Saturday, April 12, 2014

Volunteers, Runners & Weather!

I'm impressed by so many people today!  Team R.E.D. members are the best!

Despite the weather, I know we have runners out on the 50 Mile and 17 Mile course of Zumbro Bottoms.  Below is a pic of the start at midnight... yes.. the 50 milers started running at midnight!  The people you may know in the field?  Dave Eide, Mike Schmitt and Hurricane Schrader.

Lots of RED members are wrapping the 17 miler about now.. and some great volunteers were out there too!  Weather is bad enough for runners, but to volunteer in severe weather is also tough, as you're not creating the same warmth!  Thanks to Ann, Lorelei, Gwen, Meg and Elaine for being out there with those runners today!

50 Mile Zumbro Start - Midnight! 
Several Team R.E.D. members were volunteering at the Fetzer Run to End Hunger today as well.    That's something I love about this group... we didn't get any calls say "I can't come because the weather looks bad".  Instead we received extra help! Above and beyond the number who had committed to the event.   Totally awesome!

At Fetzer the series of events went something like this.

Set up and ready to support the 20K
ut oh.. getting dicey
Hail and Lightning.. very very frightening
Volunteer post celebration...Aaron, Dan, Katie, Jim, Jason, Dan (not pictured but volunteer superstars were Wendy, Jean and Joe with kids in tow!)  We had a great crew!    
Sadly the weather dictated they could not safely run the 20K... I think most runners will understand the decision was made for their safety.  Please continue to support Channel One Food Bank and their mission, as it's vital for so many!

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