Monday, August 25, 2014

Here's what's up!

Wow... so much going on!  First off... congrats to Dani as she won he Healthy Human Race Half Marathon for the ladies!

Dani Wins!  Sporting a TerraLoco Run Minnesota Singlet!  Way to go Dani!
There are a bunch of results to peek at the following link including a whole lot of Team R.E.D. members, including Woo and Schettle finishing 2nd overall in the relay!

I'll have to double check it, but it would appear Paul Chm set a World Record with his half marathon result. He was steady pace at a 30 second mile (that's pretty good for an old guy!)


This week....

Monday was a rooftop affair at the Tap House. (it didn't even rain!)
Tuesday 6:15pm - The trail crew is heading to Whitewater.  Meet at the Nature store parking lot!  Always fun at Whitewater and there's a birthday do celebrate!
Wednesday 5:45pm - The Hill work continues.. and it's paying off!  Meet at the Soldiers Field Memorial parking lot.  and get it going!
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is home hosted at Jean's place 515 17th St SW Rochester.  Yes it's at the top of the hill, which means you get to run down (before you go back up!).  Our hosts are providing great running foods like BBQ Pulled Muscles!  Jet Booster Beans! 1" Mile Bars! ELO Cukes!  Additionally, they'll have pop, water and crystal light, Norweigen Rocket Fuel.   Bring your own alcoholic beverage of choice, and please bring a lawn chair.

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