Friday, November 21, 2014

Congratulations to our Winners!

Many Thanks to Tod & Meg for hosting another fun Inappropriate T-shirt night! Greats hosts, yummy soup and lots of laughter! -- and some of us managed to go for a run!

Congrats to Lorelei and Tom for winning the competition... what was on their shirts to make them winners, will be announced on the bus ride to Living History Farms!

The bus departs from the Bears Den / MarketPlace parking lot at 4am.. please try to arrive by 3:45am to get your geared stowed and yourself on the bus... we'll try to leave as punctually as possible.


Opportunities for the next few days...  Also note:  There will be no scheduled Team R.E.D. on the evening of Thanksgiving. But there are multiple Turkey Trots to consider! Visit to see the race opportunities.

  • Saturday 7:30am - Off Season Striders heads out from Dunn Bros North.  Join the run and stay for coffee post run.
  • Sunday 8am - Off Season Striders heads out again, this time from Panera South.  You can pick your own distance and come back for the social!
  • Monday 6pm - Monday Maniacs are taking off from the Bears Den in Byron. As with any night, go the distance and pace you like and always stick around for the post workout fun!

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