Friday, April 30, 2010

Twas the night before Spring Classic....

Below are just a few shots of some of Friday's prep getting ready for the Spring Classic 15K, 5K & Kids Run  (the action below includes picking up runners rolls from Great Harvest, t-shirts from Superior Screen Printers, and registration at the Running Room.

Thank you to all for contributions, including all of the very helpful volunteers!   Additionally, a great Thanks is due to the  Running  Room for providing space for us to connect with the runners!  They support so many events in our area!  

Registration will open again Saturday morning at 7:15am at the Soldiers Field picnic shelter.


Sunday Night Hike is on again... 6pm at Oxbow Park.  They meet at the first bridge and go hit the trails.  Be sure to join!


As Jean and I were dotting i's and crossing t's for tomorrow's Rochester Track Club Spring Classic 15K, 5K & Kids Mile,  I was wearing my newest flair hair. (Hair courtesy of Team RED's Nepstads... Thank You!) We sat near the door, I got a few chuckles from people. Then suddenly, Jean was all smiles.. and says something to the effect "you're wearing that hair, and look who just came in."

Woo hoooo! The Red Hat Ladies! They appreciated my look and were kind enough to pose for a picture. In fact they wanted us to stick around, as many more were on the way, but the clock is ticking for Spring Classic! So we had to fly, but at least were smiling on the way out the door!

Spring Classic registration is still open tonight at the Running Room and tomorrow morning starting at 7:15am at Soldiers Field picnic shelter.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another one in the books!

The runners found the wind to be a force tonight!  I got there in time to find them recovering! Carb up!

Routes are posted -- Finally!

Team RED meets at the Bears Den tonight at 7pm... routes are posted on the right side of the blog!  Have a great time out there... I hope to join for ED once again (my Thursday evening conflicts are soon coming to a conclusion).

Good Luck to all of you racing this weekend!  Several are planning to race the Spring Classic Saturday morning.   This race should is a lot of fun...   Distances include a 15K, 5K and kids mile... The Start and finish is at Soldiers Memorial Field.   There's still time to register if you want in... you can register Friday from 5pm-8pm at the Running Room, or race day morning starting at 7:15 at the picnic shelter in Soldiers Field. 

A huge Thank You to all of you volunteering on Saturday as well!  We sure couldn't put on an event like this without your support.  You're all very giving of your time, thanks so much!

Thank You! 

Also, good luck to those taking part in Marathons and Half Marathons this weekend!   Team R.E.D. members that I'm aware are participating include, Tom Woo, Paul Melby, Bri Hamann, Chris O'Brien, Andy Becker and myself.   Others from the area are also going to join us.... it sure makes it great fun when you can see so many friendly faces at the marathon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More to come

I'm on my way out the door shortly.. just wanted to put a quick post to say routes will go up in the Morning for Thursday's run/walks!   Everyone have a great night!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's catch up!

Team RED members are cruising every place! Wow it's fun!

Pictured below are the Sunday's Oxbow hikers... they are really having fun out there, schedule wise it just hasn't worked for me lately, but after this Sunday, I may find I can get there!  

This week, pictured are Ann, Shelly, Tod, Meg & Wendy.   For those of you slow on the uptake, Tod has found the right ratio.. This group gets out and moves through the trails.   Oxbow is a local treasure we all should enjoy!

The Spring Classic is still accepting registrations and volunteers alike!   Jean Murray and myself direct this race... it's a 15K, 5K and Kids 1 Mile.  (the kids mile is FREE!)     Paul Melby is heading up the kids mile, and it really should be a blast for these young runners!  Come on out this Saturday and enjoy!

Training wise this week.. there are some great options...

5:30pm Tuesday:  Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial.. for about a  2/3'rd mile warmup to the base of the hills, then enjoy!

6:00pm Tuesday :  Jim Mason and company are running Trails at Willow Creek!  We're all welcome to join... it's quite a fun group!

Thursday evening:  Team RED from the Bears Den.  Still hunting and pecking for the right spring/summer start time... 

Saturday morning: Rochester Track Club's Spring Classic 15K, 5K and Kids 1 Mile.   There's still time to register!  Visit the rochester track club website for details.    Many Team RED members are participating and volunteering.   Kids mile kicks off at 8am... 15K & 5K roll at 8:30 and 8:40am.

Saturday morning: The weekly Marathon & Half Marathon training runs from the RAC.  This group is fantastic!   They get rolling at 7:15am.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Note

If you are reading this blog and not on our distribution list about group runs and upcoming events/runs... please drop me a note at and I'll be sure to get you added!

8am Sunday... 13 miler from Douglas Trail head on Valley High Drive
5:30pm Sunday... Oxbow hike... meet at the 1st Bridge and enjoy

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Spring!

Could we possibly request better weather for walking/running this spring.  Really.. it's been incredible!  

Once again, I missed the run tonight, due to one of my favorite things.... Byron Track!   Yet I was able to join some of the E.D. portion of the evening.   Luckily, that gave me a chance to capture some pics of you!  (less Joe Ryan, he tagged out, as I tagged in!)

The NFL draft was rolling while we were at the Den.. all eyes focused as the Vikings prepared to make a pick. Tick tock.. clock went to zone time.. bam.. pow... "the Vikings trade the pick to the Detroit Lions for Daunte Culpepper".... yee hawww.. ok ok.. kidding.. not for Daunte, but we did trade our pick.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Success!

Before we get to the sweet success.... Thursday's routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog...   I got it done... whew...    Now... more importantly...

Congratulations to all of you who completed the Boston Marathon! What a great accomplishment! Several area runners competed and ran fantastic.  If you're in search of results, the can be found  HERE

One of the finishers is Team R.E.D.'s own Renee Saxman... she had a whirlwind tour, not only running her personal best Boston time, but also being able to meet some very notable runners... ahem.. in fact she met Americas top dog, Ryan Hall! I'm very excited for her and can't wait to hear the stories! See Renee's blog for more details on her visits with the big shots!

Of course, local man does good too!  Byron grad  Pete Gilman finished 38th overall in a time of 2:25:40... that's a screaming 5:34 per mile pace!

Ahhhh... the marathon is such an awesome race, this quick ad embodies the fact we can achieve what we set out to achieve!

Speaking of achievements. Our own Mary Dykes had quite a nice one herself this past weekend as she completed her first half marathon! Be sure to congratulate her.. that is fantastic! I'm sensing quite a strong desire to drive on for more! Way to go Mary! Below are some pics of her at the Earth Day Half Marathon in St Cloud.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon Monday!

 I always love Boston Marathon Monday!  I'll be keeping an eye on several area runners, including Team R.E.D.'s Renee Saxman!   Go get 'em Renee!   You can find a list of area runners  (all 559XX zip code) if you click here   Of course, you could also customize your search to find others as well.

If you want to track someon's progress at the Boston Marathon, you can do so by texting the athlete's bib number (can find that at the link above) to the Boston Marathon Athlete Alerts shortcode: 31901. Normal message and data rates may apply.

Sunday was a fantastic day to be out and about.  Mike S. and I ran on the Douglas trail, it was loaded with runners, bikers and roller bladers.  We spotted Charro and Family.  Later Sunday, Team RED members Annette, Roxann and Wendy O', were biking with the Christ The King Youth Group.  Then in the eveing, Ann, Cathy, Mike and Wendy got out to Oxbow for a nice hike to the upper meadow. It was a great night for a hike!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thanks everyone!

Wow... what a great show of support!   Many team R.E.D. members joined us at the Bears Den for the All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Feed benefiting JDRF!  (some R.E.D. members in attendance are not pictured due to shoddy camera work by yours truly!)  We also received messages from many well wishers.  Over $1100 was rasied! It was awesome! 

Below is a slide show that captures some of the moments from the morning, as well as a bit of the journey taken by those participating in the CUPCAKE CHEESECAKE BEEFCAKE PANCAKE 20 mile Run for JDRF

All I can say is Thank You all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sounds like it was a nice turnout for Team R.E.D. at the Bears Den this evening.  I'd like to thank Paul for handling the 'route talk' while I was slacking off at the Triton Track meet.   fyi... the Byron Boys were once again dominant, and the girls very strong!   I've had the privilege of working with our distance team, and they are solid young runners and fantastic young people! Go Bears!

Since I wasn't there, I'm afraid I have no pictures to post from R.E.D.   However, we did receive this certificate in the mail today.   You should all be proud to be promoting a healthy lifestyle!  The fact you get out and run and walk, motivates others.   Additionally, the volunteer work you do in and out of the racing community is fantastic!  Congratulations!  

I would not be myself if I didn't add, there is a Pancake Feed at the Bears Den this Saturday, April 17th, from 7am - 10:30am.   As mentioned before, the Bears Den is being very generous and donating the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).    Also, while at the Bears Den you can purchase a JDRF "Sneaker" for $1... sign your name and add it to the Wall of Fame!

For those of you who have ever trained for a marathon, you understand, getting in your long run is a big deal.  There is a group of runners, many Team R.E.D. members, that have found a way to work a 20 miler into the Pancake Feed!     They may be crazy, but we think it's awesome and sure appreciate the support and creativity it took to make this happen.... even the name of the run has a nice ring to it! 


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team R.E.D. -- New Start Time!

Hey all.. Reminder!  

Team R.E.D. is starting at a **new time** this week.. 7pm from the Bears Den!  Routes should be posted by morning.    This new time is actually the original time.   We'll see how it works out.  after some weeks at 7pm we can again re-assess.  

Thanks and see you soon!  Tom O'

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trail Runs Kick Off

Our man Jim Mason loves the trails. He's pictured below Center, the tallest guy in green!  Wow.. way to stand out Mace!

Tonight he kicked off a trail run at Essex park. The park is fun, but somewhat small... it's without significant elevation change. If you're looking for a walk/run on the moderately easy side, this could be a nice place to visit. 

Mason would like to make this a recurring group run.  Possibly twice a month... he's still toying with when to meet.....   But they would switch up locations, so as it stands now, this fun group is planning to hit Willow Creek in 2 weeks... I think it's a great idea!

Red Racers - Slideshow

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Races Races!

What a racing weekend!    Congrats to all who raced the Fetzer.  And a huge Thank You to all you volunteers!  I'm going to start a list of participants, and I will undoubtedly regret when I realize I missed some poeple, as there were so many coming and going!  Let me know if, if you see a R.E.D. member I missed on these list of recognition!   The Pic's below are courtesy of both Tom Woo & Renee Saxman

Team R.E.D. members participating in the Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile included:
20K:  Paul Melby, Wally Arnold, Roger Heil, Kris Saari, Lana Lappi, Renee Kottschde, Tim Kaufmann and myself.   A special mention to Kris as this is the 2nd race this year that I've seen her place in her age group!  Way to go Kris!
2 Mile:  Matt "Hurricane" Schrader - Matt won it!
Volunteering:  Renee Saxman (Race Director), Randy Quint, Tom Woo, Bri Hamann, Steve Gastfield, Peg Arnold, Mike Nepstad, Ann Nepstad, Aaron Nepstad, & Jim Mason,

Team R.E.D. members participating in Fools Five 8K & 1 Mile (I wasn't at this event, so I hope I didn't miss anyone)
Meg Bellrichard, Andy Becker, Tom Woo (award winner) & Steve Gastfield

The Fools Five pics below are courtesy of Tom Woo...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Luck!

Just a quick post to say good luck to everyone involved in the races this weekend!   I know there are several Team R.E.D. members both racing and volunteering!

  • The Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile gets rolling at 9am from Bamber Valley Saturday morning.
  • The Fools Five and 1 mile in Lewiston takes off at 9am on Sunday.

**** Alert Alert Alert****
On Main Street Bistro, starting Tuesday at 10am, you can pick up Bears Den gift certificates at 1/2 price.   $50 in certificates for just $25, plus a handling fee.  (Don't forget to buy me a beer, as a finders fee!)

Check out the site for this and other deals, at

Never ceases to amaze me!

You Team R.E.D. members are incredible! You could be poster children for the slogan.. Work Hard, Play Hard! What a great bunch.

By several counts, non-precise counters at that, we were in the 25-30 people range this evening! With me, of course, being one of the few who didn't work hard... hey .. I was busy!

Pictured below is Adam, with this Team R.E.D. shirt presentation, which was followed by a grand round of applause.

The Girls of Team R.E.D. had been teasing us with "we have something up our sleeves" kind of talk for weeks.  They were awesome!  Several of them sported some very chic mesh red shirts!  What more could a Team R.E.D. want!  We just may have to pursue that calendar idea... just saying...

Since I missed the run..the only slide show pics I have are from the post-run.. there you have it!  Remember, Fitness & Fun!  Don't choose... take them both.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday Back To The Den!

Team R.E.D. meets at 6pm Thursday at the Bears Den in Byron. The sun is shining, let's get out for a run or walk! The routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog... almost any of them can be lengthened / shortened as needed, if the digits aren't quite right for you.

As mentioned to the distribution list... I have no idea what some of the Girls of Team RED are up to. Maybe I should have them sign another waiver?! None the less, as usual, it should prove to be a great workout, followed by a fantastic social!

See you Thursday evening!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hills are in the books... whew...

We had a solid turnout at the hill workout tonight.  All the banter of weather never really came into play... in fact, many runners were over dressed and making adjustments on the run.  

We saw Andy Becker pre-run, he's a bit under the weather, and wasn't able to join us, but he and Tracy  did donate a used desktop computer to the O'Leary's!   That will come in very handy as the kids battle for internet  time (for homework/research, of course not for facebook, IM or all that stuff).

Taking part in tonight's workout were (and I apologize in advance for no pics, it was a straight from track practice thing for me tonight),  Renee K, Renee S, Mason, Melby, Roger, Trevor, Randy Q, Andy, Joe, Woo and myself. It was interesting as the run progressed, some ran the same hill repeatedly, and others ran back and forth between two hills (the two hills offered different challenges, one was longer and the other was monster steep).   Those who went back and forth, actually had a higher qty of hill climbs, but essentially the same mileage.   

In the absence of pics... I thought I'd share this link on "how to run hills".   I think hills sometimes intimidate a little, but the more you know how to navigate them, the better served you will be on race day.    Enjoy!

Hill workout currently a Go!

We're still planning to meet at Soldiers Field memorial at 6pm tonight.  The only thing that would change that is if we experience lightning or a very heavy downpour, then we would consider going inside to the RCTC field house.   Swing by Soldiers Field first... and we'll make a call from there!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Props & The Plan

Pat yourselves on the back as Team R.E.D. was nominated for an award.  The award is Olmsted County's 'Live for Others – Healthy Community Award'.   There were several people and organizations nominated, and they will announce the winner Tuesday the 13th.  I don't know much beyond that, i.e. criteria and such...  but I think it's cool we're in the discussion!   I'd also like to Thank whoever nominated Team R.E.D.... but at this point, it's a mystery.

If you're interested in a hill workout, there is one planned for Tuesday at 6pm starting at the Soldiers Field memorial (weather permitting!).   This will consist of a warm-up to the hill, then follow with multiple climbs and descents... followed by a cool down back to the memorial.     In the event of storms, or just nasty weather, the plan is to move the workout to the RCTC Indoor Track for speedwork.  One way or another, a hard effort is going to take place... check back here if the weather is questionable... and most of all, come join us!

Thursday, we'll meet at the Bears Den at 6pm for Team R.E.D.   Routes will go up tonight, as I watch the Duke Blue Devils lead me to my bracket championship this evening.  Not that I'm a gambling man.

On a personal note... On April 17th, the Bears Den is hosting an All-You-Can-Eat Pancake feed from 7:00-10:30am to support the efforts of Roll & Stroll for JDRF.   We are very grateful for their support, as finding a cure to Type-1 Diabetes is a personal mission for our family.  Please join us for breakfast if you're available that morning.  --- as a side, and you'll see a bit more moving forward --- Roll & Stroll is an event that Wendy and I coordinate, along with a host of other volunteers, to raise money for a cure.  This year's Roll & Stroll is May 16th from 1-4pm (with check-in starting at noon).   Roll & Stroll consists of a 3 mile route in which you can walk, run or ride the course.. then play games, listen to music, win prizes or bid at the silent auction.  A family fun day... please consider joining us for that as well....   for details as this event approaches, you can visit 

See the post below, as the Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile is still in need of volunteers!   Come help, come run or both!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Up Next... Fetzer 20K & 2 Mile

If you're not planning on running the Fetzer 20k or 2 Mile on April 10th, please consider volunteering!   The race is directed by Team R.E.D. member Renee Saxman and she's still in need of help!  Please drop me or Renee a note if you're available... one area in particular that she mentioned is staffing an aid station.   Do you know a group that might be interested? Or you and a bunch of friends could have a blast out there!

This is such a great race, and I hope to run in it!   With that said, registrations are still being accepted... you can register at   or download a registration form at

Friday, April 2, 2010

More Fun on the Run

Sounds like a nice time was had at Team R.E.D. in Rochester Thursday, however, I wasn't able to attend.  I'm sure pictures will show up at   in short order.

This morning a handful of R.E.D. members met at Oxbow park for a run and walk.   Pictured below, are Paul, Bri, Tom, Wendy, Shelly & Renee.  (our fine daughter Megan is the photographer).   It was a great morning to hit the park.  The trails were mostly dry but there is some mud from time to time.   Megan & Wendy enjoyed a walk, while the rest set off on a run to the upper meadow.  It's easy to forget just how 'fun' that climb is!

Now Shane thought it would be better to sleep in and then run later in the day.  He did... and didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we did, as he got caught in the brunt of today's downpour!

Saturday morning you can join the Marathon Training group at the RAC at 7:15am..   Full marathons are scheduled to run 15 miles, while the Half marathon group is slated to go 9.   If you'd like some additional miles, there is a group meeting at 6:40am at the RAC to get 3 miles in before joining the rest of the group for the scheduled routes.