Thursday, January 31, 2013

If the track is a rockin'...

.... you should come a knockin'!

Tonight the track was loaded with Team R.E.D. members!  It's so good to really test that upper limit of foot turnover... and with such a great crowd on the track, the energy builds!


We have a new member!   And a previously joined member, who finally got his t-shirt!  (I know some of you can relate to that.).  All of the pics are post workout.. so some shiny heads/faces exist.

First meet Shaun.... he actually joined Team R.E.D. in the fall of 2012 (which means he's nearly ready for renewal!)   Shaun has been taking part in the track workouts for a couple weeks now, and I think he likes it... well of course he does.. it's awesome! 

Next up.. meet Casey... Casey is new to the area from the Twin Cities if I recall correctly.  He found out about us thanks to Aaron, and he showed up one night on the track and said "you must be the running club."    We are really looking forward to having Casey on the team!

Speaking of waiting to get what you want.... Sarah finally got her Snowshoe Crew Jacket!  -  Also note, a couple of our snowshoe crew leaders are working on a road-trip to get us to the snow!  Details of where and when they plan to shoe, will be coming when Wendy and Elaine tell me it's fit to print..   Meanwhile.. check out Sarah receiving her jacket!  Welcome to the Snow Shoe Crew!

Additionally, it should not go un-noticed.. a Team R.E.D. member has been recognized as A Rising Star!  Congrats to Chris!   

Another critical note on this pic:  I see a halo sort of shine around Chris, which of course reflects the man rising as a star!   It's true!  Way to go Chris!

(for the record, while the photo appears to be blurry like ones I take, I can not take credit for the picture.... I lifted it from facebook courtesy of Mike P. )


  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  We're heading to Wild Bills and will give ourselves a mostly slip free run (we hope!).  
    • Wild Bills is the former TGIF.  The address is along a frontage road of Hwy 52.   Address: 300 U.S. 52, Rochester -- just north of Miracle Mile mall.  If you don't make the run or walk.. come on out for the social!   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Updates on this week....

  • Tuesday Trail 6:15pm:  The Trail run is heading out to Chester Woods.  Mason is billing it as a slippin' and slidin' evening of fun!   Below is the message from Mace... 
    • Meet at the horse trailer parking area at 6:15PM and we'll find 4ish miles of nice dry trails to run on. After party spot to be determined.
  • Wednesday Track 5:30pm:  Let's keep it rolling!   Indoor, dry and fast... and fun!   Wear one pair of shoes, and change into your running shoes, that is the preference of RCTC. 
  • Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  We're heading to Wild Bills 
    • Note to Randy F. :  this is not Wildwood, it's not whiskey creek, it's not an old Ramada Inn...  it's Wild Bills!
    • Wild Bills is the former TGIF.  The address is along a frontage road of Hwy 52.   Address: 300 U.S. 52, Rochester -- just north of Miracle Mile mall.   They don't typically take reservations but said they would take care of us.  For you Eat. Drinkers.  I told them we'd be back at the bar between 6:45-7pm. 
Here's another shot from Lori's Half Marathon in Texas.. it's her 15th!  She just started this journey a few years ago, and continues to rock them out!  Nice socks by the way!

This week...

It's only January and the racing is on!  Wow.. you are all amazing!  Here's what I know, and I'm sure I've missed some things, so please email me at if you've done a recent race and we didn't hear about it.

Securian Winter Half, 10K & 5K... a bunch of members were participating, including Andy, Chris, Ann, Diana, Ryan, Tom W, Sonja & Gwen....   a few of the highlights I found are below, but I would stress, this is one heck of a fun event, and one to take part in the future! ....
  • Woo was 1st in his age group - 3rd overall in the 5K!
  • Gwen was 2nd in her age group - 10th female in the 10K!
  • Ryan was 5th in his age group - 11th overall in the 10K!
  • Diana was 5th in her age group - 8th female in the Half!
pic courtesy of Woo
Lori was in Austin Texas and racing with some of her many great friends!   Here's a shot of Lori and Jean sporting the Team R.E.D. like rock stars!


By all accounts Austin rocked it! 

The Rochester Track Club Banquet was held on Saturday night.. and Team R.E.D. members were present demonstrating a great crossover between the clubs.  See some of the shots below.. it was a fun evening!

Sonja wins Outstanding Service Award!
Jean wins outstanding service award (presented by Dave).. Both Team R.E.D. members
Mason announces a winner with Julie (Both R.E.D. members, we still owe Julie her shirt!)
Shelly presents Dick with the Runner of the Year Award.  She did a great job!
R.E.D. engages the guest speaker and family.
 ** Olympic Trials competitor Chris Erichsen spends some post banquet time chatting.. he was a very good speaker, and has accomplished a heck of a lot!  Very inspiring story. **

Monday Night 6pm:  The Maniacs are heading out from WildWood Bar & Grill.. do not follow Randy F to find the place, he was a little misdirected.   Wildwood is located on the backside of the Ramada (near the TJ Maxx Plaza).   * if the trails, sidewalks and roads are still icey, consider wearing some form of yak trax, spikes or other gripper *
Tuesday Trail 6pm:  The Trail run plan has not yet be unveiled.  Check back for details.
Wednesday Track 5:30pm:  Get on the indoor track at RCTC.  Last week we had a bunch of runners at various paces, let's keep the mo-mo rolling!  
Thursday Team R.E.D. 6pm:  location TBD... making some calls on a new Rochester location for us.  Check back!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Postponement - Sunday 13.1 mile run!

Please see the email we received from John regarding the previously scheduled test run of the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer route.

Hi: Due to the anticipated storm that will be blowing through starting tomorrow morning, I am going to postpone this until February 3rd. Could you get this out to your distribution lists?




Congrats to all who raced this morning!  There were several at the Securian Winter Carnival Half, 10K and 5K... details, and hopefully pictures to follow.  Lori is in Texas for a race.. go Lori!  


Friday, January 25, 2013

Saturday & Sunday!

A whole lot of Off Season Striders this Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday 7:30am... gather at Panera South and head out on the trails for a great group run, and come back for coffee and fun!
Sunday 8am...   the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer course trial is taking place.  We'll start at Mayo High school, and cover the course.  Race Director John Shonyo will be there, listening to feedback of the course.  
Volunteers are still needed for the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon and 5K on Feb 10th!   Drop me an email if you want to volunteer at the water stop, but also, they're looking for field marshals!

Thursday night Team R.E.D. was fun... with about 15-20 members heading out to brave the chill!  Several others joined post run... for more of the fun!

We had the opportunity to learn a bit about Bolder Options - an organization that matches mentors to at-risk youth (ages 10-14) for a mentorship program with an emphasis on fitness and healthy choices!  The picture below has Lindsey and Nick, they shared the mission of Bolder Options with us. 

Right now, the Rochester Bolder Options has 26 mentors matched with young people, and they have a waiting list that goes on and on... there's a real need for additional mentors in this program, particularly on the men's side of things. If you'd like to learn more about the program, contact information is in the picture below as well.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Strong work on the Track!

It was a very nice turnout on the track Wednesday. The workout was 24 repeats of 300M at 5K pace and 100M recovery.    --- as with all workouts, you can adjust your pace and qty of repeats to suit your needs.    You sure can feel the speed with this workout... and it's typically complete very quickly.  Consider joining us next week! 

Shuan shared some news about an exciting 1 mile race coming to Rochester during RochesterFest.  The course will be on the parade route... as spectators are lining up for the parade, they'll be there to cheer you on your way to a 1 mile PR!   Be sure to keep your eyes open for the details.  

Tonight at 6pm we're at WildWood Bar & Grill for Team R.E.D. ! Come out and have some fun... routes will be 3, 4 or 6 miles... dress warm and have some fun! We will have a guest from Bolder Options coming to join us post run and explain their mentor program, answer questions and get you connected if you so desire.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fair Weather Runners!

Wow.. it's been tough out there!   But the good news is the weather will turn for the better, I'm sure it will.. I trust in it!  None the less, plan to join the indoor workout Wednesday evening... get some speed on!

  • Wednesday Track - 5:30pm at the indoor track of RCTC.   They prefer you wear one pair of shoes in, and change into running shoes once inside.   This is a weekly opportunity, so come on out and give it a go.. don't worry about your pace.. on the track, everyone challenges themselves based on current ability level.   Quite a variety of paces for sure. 
  • Thursday R.E.D. - 6pm we'll be at WildWood Bar & Grill in Rochester, located on the backside of the Ramada... near the TJ Maxx Center.  Routes will be 6 miles max... with some shorter options as well.  Pace is varied, someone for everyone.. come on out! 
    • Note:  Bolder Options leadership will be at Sonte's from 5-7pm for an informational Happy Hour.  I plan to swing in and get some information before our 6pm get together.  If you care to join me, it could be fun to learn more about their program!   
A couple items to keep checking on... with updates to follow...
  • Warrior Dash 2013 - Adam is taking the lead on time slot selection and camping!  He's already nabbed the group site from two years ago (it can hold a lot of tents!).   The campground also has room for RV's (just not in the group site).
  • Racing USATF!   Consider racing for RED in Minnesota Club competitive series... it's really fun to travel together and race!  The first race of the season is the Irish Run 8K on March 24th in St Paul (this was formerly known as the Human Race).  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Members Rockin'

Congratulations to Team R.E.D. members Jim & Angie!   They each completed the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon (and a half!).     Jim's wife Brenda, also completed her first half marathon!  -- what a great way for a family to enjoy Disney!

Ang Representing R.E.D.!  Congrats!

I can only guess what Jim is looking at in this pic

Duaghter / Father.. proud moment!

The family that ices together...

The family... Congrats to Brenda on her first half!


Off Season Striders on Sunday was a test!  The weather created a bit of an edge, but thank goodness the wind was down from last night.. what a howler that was!   Check out the shot of Kelle below... with those lashes she earned the nickname of Lady Gaga on today's run! 

14+ well earned miles!


  • Monday Maniacs at back at WildWood at 6pm on Monday!  - be sure to dress wisely and enjoy the miles with great friends!
  • Tuesday Trail run is moving inside for a Movie Night... it's a trail running movie.. and appears to be a good one!  --  the host for Movie Night is Dan Lovik at 1504 7th St NE in Rochester.  If you'd like to participate drop Jim an email at  
  • Wednesday Track is set for 5:30pm from the indoor track at RCTC. Come join the speed session! 
  • Thursdays Team RED is dialed into Rochester this week... still pondering a couple locations. Check back for updates.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fantastic Fun!

It was a fantastic Thursday Night Team R.E.D.!  We saw a couple new faces in Becky of Rochester and Frank of Byron.  Welcome to both of you!

We also have a new member... Meet Jenny!  ... and Jenny must have talked to Gwen for too long, as she has already signed up to run Tough Mudder with Team R.E.D.!

Welcome Jenny! 
Below is a peek at the Bears Den Gift Cards and Red Solo Cups (cups provided by the Mesenburgs.. Thanks!)    Congratulations to Adam, Mike, Jenny, Sarah, Jeremy, Lorelei and Andy!

Here's a slide show of the team running in the dark... as always, my photographic skills are superb!

Another sponsor has re-upped Thursday night!   ServiceMaster of Rochester is a great supporter of Team R.E.D.  With that, every sponsor has returned!  Thanks go to them all.. in no particular order... Thanks to Needs Car Wash, ServiceMaster, Bears Den, K&S Heating and Pro Image!  -- you can find links to each of our sponsors on the right hand side of the blog.

Next is a peek of what's shaping up over the next week or so... get out and have fun, the cold is on the way! -- hopefully with that cold we see some snow!

Saturday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders step out from Brothers Bar & Grill.  You should park behind the bar to get connected with the group for the route talk. -- and then no one will talk about your early morning drinking habits!
Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders go again, this time from Dunn Bros North.   You can meet in the front of Dunn Bros.. no need to try and hide from the general public at this location.
Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs get it going from WildWood bar and grill located on the back side of the Ramada near the TJ Max Plaza.  Come for the run... stay for the fun!
Tuesday TBD:  It's sounding like a movie night!  The movie is The Mountain Runners and I've embedded the trailer below.   Jim says it's an interesting movie, especially if you like history.  It was an event that took place in 1911. 

Wednesday 5:30pm: The speed sessions continue at the indoor track of RCTC. Come on out, even if you can't get there right at 5:30, join while we're in progress. It's a great way to turn the feet fast!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is in Rochester this week... location is still to be determined.


Mark your calendars!     

January 27th at 8am is the Test The Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon Route Run (TTLUABCHMRR).   Race Director John Shonyo will host a couple aid stations, and listen to your feedback regarding the route.   The run will start at the south parking lot of Mayo High School.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lovin' the track!

I encourage more and more of us to get out to the Wednesday night track workouts!  Many of us are thinking about races, and there's one sure way to get faster.. it's by training faster!  

Track workouts are a way to get that speed rolling. Remember, you will run the workout at a speed that fits your current ability level... so don't be intimidated and come give it a shot.  Additionally, one of our newest members, Ryan, will lead the track runners to the nearest hydration location post workout!

The picture below is missing one participant, as Steve missed the photo shoot. 

Jim, Tom, Ryan, Emily, Ann & Gwen

We are in Byron tonight.. see you at the Bears Den at 6pm!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awesome Nights!

Monday Maniacs provided us with a great chance to get a talking tour of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center renovations that are taking place.  Dave is the constuction manager and he gave us some insight as to the vision of the renovation... very interesting and informative and fun!

Paul, Steve, Dan, John, Sara, Jenny, Ann, Wendy, Elaine, Aaron, Dave & Mike 

Dave on the rooftop giving details on the expansion project

Woo overtaking a runner on the indoor track (was too cold outside I guess)

Tuesday Trail run was also a hit. The trails at Root River Park provided some hills as a challenge, additionally, the snow, ice made things interesting!  

  • Tonight 5:30pm: Speed work at the indoor track of RCTC.  Check in with Woo and the crew to turn the legs rapidly!  Race season is approaching, nothing like some foot turnover to make you run fast!  

  • Thursday 6pm:  Head to the Bears Den in Byron!  Lots of giveawys, and a fun night on the streets.  3, 4 and 6 mile options!  

  • **********************************

    Thanks to Kelle for finding a fun video of what it would be like if Men and Women switched roles in the workout room. Click the link for a quality 3 minutes of viewing.

    There's still time to sign up for Tough Mudder!  You know you want to... come along and join the Team R.E.D. tough mudder team!  We have 10-11 people signed up so far.. follow this link  and register for the Saturday July 20th, join an existing team "team red" and the password is "running"

    Price goes up Jan 25 so why not put this one on your things to accomplish in 2013.
    This is a team event, we start and finish together, no individuals wanted. We need runners and lifters, shockers and soakers-  See the promo video below and let's do it!

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Fitness & Fun!

    There is a whole lot going on this week!   Be sure to check out the day by day lineup below.

    • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs are patrolling the downtown Rochester trails starting at Dooleys, and ending at... Dooleys!   Stop on out for a run or walk, and some social time!
    • Tuesday 6pm:  The Tuesday night trail group is back to running (since it would appear snowshoeing is not a great option at this time).   The plan is to run roughly 4 miles on the mostly grassy trails of the Root River Park.
    • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Speed work at the indoor track of RCTC.   This track is Free to use, and open for walking and running on weekdays from 6am-8am and 5pm-10pm.  Those hours could vary if an event is being hosted at the fieldhouse.  
    • Thursday 6pm:  It's the Bears Den in Byron!  We have $40 worth of gift cards to give away... so come prepared to have some fun. 
    If you're planning to run at the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer event on Feb 10th... go get registered!  Of course, if you're not running in it and would like to volunteer, please contact me at  Check out the message from the race orgnaizers.. Several great giveaways from TerraLoco!

    • To encourage early registration we are giving away running gear (courtesy of Terraloco) every week starting January 13th and ending February 3rd. Weekly prizes include shoes, socks and other running goodies. And we will have a grand prize drawing on or about February 6th for two Garmin 10 GPS units.

      Anyone registering prior to February 4th will be entered into the weekly drawings and the grand prize drawing. (No purchase necessary, please go to for contest rules).

      Winners must pick up their prizes at TerraLoco (1190 16th Street SW, Rochester). Mailing out prizes may be an option with Race Director approval (



    Friday, January 11, 2013

    Rainy Night... Light Night

    We had a very lightly attended, slightly rainy night at Team R.E.D. tonight... yet me managed to get some miles, and lots of smiles!   -- Last week's 'new girl' Jenny, brought along two new guys, John & Dan.. we hope to see them all back!

    Additionally, we kicked off a 'chance to win' Brooks Pure Project shoes.... the shoes were donated by TerraLoco and we thank them!  

    We'll hold a drawing for a winner at the Bears Den, on Thursday Feb 21st but you can start earning your entries now. 

    How do you enter the drawing?  Let me count the ways.... you can run/walk/bike, socialize, donate, or volunteer or race! 
    • Receive 1 entry each Thursday that you miss the run/walk/ride but join the team for the E.D. portion of the evening anyway. 
    • Receive 2 entries each Thursday night that you run/walk/ride with Team R.E.D.
    • Receive 2 entries and a Team R.E.D. bling headband or can coolie by donating $10 or more to the Youth Scholarship Fund
    • Receive 5 entries by volunteering at the Team R.E.D. Waterstop or in any volunteer role at Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon on Feb 10th. (please email me if you'd like to volunteer). Thanks for all you do!
    • Receive 5 entries by registering to race any of the events at Lace Up Against Breast Cancer (please email me if you register).  
    Good Luck everyone! 
    Here's a look at the next few days...
    • Saturday 7:30am:  The Off Season Striders are gathering at Charlies Eatery & Pub (across from St Marys' and formerly named The Crown Restuarant).
    • Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders are getting together again, at Panera South in Rochester. 
    • Monday 6pm:  The Monday Maniacs get after it from Dooley's Pub in Rochester.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    Take a look at this post.. what a doll!

    Many of you have already had a chance to see Sara & Joe's new girl Emma, and of course she's always looking great!  Yet here is the first chance to capture her in this stunning outfit! We are so happy for the Ryan's...  it's way awesome!  

    Monday, January 7, 2013

    More news.. not as fun as Emma.. but news!

    Congratulations are in order for several Team R.E.D. members as 6 members finished in the top 10 of the Polar Bear Predict Your Time 5K this past Saturday.  That's 6 award winners!

    Congrats to Sarah, Emily, Braden, Deb, Lorelei, Tohnia .. oh, it was Tohnia's first 5K ever!

    Also Congrats to Larry for being the 1st to cross the finish line!  (although that resulted in a DQ.. Sorry Larry!)

    Another notable, Team R.E.D. issued an entry to the Byron Good Neighbor Days race to a 13 year old girl running at the prediction run.  She's a mayo runner, and very deserving.

    Yet another notable note, Team R.E.D. gained a new member named Ryan, hopefully we can get a picture of him with shirt presentation soon.  Welcome Ryan!  


    Monday Maniacs and Sunday Snowshoe were both big hits, as usual!  See the pics below for Monday Maniacs... and watch for the next location to join the Fitness & Fun!
    Now check the slideshow below for the fun at Snowshoe (we are really hoping for minimal melt, and some additional snow!) We had 5 new snow shoer's this past weekend... Welcome to Dave, Laurie, Penny, Bill and Michelle!

    • Tuesday 6pm:  Essex park is the scene, snowshoes are the theme!  Come on out to hit the snowy trails of Essex Park in Rochester. We're gathering at the parking lot indicated with the green arrow at the following link
    • Wednesday 5:30pm: With race season on the way, it's time to turn the legs over!  Gather at the indoor track at RCTC.  It's best to bring a dry pair of shoes, and change before using the track.
    • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads back to The Field House sports bar, located at 1625 South Broadway in Rochester (inside the Americas Best Value Inn).  
    News! News! News!
    •  Volunteers needed for Feb 10th!:  Team R.E.D. is hosting a hopping waterstop at Lace Up Against Breast Cancer on Feb 10th.   We support the runners at the Gazebo behind Mayo Civic Center, which means we see them all 3 times!   We will have a theme, music, fire and undoubtedly beer! 
    • Free Pair of Brooks Shoes!:  TerraLoco has generously donated a pair of Brooks Pure Project shoes to Team R.E.D.  We will hold a drawing, and there are a few ways you can get entered into the drawing so watch your email Tuesday evening for details on this.  
    • Virtual Run for Fun and Fundraising:  The other thing in Tuesday's email will be details on Team R.E.D.'s next destination run for a cause.   It will be a fundraising opportunity, and participation is encouraged, but of course, voluntary!   The distance is about 1215 miles from the Bears Den in Byron... so I'm sure we can get there in a hurry!  
    • Canadian Ragnar:  Reggie is looking for some more teammates for a Canadian Ragnar relay in June!  Many of you know Reggie, as he is often at the Saturday morning Marathon training runs from the RAC, and he served us up some hospitality at Lake Wobegone Marathon with an invite to his camper fridge, which had plenty of beer!      The Ragnar route starts in Toronto and ends at Niagra Falls, Fun!     If interested, you can contact Reggie at the following email address 
    • USA Track & Field:   Team R.E.D. has renewed our USATF membership. If you'd like to participate as a racer for Team R.E.D., you'll need to register yourself with USATF and attached yourself to Team R.E.D. (which is code 0435 and should not be confused with another club, Minnesota RED)..   You can register at (it's $30 for a 1 year membership, and discounts with extended years).  
      • Why should I join USATF?  So you can compete as a Team RED runner at several events.  
      • But I'm  not fast?   Don't be silly!  The more the merrier at these events!  The top five Team RED members will score points in the open division of each race (there are separate male and female divisions).  The top 3 over 40 score in the Masters and the top 3 over 50 in the Grand Masters.   
      • What if I don't make many races?  It's all good... take in the ones that fit your schedule and skip the rest!  
      • What races are included in the club circuit?   Probably the most anticipated race is the TC 10 mile, which is a lottery only entry for most people.  But if you are racing for Team RED you are guaranteed entry!  There are several fun races  of a variety of distances from the 1 mile to the Marathon!  List is below.
        • Sunday March 24th Irish Run St. Paul 8k – St. Paul
          USATF Minnesota 8k Championship
          Saturday April 27th Get in Gear 10k - Minneapolis
          USATF Minnesota 10k Championship
          Thursday May 9th Medtronic TC 1 Mile - Minneapolis
          USATF Minnesota 1 Mile Championship
          Saturday May 11th New Prague Half Marathon – New Prague
          USATF Minnesota Half Marathon Championship
          Monday May 27th Brian Kraft Memorial 5k - Minneapolis
          Saturday June 22nd Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth
          USATF Minnesota Marathon Championship
          Wednesday July 17th Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5k - Minneapolis
          USATF Minnesota 5k Championship
          Sunday August 11th MDRA 15k - Edina
          USATF Minnesota 15k Championship
          Sunday September 8th MDRA City of Lakes 25k – Minneapolis
          USATF Minnesota 25k Championship
          Sunday October 6th Medtronic TC 10 Mile – Minneapolis
          USATF Minnesota 10 Mile Championship

    Friday, January 4, 2013

    Schedule of events... lots of them!

    Hey!  It was a great night at the Bears Den on Thursday. We saw a couple new faces in Jenny and Sarah... and we saw a few people come back, maybe a New Years Resolution?! 

    For some reason, I didn't get any pictures.. sorry about that.. !

    • Saturday 10am:  Polar Bear Predict Your Time 5K.  This is a fun event in which you don't need to be the fastest, rather the person to most closely predict your finish time.  Swing out to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and join the fun!   Race day registration is available, and Fleece hat to each participant while supplies last. 
    • Sunday 8am:  Off Season striders are rolling out of Dunn Bros.  This group typically goes anywhere from 5-10 miles and then settle in for a cup of joe post run.
    • Sunday 12:30pm:   The snowshoe crew is meeting at the 1st bridge of Oxbow park for another adventure in the woods!  Last week the snow shoer's were out and about for 1 hr 45 min of fun!  Bring along a flask of some liquid warmth if you like, and join the fun!
      • Don't have snowshoe's but want to try it out?  drop Tom an email at and he'll get you hooked up with a loaner pair.
    • Monday 6pm:  The maniacs are heading to Dooley's and planning to utilize the clear downtown trails for a nice evening run, followed by some social time in the warmth of Dooleys!
    • Tuesday 6pm:  The Tuesday trail crew is hitting a snowshoe route at Essex Park in Rochester.  Come on out and bring your headlamp! They'll be meeting at the parking lot indicated with the green arrow at the following link
    • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Get your speed on at the RCTC indoor track.   I would expect all the bleachers to be removed by now and the track should be much more easy to navigate!
    • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. heads back to The Field House once again.  This time we'll go more directly onto the trail system and back for some good time, good times.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Two Quick Hits!

    Running behind on updating the week due to some celebrations...  hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends! 

    • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Speed work at the indoor track at RCTC.  Bring a dry pair of shoes to change into... and let it rip on the track!
    • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the Bears Den in Byron.  Routes will be 3, 4 or 6 miles as is typical.  Come on out, bring some friends!