Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gamehaven Preview

The preview run at Gamehaven was a lot of fun Tuesday as 14 of us got a look at the 5 mile course that will host the 2nd Annual True Cross Country Run on Nov 12th.   The course is fantastic, with lots of green, and multiple creek crossings.  Fun Fun!

Check out the rates for this race... very sweet, be sure to let any high school or college kids you know about Team Pricing... that's hard to beat!

  • Early birds (by Oct 1st) can register for just $15 
  • Student team pricing:   Bring your cross country team, basketball team, volleyball team, any team.  Just $80 registers an entire team, unlimited entries!  (Note:  the $80 entry includes 4 Gamehaven t-shirts, with extras available for purchase for just $5 each).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Week Ahead in R.E.D.

Sunday Night's Hike was a small crew, but a fun one!   Newly joining us (and camera shy) was Kelly...

Jim, Kelly & Paul
The rest of the hikers included myself, and the pretty ones below...

Wendy & Shelly

As you've come to expect, another full week is upon us!   This gets you through Thursday, more info will follow concerning the weekend.   Come on out and get your running and walking rolling!
  • Tuesday 6:15pm - Gamehaven Trail Run.  This is a preview of the upcoming off road  race (November).     Gamehaven is located on the southern edge of Rochester at 5015 Simpson Rd SE.   See the note from Mason below.
    • We'll do a preview of the Gamehaven True Cross Country Run, minus the mud and water crossings. This is truly a beautiful course and will prepare you for the wetter muddier version to be run Nov 12th. Meet in the main parking lot and by 6:15PM we will run the 5 mile course around the scout reservation
  • Wednesday 5:30pm - Speed work on the Byron Track (located at the middle school in Byron).  We'll gather, warm up and then chat about the workout.  Come on out!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. from the Bears Den in Byron.   Routes will be of the similar fashion, ranging 3, 4 to 6ish miles.   If you haven't come out in awhile, make it this week... many new faces to meet! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Night Hike - let's go!

Rain!  Sweet! ... long past due for a little rain...

The hike is still on for tonight.. 6pm at the 1st bridge (2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).   Bring along a beverage and snack for the post hike chit chat.  

Also, be sure to check out Jim Mason's trail run Tuesday, as we'll be previewing the Gamehaven "True" Cross Country race course at the boyscout camp.   More details to follow...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Member! Volunteers! Racers! Sunday Opportunities!

Thanks to Cathy & Jim for hosting Team R.E.D.  Thursday night!  It was a fantastic night for running and hanging out!   We had a nice turnout.... and enjoyed some great food and chatter...

We also gained a new member!  Ashley joined us!  She's 3rd from the left in the group pic below... next to Amber & Adam.

Our Hosts.... Cathy & Jim

The Rochester Half Marathon took place today, and Team R.E.D. was spotted all over!     Thanks to all of you who volunteered!  --  A special Thanks to Jim Li for taking the lead on the Team R.E.D. water stop.   Excellent energy and service to the runners!

Here's a link from Tom Woo's Webshots.  He's so good with the camera... This link was also posted on the Team R.E.D. facebook page.   If you're not a member of the facebook page, get on board!

The slideshow pics are from my camera... I certainly didn't capture everyone (and I had to leave early).. so. that's that..     Again, check out the link above from Tom, he's got some great shots for you.

5K Participants (please let me know if I missed anyone!)

Team R.E.D. was well represented in numbers and results!
  • Overall winner in the Women's division goes to Team R.E.D.s Teri!  Fantastic!
    • Hurricane - 1st place Age group
    • Tom W - 1st place Age group (his son Alex also took 1st in his age group!)
    • Ann - 1st place Age group
    • Elaine - 1st place Age group
    • Diane - 3rd place Age group
    • Amber - competing in Duathlon Sunday as well!
    • Adam - competing in Duathlon Sunday as well!
Half Marathon Participants (please let me know if I missed anyone!)

  • Chris - 1st place age group!
  • Peter
  • Andy B
  • Aaron
  • Dave D
  • Jennifer - future member - 2nd place age group!
  • Tim K
  • Corrine
  • Trevor
  • Dave E.
  • Emily F.
  • Anne
  • Lana
  • Roger
  • Paul Chm
  • Jay
  • Jessica
  • Kris S
  • Sonja
  • Sue
  • Annette

Now the weekend is not over!   Many opportunities on Sunday!
  • Sunday 6am - meet at the RAC for a run of 15-20 miles (TBD in the morning)
  • Sunday 7:30am - meet at Panera South for an Off Season Strider Run (typically anything from 6-12 miles)
  • Sunday 6pm - meet at the 1st Bridge at Oxbow Park for a hike.  Bring something to drink/snack on .. post hike.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Routes are up!

Check out the right hand side of the blog for a peek at tonight's routes.  Should be a fun night at the home of Cathy Torgerson!  We'll gather at 6pm at 720 30th Street NE, Rochester for the route talk and off we'll go!

Cathy is providing Burgers on the grill... along with the fixins...  Bring your own beverage (water is provided), a dish to pass, and lawn chairs. 
  • Theme is Glory Days!  Wear a t-shirt from something memorable in your past, i.e. High School, a favorite race, possibly a PR... something to brag about, or with a story behind it!  Have fun with it!
Reminder:  The Rochester Track Club has a trash pickup opportunity along the trail of Soldiers Field this evening starting at 5pm.  The annual picnic will follow at the picnic shelter.
It was a great night on the track last night, with Woo setting the stage for the punishment.   Nice work R.E.D!   Consider adding this weekly workout to your calendar... you can feel the speed!

It sure looks like a good time was had at the trail run on Tuesday as well!  This has become a regular event, led by Jim Mason.  Be sure to give it a shot when it fits for you!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Ahead in R.E.D.

Details of many opportunities for the week ahead are below, but first.. the Sunday Night Hikers had a nice crew of 13 cruising the trails of Oxbow.  Weather was fantastic as was the company!   Two new faces joined us for the hike, Mary Kay & Tom of Byron came on out... hope to see more of them at R.E.D.! 

Here we go!  What's ahead?   Lots!
Tuesday 6pm:   Just for Fun Trail Run --  Once again, Mason has come up with a great trail run.  This week is along the Zumbro River near Millville.  Here are the details from Jim. 
  • We'll meet at Shop-Ko North near the garden center and caravan out to Millville.  This is the course to run if you like a flat course. There's hardly any hills. The trail can be rocky in places but the scenery is beautiful.
Wednesday 5:30pm:  Speed is the word!  Hit the track at Byron with several R.E.D. members for a workout filled with turnover.  This group continues to thrive... come join them!
Thursday Night is loaded:   There is a home hosted Team R.E.D. in Rochester, as well as the RTC picnic & Trash Pickup. 
  • 6pm: Team R.E.D. is home hosted by Cathy Torgerson at 720 30th Street NE, Rochester . The routes will be 3, 4 or 5.5 (with options to add if you wish). Also, Cathy is providing Burgers on the grill... BYOB, a dish to pass, and lawn chairs. Thanks for hosting Cathy!  The Theme is Glory Days! Below are some ideas how to do that.
    • Wear a T-shirt from a memorable race, possible your PR.
    • Bring a picture of high school or college sports days.
    • Wear a medal from a PR, or a favorite race.
  • Below is another opportunity for Thursday... this one with the Rochester Track Club.
  • 5pm:  The RTC is conducting a trash picnic prior to the Annual picnic.  Whether you're a  member of the track club or not, this is a great chance to help keep the trails we all enjoy, clean!  The picnic follows at Soldiers Field East Pavilion.   
Saturday 8am:  Rochester Half Marathon & 5K!  The Half is a Rochester Track Club grand prix event.  The 5K is a Youth Grand Prix event.   You can still register by visiting
  • Not running this race?  Team R.E.D. is staffing an aid station!  Come on out and have a blast while volunteering!   Jim Li is our organizer for the station, he can be reached at
  • If you want to volunteer in another role, you can contact the planning committee at  
Sunday 6pm:   Sunday night hike at Oxbow Park.   Meet at the 1st Bridge and the plan will unfold from there!   Bring along some snacks and beverages, as there's a strong chance we might hang out afterward.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Hey all.. here are a couple items for this weekend.

Saturday 7am:   RAC run for full and half marathon training.  The Marathon training route is 22 miles, and if you visit the following site, you'll see there are some opportunities to shorten that.

Sunday 6pm:   Sunday Night Hike at Oxbow park.  Meet at the first bridge and we'll come up with a plan from there!  Bring a beverage and snack for post hike social in the park.

Nice Work R.E.D. !!

It was a strong night at R.E.D.... starting with the chance to learn more about the Stage Coach Trail.  Once again, your presence was noticed.  For some reason, I forgot my camera!   Ruth Hanson, of the Byron Review did capture a group pic, and I'll share it when we receive it.  

Also, Team R.E.D. made an appearance on KAAL news, regarding the value of the trail, and how it can connect communities. 

The run was great fun, and we had some new faces at R.E.D. ... and that turned in to two new members!  Please welcome  Dawn & Jeremy!

Dawn Joins R.E.D.!

Jeremy came on board!
Also, important to note... Jen won the Best Tropical Outfit... for that she gets a $10 dollar gift card to the Bears Den!

Jen... always looking great!

Bears Den Gift card Winners were... Eric & Tom... not sure why I didn't win.. shoot!

Eric & Tom... Free is good!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learn To Run!

We had a fantastic turnout for the Trail Run at Oxbow park Tuesday evening.. 20+ runners and hikers... great fun!   Be sure to check out Mason's updates each week, as he finds a new place to explore time and time again!   Don't let the distance to the run stop you either.. as there is often a Rochester meeting place, then carpool or caravan to the Rave Run....


If you're a non-runner, or someone who has been away from running for a bit, or if you know someone who has said they'd like to start...  Team R.E.D. member Peg Arnold has an opportunity for you!  See a note below from Peg about the clinic she's teaching starting next week.. 

Note:  I will need to consult Millie to find out if Suk Law Firm as any issues with Peg's closing line...

Hello all,

I'll be teaching the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room!! It is Monday nights for 10 weeks starting next Monday August 22nd at 6pm at the Rochester Running Room. The cost is $49.99 and if you’ve already taken the learn to run class and want to get started again it’s only $40. The clinic is for those that want to learn to run or get back into running, we start out with walk runs of one minute each and increase the minutes weekly. There is an at home training schedule with the class meeting every Monday evening for 10 weeks. At the end of the clinic we will be ready to run a 5K…perhaps the Spirit Run or another fun event.

This is a great way to get back into shape or to start running in a low key no pressure way. The clinic is fun and motivational! Please share this post with anyone you know who has shown an interest in running but wasn't sure how to get started. I hope to see many new faces on Monday!

Think about it!

Peg Arnold

Please see the contest for the Cadence call in the post below...15 bucks at the Den for the winning entry!

If you're not familiar with a Cadence, there are a couple links in that post that will give you an idea.. but essentially, it's a call and response type chant or song.. it's very fun, and takes your mind off the running, while ensuring you are in rhythm and you are breathing nice and deep. You can not sing cadence without breathing! Cures a lot of side stitches ....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Announcing a contest for best Team R.E.D. Cadence.. Winner to recieve $15 gift card to the Bears Den!

Make your Cadence as fun, fast, slow, easy, hard, as you like!   here are a couple examples of some, even Charlie Sheen (with Tiger Blood) struggled..

Please send your submissions to me at    and/or post it on the Team R.E.D. Facebook group page at!/groups/277237618958031/  A special thanks to Lori and Adam, as they are our new Facebook Admin team!

 Entries must be recieved by August 22nd.   A panel of judges will narrow it down to 3 submissions, and voting will begin.   Winner will be picked Sept 1st.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Excellent Results! What's Next?

This past weekend provided many race opportunities!   If you competed, please drop me a note, and we'll add you to the results celebration lists!  

Also, if you want to be included on a listing of upcoming events, please send me your race schedule.  I'll start at list on the right hand side of the blog.  That will give you an opportunity to know who might be joining you, and a chance to carpool!
  • Kasson Festival Run...
    • Sam Ellis - Age Group Winner
    • Dave Eide - Age Group Winner
    • Lori Yokiel - Age Group - 2nd place
  • Eco-Tri...
    • Adam Walters completed his first Eco-Tri Kayak-Bike-Run!. he reported it as fun but tough.   
  • Paavo Nurmi Marathon...
    • Matt Schrader hammered home his 72nd? 73rd?  marathon in a strong time of 3:39.
  • Gopher to Badger Half Marathon...
    • Sue Goetz Meyers ran and finished 4th in her age group... she reports that Minnesota trails are in much better shape then Wisconsin trails! 
  • Chatfield Results - I haven't seen these results yet, will update you as we do.

 Here's a look at the next few days ahead.. 

Tuesday 6:15pm: Trail Run at Oxbow Park. Jim Mason is our fearless leader, here are the details from Jim: "We'll start from the 1st bridge parking area and run a 7 mile loop around the park. If enough people show up there can be options for shorter distances.   Bring a beverage for after the run if you choose."   If you have any questions, Jim can be reached at 507-951-2415
Tuesday 6:30pm:   Trail Hike at Oxbow Park.  Some members who would rather not run the trails, have decided to gather for a hike.  Same as the running crew, meet at 1st bridge and then come back for the post hike banter at the shelter.

Wednesday 5:30pm: Speed work on the track in Byron. If you don't know what 'track work' is.. come on out and learn.  The workout flies by!   The Byron track is located behind the middle school.
Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. Tropical Night!     (think tropical and dress accordingly!) If you are thinking, Tropical? What?  This sounds tough, just look at these guys, it's that easy!  Of course, grass skirts and coconut bras are completely welcome as well!

We'll be starting at City Hall in Byron as there's a Stage Coach Trail open house taking place at City Hall, with updates & maps provided.  I'd like to start us to meet there, (about 15 minutes of checking it out, providing input and overall showing a sign of Team R.E.D. support of the extended trails.   We'll wrap up the run with a social back at the Bears Den!   Routes will be in the typical ranges of 3, 4 or 6 miles.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Night! Plus, weekend stuff, as well as news & notes from RTC...

Thursday's Team R.E.D. was a great success! It was a beautiful night to hit the country roads... and that's just what we did!

Welcome to a new member, she is familiar to many of you, but now officially a Team R.E.D. member.... Welcome Lindsey!

Lindsey Joins Team R.E.D.!

Many thanks to our hosts, Lorelei and Jim... the food was fantastic, and the fire was a great touch!  

  • Saturday 7am RAC run officially starts at 7am and the route is planned for a bit over 19 miles.  Several people are starting at 6am, if you care to get a jump start.  
  • Saturday 8am: Fesitival Run in Kasson. Test your speed in the 10K or 5K
  • Saturday 8am: Chatfield Western Days 10K. This event allows you to run multiple races with a 2 mile starting at 9:15am and a 1 mile Fun Run to follow that.
  • Sunday 6pm Oxbow hike  from the 1st Bridge.   Last week the crew traveled 4.5 miles through the park.   A great workout, and great company.   Bring a snack and beverages of your choice to hang out a bit post hike.  

I have a few bits of news to pass along from the Rochester Track Club.  The following was provided by Dual Citizen (RTC & R.E.D) Jean Murray.. Thanks Jean!

  • The last price break for Rochester Half ends tomorrow. Registration w/need to be online via Running Room or postmarked today/tomorrow. Thank goodness the down-loadable reg form is once again!
  • The RTC Pot-luck Picnic is coming up!  Thursday, Aug. 25 at Soldiers Field East Pavilion.  This year, we will begin the evening with a trash pick-up at 5pm.   The picnic will start immediately after (5:40ish or a bit later)   contact Sonja Kranz if questions (
  • The RTC Board is seeking candidates to fill a few key roles for the support our club and mission:  Due to a resignation earlier this year, RTC has a vacant RTC 2011 board seat. We’ll likely have seat(s) vacate in 2012 as well. RTC is very much a working board (tasks and activities over/above commitment to participate in monthly board meetings), however, it’s a fun group that does a lot to support youth fitness and running events in our community.
  • The Board is also interested in launching an `RTC Volunteer Recognition` program. We are looking for non-board member(s) interested in helping with that initiative.
Persons interested in either of he last two bullets, or learning more about them, may email Amy Donahoe-Anshus:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Excellent Track Workout!

Congrats to all of you who took to the track on Wednesday!  It was a ladder workout, and we worked out!   Most of the pics from the slide show are during recovery... but the speed piece, was speedy!

Be sure to check out yesterday's post for details on tonights Team R.E.D. ... see you there!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday's Details for R.E.D.

Reminder, tonight there's a track workout in Byron.   We start at 5:30pm.. if you can't get here that early, come anyway, when you can! 


Thursday's R.E.D. is being home hosted by Lorelei at 5951 Cty Road 3 NW, Oronoco.  She's located between Rochester, Byron & Douglas (directions in the bullets below).   Thanks for hosting! 

Lorelei will provide " healthy salad and hot beef sandwiches" BYOB and a dish to pass if you wish.  Also, Bring lawn chairs for post run relaxation near the fire (weather permitting).

Route talk rolls at 6 PM with options of 2, 3, 5 & 7 miles along the country roads...  Directions provided by Lorelei below. (and if you get lost you can call her cell for help, 507-261-2220)
  • From Byron : Take Cty Road 5 North to Oxbow. Take a right ( east) on Valleyhigh Drive. Continue about 4 miles and take a left ( North) on Cty Road 3 toward Douglas. We are 1 mile 2nd place on the left. Big red barn and gray house.
  • From Rochester : Hwy 52 north to 75th street and head West thru Douglas .Take a left (south) on Cty road 3 . We are 1.5 miles down the road on the right.  Big red barn and gray house.
Jim Mason organized a fantastic group trail run at Carly State park last night.  The weather was fantastic, as was the company.  About 10 runners took on the route, which included two creek crossings... wet feet are all good!    Next Tuesday, the group plans to run at Oxbow park, come on our and join them!

If there are any men interested in running Ragnar, there's a men's team looking for 1 guy.. they are looking for someone with some speed as well.  All the logistics are taken care of, but you would still owe the entry fee.  If interested, let me know and I'll get you connected. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living History Farms option

Thanks to those of you voting on the Living History Farms outfits.   The race is in November, so we're way ahead of our normal Team R.E.D. planning schedule!   In the first two polls results were:
  • Full Body Suit - split close with the no's leading 13-11
  • Red Eye Mask - yes currently has a slight edge at 14-9  
  • Next poll is up at the right hand side of the blog - Theme is: Red Hat Ladies
The newest idea of Red Hat Ladies theme was sent to us by Sam.   Peek at the pics below to get an idea of what he is thinking, from a creativity standpoint.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Week Ahead of R.E.D.

Hey! Another great week of R.E.D. coming up!    I have many of the week's opportunties listed below, also a couple of notes...

  • The Running Room is having a backpack drive this week for Back to School Supplies. Please consider joining them, and making a donation.   The following is from Peg & Mike at the Running Room.
    • Please join us for FREE practice runs next week. We will have some backpacks here, donated by the Running Room, that we would like your help in filling with supplies that we will then donate to the Rochester School district for kids who need them.   Wednesday the 17th join us for 3-5 miles and bring some supplies, and on Sunday the 21st at 8:30am we run again, ask for supplies again and we'll be making pancakes for those of you who join us!   Please help us reduce the stress of back to school time for at least a family or two and join a great group for some great exercise!  
  • The Snow Shoe crew has started hiking on Sunday nights at Oxbow park, all are welcome to join, and if you want information on snowshoe'ing, drop me a note at   This group was out all winter long, enjoying the snow, tough terrain, river crossinngs and all!
  • Charlie, and the entire staff  at the Crown Restuarant has always been great to us.  I see they have  some deals online.  You can check them out at the following link

Tuesday 6pm:   Trail Run at Carly State Park.   Jim Mason heads this up, here's the details from Jim:  "We'll meet at Century HS at 6:00 and caravan to the park. 5 ish miles of pure fun running the beautiful trails of Carly Park.   Give me a call if you have any questions 507-951-2415"
Wednesday 5:30pm:   Speed work on the track in Byron.   This workout has been picking up steam with 15-20 people joining in the 'fun' each week!  The Byron track is located behind the middle school.
Wednesday 6pm:  Running Room Run Club... they are going 3-5 miles, and as noted above, they are collecting school supplies.  A great effort by the Running Room!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D.   We'll be home hosted this week!  I'll get you the details as soon as I have them dialed in.
  • NOTE: If you're ever interested in Home Hosting, you would just need to drop me a note, with a date you may be interested in hosting (preferably the 2nd or 4th Thursday of a month), also, let me know what to communicate, i.e. "runners bring a dish to pass" or "bring your own beverage", or whatever you want people to bring. easy peasy...
Saurday 7am:  Marathon & Half Marathon long run training from the RAC.   This is a great way to get those long miles, in the company of many.
Saturday 8am:  Fesitival Run in Kasson.  Test your speed in the 10K or 5K
Saturday 8am:  Chatfield Western Days 10K.  This event allows you to run multiple races with a 2 mile starting at 9:15am and a 1 mile Fun Run to follow that. 
It was another strong turnout for R.E.D. last week at the Den.. let's keep right on rolling!
Sunday 8:30am:   Running Room Run Club, again an opportunity to run, and contribute to the school supply drive.
Sunday 6pm:  Hike at Oxbow Park.... last week the group did 4.5 miles through that fantastic rolling terrain.  Meet at 1st Bridge (which is the 2nd parking lot on your left, as you enter the park).  Bring along something to drink, and snack on post run.  A great way to close out the week!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Night Hike

Come on out to Oxbow park this evening and enjoy a great hike through the woods with Team R.E.D. members.  It's always a lot of fun to explore out there, and today's temperatures are so much cooler!
  • 6pm at Oxbow Park
  • Meet at 1st Bridge (which is actually the 2nd parking lot on your left as you enter the park).
  • Bring your own drinks/snacks... for a social in the park post hike.

Friday, August 5, 2011

More New Members!

Welcome two more new members! Jan & Judy both joined Team R.E.D. !

We also had a couple give-aways... Congrats to the winners.. Mason, scores a $15 Bears Den Gift card, and Annette takes home the $10 Running Room Gift card!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bears Den Tonight!

See you at the Bears Den tonight at 6pm... routes are posted on the right hand side of the blog.  

Here's a quick slideshow of the track workout Wednesday.  Nice work by all!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Routes are Up!

Take a look at the right hand side of the blog (below the two most recent polls) to find the routes for Thursdays Team R.E.D. from the Bears Den in Byron.  The festivities begin, at 6pm!

Visit this link to see another suggestion from Jean regarding costume idea for Living History Farms race in November.   If you're planning to attend, please vote on the polls to your right.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Week Ahead!

Here's a quick look at the week ahead.. please feel free to let me know if you have something planned, that you'd like to invite people to participate in. I'm happy to post it.

Before we get there, The Living History Farms 7 Mile off road race registration opens in Sept. Last year, we chartered a bus to this event, and we'll have to see what level of interest there is this year.   If you're planning to attend, please take a minute to view the link below, and vote on the poll.  

This is the first suggestion we had for the Living History costume idea...  don't forget to vote!
  • Tuesday 6pm: Trail Run at Bill Barnacle Woodlands (meet at the BP in Marion, and then carpool or caravan to BB's. Here's a note from Mason regarding the evening: "We'll have some fun traipsing along the trails at Bill Barnacle Woodland. Some trails are single track with lots of twists and turns."
  • Wednesday 5:30pm:  Track work at the Byron Track.  Join us for a great workout, last week 19 people joined in the "fun".   There are a variety of speed workouts you can select from, or just run with the group.
  • Thursday R.E.D. 6pm:  We're back to the Bears Den in Byron.  Should once again be lots of fun, Adam is working up some routes, which will be posted sometime Wednesday.   You can expect routes ranging in the area of 3, 4 & 6 miles.
  • Saturday 7am:  The marathon & half marathon training group takes off from the RAC for some miles and smiles.  Often a group gets an early start.  I'll update as I learn details.
  • Saturday 7:30am:  The Douglas Trail 11 & 2 miles start and finish in Douglas.  This is a Rochester Track Club Grand Prix event.  An out and back course... and lots of fun!
  • Sunday TBD:    This past week there was a Sunday night hike at Oxbow, I'll post if I'm aware of another taking place this week.