Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loaded Week!

Congrats to everyone who participated in the RochesterFest 1 Mile for Camp Olson!  By all reports it was a very successful event!  Team R.E.D.'s Sarah took 1st place overall for the ladies!  Several Team R.E.D. members were fantastic... check out all the results at

Also congrats to all those who did Warrior Dash!  What a fun event on the ski slopes of Afton Alps.  As far as I know, no Team R.E.D. members won this event.  Of course not, as we ran as a team!

Pictures from both events will follow, along with pictures from the All Comers meet in Byron.  

There are so many opportunities this week... get out and get fit!   Note: Tuesday has a couple options.

  • Monday 6pm:  If you've never come to Monday Maniacs, you should consider this one!   The Maniacs hit the Bears Den in Byron.   We'll head out for a run or walk (or bike if you like!).   Of course then we'll head back to the Bears Den for the fun part! 
    • More importantly, we can say "Thank You!" to Mia and Carlene...  they have both been such positive pieces of our Team!  Unfortunately for us, they are each moving on to a new adventure.  Even if you can't make it at 6pm, consider swinging out around 7pm to say Thanks and good luck to these young ladies!  
  • Tuesday 5:30pm:  With the Stewartville Summerfest races set for Thursday, the speed crew is moving the workout to Tuesday.  (you can recover Wednesday and race fast on Thursday!).  Meet at the parking lot of Douglas Trailhead in Rochester.  It's located along Valley High Road behind IBM and next to the Postal processing facility. 
  • Tuesday 6:30pm:  The trail running crew is heading to Stewartville!   Meet at the Bear Cave Park and prepare to get a preview of the trails that are part of the July 4th, Summerfest race course! 
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:   If you missed the speed session on Tuesday, and you want to turn the feet over, join us on the track in Byron!  The track is located behind the middle school on 4th street.
  • Thursday 8:30am:  The Stewartville Summerfest races are here!   There's a 5 mile, 3 mile and a Kids Half Mile, all taking place at Florence Park in Stewartville.  
    • Race day registration and packet pickup is available starting at 7am at Florence Park.
    • 5-Mile starts at 8:30am
    • 3-Mile run/walk starts at 9:30am
    • Kids 1/2 mile starts at 10:30am.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

Lovin' the Home Hosts! Lovin' New Members too!

It was yet another great night with Team R.E.D.   A special thanks goes out to Marilee and Randy for hosting the crew -- 46 visitors in all!  Some Ran.  Some Biked.  Some Walked.   Some simply elected to  Eat. Drink!  

By the evenings end, it was great fun, with a bonus of two new members!   Welcome to George and Mark... So glad you joined Team R.E.D.!

Also, we have started our Membership renewal drive..   This year, when you renew your membership, you'll have an option to contribute to the Youth Race Scholarship fund as well.   More details to come Sunday night.  

A lot of hands in pockets, standing around, if you ask me!

Randy route talk

Wendy, Ann, Amy & Roger hanging on every word

Dan & Mark lead the way (Mark became a new member! Welcome Mark!)

George leads the way here (George became a new member! Welcome George! )

Adam, Mike & Dave

Ignacio & Roger

Randy pointing (again!)

Dave, Mike & Shane relax

Tom, Roger, Monica, Joe and Emma (Emma loves Tom!)

Katie.. out of uniform!

Brekkin set the course record, running from one end of the garden to the other and back, in 8.3 seconds!

There's more fun ahead! 

Some members are at Warrior Dash this weekend... representing R.E.D. well, I'm sure!

  • Saturday 7am:  The marathon training runs are underway again from the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC)!  If you need to log miles for a fall full or half marathon, this is a great way to do it!  The routes are supported with volunteers providing Gatorade, Water and sometimes snacks. You do not need to be a member of the RAC to  join the group... just show up at the RAC and contribute a dollar to help offset some expenses of food/drink. 
  • Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders head out for a run from Panera South.  Distance is typically 5-8 miles, and the coffee and chatter afterwards always worth while!
  • Monday 6pm:  The Maniacs hit the Bears Den in Byron.   We'll head out for a run or walk (or bike if you like!).   Then back to the Den to share some laughs and have some fun in celebration/honor of Mia & Carlene...
    • In case you didn't know:  Monday is the last day at the Den for both Mia & Carlene.  They've been part of our Team R.E.D. nights for so long now, we'll really miss them!   Yet, they are leaving for new opportunities.... come wish them the best!  
The rest of the week will get posted Sunday night... see you all soon! 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tonight... we're at the track in Byron.  It's a bit humid, so be sure to bring plenty of fluids for replenishing, and back down a bit if need be.   I could probably be convinced to run slow and short tonight.. try me!

Thursday 6pm:  Randy and Marilee have inivited us to their home at 1363 Woodland Dr SW in Rochester.   They are providing all the post run/walk/bike food and drink.  You can expect to see some subs, beer and sangria.. yum!   No need to bring anything for the party! 

Actually, there is one thing you could consider brining....   a donation for the Women's Shelter.   You can follow this link for a full list of what's needed ...  Thanks for considering! 

Friday 1 Mile at RochesterFest!   See this note from Sue Palmer.
  • On-line registration for the Camp Olson YMCA Rochesterfest Mile has closed. You can register on Thursday at TerraLoco from 5:00 - 7:30 and on Friday @ the Residences of Old Town Hall from 4:30 - 5:30.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trail Run Change! Take note..

The following is a message from Mr. Mason regarding tonight's trail run. 


It's looking like there is just too great of a chance for storms. We'll stay close to town and try to get a few miles in at Quarry Hill. Meet at the tennis court parking area at 6:00PM


Monday, June 24, 2013

I saw a lot of great pictures from Team R.E.D. on Facebook these past couple of days.  But I have to say, this one is my favorite!  --- What a great group of teammates... cheering each other on all the time!

I would credit the photo to Tom Woo (hope I'm right).. and credit the enthusiasm to Team R.E.D.!  


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Weekend... and a fun week ahead!

Wow!  It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, with Team R.E.D. members in Duluth for the full, half and 5K... additionally, other members active in Rochester with the RochesterFest Tri, and the Get your Rear In Gear!  --- Additionally, another member was trouncing all around the Wastach Front with Ragnar!  

I'll have to add some pics Monday... but for now, I just say, Amazaing!

  • Monday 6pm:   The Monday Maniacs are getting it rolling from Wildwood Bar & Grill in Rochester.  Get out on the mayowood trail and enjoy!
  • Tuesday 6pm:  Trail runners are heading to Whitewater State park.   Gather at Century High School near the baseball fields to carpool/caravan to Whitewater.  If you'd rather drive direct, meet at the Nature store at 6:30pm.   This is a fantastic place to trail run.
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Speed on the track at Byron!  - Join us for some repeats.. nothing like running fast to get fast!
  • Thursday 6pm:  We're being home hosted by the Quints!  They are located at 1363 Woodland Dr SW in Rochester.   Randy and Marilee are providing all the post race food/drink.. they also would like you to consider a donation to the Women's Shelter.   In case you're not sure what to donate, follow this link for a full list of what is needed.
    • Team R.E.D. - Run. Eat. Drink at 6pm
    • Team W.E.D. - Walk. Eat. Drink at 6pm
    • Team B.E.D. - Bike. Eat. Drink at 5:45pm - Don is planning to try and add biking for most Thursdays, come a little early if you're going to Bike!  
  • Friday RochesterFest! - Join the 1 Mile!  You will take off just minutes before the parade and race in front of all the spectators!   Keep in mind, all proceeds are going to benefit the YMCA Camp Olson youth scholarship fund!  They hope to raise $8,000 at this event.. you can help, by running 1 mile!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Important Date Change for Volunteers

Hoping to get a chance tonight to search the Marathon & Half Marathon results from Grandmas Marathon.   I'm seeing pics pop up on Facebook, and there are a lot of smiles!   Way to go Team R.E.D.! 

Today at the Get Your Rear In Gear, Team R.E.D. represented very well, Joe finished 3rd overall with a huge PR, running the 5K in 18:08 (don't tell him, but he won a medal and gift card, and I have it... shhhhhhhhhhhhh )  -- Team Jean was represented with runners, walkers and spectators alike... a fun morning!  

Volunteers!  Volunteers!  Volunteers!

Please note:  The previous call for volunteers at the Byron All-Comers Meet, had the wrong date.  We still need volunteers, but we're talking Sunday June 30th (not the 23rd as previously requested).  Please drop me an email at if you can help out on the evening of June 30th. 

More volunteers opportunities below.
  • Sunday June 23rd - RochesterFest Triatholon - contact
  • All of the following Tuesday's at Soldiers Field for the Hal Martin All Comers Meets... June 25, July 2, July 9, and July 16. Contact Laura at

Friday, June 21, 2013

Many Welcomes!

What a fantastic night for Team R.E.D. Thursday night!  

TerraLoco hosted the run/walk, and the turnout was strong!  Including 3 new members.  It's awesome to have them on board !

Welcome Matt!
Welcome Garret!
Welcome John!

Matt, Garret, John... New Members!
Garret had to do a little digging to come up with 20 bucks... I'm sure glad he got to the magic number with a mix of bills and coins!    It's worth every penny Garret! 

Show me the money!

In addition to 3 new teammates, we landed a new sponsor!   TerraLoco is officially on board as a sponsor of Team R.E.D.!    Brock is excited to be part of our team... and we're excited to have them with us! 

When you're shopping at TerraLoco, be sure to thank them for the support, it's fantastic!   I've added TerraLoco to the sponsor links on the right hand side of the blog... be sure to support all of our great sponsors, it's very awesome they are with us! 

Inside TerraLoco

Thinking about a run

Mason pacing

Tod & Mike

Lorelei and Emily

Meg and Chris pushing the pace

Amy & Mike (Matt in the background)

Post run social - TerraLoco

Never know when you might need a scamp.

The scamp is on the Neighborhood watch program!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Men on the Track

We celebrated Men's Night on the track in Byron Wednesday evening.  Appaarently the ladies needed a night off.     

It was great night to be outside.  For four of the guys, it was a final tune-up before Grandmas Marathon & Half Marathon this weekend.. They are ready to rock!

Casey & Marv




Tonight at 6pm - Gather at TerraLoco for a fun evening!  We'll get out on the trails for 3-6 miles (take your pick on distance)... and then back to the store for some beverages, dogs and music! 

TerraLoco is located at 1190 16th St SW in Rochester --  I suggest parking on the side lot (bigger lot), so as to not hog all the quality spaces for shoppers!  Additionally, bring a lawn chair, as post run/walk, we'll be outside at the back of the store.

If you can't make it at 6pm... swing in after 7pm for the E.D. portion of the evening.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guaranteed Entry Now Available!

    Details for TC 10 below.. but first ...
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Let's get our speed on at the Byron Track!   The track is located behind the middle school on 4th street.  Park behind the school and head down to the track!
  • Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. heads to TerraLoco for some fun!  We'll have a run/walk at 6pm... and back to the store for a post party.  Brock and team are providing beer and wine.. while Team R.E.D. is supplying dogs on the grill... Mesenburg is the hookup for music. 
    • Bring a lawn chair for the post run/walk time... we'll be behind the store.
    • The store is officially closed at 7pm, but if you have some things you need to pick up, Brock will work it out for you.
  • Friday Morning... be thinking of our 29 Team R.E.D. members heading up to Duluth for Grandmas Marathon & Half Marathon!  Lots of success is ahead for this crew!
TC 10 Mile - Short Cut to the Capitol
The time we've all been waiting for is upon us... time to register for the guaranteed entry into the TC 10 Mile, being held Oct 6th  - This is a great race, in part because you get to run 16.2 miles less then the other people running the TC Marathon!  

This short cut has approx. 10,000 runners starting at Metrodome in Minneapolis... finishing at the State Capitol in St Paul !  --  when we've all crossed the finish line, and tidied up a bit, we can head to mile 25.5 on John Ireland Blvd and watch everyone finish the marathon... from the 1st place elite finisher through all our Team R.E.D. and Rochester area friends. 

Below are the details regarding how to register for the guaranteed entry.  You must be a USATF member, and be associated with a USATF Club, such as Team R.E.D., club #0435 .. as this is a team circuit event, we'll get a preferred start in the first corral!  

The directions for registering pasted a bit funky, if you have questions or problems, drop me an email at

Medtronic TC 10 Mile USATF MN Team Circuit Registration Directions


Registering with the Team Circuit Invite Code will give you a $3 discount and a guaranteed entry into the event.

                Invite Code: TC10USATFCIRC13

                Registration Dates:  Now until August 1, 2013


1.        At the start of the registration process there is an invite code box in the bottom left corner. (Arrow and yellow box)

2.       After filling in the Invite code box you must click apply to the right of the box.


3.       Start the registration process by choosing: USATF Team Circuit


4.       Complete the registration information.


5.       You will receive a receipt from imATHLETE to the email address indicated on your registration confirming your registration.


6.       You will receive a separate Econfirmation with information about the race.


7.       Note to participant- With imATHLETE you will have the ability to update your registration if you should move, request a different t-shirt size, ect.  The editing information is found by going to your emailed receipt from imATHLETE. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oxbow tonight!

Tonight at 6:15pm get on the trails of Oxbow Park! 
  • Note:  the run/hike starts at 6:15pm from the 1st Bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).   I had previously posted 6pm start time, so please note the 6:15pm start time.
  • Note II:  Post run/hike beer available at Tod & Megs!  Tod will be there to lead the caravan to his place.  Thanks for hosting !
Wednesday at 5:30pm you'll have a chance for some speed!  Join us on the track in Byron (located behind the middle school along 4th Street).

Thursday of course, is Team R.E.D. night!  We're being hosted by the team at TerraLocco.   Come out and enjoy a run or walk, then settle in for some beer and wine provided by our hosts!   Team R.E.D. is providing some hot dogs on the grill... enjoy!

A couple of Team R.E.D. members ran a 5K supported by the Minnesota Vikings.  They had a chance to meet some players... and by all appearances Mike sizes up well with in this league... Shane and Jarrett appear a bit dwarfed.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Team Jean!

There was a great turnout at Charlies Pub & Eatery today for the Team Jean Get Your Rear In Gear Breakfast and Beer! (wait, I didn't get any beer!)

Next week we'll be running and/or walking in support of Jean at the Get Your Rear In Gear 5K    Come out and participate!  

Additionally, there are a handful of Jean's Team Shirts still available.  A few size Medium and some size XL.  The artwork is pictured below, it was created by Jean's sister Julie and is very awesome!   I will be discussing a potential settlement with Julie for utilizing my likeness (2nd from the right) without requesting a release form from my people....

If you're interested in scoring one, please contact Amy at to check on availability.

Volunteers Needed!  
We are seeking volunteers to assist at two All-Comers Meets in Byron.  They are both on Sunday Nights.   June 23rd and July 14th. 
If you're available, please drop me an email at    We are planning to have the opportunity for the adults to compete in some track events with the youngsters finish.  Have you ever long jumped?  Run in a relay race?   Thrown a shot put?  Pole Vaulted?   Come out and have a blast!  
Of course, the Rochester Track Club All-Comers meets continue on Tuesday evenings... if available consider volunteering there as well, it's very rewarding to watch those kids enjoy it so much! 

Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are gathering for a walk or run from Wild Bills in Rochester!   The Bar & Grill is along Hwy 52 frontage road just north of Miracle Mile shopping mall.   It's $5 burger night too... bonus!  
Tuesday 6pm:   The Trail Travelers are heading to Oxbow Park (just north of Byron) for a trounce through the woods.  This is a fun place to run or hike!   Come out and give it a go... and the beer is being provided by Tod & Meg, as we are helping to lower the left over inventory!  
Wednesday 5:30pm:   It's time for speed!  Hit the track and enjoy the feel of the wind beneath your wings!  haha.. I'm funny.    Let's hope we can get outside this week and do the workout on the Byron Track (located at the Middle school in Byron).  The backup plan would be the indoor track at RCTC.  
Thursday 6pm:   Team R.E.D. is heading to TerraLoco in Rochester!  TerraLoco is located on 16th Street near Trader Joe's.   Brock is providing free beer and wine post run.. Team R.E.D. is bringing a grill, dogs/buns/chips... let's have a little backstore party at TerraLoco! 


Here are a few pictures from last Thursday at the Bears Den.  A nice crew (slightly smaller then typical, but it was also a beautiful night to visit Thursdays on First!)   We might have stopped at the 2 mile mark to refuel before continuing on with 4 or 6 mile routes.  It was a fun journey!

Ready to roll... the sun is shining!

A couple of new faces in this picture... Natasha and Dan on the left side.
Down hill is good!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Talk turns to Action - Byron Community Fund will Benefit!

A couple of years of chatter have passed regarding a Team R.E.D. Beer Mile... well... drum roll please!   

The Beer Mile is Here!   You must be at least 21 years of age to participate.  Many Thanks to Jen and Dan for pulling it together! 

This has fun written all over it!  It's being held at the Bears Den in Byron on July 18th, the first night of Byron Good Neighbor Days Weekend!    We'll have a great time testing ourselves while raising money for the Byron Community Foundation!    You'll see on the registration, there is also a registration for spectators... beer is included for the spectators, so get registered!
  • Critical Note: We want everyone to be safe at this event, which is why the waiver requires you to name a sober driver.  Be smart and be safe!  
For training purposes.. here is a video of an Olympic Runner trying to set the world record... another thing worth noting.. he was of legal age and had a sober driver!   Oh, and he's an Olympic runner.. so when you set your time goal, you can go for the record, or adjust accordingly.


Thursday 6pm we're at the Bears Den in Byron for our weekly Team R.E.D.!   --- this is a deviation from our normal rotation, in large part to make sure we can be at TerraLoco on June 20th, for a run and fun sort of night.
Saturday 7am:  Join us at Charlie's Eatery & Pub for a 30-60 run or walk, then come settle in for a great breakfast buffet!    Breakfast is just $15 (which includes juice and coffee)... and a contribution of $20 or more will have you entered into a raffle for gift cards from Charlies!  Additionally, Team Jean T-shirts will be for sale for just $15!
  • If you received the evite for this event, please RSVP using that tool.  If you have not received the evite, please let me know and we'll get you hooked up!
  • If you can't make the run/walk at 7am.. come anytime from 8-10am for the breakfast!  
  • June 22nd:   Put on your Team Jean” t-shirt and join Jean’s Team for the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K run or walk at Silver Lake East side Pavilion:
  • For the June 22nd race, you can register as a member of "Team Jean", select "Join an Existing Team" at:
Saturday Race! The Tortoise vs Hare where runners will receive an age, gender, height and weight graded start time!   The young fit men will have their work cut out for them as they try to catch old, fat guys like me!
Keep in mind.. the Rochester Track Club continues to drive a great All-comers meet for youngsters, and you can volunteer any Tuesday!  

Also get out and register for a brand new event at RochesterFest... it's the Camp Olson YMCA 1 mile.. run on the parade route and rock it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

It all starts tonight!

I have some Facebook stealing to do to capture all of this past weeks racing.. and includes members doing tri's, half marathons, 5ks', and a sneaky Marathon to Marathon!   Check back for pics...

6pm (tonight!) Monday Maniacs is a great way to start out a week.  Join them at 6pm at the Douglas Saloon.... actually, join them at the parking lot along the Douglas trail in Douglas, then go for a run or walk, and join them again, inside the saloon!

Worried about being fast enough for this crew?  Well, it's an out and back route, so go as far as you want to get back with everyone!  It works out great!

For those of you who have never walked into the Douglas Saloon, you should know its like watching football at your friends house, just plain old comfy!


5:45pm Tuesday Trail is an amazing group of runners who welcome everyone!  This week the crew is venturing to Forestville Mystery Cave State Park for the Forestville Frollic.. haha.. I think that's what's going on..  - oh and there will be a run!

You can meet at 5:45pm at Walmart South in Rochester to get connected with a carpool / caravan, and plan to arrive at the park approx. 6:30pm.


5:30pm Wednesday Track is a great chance to rock the speed.  If you want to get faster, at some point, you need to test yourself fast!  The track work does that... and it's awesome, as you are always surrounded by others with the same mission, get faster!  

Given the way the weather has been, there's a good chance the real option is indoor again, at RCTC indoor tack.  This facility is free to use, but if your shoes are wet, please bring a dry pair to wear on the track.  

There are also a number of runners hoping to hit the Byron track outdoor (newly resurfaced)... but that will be weather dependent. 


6pm Thursday Team R.E.D.   -- We are at the Bears Den in Byron once again!  I know you all love the Den, but you might be asking, why so soon?  Because next week, June 20th (typically a bears den night).. TerraLoco is hosting a run from their store, and providing free beer and wine!   More details to come about the June 20th event.. in the meantime...

Bears Den for a run or walk.. routes will be 3, 4 or 6 miles... and I'm hazarding to guess, a mighty good time inside post exercise. We may need some volunteers to help us gauge a good route for the July 18th Beer Mile! 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunday & Monday are certain... updates to follow on the remainder of the week!

Many of you had a chance to race on Saturday... looking forward to hearing how it went!   I'm sure it went fast!

Sunday 8am:  The off season striders are getting together at Panera South and heading out for a run or walk. Join them for some fitness and settle in for a coffee and breakfast after!
Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are returning to the ever popular Douglas Saloon!  Gather at the parking lot along the trail in Douglas, and get out for some time on your feet, before settling into the comfy chairs of the saloon! 
Tuesday 6pm:  The trail crew is still deciding, but it's looking like possibly a trip to Forestville State Park!  What a nice change up that would be!   Check back for details.
Wednesday 5:30pm:   Speed work! Someplace!   Check back on this one too!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is also still TBD for location.. wow, we have a lot of that this week.. we'll nail it down by Monday.  Check back!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Two New Members!

It's been said before... and I'll say it again.  New members are awesome!  Please welcome Brooke & Rob!  

Brooke Joins Team R.E.D.! - and Heidi ducks
Rob Joins Team R.E.D.!  - and Heidi ducks
It was a great night to get out.. and a strong turnout at the Bears Den.  

Ready to roll
The college kids
Michelle, Meg & Wendy bring a friend along!
A quick rest stop at Melby Park
Jen made a new friend... and it's not the bear we're talking about!
Gwen joins a new age group!  .. and she's only getting faster!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Events - Lot of them!

I know some of you are skimmers... so the first 3 items in this post are upcoming race events... then you'll find an update on a breakfast fundraiser for Team Jean, you are all invited!   Additionally, you'll see what's up tonight and tomorrow for RED runs!


  • June 15:  The Tortoise vs Hare where runners will receive an age, gender, height and weight graded start time!   The young fit men will have their work cut out for them as they try to catch old, fat guys like me!

  • June 28:  The Rochesterfest One Mile is a brand new event and supporting the Camp Olson YMCA scholarship progream!   That's right, as part of Rochesterfest, and runners will find themselves running down the parade route just before the event kicks off!  -- FUN!


  • June 15th 7am:  Join us at Charlies Eatery & Pub for a 30-60 run or walk, then come settle in for a great breakfast buffet!    Breakfast is just $15 (which includes juice and coffee)... and a contribution of $20 or more will have you entered into a raffle for gift cards from Chariles!  Additionally, Team Jean T-shirts will be for sale for just $15!  

    • If you received the evite for this event, please RSVP using that tool.  If you have not received the evite, please let me know and we'll get you hooked up!
    • If you can't make the run/walk at 7am.. come anytime from 8-10am for the breakfast!  
  • June 22nd:   Put on your Team Jean” t-shirt and join Jean’s Team for the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K run or walk at Silver Lake East side Pavilion:

  • *******************************

    • Tonight 5:30pm:  Get your speed rolling at the indoor track of RCTC.   The planned workout is 1 mile hard, followed by recovery, before rolling into 300M repeats!   If you have never tried track, you should consider, as it's a quick workout, that will pay off come race day!
    • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  Come join us for 3, 4 or 6 miles of running or walking... and then of course, settle into the Den for a refreshment of your choice!

    Sunday, June 2, 2013

    We have another full week!

    The Chester Woods Trail run was highly successful!   The 5K, 50K and 10 Mile brought in more than 350 runners!   --  Weather was great on race day, but soggy the night before... here's a shot of Team R.E.D. Woo navigating the water...

    Monday 6pm:  Monday Maniacs are heading to Douglas!  One of our favorite stops on the Maniac Tour....   gather at the parking lot along the trail in Douglas, and plan to run or walk anywhere from 3-6 miles (whatever works for you), then come back to the Douglas Saloon for a great social time!
    Tuesday 6pm:  Tuesday Trails has steam like no other.. this week the Trail crew is heading to Camp Victory near Zumbro Falls.  It's fun to change it up week after week, get on the trails!
    Wednesday 5:30pm:   Track work... speed work... the current plan is 1 mile close to all out, followed by 400M recovery.. and then 12 X 300M repeats... sounds wonderful!   This all goes down at the RCTC indoor track, as once again.... the weather says so! 
    Thursday 6pm:  We're at the Bears Den in Byron.   Gather up for the route talk, then head out for 3, 4 or 6 miles of fun....  Come back to the Den to chat it up with others and enjoy the evening.