Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boston Marathon around the corner.. meantime?

Saturday 7:15am:  The Marathon Training run is 20.5 miles this week!  You do not need to be a member of the RAC to attend, but please bring $1 to help cover the cost of the gatorade and bananas that are served along the run.
Sunday 8am: The Off Season Striders have an Easter morning run planned from Panera South. This group typically goes 5-8 miles at various paces, and loves their coffee post run! 
Sunday 9am:  Easter Sunday also brings a trail run, starting at the 1st Bridge of Oxbow Park. (that's the 2nd parking lot on your left, as you enter the park along the gravel road).   
Monday is the Boston Marathon!   Here's a list of area runners in the 559xx zip codes.  If you want to track any of them, just go to and use the bib #s to get it done.

Go Team R.E.D.!  

15863 Allen, Marni Rochester
4745 Asmus, Aaron Austin
7057 Asmus, Michele M. Austin
13420 Benjamin, Ron Winona
16832 Boynton, Dawn Byron
12391 Bram, Richard J Rochester
21626 Devine, Rick Rochester
8942 Distad, Trevor Pine Island
11123 Ercanbrack, Rachel S Rochester
12965 Esch, Linda A Caledonia
18563 Etter, Laree L Rochester
19457 Ewen, Mike Rochester
14733 Fallon, Jeffrey J Rochester
19104 Feda, Jessica Rochester
4485 Fogarty, Zachary Rochester
3193 Gilmer, David Winona
14153 Griffee, Susan R Rochester
1749 Hemenway, Andrew J. Rochester
24256 Hubmayr, Yvonne J Rochester
11483 Huerta, Sarah M Winona
23155 Jacobson, Gwen R. Rochester
23513 Jones, Maureen Rochester
10377 Kallmes, David F Rochester
17391 Larsen, Chelsie M Rochester
17102 Nagorney, David M. Rochester
27761 Napton, Darin R. Rochester
16489 Ormsby, Haley Rochester
14572 Palmer, Shaun C Rochester
32402 Psutka, Sarah P Rochester
3497 Richardson, Braden M. Rochester
3794 Richardson, Evan Rochester
17218 Schaefer, Paul W Rochester
13177 Scheitel, Marianne R Rochester
17841 Schiefer, Dene M Rochester
13812 Sobeck, Janneke Q. Winona
16695 Truax, Lisa S Winona
20151 Tuma, Mikki A. Rochester
6010 Van Deursen, Jan Rochester
16671 Woo, Tom T. Rochester

8051       Hogan, Alyssa     Madeline Island
14902       Hogan, Diana     Minneapolis
13804      Graham, Casey   

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