Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go Gophers! They beat the #1 team in the land!


The track was on fire tonight!  (I'm only guessing, because I wasn't there!)... but I know how you all are when you get your speed rolling!

Before we get to the week ahead, I just wanted to share this story that has been popping up all over facebook, if you have not seen it, watch it... very inspiring!
  • Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. hits Brothers Bar & Grill located at 812 South Broadway in Rochester.   Please park in the back of the bar, as we don't want to take up the prime parking spaces in front, and then leave for an hour!  
  • Saturday 7:30am-10:30am:  All you can Eat Pancake Feed at the Bears Den in Byron.  This event benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and it's mission to find a cure for Type-1 Diabetes.   Cost is $7 per person, with a family max of $25. 
    • Important Note:  You can still get your long run in, and have pancakes. See the next bullet for details.   Read carefully, as you'll find a support crew that will make it easy for you to run to Byron for the pancake feed and have dry clothes to change into upon your arrival, as well as a safe place to store your clothing, money, phones, ect...   
  • Saturday 7:15am Long Run:  Lots of options to run .. and as mentioned, some of them bring you to Byron for Pancakes!   If you run from Rochester to Byron, we will have shuttles to get you back to Rochester when you are ready to roll.  Additionally, Randy is picking up any gear bags you may have for clothing and valuables.  Tom has arranged for a volunteer to receive those gear bags and keep them safe in Byron awaiting your arrival.    
    • 7:15am is the official start of the Marathon Training Long run from the RAC.   The route is scheduled at approx 13 miles... it will run you from the RAC to Silver Lake for a waterstop, and loop you back to the RAC (2nd waterstop).. from there you'll head west out of Rochester on 19th Street (we will have course markings pointing you in the right direction)... working your way toward Byron where Team R.E.D. member Randy will be hosting another water stop on your way to the Pancake Feed!  -- if you don't want to participate in the feed, you would simply turn around at Randy's aid station and head back to the RAC. Either way you'll get 13 miles in!   
      • If you are planning to run to Byron for the Pancakes for Goodness Sake... you can give Randy a drop bag before you depart the RAC at 7:15am, and he'll shuttle it to Byron!   
      • In Byron, the drop bags will be watched over. 
    • 6am:  Some members are looking to get more like 20 miles in on Saturday, and they'll be starting from the RAC at 6am.  If you need more then the scheduled 13, this might be an option for you. 
    • 6am:  Some members are planning 13-14 miles, but want to get done earlier.  Additionally, they are starting from the Bears Den in Byron.   Feel free to join this crew if you wish!  
    • Between 8:05-8:20am:  If you wanted to take part, but run less miles.  You could run approx 7 miles from the RAC to Byron.  I would suggest you get to the RAC about 8:05am.. and wait for runners coming back from the Silver Lake Loop, and join them as they make the trek west!   If you want to do this, please drop Tom an email at so we can make sure we pick up a gear bag from you, and have it ready for you in Byron upon your arrival.    We are happy to accommodate this option, but please be sure to email, otherwise we won't know to have your bags picked up! 
Whew... hope I covered it all!


Below are a few shots from this past weekends snowshoe crew!  Luckily we got another shot to get out and about!    As long as it's cold, keep the snow coming!

Mike & Jeremy.. not sure what they were playing, but Jeremy must have won!

Amy all smiles

Adam, Jeremy & Dave.. in danger!

Must be cold.. Mike has his shoulders covered.

Gail stylin'

Deb & Kim leading the way!

The crew.. Dave, Gail, Adam, Kim, Jeremy, Deb, Amy, Mike & Dan

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