Monday, April 14, 2014

Donut Run! Online Registration Now Open!

Thanks to Mase for setting up online registration for this years Donut Run!   The event takes place on a Friday night in Byron.  Register here:

Bring friends and family, and please share this registration link with others!  It's affordable and fun!  Bring kids, they absolutely love it!  - and I know you're all kids, so I know you'll also love it!

If you're not familiar with this event.. it's a 4K (2.5 Mile) Run or Walk.   The winner is not necessarily the fastest person, rather the person that finds the right mix of pace, with donut consumption!  You will get time deducted from your finish time for each donut you consume on the course, the deduction escalates...  donut number one might have a value of 15 seconds, but donut number three might have a value of 45 seconds... still working those details out!

The reason Donut Discount times are still in the works, is that I need to determine just how big this years donuts will be!  The first year they were pretty small, year two, they were giant!  - I'd like to see them small again, working on it.

I imagine after donut cleanup, a trip to the Bears Den is in order!


If you're looking for what's going on this week.. as usual, it's packed with fun opportunities!   Continue on to the previous post for details of this week ahead.

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