Friday, May 9, 2014

The sun will come out again one day.. I'm sure it will!

A nice turnout for Team RED at Brothers Bar & Grill on Thursday night... including two new faces in Mike and Kirsten.  In the picture below.. 'New Mike' is sitting next to 'Old Mike' on the right had side, and Kirsten is modeling the back of her head and her right ear for us, in the lower left corner.

The people in the back end of that photo who look sort of bored.. they are watching the NFL Draft and waiting to see if the Vikings mess it up.

Welcome to both Kirsten and Mike!


Please see the communication from the USATF team, regarding the cancellation and possible reschedule of the Championship 1 Mile event.   I have asked but not yet heard, if a reschedule means registration would re-open, or if it would only be for those who registered for the original 1 mile...   either way, if you have interest in this event if it is rescheduled for June 8th on the Hamline track, please email me at   In your email, please let me know if you were registered for the original event or not.


As most of you know the USA Track & Field 1 Mile Championship was cancelled due to severe weather in the area last night.  There has been some talk/request at still trying to have a 1 Mile Championship.
I would like to take a poll from all of the team contacts on the following proposal:  Host the 1 Mile Championship on the track at the USA Track & Field Minnesota Open & Masters Championship on Sunday June 8th at Hamline University.  It is the day after the MSHSL Meet.
We are not considering hosting the Championship with another road event.  To many logistical concerns with hosting at another road race.  If we do host the event at the Track & Field Championships, the cost would be minimal to non-existent for USATF members.
Please let me know by the end of the weekend, yes or no, whether you would be in favor of this idea. 

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