Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Delays Delays!

Hey all.. sorry for the delays.  I've been away on a training trip with the Byron Cross Country Team and we're crushing it!  Super great work ethic by this team, it's highly motivational for our coaching staff!   We'll try to get caught up on the schedule and keep things rolling with RED!

Last week, Team R.E.D. member Jen came by practice and talked to us about goal setting, about what drives us. The team paid attention as Jen ran the Revel Rockies in Colorado with Tom, Gwen, Lorelei, Andy and Paul... The Byron Bears were thrilled to see Jen holding some hardware, and it's a Bear!  Additionally Tom walked away with 1st place in his age group, while Gwen crushed her division!   All of those R.E.D. members were fantastic on a challenging course that started at 10,000 feet elevation!  Congrats! Way to represent! 

Tuesday 6:30pm - Trail runners are heading to Carly State Park.   Meet at the entrance and enjoy the trails of this fantastic park! Hey Carly you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!   
Wednesday 5:45pm:  The Hill workout crew is at it again. Meet at Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot, and take a nice warmup to the base of the hill, and repeat!  Up and down to your hearts desire, as you know, hills are speed in disguise.  
Thursday 6pm: Team R.E.D. heads to the Bears Den for a great night of walking or running! (don't forget the Eating and/or Drinking that accompanies it!

Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers!  

Team R.E.D. has 9 volunteers for Water Stop #2 at the Healthy Human half marathon this Sunday, August 24th.  It's going to be a hopping stop as the event has grown so greatly!  We could use about 6 more volunteers!   

Team R.E.D. is providing the beer and O.J..... come out and support the race!  If you can volunteer please email Katie at Katie.Massen@tenethealth.com

Remember, you can bring your kids if you like, and if you're cheering someone one, this water stop is a great one, as you'll see them early, and have time to catch the finish!    

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