Thursday, July 7, 2016

Here's the weekend!

A great night at the Paradise home... thanks much for hosting! All severe weather held off and the route was as advertised, downhill!

Wendy and I brought this really cool cooler with us, but we think we came home with someone elses cool cooler which looks just like ours... for the record, the someone else took ours first, so I have this one as our negotiation tool.  By the way.. it's Zipperless!

Zipper-less according to the label

If it's actually zipperless, what is that below the zipperless label?

Contents untouched for now... make an offer Spotted Cow!

This weekend we have some options!

The Nut House Challenge has 3 events... Friday - Saturday  - Sunday! You can find something you'll enjoy in this mix, or do it all! Details are at

Saturday 7am:  The Marathon and Half Marathon training runs are rockin'... 7 miles for half marathoners, and 13.5 for Full marathoners.  Gather at the Rochester Athletic Club and bring one dollar to help support the aid provided along the way.
Sunday 8am:  The Off Season Striders will undoubtedly be out and about.  I simply haven't yet heard where.  Check back for an update on that.

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