Friday, August 29, 2014

We can be grateful if every day a little rain must shine...

"We can be grateful if every day a little rain must shine... "  That's an original line.. feel free to copyright it and sell shirts!

Thanks to Jean and George for hosting Team R.E.D. on Thursday!  I know it was a lightly attended event, the weather was certainly a factor.  None the less, thank you for being great hosts and inviting us to your home!

How do I know the weather might have been a factor in turnout?  Well, I was coaching a high school cross country meet in Stewartville.. see evidence below that weather might have been a factor!


Here's a look at the weekend... 

Saturday 7am - the marathon and half marathon training runs continue from the RAC.  This weeks marathon route is 16.5 Miles.. I would anticipate the half marathoners to hit 8-9 miles. 
Sunday 7:30am:  the Off Season Striders get their walk/run on from Charlies on 2nd in Rochester. This group typically goes 5-8 miles and settles in for a breakfast/coffee chat!
Sunday 6pm:  Wendy feels like a hike!  We're meeting at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow for a nice hike through the trails.  Check back in case we learn the rains were heavy enough to dampen the trail system to a mud bath, if that's the case, this hike could get postponed. Updates to follow. 
Monday 8am: Off Season striders are happy to announce a holiday edition.  Meet at Panera North and enjoy!
Monday 6pm:  Not 100% sure yet if there is a Monday Maniac run in place.  Anyone who wants to coordinate it can feel free too email me at    What does it take to coordinate it?  Simply be sure to be there, welcome others, and eventually say "let's go!"

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