survival kit -- I'll send a "what to bring note" Monday.. it will detail what I "think" you may want to bring.. and also let you know what Team R.E.D. is providing.    
  • Tuesday?  drop me a note if you're interested in resuming Hill or track work on Tuesdays.  I know this workout has fallen off greatly, but... hard to believe, it's time to get back at it!
  • Thursday's Team RED....  -- everyone is welcome at Team RED every week!... but...  if you're going to LHF, please try to make a point to attend this Thursday at the Bears Den, we'll be able to check out each others outfits, and we'll have some discussions regarding the trip.
  • Living History Farms Bus-- departs from the Bears Den at 4am!  Let's try to get out of there on time, as we'll need to hit packet pickup, before we can get too out of control!

Oxbow Hike Reminder

Oxbow Park.. hike today at 3:45pm.  We'll meet at the 1st Bridge.   Be prepared for some slick trails, and some great margaritas! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a Great Event!

Wow!  Hats off to KC Reed, and R.E.D. member Jim Mason for putting on such a fun event!   The Gamehaven "True" Cross Country Run was really amazing!   Pre-registration was very light, and given the mix of rain/snow/temperature, there was concern that very few would come.  Well, 89 runners took the challenge (most of them race day registrants).  

The event had a bit of everything... a little rain, a little snow, a lot of mud and a whole lot of fun!   The Race started with a blast from a cannon... YES... A CANNON!     What a great way to get out of the gates!   The two creek crossings were a bit deeper then anticipated (again, given the recent rain/snow).   The mud was simply everyplace!     The post race was fantastic, with hot cocoa, coffee, and soup, in a building heated by two double barrel wood burners. 

Pictures will come as soon as I score some... there were many cameras, and the request is out.  Additionally, a clip from the race was shown on KTTC at 6pm.. and will likely be on again at 10pm.. KTTC talked to Team R.E.D's Meg, however they elected to feature the boys from Century High Cross Country (those boys deservedly won the "team spirit" award).

Team R.E.D. members taking part in this first time race included  Adam, Roger, Meg, Tod Paul M, Sonja, Scott, Millie, Andy B, Tracy & myself... as well as two new R.E.D. members, who just joined us today!    Welcome Merideth & Don!      Volunteering and doing great work were Jim M, Matt and Lindsey!  

*** Note:  Millie scored an award, finishing 2nd place in women ages 20-39.. that's a big age group!  Way to go Millie! ****

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crowne Fun

A very nice turnout for RED.  (Sorry, no pictures as the camera was simply not in my hands!)  About 19 people gathered at the Crowne Restaurant in Rochester and set out into the darkness!  Headlamps Headlamps Headlamps!   People really seemed to like the routes, (Thanks Randy for the assistance with them).  There were some challenging hills mid way, but who's afraid of a hill?

Charlie, from the Crowne, was generous to donate a $20 gift certificate to the team.   We played a mean game of rock-paper-scissors, to determine a winner of the certificate.. and it was Sam taking home the prize!   Congrats Sam!

Weekend Reminders!
  • Saturday 7:30am:   Off Season Striders at Dunn Bros North in Rochester.  The route is approx  7.5 miles.. but several Team RED members are meeting early, 7am, to front load a few miles before the official start time.  
  • Saturday 9am:   Gamehaven "True" Cross Country run.   You will get wet in this one!  Registration forms and details can be found at    Gamehaven Reservation is located at 5015- Simpson Rd SE, Rochester, MN, it's 3.5 miles south of Mayo High School on County Road 1 (11th AVE SE)  If you are coming from Highway 52 take the County Road 1 turn off and travel 1.5 miles south and the camp is on the right side.
  • Sunday 3:45pm:   Hike at Oxbow Park south of Byron.  Meet at the first bridge for about 50 minutes of hiking, then join us at Margarito's for a Margarita (or beverage of your choice of course!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Routes Are Up!

Routes are up on the right side of the blog.   We will not be entirely on bike paths, so please wear reflective clothing, and headlamps if you have them!   It's dark out there!

Note:  There are 4 routes posted!   There is one group of walkers that want to get a total of 6 miles.  They will walk the 2.8 route starting at 5:15pm.. and come back to the Crowne for the official Team R.E.D. start, then travel the 3.2 mile route.   Feel free to join them!


I know it took me awhile.. but here are some pictures from the 2nd Annual Grahaminator.   Thanks to Tom and Lori for the great shots!   Not every racer ran/walked the same distance, but no one seemed concerned about that!  It was a perfect day to be surrounded with wonderful competitors.  

The winners of the Event were Jamie from the Twin Cities... and Shane N from Byron... Congrats to you both!

Good Luck!

Good Luck to both Renee Saxman and Maureen Hogan.  They are both marathoning this weekend, and I'm certain will each have fantastic marathon stories to share upon their return!  

Also, good luck to all of you who elect to take part in the Gamehaven "True" Cross Country Run.  I attended a meeting about it this morning, and it's sure to be a blast!   

If you are racing anyplace, any distance, please drop me a note, and we'll be sure to let others know.  It's fun to get out there now and then!  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There are some great opportunties to run ,walk  and socialize this week!
  • Tonight, Tuesday 6pm:   Runners Social at Beatles in Rochester.  This is open to all, you do not have to be a member of the Rochester Track Club, or any club for that matter, no running is required.  Come on out anytime after 6pm and meet some people!   Family and friends are welcome to join.
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. will gather at the Crowne Restuarant in Rochester.   The Crowne is located at 1408 2nd Street Southwest... parking in the back (we'll do the route talk in the parking lot as well)..   The routes will be similar to the norm  3, 4 and 6ish... and run mostly on well lit bike paths (bring your headlamps anyway!) 
** A group of Team RED walkers are meeting early, 5:15pm at the Crowne.. and planning to walk 2.8 miles then join Team RED for an additional 3.2.  If you're interested in joining them, you are certainly welcome! 
  • Saturday 7:30am:   Off Season Striders.. gathering at Dunn Bros North in Rochester.  They have a planned route of 7.5 miles.. but as always, you can adjust that route for extra or less miles as you see fit.      This  is a really fun group.. they run, then gather for some great social time. 
  • Saturday 9am:   Gamehaven "True" Cross Country run.   This is a first time event directed by KC Reed.   It'll be run at the Boyscout camp on trails, and it includes 2 Creek Crossings! (one has an optional bridge).  This is sure to be a fun event... registration forms and details can be found at    Gamehaven Reservation is located at 5015- Simpson Rd SE, Rochester, MN, it's 3.5 miles south of Mayo High School on County Road 1 (11th AVE SE)  If you are coming from Highway 52 take the County Road 1 turn off and travel 1.5 miles south and the camp is on the right side.
  • Sunday 3:45pm:   50-60 minute hike at Oxbow Park south of Byron.  We'll meet at the first bridge and hit the hills for a power hike!   Follow the effort up with Margaritas at Margarito's! 
Looking ahead... Thursday 11/18... we'll plan to have a dress rehearsal for the Living History Farms.  Wear the outfit that you plan to wear on the 20th.. and see how it feels with a little breeze up your tutu!  -- I did not just type that.. no I didn't ---   

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bear Creek 5 ... & The Grahaminator!

Wow!  Looked like a great R.E.D. representation at the Bear Creek Five... you'll find some great pictures of the event on Renee's blog at

I also noticed on Facebook, that Teresa Walter is among the winners of a hand carved trophy!


The Grahamaninator course is now completely marked, with some tiny little flags.. Maps will be available at the start as well...     Casey kicks off the event at 9am... There will be water and banana's available at the finish... but the course is not supported with volunteers or water stations.   You are allowed to carry your own aid if you choose.  

Hope to see you there! 

Note:  The course is 10 miles.. there is one 3 mile loop that you run twice, so if you wanted a shorter run or walk, you can get it by eliminating the repeat!


A couple notes on the TuTu's for Living History Farms... Renee has directions how to make them, so you can contact her for details (or to arrange a tutu building party!)... also, Wendy found some online, and sounds like she may be placing an order.  She would be happy to get you the link.  


One more pic from Thursday has risen...  It seems Tom W. was seeking a 'free hug', and he got one, courtesy of PAUL & RANDY  Those guys are just that friendly!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some pics from a great night!

Here we go.. I promised the pics would be later.. and true to form, it's late!   Some of the pics are not fantastic I'm afraid, as they are a combo of a pink little point and shoot, that I struggled to operate, and Maureen's blackberry.  A few pics simply won't be shared here!...

What a great turnout!   The evening was a little odd due to a gas leak in Byron, there was concern the Bears Den may not even be open.  When we arrived post run, the bar area was open, but the Restaurant closed...  so the bar was packed.   We asked Joe if we could sit in the closed section, and he said. "sure"... By the time the night was done, we had over 40 RED at the Den! -- some of which didn't run or walk... mostly drank!  (the menu was limited to some portion of the appetizers, due to the gas leak)    However, as is often the case, desert was available as Renee brought some Cupcakes, which were of course, yummy!  Thanks again Renee!

Free Agent Signing!  Welcome Millie to the Team!
Roger receives his Gold Medal for Age Group winner at The Spirit Run

Nice Shades Randy

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Note!

The Living History Farms Wardrobe decision has been made, and there is some flexibility with it.   You can select one of the two themes.... Tutu's with your Team R..E.D. shirt... or Superhero Underwear with your Team R.E.D. shirt. 

Don't have a Team R.E.D. shirt?  You can get one easily, with your membership to Team R.E.D.... Just $15 will make you a member through the 2011 season!    

Pictures from last night will follow later (as I have to step away)....    Additionally, check the posts below for reminders about this weekends and next weekends upcoming events!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great events!

Hey all!  I strongly encourage you to attend both of this weekends events!

Saturday:   Predict you time 5 mile.  It's really a different event, in that, you predict your time, and then they stagger the start.    So if you predict  50 minutes, and I predict 60 minutes.. I will get a 10 minute head start on you!   Then if we are both exactly correct on our predictions, we should finish in a tie!   So you are constantly catching up to or being caught by people.     Check out the details at

Sunday:   Grahaminator at Oxbow.... 10 mile race.. zero entry fee (my favorite price!)    This is fun!  If you've never run Oxbow, come give it a shot, if you have, you know what you're in for!   Along with no entry fee, there is no support on the course, so if you want water, gatorade or gels.. bring your own.  This  is self timed, you will hit your watch, and tell Casey what time you finished in.   We trust you!   Meet at the first bridge (2nd parking lot).. at Oxbow park, just north of Byron.    9am start.

Searching for RED stuff?

Renee found some good deals at Walmart North on Halloween left overs.  Some if it could come in handy for Team RED events, possibly even LHF.     You can see pictures of Renee's score at her blog...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday's Routes are up!

Check out the right side of the blog for Thursdays routes!   A couple of them are a little confusing... so take a peek!

Additionally.. 1 more day to vote on the 3 polls regarding the Living History Farms outfits.. get your vote in.  We'll actually conduct a little bit of business at the Den Thursday to make a call on the costumes.


The following has nothing to do with R.E.D.... but I just love it, so here it is!  If I was firing people on this team... Moss is not my first target...  Chilly then Berrian!   but hey.. that's just my opinion.

Monday, November 1, 2010

More News

Here's a few more tid bits for ya...   if this is your first visit to the blog today... read for a bit, as I entered a few posts, rather than just one.   I do that now and then... yee haww!

Living History Farms Off Road Race Today's the day! At 6 PM C.D.T. we will open the regular 7 Mile registration back up at the late fee to fill up the few final slots.  We will leave this registration open until it fills (last year this took twenty minutes). This will take place at;
Congrats to Jim, Adam, Amber and Millie for running great half marathons at the Monster Dash this weekend!   
More congrats go to Andy and Trevor for finishing 5th & 6th place at the Surf the Murph 50K!    That's officially 31 miles.. however they traveled about 33.5!  

More Spirit Run pics

Thanks to Tom Woo for providing so many great action and post race shots at the Spirit Run.  

Lots of Stuff

Be sure to vote on the polls on the right hand side of the blog...  we need to come up with our outfits for Living History Farms!  Note: there are 3 separate questions, in separate polls, please place your vote on each, however, please only vote once per poll.


Upcoming events.  All of them look like fun!

Nov 6th 9am:  Bear Creek 5 Predict Your Time Run... this is a very fun race in which you predict how long it will take you to run the 5 mile course.  The winner is the person who comes closest to their prediction.   More info at

Nov 7th 9am:  2nd Annual Grahaminator at Oxbow... Casey Graham organizes this great 10 mile race at Oxbow Park (just south of Byron).  There is No Entry Fee!   The race starts and finishes at the 1st Bridge.  The trails are wonderful for running... and run we will!  

Nov 13th 9am:  Gamehaven "True" Cross Country Run... KC Reed is coordinating this first time event and it should be a ton of fun!  The 5 mile course runs at the Gamehaven boyscout camp on the south side of Rochester.  The race will include 2 creek crossings! (one of which has an optional foot bridge).   More information at

Below are a few pics from Sundays Hike @ Oxbow.   Was a beautiful day for a hike...  the group was really moving, strong pace, great workout!   We even made it home in time to watch the Vikings fold again!

Jean, Shelly, Wendy, Ann, Adam, Meg, Aaron, Tod & Renee