Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fun Stuff !

A lot of Team R.E.D. members were spotted at the Prediction Run in Rochester this morning.  Looking forward to seeing the results of this fun race!

Some updates on the next few days.

First and foremost:  Stay safe!   Consider if it is truly important to run outside.. it may or may not be.  If you do run outside as the temps drop and winds pick up..  Be Safe!   Dress Wisely and Cut back the miles if need be.

Next - here's whats coming up...

Sunday 8am:  Off Season Striders get it going from Dunn Bros North.   Get some outside miles before the bottom completely drops and check back in to Dunns for a coffee or treat!
Monday 6pm:   Monday Maniacs are meeting at Dooleys Pub.  This is the day I'm most concerned about so we encourage you to consider an evening of walking the skywalk or subway system.  You can run there too... but nothing wrong with walking it!  Of course, come back into the pub for some post exercise fun!
Tuesday 5:30pm:  The Speed is On at the indoor track of RCTC!   Bring dry running shoes to change into once you've gotten on the track.   It's been a few weeks since the track has been available, so this should be a nice change of pace, so to speak.
Tuesday 6:15pm:  The trail crew is heading into the woods of Eastwood Park.  They plan to log a few miles and cruise over to the Wicked Moose for a warming tent!
Thursday 6pm:  Location TBD - Team R.E.D. walk, run and fun is the plan!

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