Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Week Ahead!

Today marks the full Marathon for the R.E.D. members at Disney!   They've been doing great through the first 3 events.. now to wrap it up with a Full marathon!

Congrats to Mike as he completed his first ever 10K on Friday, and celebrated by completing his second ever Half Marathon on Saturday!  Impressive!

Mike the Half Marathoner! 
We're looking forward to hearing stories about this trip!


Here's what's coming up this week..  Note: a new weekly workout is starting this Thursday morning.

Monday 6pm:  Wildwood Bar & Grill... Paul T is back in town and joining the crew for some runnin' and funnin'!
Tuesday 5:30pm: Speedwork at the indoor track at RCTC.  Stop in and work on getting faster!  Be sure to bring a dry pair of shoes to change into once inside.
Tuesday 6:15pm: The Trail crew is heading to Chesterwoods where you can snowshoe, hike or run!  Always fun!
Thursday 5:30am:   Progressive Run from the Rochester Athletic Club.   If you're not familiar with this workout, here's how it goes.  Mile 1 at 10/min pace, Mile 2 at 9/min pace, Mile 3 at 8:30 min pace, Mile 4 at 8 min pace, Mile 5 at 7:30 pace, Mile 6 at 7:00 min pace, Mile 7 at 6:30 pace.  (If you reach a point where you feel you will not make the next pace, challenge yourself to hold the current pace!).
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at Bears Den in Byron.  We'll get out for a nice 3, 4 or 6 mile run or walk.. and back to the coziness of the Den!

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