Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Member!

We have a new member!  Well, Julie actually joined us a year ago... and never got her Team R.E.D. shirt!  She renewed her membership today, and we got things caught up on the shirt side of things.  If you haven't met Julie, come to Tod & Meg's this Thursday for Inappropriate t-shirt as she has a plan for that event!

Wendy presents the Team R.E.D. shirt to Julie! 

*******  Manifesto ***** 

Today, I sent an email to the people I believe are riding the Team R.E.D. bus to Living History Farms Off Road Race. If you were planning to ride the bus, and didn't get that email, please contact me!  It means either I don't have an accurate email address for you, or that I missed you on my list.. either way, we need to get that corrected so you get the information!    I can be reached at  -- also if you received the email but are not planning to ride the bus, please let me know that too!

There also is still time to register for the race.. you have until Tuesday... and we have some seats we could still fill on the bus.

****New Sponsors! ****

Sugarloaf Charter Bus Service and Byron MarketPlace Liquor are two new sponsors of Team R.E.D.!  That's awesome!   This bus trip is part of what made it all come together for these new sponsors!  Be sure to thank them as you see them!

*****Winter Race Series!******

It was a great turnout at the first of the Winter Series 5K's today! I believe about 190 runners in all, many of them Team R.E.D. members. Brock did a great job with the microphone announcing runners as they finish.. and hew as wearing shorts... very fun.   Additionally, there are a lot of great prizes to be won!

Brock was the MC today.. nice work! - pic stolen from Sue Palmer - Thanks Sue!

*****Week Ahead*****

Monday 6pm: Join Monday Maniacs from Brothers Bar & Grill for a run in Rochester! This always a great group, and several new people seem to have gravitated to Mondays.  Join them! 
Tuesday 6:15pm:  Chester Woods park is the location!  Join the trail crew for a romp around the park!  Last week's event was reported as fanastic, despite a little snow coverage!
Wednesday 5pm:  Hill workout on Fox Valley Hill!  Park  at Edina Reality near TJ Maxx and hit the hills for repeats!
Thursday 6:30am:  Speed work at the indoor track of RCTC.  Under current rules, the track is open for running only 6am-8am weekdays, and 7pm-10pm weekend nights.  It is available for walking on week nights from 5pm-10pm. 
Thursday 6pm:  Team R.E.D. is at the home of Tod & Meg for the annual Inappropriate T-shirt! Their home is located at 8431 14th St NW Byron.   Don't have an inappropriate t-shirt you can still order one, create your own or borrow one!  If you goggle inappropriate t-shirt, make sure your kids are not looking over  your shoulder!   

Our hosts are provining homemade soup, beer and wine.  Prizes for best shirts too!   Bring a dish to share if you like.  

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