Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bears Den tonight!

Tonight 6pm: The weather is once again fantastic... and the company is even better!   Looking forward to seeing many of you on the trails and streets of Byron tonight!  

We heard great reports from Monday - a small but fun crew! Great reports from Tuesdays snowhsoe... Team RED members were on the trails shoeing and even met some potential new members!   Also great reports from Wednesday, with lots of speed on the track... and lots of snow on the shoes at oxbow!

Saturday 7:15am:  The marathon training long run takes off from the RAC.  Routes are 13 or 15 miles, and supported by volunteers.  You can see the route at
Saturday 6am:  For those of you who need more miles for an earlier marathon i.e. Boston! - you can join the frontloading group at 6am at the RAC.  You'll log some miles and be back to join the rest of the bunch at 7:15am.


We havent' had a chance to say it yet... but Thank You!  Thank you for help us raise $1394 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!   That's fantastic and you all make it so much fun!

Frank & Lorelei host a waterstop on Pancake day... Andy is the 1st to arrive!

Team R.E.D. members and others enjoying breakfast at the Den!
  • Thank You to everyone who participated in the Pancake Feed for JDRF!  
  • Thank You to everyone who wished us well!
  • Thank You to all the volunteers!
  • Thank You to all the runners!
  • Thank You to Randy for his coordination of a key water station! 
  • Thank You to Frank & Lorelei for staffing another key water station, and transporting supplies to Randy! 
  • Thank You to Laura for showing up in her Princess style and sharing the Butterhead!
  • Thank You to the Bears Den for hosting this event.. and giving ALL the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!  


We've been very slow at getting Team R.E.D. t-shirts to some of our new members... and I'm happy to announce Ryan has finally received his!   Ryan has been active with R.E.D. during the track workouts, long runs, and this past Sunday he had his first snowshoe workout!    So, with that said, Welcome Ryan! 

Ryan is getting faster by the minute!
Below is a list of USA Track & Field Team Circuit races for the 2013 season.   This is a fun chance for Team R.E.D. to compete against other clubs from around the state.   Particiapation in this circuit is in no way required.  But if you're so inclined, it's a lot of fun!

The team circuit scores clubs in 3 categories with both men and women competing seperately.
  • Open:  Top 5 finishers from each club score points
  • Masters: Top 3 finishers over 40 years old from each club score points
  • Grand Masters:  Top 3 finishers over 50 years old from each club score points.
A runner can score in multiple categories.  For example, if Woo is in the top 3 over 50, and top 3 over 40.. and top 5 overall from Team R.E.D. -- he'll score in each category!

If you'd like to register for USATF and join us on Team R.E.D. (club #0435) you can do so at the following link.

USATF Minnesota named Irish Run St Paul 8K to its Tram Circuit once again for 2013. The event, formerly called the St Patrick's Day Human Race, will be held on Summit Avenue in St Paul on Sunday, March 24. Team members will be competeing for $1,000 in team prizes.
Below is a list of the events comprising the USATF Minnesota Team Circuit for 2013:

Sunday March 24
Irish Run St. Paul 8k – St. Paul
USATF Minnesota 8k Championship
Saturday April 27
Get in Gear 10k - Minneapolis
USATF Minnesota 10k Championship
Thursday May 9
Medtronic TC 1 Mile - Minneapolis
USATF Minnesota 1 Mile Championship
Saturday May 11
New Prague Half Marathon – New Prague
USATF Minnesota Half Marathon Championship
Monday May 27
Brian Kraft Memorial 5k - Minneapolis
Saturday June 22
Grandma’s Marathon – Duluth
USATF Minnesota Marathon Championship
Wednesday July 17
Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5k - Minneapolis
USATF Minnesota 5k Championship
Sunday August 11
MDRA 15k - Edina
USATF Minnesota 15k Championship
Sunday September 8
MDRA City of Lakes 25k – Minneapolis
USATF Minnesota 25k Championship

Sunday October 6
Medtronic TC 10 Mile – Minneapolis
USATF Minnesota 10 Mile Championship

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