Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Sunday Night Hike at Oxbow is on!  6pm at the 1st Bridge.. bring a parking lot beverage if you like.  What a beautiful day!

The Monday/Holiday edition of Off Season Striders is on!  Join OSS at 8am at Panera North (NORTH! by Target).   They meet at the other location a lot, so don't go there...

Monday Maniacs 6pm - still seeking someone who can commit to being there on the holiday edition of Monday Maniac.  Need a person who says "I will be there" so we have a a welcoming member, and they can let people know some run / walk options.  We have not declared a location as I will let whoever is in charge help us decide... something with a patio would be fun!   If you want to head up the Monday run.. please email me at   It's low pressure.. "Hi, are you here to run or walk?  ok.. we'll get started soon... Let's go!"

Waiting to hear on Tuesday's Trail run,... but certain there will be one!

Wednesday Hill work continues at 545pm from the Soldiers Field Memorial.. park in the small lot next to the memorial to meet the crew.

Thursday Team R.E.D. is a Bears Den night starting at 6pm!

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